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Outagamie County
Cemetery List

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Cemetery Name Township - Click on name for map (large files)
Appleton Highland Memorial Park Grand Chute
Assembly of God Oneida
Binghamton Black Creek
Black Creek Evangelical Black Creek
Black Creek Township Black Creek
Bovina Bovina
Bruce's Mill Ellington
Christ Congregational (a.ka. South Maine) Maine
Church of Christ Union Oneida
Community Center
Community Freedom
Dale Union Dale
Danish/Dane Deer Creek
Ellington (a.k.a. Union) Ellington
Ellington Immanuel (a.k.a. German Methodist) Ellington
Emanuel (a.k.a. Evangelical United Methodist) Center
Emanuel Evangelical (a.k.a. United Methodist) Cicero
Emanuel Lutheran Cicero
Emanuel Lutheran (a.k.a. Evangelist) Seymour
Evangelical United Methodist (a.k.a. Emanuel) Center
Evangelist (a.k.a. Emanuel Lutheran) Seymour
First Congregational Rose Garden Grand Chute
Freedom Association Freedom
Freedom Moravian Freedom
Freedom Township (a.k.a. Randerson) Freedom
German Methodist (a.k.a. Ellington Immanuel) Ellington
Golden Hill (a.k.a. Old Maple Creek) Maple Creek
Grand Chute Grand Chute
Greenville Township Greenville
Holy Angels Catholic Buchanan
Holy Cross Catholic Vandenbroek
Holy Name Catholic Buchanan
Hortonville Union Hortonia
Immaculate Conception Oneida
Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran (a.k.a. St. Petri) Black Creek
Immanuel Greenville Lutheran Greenville
Indian Oneida
Kelso Kaukauna
Latter Day Saints Oneida
Liberty Twp. Liberty
Maple Creek - New Maple Creek
Maple Creek - Old (a.k.a. Golden Hill) Maple Creek
Methodist Episcopal Oneida
Moses Montifiore Jewish Grand Chute
Mosquito Hill Liberty
New Maple Creek Maple Creek
North Cicero Lutheran Cicero
Oak Hill Cemetery Maine
Old Catholic Vandenbroek
Old City Seymour
Old Hortonville Poole (a.k.a. Pine Grove) Hortonia
Old Maple Creek (a.k.a. Golden Hill) Maple Creek
Outagamie County Health Center Grand Chute
Peters Black Creek
Pine Grove Dale
Pine Grove (a.k.a. Old Hortonville Poole) Hortonia
Randerson Freedom
Restland Deer Creek
Rexford Ellington
Riverside Grand Chute
Sassman (a.k.a. Peters) Black Creek
St. Catherine Catholic Deer Creek
St. Denis Catholic Bovina
St. Edward Catholic Center
St. John Vandenbroek
St. Joseph Catholic Grand Chute
St. Joseph Catholic Oneida
St. Johns Evangelical Black Creek
St. John Evangelical Lutheran Center
St. John's Lutheran (a.k.a. South Cicero) Cicero
St. John the Baptist Osborn
St. Mary Catholic Deer Creek
St. Mary Catholic Black Creek
St. Mary Catholic Buchanan
St. Mary Catholic Greenville
St. Marys Catholic Grand Chute
St. Mary of West Freedom Freedom
St. Mathias Evangelical Lutheran (a.k.a. St. Matthews) Center
St. Matthews (a.k.a. St. Mathias Evangelical Lutheran) Center
St. Nicholas Catholic Freedom
St. Patrick Catholic Ellington
St. Patrick Catholic Kaukauna
St. Paul Catholic Buchanan
St. Peters (a.k.a. Wanderers Rest) Greenville
St. Peters Lutheran (a.k.a. Community) Freedom
St. Peter and St. Paul Hortonia
St. Petri (a.k.a. Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran) Black Creek
St. Sebastian Catholic Seymour
Salem Evangelical Seymour
Seymour City Seymour
South Cicero (a.k.a. St. John's Lutheran) Cicero
South Maine (a.k.a. Christ Congregational) Maine
South Medina Methodist Dale
Town Greenville
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Ellington
Trinity Lutheran Kaukauna
Turney Hill Liberty
Union Buchanan
Union (a.k.a. Ellington) Ellington
United Methodist (a.k.a. Emanuel Evangelical) Cicero
Wanderers Rest (a.k.a. St. Peters) Greenville
Zion Jewish Grand Chute

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Outagamie County - Cemetery List


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