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Henry Tourtillott of Gillett


Organized in October and November of 1861, the Twelfth Infantry Regiment of the Army of the Northern Republic first congregated at Camp Randell (now the site of the University of Wisconsin football stadium) in Madison, Wisconsin. From then until January 11, 1862, when the group left for Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, drill, military procedure and marching practice, rifle and combat training, uniforms and other equipment distribution, and field training were the primary tasks. The twelfth became part of the Army of the Tennesee on June 2, 1862, and responsible for guarding railways. Various expeditions and campaigns included those of Coldwater River, in April of 1863; Hernando, in April 1863; Vicksburg, June 1863; and Jackson, July 1863; all in Mississippi. After spending August through November of the same year in Nachez, Mississippi, where is participated in several engagements, it joined with General Sherman's troops at Acworth, Georgia, in February of 1864 where it saw action in Atlanta and Savavannah as well as in the Carolinas. The Regiment was present at the Confederate Army surrender in Johnston on April 26th, in 1865. As a designated "marching regiment", the government claimed the 12th Infantry had marched 3,838 miles in the course if the war. Other travels included 3,159 miles by steamboat and 2, 506 miles by railroad. It was mustered out of service July 16, 1865 at Louisvill, Kentucky, and disbanded in Madison, Wisconsin on August 9, 1865.

For a more detailed description of the 12th Infantry Regiment - Company F - please click HERE . This is a link to another site.


Enl. = enlisted
Vet. = veteran
Sergt. = Sergeant
Lieut. = Lieutenant
M.O. = mustered out of service
res. = resigned
wnd = wounded
wnds = wounds
V.R.C. = Veterans Recovery Center
Regt. = regiment
disch = discharge
prom = promotion
inf = infantry
Co = company
+ = died during the war
div = division
hosp = hospital
Maj = Major
Q.M. = Quarter Master
Actg = acting
Ord. = Ordinance
exp = expired
Captains Rank Date
Frederick J Bartels Peshtigo Nov 21, '64 Enl. Oct 3,'61; Vet, Sergt, 1st Sergt; 2nd Lieut, Nov 21,'64; M.O. July 16,'65
First Lieutenants
Levi Odell Menekaunee Oct 22,'61 Enl Oct 14,'61;Comdg Co from Dec 31l,'63, to July 17,'64; M.O. July 16,'64. term expired
James W Loughry Marinette Jan 6,'65 Enl Oct 4,'61; Vet. Sergt, 1st Sergt; 2nd Lieut, Nov 21,'64; M.O. July 16, '65
Second Lieutenants
Henry Tourtillotte Oconto Oct 22,'61 Enl Sept 27.'61; res. May 5,'62
David Jones Oconto May 11,'62  1st Sergt; res. Oct 1,'64
Enlisted Men Enlistment Date
Abrey, James Oconto Feb 15,'64 M.O. July 16,'65
Allquers, Alpheus Marinette Sept 16,'62 Trans. to Co H Oct 16,'62
+ Ames, Hiram Pensaukee Dec 28,'63 Died Oct 17,'64 near Villanow Ga, disease
Arsnow, Ruegen Menekaunee Nov 23,'63 Vet; wnd Atlanta; trans to V.R.C., Apr 24,'64; M.O. July 29,'65
Baldick, Louis Oconto Oct 15,'61 Vet; M.O. July 16,'65
Batels, John Peshtigo Oct 15,'61 absent at M.O. of Regt
Barker, Benjamin B Pensaukee Feb 15,'64 M.O. July 16,'65
Barber, Hesse O Oconto Sept 27,'61 Sergt; disch Oct 17,'63, to accept prom. 2nd Lieut 6th Miss. C.T.
