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Sizer Cemetery on County O
Saukville, Wisconsin

From the "Ozaukee Press" newspaper, Thursday, September 23, 1948 --

Rejuvenate Century Old Cemetery
Call For Help to Clean Up Plot Near Saukville

Saukville -- Volunteers armed with axes, shovels, sickles, pruning shears and saws are being sought to help clean up one of Ozaukee county's pioneer cemeteries.

Everyone who wants to give a hand with this centennial project is asked to come to the old cemetery on country trunk O two and a half miles north of Saukville Saturday, Sept. 25. There will be someone there from 9 a.m. till evening. Wear heavy gloves and old clothes.

The cemetery is the resting place for over 30 of the county's pioneers. Most of them have no immediate survivors left in this area so the graves have long been neglected and the cemetery is a wilderness of brambles. The stones have been laid over the graves to prevent breakages by vandals and the elements.

The land for the community cemetery was donated by Lemuel Steuben Sizer, who settled there in 1846. The first burial was in 1849 and the last in 1884. The names on the stones include Robert and Franklin Ingersoll, both soldiers who died in the Civil war; Elizabeth Sears Sizer, whose husband fought in the Revolutionary war; Karker, Rhodes, Ginnell, Hubbard, Burrell, McHenry, Wadsworth, McCarthy, Hubert, Hamlyn, Brimner, Hallows and many others.

Anyone who has relatives buried in the cemetery is particularly requested to come out Saturday.

From the "Ozaukee Press" newspaper, Thursday, September 30, 1948 --

Cemetery Cleanup Was a Success
Descendant and Neighbors Turned Out to Help Sat.

Saukville -- The determination of the great granddaughter of one of Ozaukee county's pioneer settlers to do something about the deplorable condition of the cemetery in which many of her ancestors are buried paid off last Sunday. The old cemetery on highway O two miles north of Saukville was completely cleared of the mass of brambles and lilac bushes that have hidden it for nearly 40 years.

The woman with the will was Mrs. Arthur Sylvester of Milwaukee, the former Ada Sizer, whose great great grandfather, Lemuel Steuben Sizer, once owned the land on which he and some 30 early county settlers are buried. She received help from neighbors, other descendants and the county highway department.

Those who pitched in to help Mrs. Sylvester and her husband were Joseph Luftring and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Luftring, who now own the former Sizer farm; Frank Lanser, who owns a farm down the road; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sizer of Kenosha; Mrs. Arvid Weller, George Hirschinger and Ed Maechtle of Milwaukee; and Herb Peters, Clarence Hoeft and Alvin DeBano of the county highway department.

Walter Sizer is the great grandson of Lemuel while Mrs. Weller is a descendant of the J. D. Karker family which also migrated to this community in the pioneer days and is now buried in the little cemetery. At the time the entire settlement was made up of eastern "yankees," as can be seen by the names on the markers.

Started in 1846

The tiny cemetery and 500 acres of the rich farm land surrounding it once belonged to Lemuel Steuben Sizer, who came to Wisconsin from Middlefield, New York in the fall of 1846. He bought the 500 acres on the Milwaukee river in the town of Saukville, then known as Sackville in Washington Co., from a Col. Startweather. Lemuel donated land for a school and cemetery and sold parts of his land to his seven children. The neighborhood became known as Sizer settlement.

Eventually all the Sizers died or moved away from highway O. Last to go was Julius who exchanged his farm for a home in Port Washington in 1896. Of his 11 children, two daughters are still living. They are Clara Sizer Peffer in Washington and Mrs. Lois Sizer Maechtle of Port, both in their eighties. Walter Sizer, who was here Saturday, is a grandson of Julius.

Still a Problem

Now that the little plot is clean up, Mrs. Sylvester is still faced with the problem of how it is to be kept that way. She is the only descendant living in this vicinity and of course cannot do the work all herself. What she would like is for some service organization to take over the task as a project and keep up the cemetery as an historic landmark.

Below are the transcribed notes Ada Lillian Sizer Sylvester typed of the graves found during the clean up of the "Sizer" cemetery

Now that the brush is cleared away on the Pioneer Community Cemetery on County Trunk O, north of Saukville, you may be interested in the results.

