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Krause's 1900 Ozaukee County Directory

Alphabetical Listing of Names of Residents with
Section, Town and Post-Office

The following is a list of residents of Ozaukee County (excepting those who reside in the Cities of Port Washington and Cedarburg), followed by their section, town and post-office.

Abbreviations used in this Directory

B - Belgium M - Mequon
C - Cedarburg P.W. - Port Washington
F - Fredonia S - Saukville
G - Grafton  


Sabisch, Jos., 14S, Saukville
Sache, Herm., M, Thiensville
Sachse, Widow, M, Thiensville
Sachse, Henry, M, Thiensville
Sackreiter, henry, 34S, Saukville
Sackse, Julius, M, Thiensville
Safford, Barney, 5S, Newburg
Sailer, Jos., 14S, Saukville
Samp, Aug., 20C, Cedarburg
Sampont, Mrs., 7P.W., Port Washington
Sampson, Peter, 27F, Fredonia Station
Sanders, Conrad, 35S, Saukville
Sanem, John, 2F, Random Lake
Sanem, Nic., 7B, Dacada
Sans, B., S, Saukville
Sauer, F., 33P.W., Port Washington
Saueressig, Louis, 5F, Silver Creek
Schaedel, Mrs., Fredonia
Schaefel, P.F., M, Freistadt
Schaefer, Conrad, 10S, Saukville
Schaefer, Geo., 21G, Grafton
Schaefer, Henry, M, Thiensville
Schaefer, Louis, Fredonia
Schaefer, Nic., 7G, Grafton
Schanen, Jac., 13B, Lake Church
Schanen, N., 29P.W., Port Washington
Scharping, Albert, 21C, Cedarburg
Schauss, Joh, 27M, Thiensville
Scheer, Aug., C, Cedarburg
Scheer, Ferd., C, Cedarburg
Scheer, Ferdinand, 10C, Cedarburg
Scheinert, Rich., M, Thiensville
Schellenberg, H., 9C, Horns Corners
Scherer, Ed., 26M, Thiensville
Scherer, Mat., 24M, Thiensville
Schild, John, 19S, Newburg
Schiller, John, 35S, Saukville
Schils, John, 12B, Lake Church
Schimberg, Mary, 13B, Lake Church
Schimberg, Peter, 13B, Lake Church
Schlaegel, Henry, 10C, Cedarburg
Schlee, Geo., 31M, Granville
Schlegel, Phil, 1M, Cedarburg
Schleich, Peter, S, Saukville
Schleifer, Fred., 35C, Cedarburg
Schlemvogt, Emil, 10P.W., Port Washington
Schlitz, Peter, 23B, Lake Church
Schmechel, Emil, 35M, Thiensville
Schmeling, Aug., C, Cedarburg
Schmeling, Franz, M, Thiensville
Schmidler, Cath., 6B, Dacada
Schmidler, M.L., 6B, Dacada
Schmidt, Aug., 20M, Thiensville
Schmidt, Chas., M, Thiensville
Schmidt, Mrs. E., 33P.W., Port Washington
Schmidt, Fried., M, Cedarburg
Schmidt, Got., 18G, Grafton
Schmidt, Gust., 13G, Grafton
Schmidt, Henry, 29S, Newburg
Schmidt, Jas., 29S, Newburg
Schmidt, Martin, 12G, Grafton
Schmitt, Frank, 18B, Holy Cross
Schmit, J., 29P.W., Port Washington
Schmit, John, 35F, Fredonia Station
Schmit, John B., 11F, Random Lake
Schmit, John, 32B, Holy Cross
Schmit, Joseph, 20P.W., Port Washington
Schmit, J.M., 21P.W., Port Washington
Schmit, J.P., 20P.W., Port Washington
Schmit, M.E., 14B, Belgium
Schmit, Nic., 10B, Belgium
