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Ozaukee County
World War I

Official War History
of Ozaukee County,
by R. B. Pixley


WHEREAS, The people of Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, are justly proud of its part in the World War, and

WHEREAS, While the State of Wisconsin steadfastly maintained its rightful place among the patriotic States of the Union, Ozaukee County did its share in contributing to that splendid record, and

WHEREAS, Ozaukee County sent 705 young men and women into the service of the United States, 27 of whom made the supreme sacrifice for their country, and

WHEREAS, The records show that every man and woman who entered the service from Ozaukee County served faithfully and well, thereby adding to the glory of their home County, and to that of their State and Nation, and

WHEREAS, This volume is a record of Ozaukee County's part in the World War, and, as such, is a fitting testimonial and permanent reminder of the service of these young men and women; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, By the County Board of Supervisors of Ozaukee County, that a copy of this history, containing the text of this resolution, duly signed by the members of this Board, be presented in the name of the citizens of Ozaukee County to each man and woman and nearest relative of deceased persons who served in the army, navy, marine or other armed force of the United States during the World War.

Dated at Port Washington, Wisconsin, this 18th day of September, A.D., 1919.

There are signatures of the following:

John Smelewater (not sure of spelling), Chairman, City of Cedarburg
W. J. Bichler, Town of Belgium
Nic. J. Schanen, Village of Grafton
Henry Peal, Town of Cedarburg
P. J. Jung, Town of Fredonia
Christ Port, Town of Grafton
G. J. Busse, Town of Mequon
Nic Schinker, Town of Port Washington
John Haan, Town of Saukville
Max W. Koenig, Village of Saukville
Louis G. Kieker, Village of Thiensville
Domneck Becker, 1st Wd., Port Washington
Jacob Schumacher, 2nd W., Port Washington
William Schmidler, 3rd Wd., Port Washington
E. B. Stone, 4th Wd., Port Washington
John Bichler, County Clerk

Approved by

T. A. Boerner, Port Washington, Chairman
Miss Mabel Hiller, Port Washington, Secretary
Mrs. N. E. Wilson, Port Washington, Custodian
G. H. Adam, Port Washington
Mrs. M. P. Becker, Cedarburg
Mrs. G. S. Cassels, Port Washington
H. C. Hacker, Cedarburg

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