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Ozaukee County,

Ozaukee County Biographies

The biographical sketches are taken from the book, "History of Washington and Ozaukee Counties, Wisconsin", published by Western Historical Co., 1881. These links will take you to the complete biographies of the citizens in each of the towns. The abbreviations used are:

Co Company or county W.V.I. Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
W.V.A. Wisconsin Volunteer Artillary P.O. Post Office
W.V.C. Wisconsin Volunteer Cavalry st street

Rev. Fr. William Joseph Frantz Peter Jones  

Hugo Boclo
A.M. Boehme
August Bohrtz
John F. Bruss
C.F. Burgwardt
William H. Fitzgerald
P.K. Gannon
Charles Gottschalk
Thomas Halpin
Dr. T.H. Hartwig
Henry Hentschel
J.F. Hilgen
Hon. F.W. Horn
F. Jaucke
L.E. Jochem
J.W. Johann
Charles Lau
C.W. Lehmann
Gustus Podoll
John Roth
F.G. Schuette
William Vogenitz
John Weber
Conrad Wiesler
Charles Wilke
J.P. Wirth
D. Wittenberg
E.G. Wurthmann

Christian Beger
Herman Beger
Nicolas Cigrand
Charles F. Cooley
W.W. Cooley
John Fintzen
Henry Grotelueschen
John B. Kendall
Julius H. Klessig
R. Maercklein
Charles E. Meyer
John J. Race
F.J.C. Remer
John B. Schauble
Dr. J.H. Voje
Frank J. Weber
C.W. Witt

John Fitzgerald
G.C. Fleischmann
F.L. Harms
John Lausen
William Opitz
William Roebken, Jr.
H. Schmidt
John Simon
John B. Simon
Joseph Spehn

Henry Haas
Aug. Hodann
William F. Jahn
Adam Jochem
S.S. Leonard
Hugh McElroy
John W. Milbrath
John Reynolds
H. Schellenberg
C.G. Schneider
Charles C. Seyfert
Louis C. Wagner
A. Zaun
Adolph Zimmermann
Francis Zimmermann

William Ahlhauser
J.N. Baer
Hon. John R. Bohan
E.B. Bolens
Hon. C.E. Chamberlin
H.L. Coe
Frank Delles
Philip Eckel
Judge Leopold Eghart
George Warren Foster
John Gilson
James O'Gorman
James Hedding
John Kaiser
R.C. Kann
N. Kemp
John Kessler
Ulrich Landolt
William H. Landolt
S.C. Larson
Nicholas Martin
James McCarthy
August Meyer
Hon. Charles G. Meyer
Charles A. Mueller
John Neuens
F.H.J. Obladen
John Olinger
William A. Pors
N. Poull
M.G. Ruppert
Maj. John C. Schroeling
Henry B. Schwin
Jacob Schumacher
LaFayette Towsley
Hon. Eugene S. Turner
James W. Vail
Peter Watry
Theo. J. Werle
John P. Weyker
Michael Weyker
Rev. Fr. Henry Wilmes
N. Young
A. Zastrow
Walter Zastrow

Anthony Ahlhauser
Joseph Albrecht
Christopher Klumb
August Koenig
Charles Stopper
Louis C. Wambold


Prominent among the early settlers of 1836-37 was John Weston, the first Postmaster in the county, located near where the village of Thiensville now stands; Timothy Wooden, the first settler of Grafton; William Worth, the first man to donate land for public school purposes; Daniel Strickland, the pioneer School Commissioner; Joseph Gardinier, who had the contract for cutting the Green Bay road; Peter Turck, the first to preach the doctrine of immersion; Isaac Bigelow, whose wife, Jane, gave birth to the first white child born in the county; Ephraim Woodworth, who commenced to keep bachelor's hall in 1837, in a little log shanty, and has since erected a small frame building, where he still lives a happy bachelor, upon the quarter-section he then located; Asa Jackson, the first white settler in the town of Saukville; Thomas Day, an exemplary Englishman, who introduced Sunday; and James W. Woodworth, who wrote a book entitled
"My Path, and the Way the Lord Led Me," and was the first white man married in the county. The earliest German settlers arrived in 1839. Adolph Zimmerman and his brother-in-law, William F. Opitz, came in the month of August of that year, and settled in the town of Mequon. William Voegnitz, with a company of Lutherans, came in October 31, 1839. The Bonniwells, an aged mother with six sons and one daughter, came into the county in 1839. Several of the sons had families, and the first schoolhouse was erected in their settlement within one year after their arrival. E.H. Jansen, Andrew Geidel and John Hansen made a clearing the same year. During the fall of 1839, the Freistadt Colony, under the leadership of Pastor Krause, aided by Capt. Von Rober, came and took up nearly all the west part of Mequon Township, and soon established a Lutheran Evangelical Church, the first religious organization in the county. Frederick V. Horn settled in Mequon in 1841. He was the first Justice of the Peace, and built the first store. He has been identified with the county history to the present time. Prominent among those who came a few years later were Col. William Teal, Harvey J. Turner, George W. Daniels, C.E. Chamberlain, I.T. Brown, Frederick Hilgen, William Schroeder, G.W. Foster, Hiram King, Orman Coe, O.A. Watrous, Hiram Johnson, William Payne and others, of whom sketches will be found in the history of old Washington County, in connection with a full description of the settlement made in Port Washington in 1835, under the name of Wisconsin City. The old settlers annually meet to renew friendships and recount the trials and triumphs of pioneer life in Wisconsin.