Schmit, Peter, 35F, Fredonia Station
Schmit, Philip, 11F, Random Lake
Schmidtz, Jos., 9G, Port Washington
Schmitz, Frank, 13F, Dacada
Schmitz, Jac., 13F, Dacada
Schmitz, Mrs. K., 5P.W., Port Washington
Schmitz, L.H., 8B, Dacada
Schneider, J.B., 12B, Lake Church
Schnell, Louis, 20F, Fredonia
Schnuchel, Jul, 26M, Thiensville
Schoeber, Clemens, 25S, Saukville
Schober, Henry, 29M, Thiensville
Schober, Gott., M, Thiensville
Schoede, Gott., 22F, Fredonia Station
Schoedel, Chas., 19F, Kohler
Schoene, Dr. Emil, 35F, Fredonia Station
Schoessow, Chas., 20M, Freistadt
Schoessow, Herm., 16M, Freistadt
Schoessow, John F., M, Freistadt
Schoessow, Jos., 7M, Freistadt
Scholl, math., 24B, Lake Church
Schomer, Casper, 20B, Holy Cross
Schomer, Peter, 20B, Holy Cross
Schons, Peter, 6B, Dacada
Schowalder, Jac., 25S, Saukville
Schramm, Hen., Jr., M, Mequon
Schramm, Hen., Sr., 20M, Mequon
Schreiber, Ber., Fredonia
Schreiber, Fried., 19M, Freistadt
Schreiber, John, 33F, Fredonia
Schreiber, Wm., 35S, Saukville
Schreiner, Hub., P.W., Port Washington
Schreiner, Lena, 6B, Dacada
Schreiner, John, 13M, Thiensville
Schreiner, Math., 1G, Grafton
Schreiner, Rob., 10B, Belgium
Schroeder, Aug., 14S, Saukville
Schroeder, Kiet., 25S, Saukville
Schroeder, Fred., 14S, Saukville
Schroeder, Louis, 6C, Horns Corners
Schroeder, Wm., C, Calter
Schroder, Louis, 3G, Port Washington
Schroder, Wm., 5G, Saukville
Schroter, Gustav, 12G, Grafton
Schubert, Anton, 6C, Horns Corners
Schubert, Fred., 5C, Horns Corners
Schubert, Geo., 27M, Thiensville
Schubert, Herm., 31F, Fredonia
Schue, J., 31 P.W., Port Washington
Schuedekopf, Chr., 8C, Horns Corners,
Schueller, Anton, 21B, Belgium
Schueller, Berard, 21B, Belgium
Schueller, J.J., 8B, Dacada
Schueller, Jac., 15B, Belgium
Schueller, Mich., 20B, Belgium
Schueller, Loe., 20B, Belgium
Schueller, Peter W., 11S, Saukville
Schuh, Nic., 35S, Saukville
Schultz, Aug., 33F, Fredonia
Schultz, Aug., 23M, Thiensville
Schultz, C., 30 P.W., Port Washington
Schultz, Carl, 15S, Saukville
Schultz, Carl, 15S, Saukville
Schultz, Chas. D., C, Cedarburg
Schultz, Chas., 28M, Thiensville
Schultz, Gustav, 28C, Cedarburg
Schultz, Sr., Henry, 15S, Saukville
Schultz, Herm., M, Thiensville
Schultz, Herman, 36G, Cedarburg
Schultz, Jr.John, 14S, Saukville
Schultz, Sr. John, 15S, Saukville
Schultz, W.F., 33S, Saukville
Schultz, William, 17G, Grafton
Schultz, Wm., Jr., 4F, Random Lake
Schumacher, Fred, 16G, Grafton
Schumacher, Her., 35F, Fredonia Station
Schumacher, Herman, 20G, Grafton
Schumacher, Joe, 33F, Fredonia
Schumacher, Katie N., 6B, Lake Church
Schumacher, N.D., 34F, Fredonia
Schumann, Nic., Fredonia
Schumacher, Nic., 35F, Fredonia Station
Schumacher, Philip, 33S, Saukville
Schumann, Chas., 21C, Cedarburg
Schumann, Mrs. Peter, Fredonia
