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Researched and contributed by: Bob Mandler

1830(?) - 1982

Editor's note: Only the information of ancestors is posted to this site. If you would like family data on more recent generations, please e-mail Bob Mandler  directly by clicking on his name.


Searching for family roots has become an obsession with some people. They have been bitten by the "bug" and they search diligently for traces of their forebears.

I think I have always been interested in our family tree, all four sections. This section deals with our Grandmother - Georgia Lowell, Signor, Schwartz. The first generation in this genealogy is the Mother of Georgia. She was picked as representing the first generation because she was the immigrant. We have no knowledge of her previous history, only that she came from Ireland. Hopefully someone may become interested enough to discover her husband who evidently had the last name of Lowell. We remember her as Grandmother Lowell. Someone may even try to find more of her history when she lived in Ireland.

Actually this genealogy is written for the family members who are living now. I believe it is important to know enough of past family history which is bound to have bearing on those of us living today, and future generations.

I was suprised at the number of descendants and how they have spread out to many different parts of the country. From east to west and north to south. Most are concentrated in the midwest but one branch is on the West Coast.

I want to thank the members of the family who supplied the information I needed. There were many who helped and I'll not attempt to name them for fear I might omit one or more.

There is some information missing. I must admit I reached a point where I felt I could wait no longer for the missing information. If you know the facts in the blank spaces you may fill them in your own book. Perhaps someday we can make it complete. If there are any errors, please let me know.
This has been an interesting work and I feel a degree of satisfaction in having completed it this far. I am proud to be a part of this family. It is a good, upstanding, Christian family -- all good citizens.

You will find a numbering method which should make it easy to identify each member as to which branch he belongs. Georgia had eight children, six of whom had families. Those children are given Roman Numerals I through VIII. Their children are listed by A, B, C, etc. Their grandchildren by small numbers, for instance, IAla(1).


Name unknown
All we know of this ancestor was told to us by our Grandmother, Georgia
Georgia Lowell
    B. 1855
    D. 1934 
 1. Ed Signor
    B. 1862 
    D. 1962
I Ina Signor –
George Whiting
I A Blanche Whiting
    II Louis Signor 
never married
 II None
    III Stella Signor
Ed Fulwider
III A Ralph Fulwider 
III B Luella Fulwider 
III C Clarence FulwidE 
III D Raymond Fulwidet 
III E Ethelyn Fulwider
III F Irene Fulwider
III G Evelyn Fulwider 
III H Alberta Fulwider 
III I Orvilla Fulwider 
III J Viola Fulwider
III K Verlyn Fulwider
III L George L. Fulwider
    M. 1913 
    D. 1962
IV Rose Schwartz
George Mandler
IV A Willard Mandler
    V Charles Schwartz married:
Kate Mock
V A Margaret Schwartz
V B Genevieve Schwartz
Marion Rose
(died in infancy
V C Charles Schwartz
    VI Arthur Schwartz
I. Mary Mock   2. Clare Meyer
VI A Dorothy Schwartz
    VIII Frank Schwartz 
Hannah Nelson
VIII A Vernon Schwartz 


FIRST GENERATION - Mother of Georgia.

We call this ancestor the first generation because it is the first one of whom we have any knowledge. All we know is that she was born in Ireland. When she immigrated to this country she settled in Maine, eventually moving to Wisconsin in the Green Bay area.

She apparently married a man named Lowell of whom we have no knowledge.

My main regret is not getting more information and recording it when it was available. We remember her only as Grandma Lowell.

Besides Georgia there were at least tow other girls in the family. I visited Rosaltha in Wisconsin about the year 1938. There was another sister who also lived in Wisconsin but I do not know her name.


Georgia Lowell
    B. Apr. 23, 1855
    D. Feb. 2, 1934 Buried at Ramona
Married Ed Signor B.
    M.  1871
Married Wm. Schwartz
    B. Nov. 3, 1862
    D. Mar. 20, 1913 Buried at Ramona
Children of Georgia and Ed Signor
    I Ina Signor B.   D.
    II Louis Signor B.   D.
    III Stella Signor
        B. Feb. 2, 1880
        D. Dec. 6, 1940
Children of Geor is and Wm. Schwartz
    IV Rose Schwartz
        B. June 30, 1885
        D. May 14, 1946
    V Charles Schwartz
        B. Oct. 29, 1887
        D. Jan. 21,1956
    VI Arthur Schwartz
        B. Aug. 1, 1890
        D. July 31, 1964
    VII Blanche Schwartz
        B. Sept. 8, 1895
        D. Nov. 16, 1898 Buried at Ramona
    VIII Frank Schwartz
        B. Dec. 14, 1897
        D. Aug. 28, 1980

Grandmother Georgia, true to her Irish heritage, was lively, fun to be with, and respected.

She lived her later years with Frank, her youngest son. I feel fortunate in getting to know her very well because I spent four summers with Frank and Hannah. Grandma and I shared the same room and I feel that we were well acquainted.

A favorite expression of hers was, "A liar is as bad as a thief and a thief is as bad as a murderer". I wish I could remember more quotes.

She was a small woman, probably didn't weigh much more than a hundred pounds but was peppy and a hard worker.

