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Ozaukee County Newspapers

January, 1896

Ozaukee Advertiser
Port Washington, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin
January 4, 1896

P. MOLLITOR, who lives on east Pier street, is seriously ill.

Otto ZAUSCH, of Milwaukee, spent New Years in this city.

Gil. GERMANSON was on the sick list for several days last week.

Yesterday was about the coldest day of the season, so far.

Girls this is Leap Year, but probably you are aware of the fact.

The roads are hard and smooth and it would take but little snow to make good sleighing.

N. SCHNEIDER has just got out a new 5¢ cigar called C.O.D. It makes a fine smoke. Try it.

Louis MUELLER, who is attending a medical college in Chicago, was home for the holidays.

The chair factory will start up again next Monday, employing all hands.

The artesian well at M. EVEN's place is now abut 140 feet deep and the drill is still at work.

Henry PHILLIPS, of Milwaukee, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. E.B. STONE on New Years day.

Mr. Andrew NELSON of the town of Port Washington, is visiting friends at Abbotsford, Wis.

Last week the boys played marbles on the streets, this week they go skating, when it is not too chilly.

The only place in the city where you can find all kinds of drugs and medicines is at the 32 year old stand of N. YOUNG.

Mr. Chas. FUERST has sold his one-half interest in the tug Hermann and fishing outfit to Mrs. JOHANN of this city.

Mr. Jake BRAUN has so far recovered from his recent illness as to be able to appear at his place of business.

If you want to buy a cheap piece of property in the city call on Frank SCHUMACHER the flour and feed man.

The ball at Joe ALBRECHT's hall in Saukville on New Year's night was the best attended of any held in the county for several years, the large hall being packed to the doors. Many young folks from this city were present.

ZIMMERMANN's band boys who held the Christmas tree entertainment and ball at the Druecker Opera House on Christmas eve, cleared over one hundred dollars.
Mrs. KUHL and her son, John, returned from Colorado on Tuesday evening last. We are pleased to learn that “Johnny” is much improved in health.
Thieves made a call on Peter SPARTZ of Saukville one night last week. They took $3 for their Christmas present and left without even wishing Pete a Merry Christmas or Happy Year.
We are under obligations to Mr. John MACK agent of The New Birdsall Co., makers of threshers, engines, etc., for the new calendar of the Co. It is the handsomest we have received this season.
FOR SALE CHEAP -- South 1/2 of lot 7 and all of lot 8 in block 6, Northwest Addition, city, with frame house and outbuildings for sale cheap if taken now. Enquire of Frank SCHUMACHER.
A new bowling alley has been built in the basement of the Gleasner saloon. The place is well heated and things conveniently arranged for any who wish to enjoy themselves at bowling.
CARD OF THANKS -- The undersigned hereby return their heartfelt thanks to the kind friends and neighbors for the sympathy shown and assistance rendered during their late bereavement, the death of their beloved father. -- The GLEASNER children.
Young WATSON who was held to the circuit court charged with stealing two watches, etc., from the WELLER boarding house on Dec. 14th, has been released from jail, friends from Chicago having placed in the hands of the officials here $150, to insure his appearance at the march term of the circuit court in this city.
The two watches that were stolen from the WELLER boarding house just three weeks ago to-day were found on Saturday last in a barn back of BODE's saloon on Franklin street, by Mr. N. SCHNEIDER the cigar dealer who keeps his horse in that stable. One was badly damaged by being trampled upon by horses, the other was uninjured.

We have since learned that a couple farmers found the watches.
The other night a tramp threatened to break all the windows in the tramps lodging room at the new jail if he was not given some whiskey. Frank told him that if he broke the windows he would have a rather cold place to sleep in, this the tramp had not thought of, so he changed his mind and went quietly to sleep without doing any damage.
Matt. SCHILL, who is not supposed to receive any intoxicating liquors, there being papers out against giving or selling him any was arrested by the Marshal one night this week for being drunk and disorderly. He was locked up and next morning taken before Justice SAUER, his fine and costs amounting to about $4.50 which he paid.
Iceman Peter SCHILL and saloonkeeper WELLER had a dispute last Thursday over two dollars. The saloon man claimed that when settling for ice received he paid the iceman $2 too much, this Mr. SCHILL denies, and Justice TOWSLEY and a jury of six good men and true, are trying to find out the whereabouts of the two dollars which WELLER says he paid to SCHILL and which SCHILL says he did not receive from WELLER.
Two young chaps, one names HENNING and the other SCHILL, were arrested last week for creating a disturbance at the home of a man who lives in the old OLINGER store building. The boys upset the family Christmas tree and then danced a jig on it. They were taken before Justice SAUER on Saturday last and he made it about $8 each for dancing a jig at the wrong time and in the wrong place. The mother of the HENNING boy paid his fine and costs and he was released. SCHILL spent several days of the old year and will spend enough more of the new year to make a total of 20, at the county “cooler.”