Schwanz, Fred, M, Thiensville
Schwartz, N.K., 30P.W., Port Washington
Schwartz, Nic., 19P.W., Port Washington
Schwcke, Catherina, M, Thiensville
Schwengel, Henry, 11C, Cedarburg
Schwengel, John, 17G, Grafton
Schwerdt, Herm., 25M, Thiensville
Seeger, Henry, 13G, Grafton
Segars, W.C., 17C, Cedarburg
Segebarth, John, 35C, Cedarburg
Seiberlich, L., S, Saukville
Seidenstecher, Herman, 6C, Salter
Seifert, Chas., 23M, Thiensville
Seifert, Frank, 14M, Thiensville
Seifert, Gust, 3M, Thiensville
Seifert, Herm., M, Thiensville
Seifert, Henry, M, Thiensville
Seifert, Rich, M, Thiensville
Seifert, Wm., 15M, Thiensville
Selle, Albert, 36M, Mequon
Serres, Geo., 33F, Fredonia
Setzer, G., 18G, Grafton
Sheehan, John, 32C, Cedarburg
Shinker, N., 18 P.W., Port Washington
Siebenaller, Nic., 6B, Dacada
Sieglow, Aug., 31M, Mequon
Sievers, Fred, 28G, Grafton
Simon, Philip, 28F, Fredonia
Soegar, Wm. H., 16C, Horns Corners
Solms, John, 1S, Fredonia Station
Sommer, Chas., 32M, Thiensville
Sommer, Oscar, 18M, Thiensville
Sorweide, Henry, 5M, Cedarburg
Southoff, Aug., 3C, Cedarburg
Spartz, John, S, Saukville
Spartz, Mike, 17S, Saukville
Spartz, Peter, 20S, Saukville
Sperber, Geo., 18M, Mequon
Spies, Cath., 11F, Random Lake
Sponholz, Edw., 27M, Thiensville
Spuhl, Henry, 2M, Cedarburg
Spuhl, William, 25G, Cedarburg
Staats, Adam, 19M, Mequon
Stageman, Herman, 10S, Fredonia
Stande, Louis 23M, Thiensville
Stange, F.A., Fredonia
Stante, Ber., 35M, Thiensville
Stark, John, 31M, Granville
Stauske, Chas., C, Horns Corners
Stauske, Henry, 9C, Horns Corners
Stauss, Henry, M, Thiensville
Stauss, John Jr., M, Granville
Stauss, John Sr., 31M, Thiensville
Steinbach, John, 30B, Holy Cross
Steinke, Frank, 5C, Horns Corners
Steinke, Fred., 8C, Horns Corners
Stecker, Wm., C. Cedarburg
Steinmetzer, Lena, 5B, Dacada
Steffen, John, 8B, Dacada
Steffen, Julius, C, Cedarburg
Stegemann, John, 11M, Thiensville
Stelzner, Moritz, 22F, Fredonia Station
Stemper, Math., 16 P.W., Port Washington
Stemper, P., 21P.W., Port Washington
Stern, Gottf., 20M, Freistadt
Stern, Henry, 11S, Saukville
Stern, Wm., M, Freistadt
Stieg, William, 9G, Port Washington
Stock, Fried., 9M, Freistadt
Stock, Mich., 16M, Freistadt
Stockenbrog, Louis, 29M, Mequon
Straus, mary, 16B, Belgium
Srausburger, Philip, 33M, Thiensville
Strauss, Dom., 15B, Belgium
Streff, Frank, 17B, Belgium
Streff, Mary, 31B, Holy Cross
Streff, N.J., 26F, Fredonia Station
Streff, Peter, 13F, Dacada
Stroebel, John, 15M, Thiensville
Stuebe, Aug., 5C, Horns Corners
Sudbring, Ludwig, 5G, Grafton
Suelflohn, Fred, 4C, Horns Corners
Suelflow, Gust., 16M, Freistadt
Suelflow, John, 18M, Freistadt
Suemnick, Aug., 10F, Random Lake
Sullivan, I., 22C, Cedarburg
Sundermann, Gust., 12M, Thiensville
Sweetman, Richard, 28C, Cedarburg


