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Sutton Family Quilt
I have started out with photos of the quilt that my great grandmother (Mary Dillon Sutton) made for my grandmother (Cora Sutton Parmentier) when she was married in 1909.  Symbolically the quilt represents woman and men and parts of what they were linked into one  piece.  It is made up of bits and pieces of clothing worn every day, for special occasions, lovely old silk ties, all put together with beautiful stitches.  It is frayed as time can affect families and it represents all that we as genealogists do to put our families back together.  Mary Dillon Sutton also made one for her daughter Julia Sutton VanDycke and that is still held in the family.

One wonders about the women who made these two quilts. Sisters, sister in laws and friends who gathered to lovingly share pieces of fabric and strengthen their own lives.  These are the Sutton children, the children of Mary Dillon Sutton and Michael J. Sutton.  Several were born in Brown County and a number of them including Cora Sutton were born in Oconto, East Ward, Wisconsin.

William Sutton born 1867, Michael Joseph (Harry) Sutton born 1869.  The 
first two sons were born in Brown County. Thomas Sutton born 1873, James Edward Sutton born 1874, Henry Sutton, Julia Sutton VanDycke born 1880, Cora Sutton Parmentier born 1882 in Oconto Co., John Charles Sutton born 1884 and Matt Sutton born 1888.

Michael J. Sutton, as a young man.  Michael Sutton served in the Civil War and is listed in the Oconto Co. 
GAR Post Membership for 1880's on the Oconto Co. site.

Mary DILLON Sutton, as a young woman. Michael and Mary lived in Oconto for  a period of time. A number of their children were born there, and Michael may have lived there before his marriage. They were my great  grandparents on the maternal side. 

Photo Album
Made of red velvet with satin worked figures on the top.  It has places for four pictures to a page or simply one picture. The size of the larger album is 11" x 8 1/2" x 2  1/2".

Dillon Family Album

The small album which is made of hand tooled leather, a mirror in the center, beads of some kind at each of the four corners and on both sides and a metal clasp.  The inside shows the format for putting in either photographs or tin types.  The  size of  the small album is 5 1/2" x 4"x 2".

Open Sutton Ablum with
Dillon Family Album

Mary Dillon Sutton as a more mature woman.

Michael Sutton with two of his sisters; a Mrs. Howlett and a Mrs. Mahoney.  These appeared on the front of a post card.

The back of the post card. The handwriting, 
" Grandp Michael Sutton and his two sisters, Mrs. Howlett, Mrs. Mahoney", is in 
my Mother's handwriting.

Will Sutton

Will Sutton

Will Sutton

Will Sutton on the left and Harry (Michael Joseph) Sutton on the right.

Harry Sutton

Tom Sutton

Thomas Sutton

Julia Sutton

Julia Sutton as a young woman.

Sutton baby, probably James Edward.

Cora Sutton

Cora Sutton at 17 years old.

Two  Sutton boys.

John Charles Sutton

Harry Sutton and family.

Matt Sutton

left to right;  Sadie & Matt Sutton , John Charles Sutton seated.  The 
others are unknown.

Standing left to right:  Cora Sutton Parmentier, Henry Sutton, Unknown  woman, Julia Sutton VanDycke, Constant F. VanDycke, Mary Dillon Sutton, 
Joseph Paul Parmentier, Matt Sutton.  The baby in front is probably a Parmentier baby.

The smallest child in front with the very dark hair is Florence 
VanDycke, granddaughter of Mary Dillon Sutton on the right.

Golden Wedding Anniversary. 
     Front row left to right: 
Cora Agnes SUTTON Parmentier, Julia SUTTON Van Dycke
       Seated in the center: 
Michael Sutton and Mary DILLON  SUTTON
      Standing left to right: 
Michael (Harry) Sutton, 
Matt Sutton, Tom Sutton, 
Henry Sutton,
John Charles Sutton


Michael Sutton, shortly before his death with grandson Norris "Sonny" 

Mary Dillon Sutton, who put the quilt together.  The busy hands at rest 
as she neared the end of her life.

Family Friend

Marked Mrs. Cain and
had Kane on 
the back.

Family Friends

Mr. and Mrs. Nolan

Family Friends

Mr. Don Levy

Mrs. Don Levy

Newspaper Article

Venerable and esteemed couple, who today are observing the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding; many guests present.

Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Sutton, who have been residents of Green Bay or cities near here for many years, are today celebrating their golden wedding. They were united in wedlock 50 years ago at the St. Francis Church (sic 1) in DePere.  The Rev. Father Fairport  (sic 2 ) performed the ceremony.  This morning the couple received communion at St. Patrick's church.  Their long union was blessed.

Dinner was served at the residence of one of the sons, Henry Sutton, at noon for relatives and members of the families and the people who came from other cities to join with Mr. and Mrs. Sutton on the happy occasion.  Many friends attended a reception at 3 o'clock this afternoon at the Sutton home, Mason and Jefferson Streets.  The reception will continue until 6 o'clock to permit the large number of friends of Mr. and Mrs. Sutton to extend them congratulations.

Michael Sutton is a survivor of the Civil War and bears a wound he received in the Battle of Williamsburg.  He saw two years of service in the field under General Carney and was in such important engagements as the Battle of Bull Run and Battle of Antietam.  He was in the navy later and after the war became a cook on lake steamers.  He kept at that work until advancing age prevented him from working.  Mr. Sutton is about 72 years of age.  he was born in Ireland and his parents died when he was a baby.

Mrs. Sutton is a native of Ireland also and she came to Green Bay when a girl of six years. *  After their marriage they lived here in DePere and Oconto.  Their children living are as follows;  Wiliam Sutton, Minneapolis; Michael (Harry) Sutton, Detroit;  Thomas Sutton, Oshkosh; Henry F. Sutton, Mrs. C.F. Van Dycke, Mrs. Joseph P. Parmentier of this city; John Sutton of Minneapolis and Mathias  Sutton of Green Bay.  One son, Edward,** died after service in the Phillipines.

sic 1  They were actually married at St. Mary's Catholic Church, DePere.  St. Francis was not formed until about 1870/1872. sic 2  They were married by Rev. W. A. Verboort. *  My records show that Mary Dillon Sutton was closer to two years of age when she immigrated from Ireland with her parents and two older siblings. 

** James Edward Sutton