Ozaukee Advertiser
Port Washington, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin
January 11, 1896

Attorney JACKSON is on the sick list.

Joe SPEHN, of Grafton, was in the city Wednesday.

The chair factory is again running with a full force.

John USELDING of Fredonia Station was in the city Monday.

Charley PAGE struck town last Saturday, “and the snow came down next day.”

W. SCHUMACHER has taken the place of R. MORSE as telegraph man at the depot here.

Dr. A.W. HORNBOGEN was in Reeds Landing, Minn., recently, on a visit to his parents.

Peter MILLER, of the Liedertaefel Hall, Milwaukee, was in the city Tuesday.

Dr. Harry HORBOGEN of Marquette, Mich., was the guest of Dr. and Mrs. A.W. HORBOGEN the first of the week.

A new smoke stack nearly 100 feet in length was put in position west of the boiler room of the chair factory the first of the week.

John GEORGE took a header into his ice pond one day this week. John says the water is about 10 feet deep and about 40 degrees below zero.

The Y.M.S.C. boys indulged in an oyster supper at the club rooms last Tuesday evening. Several cases of “Cooney's Extra Dry” were also disposed of.

Sheriff DELLES this week removed Peter WATRY as undersheriff. When seen the other day the Sheriff said he had not yet appointed anyone to fill the vacancy.

We understand that COURTLANDT the druggist will soon occupy the bank building, corner Main and Franklin streets. It is a fine location for a drug store.

Deputy Revenue Collector FITZGERALD of Cedarburg and J.L. DWYER a revenue man from Washington D.C., were in the city on Thursday last looking after Uncle Sam's interests.

The History Class will meet Tuesdays in January at the residence of C.D. TOWSLEY. The lesson will be taken up promptly at 7:30 P.M. All are requested to be prompt.
Editor BOLENS of the Star of this city had the misfortune to lose his household furniture by fire at his residence in Sheboygan last Monday night. Mrs. BOLENS was slightly burned about the hands.
Remember the grand mask ball of the season will take place at Druecker Opera House on Feb. 15th. The managers have at great expense engaged Barnum's white elephant for the occasion. Don't fail to see the elephant on the evening of the 15th.
Young LINK and young DICKMAN of Saukville engaged in a wrestling match at that place on the morning of the 2d inst. the wrestling match turned into a scrapping match and next morning LINK had DICKMAN arrested. DICKMAN's fine and costs amounted to $32.23. DICKMAN told officer BELL that he would go and get the money to pay up, the officer said he would accompany him and stepped into another room to get his overcoat and when he returned DICKMAN had disappeared. If he went after the money he must have a hard time getting it together as he has not since been seen.
BANK CLOSED -- The German American Bank of this city closed its doors last Saturday for want of business. Depositors will be paid in full. Mr. CLARK will engage in the insurance business in Milwaukee. The city is now without a bank.
List of letters remaining uncalled for in the post office at Port Washington, Wis., for week ending Jan. 11, 1896: LUNDE, Erick T.; MIRSH, William; SHERER, Nick; SCHUMANN, Mrs. Caroline; LUNDQUIST, Charles.
At St. Mary's Church in this city on Tuesday last, Michael RODEN of Milwaukee to Maggie MOLLING of this city, Rev. ELLSKAMP officiating.

The wedding festivities took place at the home of the bride's parents. The newly married couple will reside in Milwaukee, the groom being an employe of the Miller Brewing co. of that city.
Emilie a four year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nic. PETERS, Jr. died on Monday last of diphtheria, after a short illness.

John GORMAN, an old man, we did not learn his age, died here on Wednesday last. The funeral took place on Thursday. He was for a number of years past an employe of the city, working on the streets, and was a resident of this place for over 40 years.

Lena NAGEL, aged 28 years, died on Monday last. The funeral took place on Wednesday.

Ozaukee Advertiser
Port Washington, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin
January 18, 1896

Capt. SPEHN, of Grafton, was in the city Monday.

There is talk of a new bank being started here by outside parties.

Grand mask ball at Adam's Columbia Hall in this city on Saturday Feb. 8th.

The Democratic National Convention will be held at Chicago on July 7th, next.

Mr. Nic SCHILS had a sudden attack of illness last Monday, but is now all right again.

