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    Peninsula Genealogical Society - Door Co., WI

PGS 25th Anniversary Celebration

"An ETHNIC EPICURE" - Thurs. 8 Nov 2012

updated 14 Nov 2012

Thursday evening, 8 Nov 2012, 7pm at the LDS Chapel in Sturgeon Bay, the PGS celebrated their 25th Anniversary (1987 - 2012) by enjoying an Ethnic Epicure of recipes and dishes provided by PGS Members.  A wonderful meal with dishes from Sweden, Poland, Ireland, England, Belgium, Turkey and Norway was enjoyed by all.  See the pictures below for delicious views of the wonderful dishes and the PGS members who provided them. 


A pictorial history was put together by Sue HOHNEKE in binder form for the members to reminisce about the 25 years the Peninsula Genealogical Society has existed. 


A great time was had by all!




Above:  Standing: Left to Right - Bob HOHNEKE, Treasurer Lee GROTA, Vice-President Mary GROTA, Secretary Ginny HAEN, Corresponding Secretary Sally TREICHEL, Laura KAYACAN.  Seated: Left to Right - PGS Webmaster Sue HOHNEKE, Myrle WELHAVEN, President Sue HAVEL.




Above: LEFT:  Norwegian delicacies: Herring (Creamed and also in Wine sauce), Goat Cheese, Lefse with butter and cinnamon sugar.  RIGHT: Norwegian dishes provided by Sally TREICHEL and Myrle WELHAVEN.



Above:  LEFT: Swedish dishes: Swedish Meatballs, Swedish Limpa bread with Lingonberry Jam, Polish dish: Kielbasa with sauerkraut, and a beautiful English Trifle!  RIGHT: Polish dish from Lee GROTA with Swedish and English made by Mary GROTA.



Above: LEFT:  Turkish dish: Borek (o with umlaut)-made of  layers of Crushed Philo, cheese, covered egg custard and baked that is eaten for main meals as well as breakfasts..  MIDDLE:  Laura KAYACAN made the delicious Turkish dish and Sue HAVEL provided the Belgian dishes.  RIGHT: Belgian dishes:  Belgian Pies (Rice and Apple), and Belgian Trippe (sausage made with meat and cabbage)!



Above:  LEFT:  Anglo-Irish dish: Shepherd's Pie (meat and vegetables in a tomatoey sauce topped with mashed potatoes)  and Irish Pub Salad.  RIGHT:  Ginny HAEN who made the delicious Irish dishes.



Above:  LEFT: Bob and Sue HOHNEKE-Sue holding the PGS Pictorial 25th Anniversary and History Binder she put together for the PGS to have some fun reminiscing.  RIGHT: the original picture of attendees at the first organizational meeting of the PGS in1987.


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