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Mequon Biographies

HENRY HAAS, Mequon; was born in Oneida Co., N.Y., in 1849; in 1855, the family came to Ozaukee Co. and settled in Mequon. At the age of 13, he commenced work at the shoemaker's trade with his father, and followed the same until April, 1877, at which time he was married to Wilhemine Rienschneider; purchased his present property, and has since been engaged in the saloon business. His wife died March 20, 1881, leaving one child, Ella, born Aug. 29, 1878.

AUG HODANN, proprietor of "Mequon House;" was born in Germany in 1842, but when 3 years of age, was brought by his parents to what is now Cedarburg, Ozaukee Co.; here he lived with his parents on a farm until 1864, at which time he was married to Mary Weidmann, then of Cedarburg, but a native of Germany; he then removed to Thiensville, where he was engaged as millwright and carpenter until the fall of 1870, at which time his wife died, leaving five children - Mary, Line, Jennie, Agatha and Ida. In 1872, he was married to Mrs. Paulina (Vetter) Hentschel, who was owner of the Mequon House, and since that time he has been engaged in this hotel business. His wife had three children by her first marriage - Selina, Anna and Robert; and now has four children - Emma, Albert, Otto and Theodore. Mr. Hodann is a Democrat, and has been Town Treasurer. His parents, Albert and Mary (Beling) Hodann are still residents of Mequon.

WILLIAM F. JAHN, farmer, Sec. 15; P.O. Mequon River; one of the early settlers and prominent farmers of Ozaukee Co.; was born in Saxony in 1832; in 1844, the family emigrated to the United States and settled on the farm where he now lives; here he helped to till the soil, and in 1855 his father deeded him 60 acres of land, but he now owns 115 acres. In 1856, he was married to Miss Annie Seyfert; she died in 1857. In 1858, he married Laura Beger; they have five children - Mina, William, Gustave, Charles and Clara. Mr. Jahn is a Liberal in politics; has been Town Superintendent of Schools three years; Town Clerk nine years, and is at present Justice of the Peace, which office he has held since 1862; Chairman of the Town Board, which office he has held since 1875, and Notary Public.

ADAM JOCHEM, saloon, Sec. 28; P.O. Mequon River; was born in Mequon in 1845; received a common-school education, and helped to till the soil until the death of his mother in 1873; his father having died two years previous; he then purchased the estate, which consisted of 76 acres in Sec. 28; but in June, 1874, he sold the same, and in August purchased his present property, and has since been engaged in the saloon business. He was married, in 1874, to Miss Mena Strassburger, of Mequon; they have three children - William, Adam, and Jacob. Politics, Democrat.

S.S. LEONARD, speculator; was born in Granville, Milwaukee Co., in 1846; his parents, Jeremiah and Rosan (McConville) Leonard, are native of Ireland, who emigrated to the United States about fifty years ago, and settled in Milwaukee Co. in 1840. Here the subject of this sketch was reared on a farm, and received but a meager education; at an early age, he turned his attention to speculating, which was contrary to the wishes of his father, who always warned him against wild investments; to this advice Sylvester would reply that he was determined to have a "gold chain on a wooden leg." At the age of 18, he commenced dealing in horses; in 1872, he purchased a farm, which compelled him to go in debt several thousand dollars, but, to the surprise of his immediate friends, he soon paid for the same; in 1875, he purchased a Norman stallion, of M.W. Dunham of Wayne, Ill, at a cost of $600; in 1877, he purchased another horse of the same gentleman at a cost of $2,000, and he now owns two others valued at $700 each; his horse took the first premium at the Wisconsin State Fair, held at Fond du Lac, in 1881, and he, therefore, owns the best in the State; he now deals in horses, i.e., he buys and sells but does but very little trading; also speculates in wood, timber, etc.; Mr. Leonard is a man who always does as he agrees, but is very careful what he agrees to do; he has, therefore, won the respect and confidence of his neighbors, and thus far has been a success in life. He was married in October, 1873, to Anna Reilly, of Granville, Milwaukee Co.; they have three children - Agnes, Cecelia and Max.

