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Descendant contact: Theresa

.August Wirtz - 1844, born in Germany
+Anna ? -  1854 1918 , born in German Bohemia, father & mother Bohemian (1880 census)
Children of August and Anna: all born in WI
    1. William - Dec 2, 1873, married Oconto County  25 Apr 1899  and 1907 in Texas.
    2. Charles Adam - May 12, 1876 ( (WWI Draft Card)1877 (Cemetery) -  1955 Woodlawn Cem.
    + Gertrude (Anna) - 1883 1970  born in Sweden, married 1907
    Children of Charles and Gertrude:
        Russel - 1907 1992 St. Anthony Cemetery
    ?  Richard Floyd -  June 20, 1910 Oct. 19, 1910     Woodlawn Cemetery
     3. Edward Fred -   April 5 1880
    + Clara ? -  born in Indiana, married   23 Sep 1902  02  Oconto County
    Children of Edward and Clara:
    4. Otto John Wirtz born - 27 Jan 1881(WWI Draft Card)-1882(SSDI)    died - Oct 1966 Lodi, San Joaquin, California
    +Emma C.
    Children of Otto and Emma:
        Herbert  A - born in WI
        Frank E - born in WI
        Arthur - born in CA
        Clarence - born in CA
    5. Theodore  Fred -  June 1, 1884
    6. George - December 12, 1887
    7. Benjamin (Bennie) John -  July 9, 1889
    8. Albert Rudolph -  May 11, 1893

AUGUST Wirtz - August and Annie Wirtz arriving on the Hermann out of Bremen in early June, 1871 from Witten, on the Ruhr, Rhineland-Pfalz proper (upper Rheinland)

The 1880 census for Pewaukee, Oconto County, Wisconsin has August Wirtz, age 36, farmer, originally from the Rhineland.  He is a farmer with wife Annie who is age 26 years and from Bohemia. Sons are William age 7, Charley age 3 and Eddie 2 months old. All children are born in Wisconsin. All the sons were born after the 1871 Peshtigo Fire. However, they were possible survivors of the 1879 Pensaukee Tornado.

Oconto County Reporter
March 14, 1885

August Wirtz, who has for the past few months suffered from a serious malady, which bereft him of reason and thinking conveniences, and who is now confined at the Northern Hospital, is improving and it is thought he will be permitted to return to his family in a short time.

Anne Wirtz - August and Annie Wirtz arriving on the SSvHermann out of Bremen in early June, 1871  from Witten, in the Ruhr, Rhineland-Pfalz proper
 1900. Oconto Falls, WI Annie Wirtz is age 48, born March 1861. She is head of the household and is divorced from her husband of 28 years. She has given birth to 9 children and 8 are still living in 1900. August of course is not in residence with the household and if he is still living is not documented. There are 5 sons living in the family with the two oldest in residence, Edward (April 1881) and Theodore (May 1883) farming and the rest at home or in school (George Feb 1888,  Bennie March 1888, Albert May 1894).
Annie Wirtz household there are three living offspring missing; William, Charley, and probably Otto

1910 - Living with son Charles and his family in Oconto Falls

Listed as divorced in 1900 and widowed in 1910.

William Wirtz - has a marriage license for Oconto County  25 Apr 1899.
1910 Farming in Tannant, Texas. Married 3 years to Gussie age 33, born in Texas (parents Alabama and Georgia). One son, Eugene, age 18 months, born in Texas
1918 Working as a laborer in Tannant, Texas, married to Gussie (WWI Draft Card)

Charles Adam - 1917 Living in Oconto Falls wife wife Gertrude farming  (WWI Draft Card)

Edward Fred - 1917 living in Oconto Falls with wife Clara, farming  (WWI Draft Card)

OttoJohn Wirtz - 1905 Wisconsin state census, Shawano, Wisconsin; married to Emma C.; working as a carpenter

 Otto Wirtz family in CA, 1910 Census. Sona are Herbert A.Wirtz  born in Wisconsin as was  younger Frank E. Wirtz who was born 9 months before the census. Otto Wirtz' father was German and his mother was Bohemian (a country occupied by Germany then and part of Germany now).
Otto's wife, Emma C., was also born in Wisconsin and they were married 5 years in 1910. Her father was born in Germany and her mother was Dutch from a region occupied by Germany. Otto apparently moved his family to CA within the past 8 months of this census taken April 16 and 18, 1910.