Tegeler, Henry, M, Mequon
Termaatt, Henry, 7B, Lake Church
Ternes, John, 2B, Belgium
Ternes, J.J., 23B, Belgium
Ternes, Math., 11B, Lake Church
Teske, Herman, 15S, Saukville
Tesker, Henry, S, Saukville
Tesker, Herman, 28S, Saukville
Tetzlaff, Fred, 28G, Grafton
Teuscher, Herm., 22F, Fredonia
Tews, Herm., Sr., M, Thiensville
Tews, Herm., Jr., 17M, Thiensville
Tews, Julius, 20M, Freistadt
Theis, Joh, 6B, Dacada
Theiss, Mrs. Anna, 11C, Cedarburg
Theiss, Peter, 32M, Mequon
Thelen, Math., 10C, Cedarburg
Thelen, Nic., 9S, Fredonia
Thelen, Peter, 20S, Saukville
Thenne, Daniel, 1B, Cedar Grove
Thesfeld, Hen., 2M, Thiensville
Thesfeld, John, 12M, Thiensville
Thoenis, Nic., 1G, Grafton
Tholl, Nic., Sr., 23B, Holy Cross
Thoma, Herman, 3G, Port Washington
Thoma, Mich., 28S, Saukville
Thomas, Peter, 3C, Cedarburg
Thoma, Philip, 32 P.W., Port Washington
Thomas, J.B., P.W., Port Washington
Thomas, Marg., 35B, Lake Church
Thomes, Nic., 21B, Belgium
Thoms, Wm., Jr., 10M, Thiensville
Thomsen, Aug., Fredonia
Thiel, Henry, C, Cedarburg
Thielen, Nic, 30M, Mequon
Thielke, John, 9G, Port Washington
Thiermann, H., M, Thiensville
Thiermann, John, M, Thiensville
Thill, Frank, 4B, Dacada
Thill, F.K., 17P.W., Port Washington
Thill, John B., 30B, Holy Cross
Thill, John (Watry), 30B, Holy Cross
Thill, J.P., 5P.W., Port Washington
Thill, N.A., 25F, Holy Cross
Thill, Nic., 23F, Fredonia Station
Thill, Nic., 19B, Holy Cross
Thumstaedter, Geo., 18M, Freistadt
Tiego, Aug., 25M, Thiensville
Timbel, Gust., 6M, Bartel
Toekes, J.M., 15F, Dacada
Toekes, Mike, 7B, Dacada
Toekes, M.B., 14F, Random Lake
Toekes, Nic., 27F, Fredonia Station
Toekes, Peter, 8F, Kohler
Trausch, Lewis, 6S, Fredonia
Trautweiss, Wm., 35C, Cedarburg
Traxel, hrn., 17M, Thiensville
Tropke, Chas., 12G, Grafton
Truebenbach, Chr., 16F, Fredonia
Truebenbach, Carl, 15F, Fredonia
Truebenbach, Gott., 21F, Fredonia
Tuescher, Anthony, Fredonia
Turk, John, 36S, Saukville
Turner, Hugh, Fredonia