The Old Settlers' Club was organized in 1873, with the following officers: President, William F. Opitz; Vice Presidents, A.M. Allmy and Patrick Halpin; Secretary, Charles E. Chamberlain; Treasurer, J.W. Ingersoll; Marshal, Col. C. Horneffer; Executive Committee, Theodore Klieforth, William Voegnitz and John Bowe.

The following are the names recorded in the old settlers' roster, with time of settlement and birth:


Yr. of

Yr. of

Leopold Eghart 1849 1824
Conrad Horneffer* 1846 1815
William Vogenitz 1839 1820
Theodore Kliefoth 1854 1813
C.E. Chamberlin 1843 1818
Johnson W. Ingersoll* 1847 1818
Fred W. Horn 1841 1815
Alex. M. Alling 1852 1807
William F. Opitz 1839 1816
Dr. Theodore Harting 1847 1820
Hugo Boclo 1846 1827
J. A. Schtelz* 1849 1828
Ed H. Janssen* 1840 1815
Anthony Ahlhauser 1845 1827
Andreas Bodendorfer 1847 1828
Adolph Heidkamp* 1854 1821
William A. Pors 1849 1827
John Gengler 1846 1846
Joseph Malherbe 1854 1846
John C. Schroeling 1853 1816
Charles G. Meyer 1843 1827
J. Briggs Ingersoll* 1847 1816
Adolph Zimmerman 1839 1814
John C. Corrigan 1853 1824
Shepherd E. Moore 1844 1827
Patrick Halpin 1843 1813
Rufus Godfrey 1847 1820
Ernst Hilgen 1847 1831
August Meyer 1847 1840
Eugene S. Turner 1846 1824
Ulrich Landolt 1848 1822
George C. Daniels* 1844 1800
Peter Spehn 1845 1815
George W. Foster 1845 1817
Hervey L. Coe 1844 1836
John Neuens 1852 1831
John Delles 1846 1817
John J. Race 1846 1840
John R. Bohan 1846 1824
William Boxhorn* 1846 1819
Anthony Bell 1847 1824
Hugh McElroy 1842 1812
Nicholas Watry 1845 1812
Nicholas Langers 1846 1818
Norman S. Turner 1852 1829
Nicholas Straus ---- 1847
Fred C. Race 1846 1836
Orman Coe* 1846 1799
John Mueller 1846 1829
Michael G. Ruppert 1849 1848
Charles F. Corley 1850 1836
Edward O'Neile 1854 1826
Lyman Morgan 1847 1814
Boltward Patch 1847 1819
Nicholas Blimer 1851 1815
William H. Landelt 1848 1844
Joseph Albrecht 1855 1831
Fred Stenerwald* 1846 1838
La Fayette Towsley 1847 1824
Niels Jacobson 1854 1820
William Carbys 1855 1826
Charles Ferge 1855 1826
Theobold Rulby 1854 1830
Ed R. Blake 1848 1844
James W. Vail 1848 1821
August Hodan 1845 1842
Julius W. Sizer 1846 1823
Charles Beger* 1846 1822
John B. Peffer 1854 1825
Gottlieb Haas 1846 1825
H.W. Riemenschneider 1848 1832
Wilson F. Stewart ---- 1816
Giles B. Possen ---- 1833
John Simon 1842 1819
Andrew Kreutzer 1840 1836
Mrs. John M. Bostwick 1848 1842
Henry B. Schwin 1845 1844
Mrs. O.P. Melin 1847 1838
William Beger 1846 1820
August Koenig 1854 1828
John P. Weyker 1845 1836
Bartholomew Harrington 1843 1829
Henry Peterman 1863 1833

* names marked thus are deceased.

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