HUGH MCELROY, Cedarburg; one of the pioneers; is a native of Ireland, born in the County Tyrone in 1812; in 1827, his mother died, and in 1829, his father, with the family of six children (of which Hugh was the only boy), emigrated to America, and first settled in the Province of New Brunswick. Here, in 1835, Hugh was married to Mary Galagher; came to the United States, and lived near Boston, where he served as a laborer about seven years; he then concluded to try the Western country, and accordingly, came to the wilds of Wisconsin, settling in the town of Cedarburg in 1842; at that time there were only two or three buildings on the site now occupied by the village of Cedarburg; Mr. McElroy at once entered 160 acres of land on Sec. 33, and soon afterward entered 80 acres more on Sec. 28; he resided on the former until 1871, during which time he was very successful as a farmer, and, therefore, accumulated a goodly share of this world's goods; he then rented his farm and moved into the village. Mr. M. is a Democrat in politics, and served as Supervisor of Cedarburg before Wisconsin became a State; he is a gentleman who is plain and pleasing in his manners and is respected by all who know him. The children living are Catherine, now Mrs. Thomas Savage of Cedarburg; Charles, now a resident of Norway, Mich.; Joseph, who is married and living in Washington Territory; and Mary, living at home.

JOHN W. MILBRATH, farmer, Sec. 36; P.O. Mequon River; one of Ozaukee's early pioneers; is a native of Prusia, born in 1825; in 1839, the family emigrated to the United States and, after living two years in Ohio, settled in Mequon; in 1843, the subject of this sketch went to Milwaukee and served as clerk in a mercantile business for about two years, when he returned home and again helped till the soil. In 1847, he was married to Miss Mena Wussow, a native of Prusia. In 1859, he purchased his father's farm of 72 1/2 acres, which he has since well improved. Mr. M. is a Democrat; has been Town Treasurer, Town Superintendent of Schools, and is at present Justice of the Peace, which office he has held with two exceptions, since 1855. He has eight children - Louise, now Mrs. Fred Voeks, of Fredonia, Ozaukee Co.; Mary, now Mrs. Ferdinand Knepel, of Granville, Milwaukee Co.; Frederick W. of Milwaukee; David of Milwaukee; Hannah; Wilhelmina; Martha, now Mrs. Henry J. Ehlers, of Granville; John and Henry of Milwaukee.

JOHN REYNOLDS, farmer, Sec. 10; P.O. Mequon River; is a native of Quebec, Canada, born in 1830; his father died in 1837, and his mother died in 1862; John worked on a farm until April, 1865, when he was married to Margaret Nelson, and, on May 10, he started for the United States, and soon purchased his present farm of 80 acres, where he has since lived. Mr. Reynolds is a Democrat in politics, and a citizen who is highly esteemed by his fellow men. The children are Margaret Jane, Elizabeth Bertha, and Nelson.

H. SCHELLENBERG, merchant, P.O. Horn's Corners; was born in Saxo-Altenburg in 1842; his mother died, but his father again married, and, in 1865, the family emigrated to the United States; upon arriving at New York, his father left the family and came to Saukville, and three years later the family followed; a short time afterward, the subject of this sketch went to Newberg, Washington Co., and served as an apprentice to the blacksmith trade for about sixteen months, at the end of which time his employer left for New Orleans, and therefore, threw him out of employment; but he immediately went in search of a job, and, after looking for some time, found employment in the copper regions of Lake Superior where he remained three years when he returned home and purchased 40 acres of land in Trenton, on which his father afterward resided; the following spring, he went to Rock Island, Ill. and worked in a brick-yard, at the rate of $15 per month, but as the wages did not suit him, he abandoned the job and returned to the copper regions; followed mining for nearly three years, then returned home and took charge of the farm, to which he added 80 acres. He was married, in 1866, to Lena Stenerwald, who died in December, 1872, leaving two children - Frank and Anna - the latter since deceased. He then sold his farm, removed to Horn's Corners, purchased his present property - which he has rebuilt - and has since been doing a general mercantile business. In 1875, he succeeded in having a post office established, and has since been Postmaster. He is a Democrat; has been Chairman of the Town Board two years, and Justice of the Peace six years. He was married a second time, in March, 1873, to Louise Maas, of Cedarburg; they have three children - Albert, Olga and George. Mr. S. is a member of the I.O.O.F. and the American Legion of Honor.

C.G. SCHNEIDER, merchant, Freistadt; is a native of Prussia; born in 1830. In 1841, the family emigrated to the United States; lived near Buffalo, N.Y., until the following spring, when they removed to Wisconsin and settled in Mequon. In 1846, Charles went to Milwaukee, where he remained until 1852; then spent seven years in California, when he returned to Mequon, and has since been engaged in general mercantile business. He was commissioned Postmaster in 1859, and still holds the office. In 1859, Mr. Schneider was married to Hermine Kohlman. They have five children - Edward C., Ella, Laura, Martha and Edmund Bause, the latter an adopted son.