Barrington, Richard Oconto Oct 15,'61 Vet; M.O. July 16,'65
+ Bartels, Henry Peshtogo Oct 15,'61 Wnd, Sept 3,'64, Jonesboro; Died Sept 5,'64, Alanta Ga, wnds
Beckwith, Rueben F Oconto Sept 27,'61 Vet; prom 1st Lieut Co G, 38th Wis Inf, May 10,'64
+ Bennett, Ferdinand Menekaunee Oct 14,'61 Vet Corp; wnd July 21,'64, Atlanta; Died July 28,'64, 3rd Div Hosp, wnds
Benjamin, William Pensaukee Oct 31,'61 Deserted May 27,'62
Benware, Sever Menekaunee May 10,'64 M.O. July 16,'65
Berry, John A Oconto Sept 27,'61 Disch Mar 17,'63 disability
Bird, Harlan P Menekaunee Oct 14,'61 Prom Sergt Maj, Oct 16,'62; 2nd Lieut Mar 10,'63; wnd Picket Line, June 18,'63, Vicksburg; A.A.A.G., 1st Brig, 3rd Div, 17th A.C.; A.A.Q.M. to 17th A.C.; Actg Ord. Officer 3rd Div 17th A.C.; M.O. July 16,'65
Black, Mathew Oconto Oct 17,'61 Disch Mar17,'63, diability
Bowers, Henry Marinette Sept 11,'62 Trans to Co A, Oct 16,'62
Brady, Franklin Marinette Oct 14,'61 Vet; M.O. July 16,'65
Brooks, Gardner R Peshtigo Oct 22,'61 Vet, Corp, Sergt, 1st Sergt; 2nd Lieut, July 25,'65, not mustered; M.O. July 16,'65
Brophy, John Oconto Oct 17,'61 Vet, Corp; M.O. July 16,'65
Brunette, Louis Peshtigo Oct 15,'61 M.O. Nov 5,'64 term expired
Bruette, Antoine Peshtigo Oct 14,'61 Vet; M.O. July 16,'65
Bruette, Phillip Peshtigo Apr 14,'61 M.O. July 16,'65
+ Bruette, George Peshtigo Oct 15,'61 Vet; Killed in action, July 21,'64, near Atlanta, Ga 
Buck, Amos F Oconto Feb 6,'64 M.O. July 16,'65
Bundy, Daniel Menekaunee Nov 23,'61 Vet; M.O. July 16,'65
Bundy, James C Pensaukee Oct 9,'61 Vet; wnd; M.O. July 16,'65
Byers, Frederick Oconto Oct 9,'61 Vet Corp Sergt; wnd June 16,'64, Atlanta; M.O. July 16,'65
Campbell, John Menekaunee Oct 14,'61 From Co G 25th Wis Inf; M.O. July 16,'65
Campion, Edward Menekaunee Oct 15,,'61 Deserted Nov 26,'61
Cassady, Terrence Menekaunee Oct 4,'61 Musician; M.O. Nov 5'64 term exp.
Colson, Alvin B Pensukee Dec 28,'63 Pris. of War, Trace, S C; M.O. May 11,'65
Connelly, Patrick Stiles May 10,'64 Disch Feb 7,'65, disability
Cook, Gabriel Marinette May 10,'64 Wnd Kenesaw, Ga; M.O. July 16,'65
Corbin, George Oconto Oct 7,'61 M.O. Nov 5,'64; term exp
+ Covarts, Franklin Peshtigo Oct 15,'61 Vet; Killed in action, June 15,'64, Kenesaw, Ga
Crawford, Joseph C Oconto Oct 7,'61;  M.O. Nov 5,'64; term exp
+ Cusick, Milan Pensaukee Feb 22,'64 Wnd Kenesaw, Ga; Died Oct 8,'64, Rome, Ga
Deheck, John Marinette Sept 16,'62 Trans to Co H, Oct 16,'62
+ Delano, Moses Peshtigo Oct 22,'61 Died Apr 16,'62, Ft Levenworth Kansas
Delano, Mortimer C Pensaukee Oct 6,'61 Corp; disch June 12,'62, disability; reenlisted Dec 29,'62; M.O. July 16,'65
Delano, William W Pensukee Oct 9,'61 Disch, Nov 14,'62; disability
Dress, Joseph T Peshtigo Apr 14,'64 M.O. July 16,'65
+ Duame, Acedor Sept 8.'62 Died Sept 10,'63, Natchez, Miss; disease