Uerlings, Widdow, 23M, Thiensville
Uhlig, Herman, C, Cedarburg
Uhlig, Richard, C, Cedarburg
Uhling, Carl, 9F, Fredonia
Urban, Jos., 18F, Kohler
Uselding, Geo., 27F, Fredonia
Uselding, John, 35F, Fredonia Station
Uselding, John, B, 26F, Fredonia Station
Uselding, Nic., 16B, Holy Cross
Uttech, Wm., 11C, Cedarburg


Verhalen Bros., S, Saukville
Verhalen, Henry, 27S, Saukville
Verhalen, Lizzie, S, Saukville
Vetter, Wm., 34M, Thiensville
Vick, Fried, 32M, Mequon
Viesselman, William, 19G, Grafton
Vocke, Frank, 6M, Bartel
Voeke, Fred, 18G, Grafton
Voelks, Fred, 20F, Fredonia
Voetter, Gustav, 12S, Saukville
Voetter, Moritz, 13S, Port Washington
Voge, Wm., 7S, Saukville
Voightlaender, Widow, 26M, Thiensville
Voigt, Carl, 18F, Freistadt
Voland, Robert, 28M, Thiensville
Voland, Wm., 14M, Thiensville
Volks, Herman, Fredonia
Vollmer, Jac., 26C, Cedarburg
Vulp, Aug., 16C, Horns Corners


