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"Our People - The Indians"   Metis family lineages beginning in 1807

On February 2, 1807, Jacques VINET and Marguerite SAUVE were married, in the District of Montreal, Providence of Quebec, Canada. (Marguerite SAUVE was an Indian Maiden) to them six children were born: Julia: Adaline: Angeline: Audurine: Remy and Albert.

In 1838, or thereabout, Barthelmi LaPOINTE and Julia VENIT dit LaRONTE, many times spelled LAURENTE were married, however, we have no documentary evidence of this marriage, only a report that they were married by Father MAZZUCCHILLE. To them four children were born, namely: 1. Mary, 2., Josephine, 3. Babe that died at birth, and 4. Julia.
1. Mary was born September 4, 1839, baptized January 26, 1840 by Father CRETIN, sponsors were Luke and Rosalie LaPOINTE, married Peter, son of Charles LaTRANCHE and Josephine Frances BONET, on May 12, 1856, at St. Gabriels Church, Prairie du Chien, by Father Lucian GAULTIER, witnessed by John and Josephine LaPOINTE, and died at Harper's Ferry, Iowa, May 12, 1924, at the age of 85.
2. Josephine was born at Red-River on November 17, 1841, baptized November 21, 1841, sponsers were Alexis CROCHOER and Louise JOLY, married Oliver GREMORE (GRIMARAD) on August 25, 1858, at Prairie du Chien, witnessed by B. and Elizabeth LaPOINTE, and died in Prairie June 2, 1873, at the age of 32.
3. This baby, a boy, died at birth.
4. Julia was born in 1844, joined the Holy Cross Order of Nuns in 1877 as Sister Remegia, died at Notre Dame, Ind., in June 1912, at the age of 68.

Barthelmi LaPOINTE's wife, Julia VINET, died in 1844, at the time Julia was born. His second wife was Victoria LaPLANTE (some say a widow with five children). To them two children were born: 1. Frederick, October 26, 1848, 2. Judith in 1850. She died in 1857.

Frederick's first wife was Elizabeth GODFREY, a Winnebago woman, they had four children: Madaline and Frank, deceased; Virginia, Mrs. J. F. MANNING; and Lizzie, Mrs. Jim WOOD. Both live at LaCrosse, Wis.

Frederick's second wife was Rosa GOKEY (GAUTHIER).... They had four children: Leo, Lawrence, Dan and Myrtle. Frederick's children by his first wife were heirs to a Winnebago Indian Claim, they received annuities for a number of years and in 1908 were paid in full in a lump sum.

Barthelmi LaPOINTE died October 12, 1872, and his son Frederick, June 4, 1930.

To Mary LaPOINTE and Peter LaTRANCHE the following children were born:
1. Peter Barthelmi, May 15, 1857, died March 14, 1940, age 83;
2. Josephine, November 22, 1859, died in 1934, age 74;
3. Frances, June 7, 1862, died February 28, 1929, age 77;
4. Anna, April 20, 1864, died March 12, 1939, age 75;
5. Julia, August 15, 1868.
6. John, June 23, 1866.
7. Agnes, December 1870. Died May 15, 1947, age 77.

1. Peter B. LaTRANCHE married Josephine, daughter of Baptiste MARTELL and Julia BUISSON in the winter of 1881. They had five children: a, Christina, born in 1882, died in 1911. b. Mae, born February 16, 1884; c. Elizabeth, born September 19, 1888; d. Peter Leonard, born April 24, 1892; e. Frank (Toby), born May 25, 1896, died June 5, 1933.
a. Christina married John, son of John BURKE and Catherine HANEY, November 18, 1903, at St. Joseph's, Paint Rock, by Father M. SHEEHAN, pastor. Had three Children: Mildred in 1904; Richard and Harold, who both died while small.
b. Mae married Charles HAMMEL in January of 1914 at St. Ann's Church, Harper's Ferry, by Rev. M. SHEEHAN. They had seven children: Josephine, Vernor, Rita, Mary, Robert, Richard and Irene.
c. Elizabeth (Bessie) joined the Ursuline Order of Nuns in August of 1916 and is now Mother Magdaline, Miles City, Mont.
d. Peter Leonard married Catherine Agnes, daughter of John McGUIRE and Catherine TAFT KELLY, on September 19, 1916, at St. Ann's Church in Harper's Ferry by Father M. SHEEHAN, Pastor, witnessed by Frank (Toby) LaTRANCHE and Mary McGUIRE.
e. Frank (Toby) married Agnes VANEK at St. Gabriels, Prairie du Chien, on November 30, 1930. He had no family.

2. Josephine first married John, son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael SHIELDS in May of 1878. To them four children were born: a. Frank SHIELDS, October 31, 1879; b. William SHIELDS, October 1883, (deceased), c. Mary SHIELDS, October, 1881, (deceased); d. Anna SHIELDS, October 23, 1885. Josephine LaTRANCHE-SHIELDS married Thomas, son of Gavin GAVIN and Mary CUSSACK, at Wexford on January 10, 1888. Had seven more children: e. Daniel, October 27, 1888; f. Nellie, February 13, 1891 (deceased); g. Peter, March 12, 1893; h. Philip, June 13, 1895; i. Joseph, August 29, 1897; j. Lawrence Benjamin, August 11, 1899 and k. Frances Celia, March 19, 1903.
a. Frank SHIELDS married Kate, daughter of William HENNESSEY and Ellen Mara, had one girl, Ellen....
b. Mary SHIELDS married James, son of Patrick KERNAN and Bridget MOONEY in January 1903, at Wexford by Father LAFFEN, Pastor. They had eight children: Mary, Margie, Aimee ,Anna, Kathryne, Vincent, John and Cyril.
c. Willliam (Bill) SHIELDS married Rose, daughter of Ed ARSENEULT and Delia DREPEAU, at St. Raphael's, Dubuque, by Father MOHONEY, has four children: William, Gerald, Mary Ruth and Annabelle.
d. Anna SHIELDS married Harry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne SMITH. They have five children: Walter, Pearl, Horence, Phoebe and Rachel.
e. Dan GAVIN is single.
f. Peter GAVIN is single.
g. Nellie GAVIN married John, son of William HENNESSEY and Ellen MARA, at Wexford by Father LAFFIN, had fourteen children; eight are living: Marcella, Mary, William, Rita, Regina, John, Jr.; Thelma Ann, and James.
h. Philip GAVIN married Adaline, daughter of Levi BOARDMAN and Mary WACHTER, at St. Raphael's Cathedral, Dubuque, Iowa, by Father MAHONEY on April 5, 1921. They have three girls: Mary Lou, Grace and Shirley.
i. Joseph GAVIN married Irene, daughter of Patrick DONAHUE and Katie O'DAY at St. Ann's Church, Harper's Ferry, by Father NOLAN on September 16, 1922.
j. Lawrence (Ben) GAVIN married Laurayne, daughter of Duglas BOARDMAN and Martha VALLEY at St. Ann's, Harper's Ferry.
k. Frances (Celia) GAVIN married William, son of P. G. (Deo) COTA and Sarah CONWAY, at St. Ann's Church, Harper's Ferry, by Father NOLAN.


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