Dwyer, Thomas Menekaunee Oct 14,'61 Disch, Apr 29,'62; diability
Dyer, John W Menekaunee Oct 14,'61 Vet; M.O. June 16,'65
+ Dyer, Sanuel J Oconto Sept 28,'61 Died Oct 13,'63, Keokuk Ia, disease
Easton, Andrew J Menekaunee Oct 14,'61 Trand to V.R.C., Nov 9,'63
+ Garland, James Oconto Feb 19.'64 Died Apr 4,'64, Memphis, Tenn
Goddard, John H Pensaukee Dec 24,'63 M.O. July 16,'65
Goddard, John Pensaukee Oct 16,'61 M.O. Nov 5,'64, term exp
Green, George W Marinette June 4,'64 Trans to V.R.C. Apr 12,'65
+ Haggett, Rueben Pensaukee Dec 28,'63 Wnd Atlanta, Died Oct 15,'64, Rome Ga, wnds
+ Hale, William Pensaukee Dec 28,'63 Killed in action July 21,'64, Atlanta, Ga
+ Hayes, Philander Peshtigo Oct 15,'61 Died Aug 13,'63, Vicksburg, Miss, disease
Heidenworth, Christian Peshtigo Oct 24,'61 Vet; wnd Atlant; M.O. July 16,'65
Heidenworth, David Peshtigo Oct 25,'61 Vet Corp; prisoner of war, Atlanta; M.O. July 16,'65
Ireland, Truman L Menekaunee Oct 14,'61 Disch Oct 19,'62; disability
Jaques, Peter Oconto Oct 15,'61 Vet, Corp; M.O. July 16,'65
Jessey, Joseph Oconto Oct 7,'61 Vet, Corp; prisioner of war, Atlanta; M.O. July 16,'65
Jones, John D Marinette Sept 24,'62 Trans to Co H, Oct 16,'62
+ Lathrop, Elias Peshtigo Oct 15,'61 Died Aug 1'63, on Hosp Boat, Mississippi River, disease
Lavallette, Matthias Menekaunee May 10,'64 M.O. July 16,'65
+ Leach, Hiram Peshtigo Oct 15,'61 Trans to Co F, Aug 31,'63; rejd Sept 8,'63, Died died Aug 16,'63, St Louis, Mo. (dates written as originally posted)
Leake, Edward Marinette - Private - Company F. Wounded at the battle of Kennesaw Mountain June 15, 1863. 
Janssen, Steve - Great great great nephew
Leeson, William N Oconto Oct 17,'61 Vet, Corp, Sergt; M.O. July 16,'65
Leonard, Henry L Peshtigo Oct 15,'61 Wnd, Atlanta; M.O. Dec. 28,'64; term exp
+ Libby, Issac S Pensaukee Oct 16,'61 Vet Sergt 1st Sergt; Killed in action, July 21,'64, Atlanta, Ga
Libbey, Peter Oconto Oct 15,'61 Vet, M.O. July 16,'65
Loughrey, Alexander Marinette Sept 26,'62 M.O. July 16,'65
Luck, William Oconto Sept 28,'61 Vet; wnd Atlanta; M.O. July 16,'65
Luhn, John M Peshtigo Oct 17,'61 Vet Corp; M.O. July 16,'61
+ Lyon, Albert A Menekaunee Sept 10,'62 Wnd Kenesaw, Ga; Died July 10,'64, Rome, Ga
Mahony, Dennis Peshtigo Oct 15,'61 Corp; disch May 27,'64, disability
Maxfield, James L Peshtigo Oct 22,'61 Trans to Vo H Nov 5,'61
+ McCollum, Alexander Menekaunee Sept 10,'62 Died Aug4,'63, Vicksburg, Miss, disease
Mitchell, James Marinette Sept 16,'62 Trans to Co H, Oct 16,'62
Mooney, Michael J Menekaunee Nov 21,'61 Disch Nov 11,'62; disability
+ Murry, William Oconto Nov 27,'61 Killed in action July 21,'64, Atlanta, Ga
Nason, Daniel P Menekaunee Sept 10,'62 Wnd Atlanta; M.O. July 16, '65
+ Norton, Charles Oconto Oct 9,'61 Drowned May 8,'64, Cairo, Ill.