The markers found are as follows -- with the quaint epitaphs

Olive M. Grinnell
Feb 26th 1859
Aged 4 years
"This love bird so young and fair
Called hense by early doom
Just called to show how sweet a flower
in paradise will bloom."

wife of Lemuel S. Sizer
May 29th 1859
aged 74 years 7 months 11 days.
"Yet again we hope to meet thee,
When the day of life is fled;
Then in heaven with joy to greet thee,
Where no farewell tear is shed.

Lemuel S. Sizer
April 1st 1863
Age 75 years 11 months 1 day
"Dear but not forgotten."

(The mother of Lemuel S. Sizer)
wife of Lemuel Sizer
Feb 11th 1855
Aged 92 years 11 months & 23 days
"Blessed are the dead which died in the Lord"

wife of Isaac Hallowes
April 9th 1865
age 52 years 1 month 5 days

born Aug 4th 1838
April 5th 1875
"We miss thee at home."

wife of I. P. Hubbert
May 20th 1866
age 30 years
"Why should our tears in sorrow flow
When God recalls his own
And bids them leave a world of woe
For an immortal crown."

Sept. 5th 1863
Age 58 years
"He sleeps in peace."

son of
R. & M. Burrell
died May 11th 1862
Age 11 years.

son of W. & J. Hamlyn
May 17th 1862
aged 4 years.

son of Dana & Mary Sizer
April 3rd 1859
Aged 3 years
"I take these little Lambs said he,
and lay them in my breast
Protection they shall find in me
In me be ever blest."

son of
Lemuel S. & Esther
March 5th 1853
Aged 37 years 2 months 23 days
"Here thy loss we deeply feel
But tis God that hath bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal"

wife of G. W. McCarty
died Nov 26th 1864
age 22 yrs 7 months & 22 days

wife of Lemuel Wilson
and daughter of Lemuel S. & Esther Sizer
died April 19th 1859
Age 48 years 9 months 2 days
"Our loss is her eternal gain."

Daughter of Porter & Elizabeth
March 16th 1864
age 22 months & 6 days

of Co. E.
35th Regt Wis. Vol's
at the Soldiers Rest Chicago
Oct 2nd 1864
age 29 years 1 months and 14 days
"And when in after years shall pass
May the memory of this Soldier last
Far from his friends away from home
He for his country deemed to roam
Till sickness laid him down to rest
He calmly slept on Jesus breast."

of Co. E.
35th Reg't Wis. vols.
died Jan 31st 1864
Aged 18 years 6 months 25 days
"A faithful son, a brother dear,
A noble youth lies buried here
Many a friend he has left to weep
His brothers will e'er his memory keep
He died his country's cause to save
and now lies in a soldier's grave."

wife of Ehsha Wadsworth
Oct 22nd 1859
Age 53 yrs 6 mo & 23 days
"This marble slab is reared to show
Whose dust it is that sleeps below
Likewise will the passerby
That she in life prepared to die."

daughter of A.D. & M.J. Wadsworth
died Oct 10th 1862
age 7 months
"A light from our household is gone
A voice we loved is stilled
A place is vacant at our home
Which never can be stilled."

son of
Peter & Maria WILLIS
Sept 12th 1863
age 5 Mo 12 Days
"Sleep lovely child in thy tomb
God saw it just to call thee home."

wife of J. D. Karker
March 23rd 1871
age 22 years 4 months & 23 days
"We loved her Ah! no tongue can tell
How much we loved her and how well,
Christ loved her too and tho't it best
To take her home with him to rest."

August 21st 1875
Aged 80 years 3 months 15 days
"Hands once united
Will be parted no more
Hearts riven by sorrow
Will sorrow no more."

wife of P. Karker
July 11th 1867
Age 73 years 3 months & 24 days

wife of Gardiner Karker
died Jan 4th 1880
aged 57 years 9 months 11 days
"Resting in peace
Wife, Mother, Friend
and though our grief is great
The separation soon shall end
We have not long to wait."

daughter of J. & E. McHenry
April 19th 1869
age 10 months 2 days
"Little darling we do miss thee
Miss thee morning noon and night
But in _________ knee
Bless thee us an angel bright."

"We loved her and she died"

born September 22nd 1861
April 10th 1888

The known graves which are not marked are as follows:

This makes a total of thirty-nine souls that are known to be buried on this plot. (Remains of a man by name of Godfrey were moved to Waubeka cemetery)

Contributed by: Louise Thompson, Stevens Point, Wi
(Great-great-grandaughter of Julius Sizer.)

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