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Contributed by Scott Villenauve

My direct ancestor was Edward Meddy Villenauve.   However, I'm also looking for addtional family members that may be descendants from one of Edward's siblings, hoping they may have pictures or other info on the family history.

I do know that Edward Meddy Villenauve was born in Pestigo Harbor but I don't know if other family members were.  The 1860 census does not show any Villenauve's in the area and it may be after 1860 that his parents moved here from Canada.

I also know that my name is an unusuual spelling of the common "Villeneuve".  Please note the second "E" in Villeneuve is a common name in France  like the name Smith is here, but the spelling of my name is VillenAuve  (with an "a").  There were some Villeneuve's born in Marinette in the early 1900's and I am beginning to wonder if it was Edward Meddy who mispelled our name since the literacy rates were much lower a century ago.

I have fully tracked Edward Meddy Villenauve's childern but I'm looking to go back in history and any help would be appreciated. It sounds like doing a county wide search is a difficult task so if you could look in Peshtigo Harbor  for any VillenAuve's or VillenEve's it would be appreciated.  I also know that Edward Meddy Villenauve listed on his marriage certificate that he and Henny Hall (his Bride) were both living in Crivitz and when they got married (per their marriage certificate).  The marriage certificate also lists that they got married in Menomonee, Michigan on Dec 31, 1901 so I'm wondering if one or both families were living there at the
time.  Any info on Jenny Hall, Medda Villenauve, or Esther Deloreme would be wonderful too.

 I talked to Jenny Mae Sensibaugh, granddaughter of Edward Meddy Villenauve and she insists there was a Bertha Villeanuve who was also a sibling of Edward Meddy Villenauve.  The picture I have from around the early 1890's only shows 8 children but it is possible they had another child after the picture was taken.  Please supply any info if you run across her. it is possible you may see the spelling with an "e" where the "a" is located in my name.

 Here is a list of Edward Meddy Villenauve's siblings that I'm looking for:

 Medda Villenauve
 Esther Deloreme

        Nettie Villenauve
        Lillie Villenauve
        Clara Villenauve
        Louis Villenauve
        Henry Villenauve
        George Villenauve
        Walter Villenauve
        Bertha Villenauve
       *Edward Meddy Villenauve b.June 7, 1876 in Peshtigo Harbor wedding