Olive, Maxime Peshtigo Oct 15,'61 From Co H; Vet; M.O. July 16,'65
Olive, Franklin Peshtigo Oct 7,'61 Vet; M.O. July 16,'65
Partlow, Hollis Pensaukee Dec 14,'63 M.O. July 16,'65
Pease, George T Marinette Oct 16,'62 Corp Sergt; M.O. July 16,'65
Penree, William Peshtigo Oct 15,'61 M.O. Nov 26,'64; term exp
Penree, Alfred Peshtigo Oct 15,'61 Vet; M.O. July 16,'65
+ Penree, Leonard W Peshtigo Oct 15,'61 Died Sep 9,'63, Natchez, Miss; disease
Pentany, John Oconto Oct 17,'61 Disch Mar 25,'63; disability
Place, Doctor S Peshtigo Oct 15,'61 Disch Nov 20,'61 (Minor)
+ Pleasure, Octave Menekaunee Oct 14,'61 Vet; wnd Jonesboro; Died died Sept 29,'64, Atlanta, Ga
+ Plush, David Peshtigo Apr 14,'64 Wnd and prisoner of war, Atlanta; Died Aug 8,'64, Atlanta, Ga
Primrose, Jacob Oconto Sept 27,'61 M.O. Nov 5,'64; term exp
Pulford, Ezekiel Oconto Oct 9,'61 Disch July 25,'62
Pung, John Marinette Sept 16,'62 Trans Co H, Oct 16,'62
Reed, George W Menekaunee Oct 14,'61 Vet; wnd and prisoner of war, Germantown Mar 13,'63; M.O. July 16,'65
Richardson, Lorenzo Menekaunee Oct 14,'61 M.O. Nov 5,'64; term exp
+ Shappery, Louie Peshtigo Oct 15,'61 Died Vickburg, Miss; disease
Sheffein, Henry Oconto Oct 26,'61 Vet, Corp; M.O. July 16,'65
Sherman, James Menekaunee Oct 14,'61 Vet; M.O. July 16,'65
Smith, James D Menekaunee Oct 14,'61 M.O. Nov 5,'64; term exp
Smith William B Oconto Sept 27,'61 Disch May 27,'62; diability
Stephens, Homer Menekaunee Sept 18,'62 M.O. May 15,'65
+ Thomas, David Stiles Feb 22,'64 Killed in action July 21,'64, Atlant Ga
+ Thomi, Mathis Peshtigo Sept 30,'62 Died Aug 22,'63, Madison, Wisconsin
Tourtilotte, John L. Oconto Oct 23,'61 Trans to Co H, Nov.6,'61
Ures, James Oconto M.O. Dec 19,'64; term exp
Ward, John Peshtigo Sept 5,'62 Wnd Atlanta; M.O. June 6,'65
Washburn, Delos A Oconto Sept 27,'61 M.O. Nov 5,'64; term exp
Whitcomb, Wiilliam W Pensaukee Dec 28,'63 M.O. July 16,'65
Whitney, Franklin L Pensaukee Oct 22,'61 Corp; disch May 1,'62; disability
+ Whitney, Alonzo Pensaukee Oct 19, '61 Died Jan 4,'63, LaGrange Tenn
Wilson, Henry W. Pensaukee Dec 28,'63 Corp; M.O. July 16,'65
Young, Edward B Marinette Oct 14,'61 Vet. Musician; M.O. July 16,'65
Yourd, Francis Oconto Feb. 13,'64 M.O. July 16,'65


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