Grandfather, Wm. Schwartz, was a carpenter, bought grain and worked as a blacksmith in Ramona.


First family of Georgia and Ed Signor

    I Ina Signor B. D.
      Married George Whiting B. D. M.
    Child of Ina and George
            IA Blanche Whiting B. D.

Aunt Ina was born, raised, lived and died in Wisconsin. She married George Whiting, a farmer. She came to South Dakota at least once for a visit because she was an attendant at my parent's wedding. I visited her and George at Lena, Wisconsin. She was a sweet lady. I especially remember her large, perfectly-shaped molasses cookies.

    II Louis Signor B. D.
        Louis Signor never married. He lived in a Catholic home in the Little Falls, Minnesota area. He is buried there.
    III Stella Signor
            B. Feb. 2, 1880 near Abrams, Wis
            D. Dec. 6, 1940 Buried at Ramona
        Married Ed Fulwider
            B. Nov. 20, 1868 in Indiana
            M. Feb. 23, 1897
             D. Aug. 19, 1960 Buried at Ramona
    Children of Stella and Ed Fulwider
            IIIA 1. Ralph Fulwider
                    B. July 12, 1899
                    D. 1981
            IIIB 2. Luella Fulwider
                    B. Jan. 28, 1902
            IIIC 3. Clarence Fulwider
                    B. Nov. 5, 1903
                    D. Feb. 6, 1978
            IIID 4. Raymond Fulwider
                    B. July 5, 1905
            IIIE 5. Ethelyn Fulwider
                    B. Jan. 17, 1907
            IIIF 6. Irene Fulwider
                    B. Oct. 28, 1908
                    D. June 14, 1948
            IIIG 7. Evelyn Fulwider
                    B. Aug. 18, 1910
                    D. Mar. 1976
            IIIH 8. Alberta Fulwider
                    B. Jan. 21, 1912
            IIII 9. Orvilla (Billie) Fulwider
                    B. Feb. 12, 1914
            IIIJ 10. Viola Fulwider
                    B. Feb. 6, 1916
            IIIK 11. Verlyn Fulwider
                    B. Mar. 13, 1919
                    D. July 9, 1979
            IIIL 12. George Lenley
                    B. Feb. 2, 1922

Stella and Ed Fulwider were married at Oldham but lived most of their married life at Ramona. He was a rural mail carrier. Stella, at a very young age, went to live with people she referred to as the Barkers. When her mother, Georgia, moved to South Dakota she came along with her.

Second family of Georgia and Wm. Schwartz

            IV Rose Schwartz
                    B. June 30, 1885
                    D. May 14, 1946
                 Married George Mandler
                    B. 1882
                    M. Oct. 6, 1903 Divorced
                Children of Rose and George Mandler
                    Hazel Mandler (lived one year)
                    Infant son unnamed, premature, did not live
                    IVA Willard Mandler
                        B. Mar. 31, 1907

After her divorce, Rose worked for Ed Allen at Ellis, S.D. She raised her son, Willard, as well as the two sons of Ed Allen. She was his housekeeper for 33 years. She is buried in Sioux Falls, S.D.

            V Charles Schwartz
                    B. Oct. 29, 1887
                    D. Jan. 21, 1956
                Married Kate Mock
                    B. Sept. 25, 1887
                    D. Sept. 30, 1975
                    M. Feb. 16, 1909
                Children of Charles and Kate Schwartz
                        VA Margaret Schwartz
                            B. Nov. 22, 1909 D.
                        VB Genevieve Schwartz
                            B. May 26, 1912
                        VC Marion Rose Schwartz
                            B. Oct. 15, 1922
                            D. Dec. 12, 1923
                        VD Charles Schwartz 

Charles and Kate were married in Ramona. He was a carpenter and worked in an elevator there. They moved to Timber Lake where he worked in a store. He held down a claim in 1912. They moved to Corvallis, Or., where he owned and operated a filling station.

            VI Arthur Schwartz
                    B. Aug. 1, 1890
                    D. July 31, 1964
                Married Mary Mock B. D..
                    M. Aug. 18, 1911
                Married Clara Belle Meyers B.  D.
                Child of Arthur and Mary
                        VIA Dorothy Schwartz

Art and Mary were married in Ramona, S.D. He was a carpenter. They moved to Timber Lake in 1912. He and Charles held down claims there - two of the first claims in that area. He was a farmer.

            VII Blanche Schwartz
                    B. Sept. 5, 1895
                    D. Nov. 16, 1898 Buried at Ramona
            VIII Frank Schwartz 
                    B. Dec. 14, 1897
                    D. Oct. 6, 1981
                Married Hannah Nelson
                    B. Oct. 13, 1892
                    D. Aug. 28, 1980
                Child of Frank and Hannah Schwartz
                        VIIIA Vernon Schwartz

Frank worked on the section at Ramona and in the elevator. After his marriage to Hannah they moved to a farm in the Oldham area and they continued on several farms in that general area. After retirement they moved to Oldham. Frank had a great zest for life and enjoyed visiting with people. He enjoyed playing tricks on people.

Editor's note: Only the information of ancestors is posted to this site. If you would like family data on more recent generations, please e-mail Bob Mandler  directly by clicking on his name.