Mr. Fred NEUENS, of Chicago, spent several days with his parents here last week.

Miss Clara HORNBOGEN of Reeds Landing, Minn., is visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Dr. HORNBOGEN of this city.

Tom SCHMIDLER has been engaged as a traveling salesman for the wholesale liquor house of J. M. BRAUN & Co., of this city.

John GEORGE, the city ice man has his large ice house filled with clear, solid ice, the work of cutting and packing having been finished this week.

The new bowling alley at the GLEASNER place seems to be the right thing in the right place, and the boy at the other end is kept busy setting up the pins.

Mr. Thos. REED, of this city, was severely bitten by a vicious dog near Milwaukee the other day and was compelled to give up business and return home.

Gov. UPHAM will no doubt appoint attorney E.S. TURNER District Attorney of this county to fill the vacancy caused by the death of D.M. JACKSON.

Charley PAGE was given a ticket to Sheboygan last week and escorted to the train by the marshall. This week he is with us again. You can't lose Charlie.

Mayor BOSTWICK attended the State conference held at Milwaukee last Wednesday to decide where, when and how Wisconsin's semi-centennial shall be observed.
The Sheriff of Waukesha county presented a bill amounting to $11,000, the county board cut it down and the Sheriff took it into court where he was allowed the whole amount.
The annual meeting of the Agricultural Society of this county took place at Cedarburg last Saturday. W.H. RINTELMAN of the town of Cedarburg was elected president.
Judge PARKS arrived in the city Wednesday to preside at a special term of the circuit court which convened here on that day. Several cases which were not tried at the March term were disposed of.
The roads at present are hard as a rock and as smooth as a board, and for hauling heavy loads, the farmers say, are better than if we had good sleighing, as there is no danger of capsizing.
Two tramps attempted to hold up a man near West Bend on Friday night of last week. He whipped up his team and got away although they followed him for some distance, says the West Bend Democrat of the 15th inst.
Officer Joe SPEHN, of Grafton, brought a prisoner from that village to the county jail in this city last Monday. The man was arrested and fined for fighting and could not or would not pay his fine and so will enjoy life at the Hotel DELLES for a time.
Theo. BINK of this city went to Chicago last Monday to have an operation performed on one of his eyes. The eye was injured some time ago and of late he has been gradually losing the sight of the same. We hope the operation will prove successful and that the young man will recover the full use of the eye.
FARM FOR SALE -- A 60 acre farm 2 1/2 miles North West of Saukville, all cleared except several acres hard wood timber, with good house, barn, etc. is offered for sale on reasonable terms. For particulars address, Anthony DEMPSEY, Saukville, Wis.
The breaking of a hold-back strap caused contractor KOOPMANN's horse to start on a lively gait down the depot hill last Thursday morning. Mr. KOOPMANN kept his seat and his head as well and managed to get the animal under control near the old WITMAN brewery on north Franklin street, about a mile from where he started. No damage.
There is a family living north of this city whose name is GUYNN. A daughter of the family was married and lived at Columbus, Wis. One day last week she died and two days later was buried, and her relatives here did not hear of it until this week and then it was discovered by someone reading an account of her death in a Milwaukee paper. A dispatch was sent here however on the day of her death, but as the telegraph people could find no one by the name of GUYNN in or about the city it was not delivered. The family is known here by the name of QUINN, and are old residents of this section.
Daniel M. JACKSON, District Attorney of this county, died at his home in this city on Saturday inst. after a short illness.

The deceased was born in Sheboygan county in November 1855, and was left an orphan at the early age of four years. He was adopted by a Sheboygan Falls man with whom he lived until he graduated from the High School at that place. He taught school for a number of years and was admitted to the bar in Sheboygan, and for a short time practiced law at Plymouth in Sheboygan county. From Plymouth he came to this place and engaged in the law and insurance business with A.W. YOUNG as partner in July, 1880, and followed his profession here and enjoyed a good practice up to the time of his last illness. He was elected to the office of District Attorney of this county three times. On June 3d 1884 he was married to Miss Emily THIEN who survives him, and who has the sympathy of the entire community. The funeral took place from the residence to the Port Washington Cemetery on Monday last and was largely attended.
A Teachers’ Institute will be held at Saukville on Friday, January 31st, and Saturday, February 1st, conducted by Prof. W. H. CHEEVER of Milwaukee Normal and Prof. W.C. HEWITT of the Oshkosh Normal School. All teachers of Ozaukee County are expected to be prompt and regular in attendance. -- H.F. FEHLANDT, Co. Supt.

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