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STONEMAN - 17 Mar 2007: E-mail received from Ron HEILMAN (find his e-mail address on our PGS Queries Surname Index Page under STONEMAN) regarding his research on William STONEMAN who died in the Civil War serving our country in the 14th Regiment of WI Volunteers:

"I received the file on William Stoneman from the National Archives but unfortunately it did not give me the town name in New York that I was hoping to get.  The paperwork they sent me, however, was interesting so let me recap it for you.
His volunteer enlistment form was filled out by him, on Feb 27th, 1864 in Green Bay.  It reads in part, "I, William Stoneman born in______________________ in the State of New York aged Eighteen years, and by occupation a Farmer Do hereby acknowledge to have volunteered this Twenty-seventh (27) day of February  1864, to serve as a soldier in the Army of the United States of America, for a period of THREE YEARS. . . ."
The form is witnessed by Capt. C. R. Merrill, Provost Marshall of the 5th Dist, Wis., and William is mustered into the service of Co. E, Fourteenth Regiment of Wisconsin Volunteers the same day.
There is a "Declaration of Recruit" in which he states his age as 18 years and 1 month. This would put his birth at January of 1846.
On March 11, 1864, he leaves Madison, WI with a detachment of volunteers for the 14th Wis.  In a document accompanying the detachment it is stated that his eyes are blue, hair is light, and complexion "Sandy."  His height is given as 5 ft 9 in.
He finally joins Co. E, 14th Wis. as a recruit on April 28, 1864, but at the end of August he is listed as "absent sick at the U.S. Gen. Hospital, New Albany, Ind," and finally that he "Died in Branch Hospital No. 5, New Albany, Ind. Sept. I, 1864 by reason of Chronic Diarrhoea."
I don't think he knew where in NY he was born, but I will keep looking."
Ron Heilman

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