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Fredonia Biographies

CHRISTIAN BEGER, (deceased), was born in Saxony, Germany, March 3, 1797; was the son of John G. Beger; was a farmer and distiller in the old country. He was married in 1819 to Miss Johanna C. Quidsch; nine children were born to them, two of whom died in infancy; those who lived to grow up were William, Charles, Theresa, who was the wife of Charles Rodolph, of Fredonia, and died in 1865, leaving a husband and seven sons; Wilhelmine, was the wife of Charles G. Meyer, and died in 1864; Mary, now Mrs. Julius Meyer, of Fredonia; Clara, now Mrs. William F. Young, of Mequon, Ozaukee Co.; the youngest, Herman, is a farmer of Fredonia. Mr. Beger and family emigrated to America in 1846, and came directly to Fredonia, Washington Co., now Ozaukee, arriving in the county in September. They were obliged to chop out a road from Waubeca to their land on Sec. 19. Here they spent several weeks in an Indian hut while they were erecting the log house on the land which they bought from the Government. Mr. Beger lived to see a well-improved farm grow out of the wilderness which he found on his arrival. His death occurred in 1860. The wife lived to the age of 82, when she died (1877).

HERMAN BEGER, farmer; residence, Sec. 19; P.O. Fillmore; is the youngest son of Christian and Johanna C. Beger; was born in Saxony, Germany, May 9, 1841. Came to America and to the town of Fredonia with his parents in 1846. Spent his early years on the farm. Was married, June 10, 1864, in Farmington to Miss Mary Young, daughter of Jacob Young; Mrs. Beger was born in Alsace, France. Oct. 14, 1864, he enlisted in Company B, 45th W.V.I., and served as a non-commissioned officer till the close of the war. Mr. Beger has served as Supervisor on the Board for the town of Fredonia four successive years, and has served twelve years as School District Clerk. Mr. and Mrs. Beger were blessed with six children, two sons and four daughters; the eldest, Willett, died in infancy; Hermine, Clara, Richard, Ottelia, Martha and Alvier. Mr. Beger has 160 acres of land, lying partly in Farmington and partly in Fredonia.

NICOLAS CIGRAND, blacksmith, Fredonia; a native of Luxemburg, Germany, born in 1831; learned his trade, and, in 1852, emigrated to the United States, and after stopping two years in Ohio, came to Waubeca, but a few weeks subsequently removed to Newburg, and in the fall of 1854, returned to Ohio, but only remained a short time when he again came to Waubeca and purchased property. Followed his trade until 1859, when he built the Eagle Hotel, and ran the same one year. He then rented the property, and again followed his trade; subsequently he ran the hotel one year, at the end of which time he sold to his brother, Jacob, since which time he has continued his trade. He is a Democrat. Held the office of Justice of the Peace sixteen years. Has also held other local offices, and is at present Notary Public. He was married in 1855, to Miss Susanna Smith. The children are Mary, now Mrs. Herman Dorman; Anna, Peter, Elizabeth, Katie and Bernard.

CHARLES F. COOLEY, firm of Cooley & Race, Fredonia Station; was born in Tompkins Co., N.Y., in April, 1836. When one year old, he was brought by his parents to Michigan, where he lived until 1850, when his father, on account of poor health, concluded to go farther West, and accordingly came to Port Washington. Here Charles clerked in the store of W.A. Lawrence until July, 1854, at which time his employer died. Mr. Cooley then came to Fredonia, and lived with his parents. In December, 1854, his father died, and as Charles was the oldest of the children, it became his lot to take care of the family. In 1856, he removed to the village of Waubeca, and was engaged in mercantile business, keeping the only store in the place one year; he then sold out, and again followed farming. In 1860, in partnership with H.C. Thayer, he engaged in mercantile business, and continued two years. He then purchased his partner's interest, and soon after associated John Race as a partner; continued business under firm name of Cooley & Race until the spring of 1863, at which time they sold the store and purchased an interest in the grist-mill. In 1864, Mr. Cooley sold his interest in that, and purchased the saw-mill; associated as partner his brother Franklin, but as Franklin entered the United States service, and soon died, Mr. Cooley again took John Race as partner, the mill manufacturing sleigh and wagon stock and lumber. In 1876, they removed their business to Fredonia Station, where they have since continued, and now do a business of about $10,000. In April, 1879, the mill was destroyed by fire, but was at once rebuilt by Cooley & Race. Mr. Cooley is a Republican. Is at present Justice of the Peace, and a member of the A.F. & A.M. He was married Jan. 1, 1861, to Miss Helen English of Tompkins Co., N.Y.; she died in June, 1874, leaving three children - Charles, George and Robert. In July, 1875, Mr. Cooley married Miss Mary Hoyt; she was born in Canada, reared in Wisconsin, but at the time of marriage was living in Nebraska. They have one child - Percy, deceased.