Otto and family into 1920; he has gone from being a house carpenter to a grain farmer in Hamilton, CA. two more sons have been added to the family, both born in California. This first two sons were still listed as having been born in Wisconsin. Please note that the neighboring household of Hanert is also from German-Wisconsin background and the wife, Hedwig, is about the same age as Emma. Since family and neighbors tended to move in the same places, this could be a relative, perhaps Emma's sister.
The Wirtz family is split onto two separate pages.

1930, now in Lodi, CA. Otto, Emma and all 4 single sons are still in the same household. Otto has gone back to being a contract building carpenter. Herbert, now 24, is a salesman in a music store.

Theodore Fred Wirtz -  1910, boarder age 25, single Duluth, Minnesota, house carpenter
1917 Living in Manitowoc, WI., with wife working as a carpenter (WWI Draft Card)

George Wirtz - 1910, age 23, married, living in Shawano County with wife Linda H who was born in WI, parents born in Germany., married 2 years.One child Esther H., age 16 months, born in WI. Laborer in Sulfide Mill
1917, Living in Shawano with wife and 4 children, farming. (WW1 Draft Card)

Benjamin (Bennie) John Wirtz - 1905, boarder in Oconto Falls, age 15, saw mill laborer.
1910, boarder age 20, single, in Wabeno, WI. Working as a laborer in a sawmill
1917 Living in Shawano with wife, working as a laborer in Mill factory
1920, Shawano, WI., age 29, married Emeline age 26, one child daughter Engatins age 1 year 11 months. Laborer in Paper Mill.

Albert Rudoph Wirtz - 1905, age 6. living in Oconto Falls
1910, boarder at age 16 in Wabeno, WI. Working as a laborer in a sawmill
1917, Living with wife and child, also mother in Oconto Falls, farming. (WWI Draft Card)
Wirtz burials in Oconto County

Sect. Row/Lot Name Birth Date Death Date Same Stone With Inscriptions & Notes Seq Number Cemetery
  Woodlawn Cemetery
S2 R30 Wirtz, Howard 1916 1973 Audrey Wirtz    Woodlawn Cemetery
S2 R30 Wirtz, Audrey 1916  Howard Wirtz    Woodlawn Cemetery
S4 R25 Wirtz, Richard Floyd June 20, 1910 Oct. 19, 1910     Woodlawn Cemetery
S11 R3 Wirtz, Annie 1854 1918  Mother   Woodlawn Cemetery
S11 R3 Wirtz, Charles 1877 1955 Gertrude Wirtz Father   Woodlawn Cemetery
S11 R3 Wirtz, Eleanor I. July 04, 1922  Floyd A. Wirtz Married July 6, 1940   Woodlawn Cemetery
S11 R3 Wirtz, Floyd A. June 10, 1918 May 04, 1996 Eleanor I. Wirtz    Woodlawn Cemetery
S11 R3 Wirtz, Gertrude 1883 1970 Charles Wirtz Mother   Woodlawn Cemetery
S14 R16 Wirtz, Aaron Jordan June 14, 1986 June 21, 1986 Larry A. Wirtz    Woodlawn Cemetery
S14 R16 Wirtz, Anna L. July 17, 1918  Chester R. Wirtz    Woodlawn Cemetery
S14 R16 Wirtz, Chester R. Feb. 13, 1913 Jan. 22, 1991 Anna L. Wirtz    Woodlawn Cemetery
S14 R16 Wirtz, Larry A. Sep. 28, 1953  Lynne S. Wirtz    Woodlawn Cemetery
S14 R16 Wirtz, Lynne S. Mar. 28, 1956  Aaron J. Wirtz    Woodlawn Cemetery

  St Anthony Catholic Cemetery
S5 R4 Wirtz, Russell 1907 1992 Vivian Wirtz    St Anthony Catholic Cemetery
S5 R4 Wirtz, Virginia Ann May 22, 1938 Nov. 17, 1954     St Anthony Catholic Cemetery
S5 R4 Wirtz, Vivian 1912  Russell Wirtz    St Anthony Catholic Cemetery
S8 R2 Wirtz, Joann M. Apr. 27, 1961 Nov. 25, 1993     St Anthony Catholic Cemetery