Wagner, Fred, 30P.W., Port Washington
Wagner, Gott., 29M, Mequon
Wagner, Louis C., 27M, Thiensville
Wagner, Mich., 17F, Kohler
Waldkirsch, Juilius, 8S, Newburg
Washbursh, John, 8S, Newburg
Wassweiler, Julius, Fredonia
Watry, A., 19P.W., Port Washington
Watry, Dom., 6B, Dacada
Watry, Elis, 32B, Holy Cross
Watry, John, 17B, Dacada
Watry, John B., 7B, Dacada
Watry, Peter, 35F, Fredonia Station
Watry, Nic., 33B, Holy Cross
Weber, John, 10F, Fredonia
Weber, J., 16P.W., Port Washington
Weber, John P., 10B, Belgium
Weber, Peter, 6B, Dacada
Weber, Peter, 28M, Thiensville
Wedig, Paul, 4M, Freistadt
Wedig, Wm., 32C, Cedarburg
Wegeman, Ger., 27C, Cedarburg
Wegner, Herman, 21C, Cedarburg
Wegner, Julius, 30G, Grafton
Weidman, John, 20C, Cedarburg
Weidman, Lorenz, 19C, Cedarburg
Weiland, John, 2B, Lake Church
Weiland, Mich., 1B, Lake Church
Weiler, Nic., 29B, Holy Cross
Weisnick, Wm. F., 7C, Cedarburg
Weiss, Catharine, 30S, Saukville
Weiss, Geo., 31S, Newburg
Weiss, Henry, 35S, Saukville
Weiss, Martin, 21S, Saukville
Wellenstein, Frank, 22B, Lake Church
Wellenstein, Jac., 23B, Lake Church
Wellenstein, Jac., 5P.W., Port Washington
Wellenstein, John, 9G, Port Washington
Wellenstein, M., 15P.W., Port Washington
Weller, Louis, 6B, Dacada
Welter, Mary, 32F, Fredonia
Welter, Nic., 1B, Lake Church
Welter, Nic.J., 25B, Lake Church
Welter, Theo., 24B, Lake Church
Wendland, Chas., 18M, Freistadt
Wendland, Chas., Jr., M, Freistadt
Wendland, Gottf., 23M, Thiensville
Wendt, Aug., Jr., M, Freistadt
Wendt, Aug., Sr., 6M, Cedarburg
Wendt, John, 19M, Freistadt
Wendt, Sam, 18M, Freistadt
Wenzel, Arthur, Fredonia
Wenzel, Bruna, Fredonia
Wenzel, Ernistena, 28F, Fredonia
Wenzel, R., 35F, Fredonia Station
Wenzlaff, Wm., 26M, Thiensville
Werking, Philip, 33P.W., Port Washington
Werner, Fred, 31F, Fredonia
Werner, Lorenz, 1M, Thiensville
Wesenberg, Fer, M, Thiensville
Wessel, Carl, 19M, Mequon
Wessel, John, 36M, Mequon
Wester, Henry J., 35B, Holy Cross
Wester, Henry, 32B, Holy Cross
Wester, Jac., 32B, Holy Cross
Wester, Mechor, 32B, Holy Cross
Wetor, Jos., 6B, Dacada
Weyker, Henry, 19P.W., Port Washington
Weyker, J.B., 32B, Holy Cross
Weyker, N.E., 25B, Lake Church
Weyker, Nic., 29B, Holy Cross
Weyker, Peter, 25B, Lake Church
Weyler, W., 11P.W., Port Washington
Whalen, Henry, 5G, Port Washington
Whiphing, Henry, 26C, Cedarburg
Wichmann, Theo.F., M, Freistadt
Wiese, John, 26F, Fredonia Station
Weisler, John, 16F, Fredonia
Wiesner, Philip, Fredonia
Wilbert, Jac., 22M, Thiensville
Wilde, Aug., 29M, Freistadt
Wilde, Franz, 19M, Freistadt
Wilde, Jac., 30P.W., Port Washington
Wilde, Wm., 8M, Freistadt
Wiler, Theo., 24B, Lake Church
Wilger, Nic., 24M, Mequon
Wilharms, J. & Co., C, Cedarburg
Wilhelmy, Henry, 18C, Cedarburg
Wille, Chas., 22M, Freistadt
Wille, Wm., C, Cedarburg
Wilmes, John E., 26F, Fredonia Station
Wiltgen, J.B., 1B, Cedar Grove
Wiltgen, J.P., 3P.W., Port Washington
Wiltgen, Peter, 18B, Lake Church
Wiltgen, Mich., 2B, Cedar Grove
Wilson, Nic., 22M, Thiensville
Winkel, Peter, 10P.W., Port Washington
Winterstine, Wm., 5G, Port Washington
Wisconsin Lake Ice & Cartage Co., 2F, Random Lake
Wiskirchen, Jos., 8F, Kohler
Wisnieske, Jas., C, Cedarburg
Witt, C.H., 26F, Fredonia Station
Witte, Mrs., 4G, Port Washington
Wittenberg, John, 19C, Cedarburg
Wittlinger, Dan., 19F, Kohler
Woelbing, Gottf., 29M, Mequon
Wolf, Conrad, 24M, Thiensville
Wolf, G., 18P.W., Port Washington
Wolf, Mrs. G., 16P.W., Port Washington
Wolf, Geo., 4F, Random Lake
Wolf, Geo., 6F, Kohler
Wolf, Mart.,M, Thiensville
Wolff, Fred, G, Port Washington
Wollner, E., C, Horns Corners
Wollner, Geo., 6C, Cedarburg
Wollner, John, 31S, Newburg
Wollner, Mike, 30S, Newburg
Wollner, Theo., 10S, Saukville
Woodworth, G.W., 1M, Cedarburg
Wulff, Burch., 36G, Grafton
Wuff, Wm., 36G, Grafton


Young, Mrs. Katie, Fredonia  


Zacher, Aug., 32F, Fredonia
Zacher, Jos., 29F, Fredonia
Zankel, John, 7S, Newburg
Zarling, Chas., 36G, Cedarburg
Zattler, Gust., 19F, Fredonia
Ziemer, Aug., 26C, Cedarburg
Ziemer, Rob., 16G, Grafton
Ziertzlaff, Jn., G, Cedarburg
Zinke, And., 16S, Newburg
Zinke, Edw., 20M, Mequon
Zinke, Gottfried, 16S, Saukville
Zimmer, Nic., 21S, Saukville
Zimmermann, Anton, 1S, Saukville
Zimplemann, Mrs. A., 2P.W., Port Washington
Zimplemann, Math., 2P.W., Port Washington
Zueldsdorf, John, 27S, Saukville