W.W. COOLEY, manufacturer, Fredonia; was born in Michigan in 1844; and when 8 years of age came with his parents to Waubeca; his father died the following year; in 1864, Mr. Cooley enlisted in Co. C, 41st W.V.I., and served four months, then re-enlisted in Co. I, 16th W.V.I., and served until the close of war; he then returned to Waubeca, taught school two terms, then ran a sawmill, and, in 1872, commenced his present business which has steadily increased, so that he now manufactures 20,000 cheese boxes and about 10,000 butter tubs annually. He was married, in 1865, to Miss Carlisle Patch; they have four children - William, Herbert, Lester and Byron.

JOHN FINTZEN, Fredonia; is a native of Germany, born in 1849; learned the shoemaker's trade, and, in 1868, emigrated to the United States, and at once settled in Waubeca; here he continued his trade until 1875, at which time he built his present building, and has since been engaged in a saloon; also does auctioneering, insuring, and is at present Deputy Sheriff. He was married, in 1870, to Christena Hansen; they have four children, two of whom are now living - Mary and Edward.

HENRY GROTELUESCHEN, Fredonia; born in Germany in 1842; emigrated to the United States in 1858; came direct to Ozaukee Co.; worked with his brother on a farm in the town of Saukville, two years then on a farm in West Bend eighteen months, at the end of which time he returned to Saukville, learned his trade and two years subsequently went to Cedarburg, where he remained about eighteen months, then at Milwaukee two years, a short time at Chicago, and a short time in Iowa; in 1867, he came to Waubeca; in 1871, he built his present shop, and now employs two men, and is meeting with good success. He was married in 1868, to Willhelmini Beger; the children are Louis, Herman, George and Augusta. Politics, Democrat. Is at present Town Treasurer. A member of the Singer Society and Turnverein.

JOHN B. KENDALL, manufacturer, Fredonia; is a native of the county of Doray, England; born in 1819; he learned the trade of an architect, and at the age of 21, emigrated to America; stopped in Nova Scotia a short time, then removed to Newfoundland, and, in the spring of 1849, came to the United States; lived three months in Boston, then started for California; but when he got to Wisconsin he concluded to take a look at the country, and as he was quite well pleased, he stopped at Newburg, Washington Co., about one year, then followed farming in the town of Trenton about five years, after which he returned to the village of Newburg; worked at building, etc., until the spring of 1863, at which time he came to Waubeca, purchased a water-power, and in partnership with James Hedding, engaged in the manufacture of furniture; he subsequently purchased his partner's interest, and has since continued alone. In 1846, he was married to Amelia Nicoll of Newfoundland; she died in 1857, leaving four children, two of whom are now living - Dianna and Isabelle; in 1860, he was married to Mary E. Gear; they have three children - George S., Frank A. and John M. Politics, Democrat. Is a member of the F. & A. M. and the I.O.O.F.

JULIUS H. KLESSIG, Fredonia; one of the prominent young merchants of Ozaukee Co.; is a native of Saxony; born in 1852, he emigrated to the United States with his parents in 1860; lived at Fillmore, Washington Co., until the following spring, at which time they settled at Waubeka; at the age of 17, he entered the store of Charles G. Meyer, where he clerked until the spring of 1873; he then spent the summer at Escanaba, Mich., and in the fall, in partnership with his brother, Oswald, engaged in mercantile business at Random Lake, Sheboygan Co.; he continued about eighteen months, at the end of which time he sold to his brother, purchased his present store, and has since been doing a general mercantile business. In the spring of 1875, he was married to Miss Eva Rheingans; she died in the fall of the same year, leaving one child - Ida; in 1878, he married Agnes Gruhle; they have one child - Bruno.

R. MAERCKLEIN, proprietor of Eagle House, Fredonia; was born in Germany in 1853; but, while yet an infant, was brought by his parents to the United States; he was reared on a farm in the town of Saukville; at the age of 19, he went to Plymouth, Sheboygan Co., where he followed milling two years, at the end of which time he came to Waubeka, purchased the Eagle Hotel, and has since been its proprietor. He was married, in 1877, to Minnie Wermuth, of Waubeca; they have two children - Clara and Oscar.

CHARLES E. MEYER, firm of Meyer & Witt, Fredonia; was born in the town of which he is now a resident, in 1851; at the age of 9 years, he removed with his parents to Port Washington, and subsequently to Madison; in 1865, he attended school at Milwaukee; in 1867, he removed with his father to Watertown, and clerked for him at that place until 1868, when they came to Waubeka; here he had charge of the store a good share of the time (as his father was County Treasurer one term and Assemblyman one term). In 1874, in partnership with Henry Witt, he purchased the store, and has since been engaged in general mercantile business, under the firm name of Meyer & Witt. He was married, in 1876, to Miss Annie Miller, of Waubeka; they have four children - Mary, Henry, Edward and Cecelia. Mr. Meyer is a Democrat; has been Town Treasurer, and is a member of the Turnverein.