CHARLES C. SEYFERT, merchant, Mequon; is a native of Saxony, born in 1843, and in 1851 the family emigrated to the United States and settled in Mequon. In 1860, Charles went to Illinois and spent the summer, but returned to Ozaukee in the fall, and attended school at Grafton; this he continued for several years. In 1867, he went to Manistee, Mich., where he served as Clerk until 1869, then as book-keeper until 1877, at which time he returned to Mequon, and has since been engaged in general mercantile business. In 1871, he was married to Doratha Barkhausen of Mequon. They have three children - Charles E., Emma and Mary. Mr. Seyfert is a Democrat in politics.

LOUIS C. WAGNER, Mequon; is a native of Saxony, born in 1835. His father, Charles Wagner, was born in Saxony in 1795; served in the German Army, and was at the battle of Leipsic, although he was not acting as a soldier at that time. He emigrated with his family to the United States in 1849, and settled in Mequon, where he was engaged in the manufacture of cigars for twenty-six years. He is still living, and is, at present the oldest person in Ozaukee Co. Louis C. engaged as Clerk for Gaitch & Finger in 1850, and remained with said firm two years. He then went to St. Louis; but, in about eighteen months, returned to Mequon; purchased the property of Gaitch & Finger, and has since been engaged in saloon and general mercantile business. In the spring of 1881, he built the Mequon Cheese Factory, and has since manufactured about four hundred pounds of cheese daily. He is a Democrat; has been Town Clerk seven years; Chairman of the Town Board two years, and Notary Public for twenty-five years. He was also Director of the Germantown Farmers' Fire Insurance Company for three years; President for two years, and kept the agency for said company in Milwaukee for five years. He was married in 1855, to Miss Sophia Koff, then of Milwaukee, but a native of Cleveland, Ohio. They have eleven children - Emma, now Mrs. Henry Goetz, of Chicago; Flora, Clara, Edwin, Nellie, Louis, Lydia, Alfred, Paulena, Julia, and Martha.

A. ZAUN, farmer, Sec. 21; P.O. Mequon River; was born in Mequon in 1845. His parents, Jacob and Christena (Staus) Zaun, were natives of Germany, who emigrated to the United States, and settled on Sec. 21 Mequon, in 1840. There the subject of this sketch was reared. In 1865, his father died, and the year following, Andrew married Caroline Miller, of Mequon, and settled on one of his father's farms of 80 acres in Sec. 29, where he lived six years. He then purchased his present property, which is the original estate of his father, and contains 140 acres. Mr. Zaun is a Democrat, but takes little interest in politics, more than to perform his right as a citizen. His children now living are Christena, Anna, Lizzie, Hellena, Henry and Max.

ADOLPH ZIMMERMANN, Mequon; is one of the early pioneers, and one of the most prominent men of Ozaukee Co.; he is a native of Saxony, born in 1814. In 1839, he immigrated to the United States, and landed in Milwaukee on the 1st day of August. Two days later, he was married to Miss F. Opitz (who emigrated from Saxony on the same vessel in which Mr. Zimmerman came); one week later they settled on Sec. 22, town of Mequon, where he purchased 160 acres of land; he resided on the same until 1855, at which time he sold his farm and removed to Mequon proper, purchased the Edward Janssen property, and served as Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, Postmaster and County Treasurer, holding all the offices at the same time. In 1857, in partnership with William F. Opitz, he erected the Mequon Brewery, and ran the same under the firm name of Opitz & Zimmermann until 1859, at which time he purchased his partner's interest and continued the manufacture of lager beer until 1876, at which time he leased the property to his son Francis and August Gerlach. Mr. Zimmermann has often been called to positions of trust and honor, having been Chairman of the the town nineteen years, Chairman of the County Board eleven years, member of Assembly four terms, serving in 1848, 1870, 1873, and 1874; he is still an active worker in the Democratic ranks, has been a delegate to the State Convention almost every session, and was a Delegate to the Cincinnati convention, which nominated Gen. Hancock for the Presidency. He is a man of more than ordinary intellect, an honest and upright citizen, who is highly esteemed by his fellow men. The children are Laura, now Mrs. Charley Hausburg, of Elgin, Ill.; Emma, now Mrs. August Gerlach, of Mequon; Francis, a partner in the Mequon Brewery; Emily, nee Mrs. Henry Hentschal, of Cedarburg; Anna, living at home, and Minnie, now Mrs. Christopher Klumb, of Saukville.

FRANCIS ZIMMERMAN, firm of Zimmerman & Gerlach, Mequon Brewery; was born in Mequon in 1847; received a common-school education in both German and English languages, and helped his father in the brewery until 1876, during which time (in 1872) he was married to Anna Harpst. In 1876, in partnership with August Gerlach, he rented the brewery, and has since ran the same, manufacturing about twelve hundred barrels of beer per annum. The children are, Louis, Adolph and William.

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