JOHN J. RACE, firm of Cooley & Race, Fredonia Station; is a native of Germany, born in 1840; was brought by his parents to the United States in 1846. His father, George Race, purchased land in the town of Saukville, Ozaukee Co., and here John lived until 13 years of age; he followed clerking in various localities until 1858, at which time he came to Fredonia, and after clerking for Charles F. Cooley for some time, purchased an interest in the store; in 1863, they sold their store and purchased an interest in the grist-mill; in 1865, Mr. Race sold his interest in the grist-mill, and the following year, again associated with Mr. Cooley (who had previously purchased the saw-mill), and was engaged in the manufacture of sleigh and wagon stock and lumber, at Waubeka, until February, 1876, at which time they removed their business to Fredonia Station, where they have since continued. Mr. Race is a Democrat. Has been Chairman of the County Board; is at present Chairman of the Town Board, which office he has held for twelve terms, and is a member of the A.F. & A.M. He was married, in 1862, to Miss Charlotte J. Cooley; they have one child, Warren G. Mr. Race enlisted in the United States service in 1864, but was rejected; he was afterward drafted, but again rejected on account of large veins on one of his limbs.

F.J.C. REMER, Fredonia; is a native of Mecklenburg, Germany, born in 1846; came to the United States in 1857, and lived with his parents in the town of Grafton, Ozaukee Co. In 1861, he enlisted in Co. G, 9th W.V.I. and served three years after which he followed farming at Champaign City, Ill. one year; then worked at the cooper's trade at Milwaukee, Kansas City, Mo., Ripon, Wis., Chicago and Lockport, Ill. In June, 1875, he came to Waubeka and has continued his trade to the present time. He was married, in 1867, to Doratha Helm, a native of Germany. Mr. Remer is a Republican; is at present Justice of the Peace, and a member of the I.O.O.F.

JOHN B. SCHAUBLE, proprietor of the Fredonia Mills; is a native of Germany, born in 1830; immigrated to the United Sates in 1852; was engaged in confectionery, etc. at Boston, until 1855, at which time he came to Ozaukee Co.; worked in the Port Washington Mills until 1861; he then came to Waubeka, rented mill property one year; then purchased his present mill property for $5,000, which he refitted and enlarged in 1873, at an expense of about $16,000, and now has five runs of stone and seven sets of rollers, and manufactures at present about eighty barrels of flour per day. Mr. S. is a Liberal in politics. He was married, in 1858, to Miss Mary Bold; they have ten children living - Theresa, now Mrs. J.P. Palausch, of Green Lake Co.; Lizzie, William, Mary, Katie, John, Albert, Philip, Robert and Oscar.

DR. J.H. VOJE, Fredonia; was born in Germany in 1853; commenced the study of medicine in his 16th year; immigrated to the United States in 1872, and graduated at the Chicago Medical College, March 21, 1876; he then practiced medicine at Kewaskum, Washington Co., until the spring of 1878, when he went to Europe; visited Germany, also attended the Paris Exhibition, and, in the fall, returned to Wisconsin. After practicing medicine at Holstein, Calumet Co., about six months, came to Waubeka, where he now has a very large practice. Dr. Voje was married, in 1879, to Miss Hanna Ulrich, daughter of Dr. W. Ulrich, of Waukesha; they have one child - Hartha, born July 14, 1880.

FRANK J. WEBER, Principal of Waubeka Schools; is the son of James Weber, who was a native of Austria, and who emigrated to the United Sates in 1840; lived in Pennsylvania and Ohio; came to Wisconsin in 1843; served in the Mexican war, and, in 1855, settled in Ozaukee Co.; here he first kept a store at Grafton, and subsequently a saloon at Ulao; his death occurred in 1868, leaving a wife (since deceased) and four children, of whom the subject of this sketch is the eldest; he was born in Milwaukee Aug. 7, 1849; removed with his parents to Ozaukee Co., where he attended school, and, at the age of 13, commenced sailing on the lakes, which he followed most of the time during the season of navigation until 1878, during which time he spent his winters in school until 1869, attending Woodward High School, of Cincinnati, Ohio, two winters. He was married, in 1877, to Augusta Streich, of Watertown, Wis., since which time he has followed teaching, which profession he commenced in 1869; he also attends to some law business, as he is about to be admitted. In politics, he is a Republican, for which party he is an active worker; is a member of the A.F. & A.M. The children are Orlando F. and Emma.

C.W. WITT, of the firm of Meyer & Witt, is a native of Hanover, Germany, born in 1847; emigrated to the United Sates in 1867; came direct to Wisconsin, and first stopped at Grafton, Ozaukee Co., four months; subsequently he went to Farmington, where he clerked in the store of H. Gruhle nine months; he then went to Port Washington and clerked in the Union House eight months, when he returned to Farmington and again clerked for H. Gruhle three years, after which he was store-keeper of the Newhall House, Milwaukee, about eighteen months, at the end of which time he came to Waubeca, and, in partnership with C.E. Meyer, purchased their present store, and have since been doing a general mercantile business. He was married, in 1874, to Miss Mary Klessig of Farmington, Washington Co.; they have two children - Bertha and Ernst A. Mr. Witt is a Democrat; is at present Town Clerk; a member of the O.D.H.S., the Turnverein and Singer Society.

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