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John & Elizabeth (CROWEL) GARLAND

contributed by John WEITERMANN

updated 1 Nov 2010

John WEITERMANN has been working on his family history and has contributed the following pictures and obituaries for his GARLAND family ancestors who have been found to be both buried in the Town of Sevastopol-Bayside Cemetery thanks to his research (25 Aug 2010).   His grandmother was Marvel Elizabeth (GARLAND) WEITERMANN, granddaughter of John and Elizabeth (CROWELL) GARLAND.

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Above:  LEFT: picture of Elizabeth (CROWEL) GARLAND (Mrs. John GARLAND)-contributed by John WEITERMANN (25 Aug 2010)-original found at the Door County Historical Museum in Sturgeon Bay. - MIDDLE: John and Elizabeth GARLAND's son Nathaniel C. and Louise Mary (COUGHLAN) GARLAND - RIGHT: Daughter of Nathaniel C. and Louise Mary (COUGHLAN) GARLAND: Marvel Elizabeth (GARLAND) WEITERMANN-1894 to 1988. 

The following are GARLAND Family History recollections

-contributed by John WEITERMANN (25 Oct 2010):


GARLAND Family History, by John GARLAND in the 1980's


"Thomas GARLAND was born about 1775 in Wales.  Around the year 1830 he owned five farms near Monmouth, four of which he rented to tenant farmers.  About 1839 he sold one of his farms for 8000 pounds (about $40,000 in American money) and deposited this money in a bank at Exeter.  The money was intended as a bequest for his grandson, John (see paragraph below), but he cut off the bequest when his grandson went to sea against his will.  Thomas GARLAND's first wife was Mary AVERY who died about 1830.  A few years after her death he married his servant girl, and after hid death, about 1850, she destroyed his will, depriving his rightful heirs of a considerable fortune. 


John GARLAND, Thomas GARLAND's eldest son, was married in Breacon, England about 1820.  His wife's name was Mary Ann.  They had four children - John and Mary (twins) Thomas and Tamzin.  I have no record of the date of birth or death of the parents.


John GARLAND, eldest son of John and Mary Ann, was born near Monmouthshire on May 21, 1825.  In 1850 he married Elizabeth CROWEL who was born February 9, 1833 in St. John, New Brunswick.     In 1853 they came to America, accompanied by John's twin sister, Mary Ann.  When they reached Chicago, Mary Ann remained in that city while John and Elizabeth continued on to what is now the city of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.  He was engaged in the real estate business and at one time owned most of the land north of what is now Jefferson Street, for a distance of several miles.  he was the first Chairman of the County Board in Door County.  He donated money and land for public use, and in recognition of his contributions to the community, Garland Street (now Jefferson) was named in his honor.  John GARLAND died in Sturgeon Bay in March 1888.  Elizabeth GARLAND died in 1918 in Iron Mountain, Michigan at the home of her son, Arch.


Nathaniel GARLAND was born to John and Elizabeth GARLAND January 22, 1868.  He was one of ten children and, like his father, was a twin.  He spent the 1880's in Chicago, living with his Aunt Mary Ann, where he attended public school, then became affiliated with the Chicago Newspaper Union.  June 26, 1890 he married in Chicago, Louise Mary COGHLAN who was born in Montreal, Canada November 19, 1869, but came to Chicago as an infant when her parents moved from Montreal.  Her father was Daniel COGHLAN, a native of Ireland.  Her mother's maiden name was Mary BARNETTE who was of French Canadian descent, and before her marriage, had a career as a professional singer and violinist.


After the marriage Nathaniel GARLAND returned with his bride to Sturgeon Bay where they spent their remaining years.  There were five children: Thomas, Josephine, Marvel, John and Nat.  Nathaniel (N. C.) GARLAND was editor of the Advocate until 1917 when he became editor of The Door County News.  In 1927 he was appointed Postmaster at Sturgeon Bay, and served in that position until his retirement in 1935.  He held a number of public offices in Sturgeon Bay, including City Clerk, Alderman, Secretary of the Door County Fair Association and two terms as Mayor (1914-1918).  He served also as Chairman of the Draft Board in World War I and World War II.  Garland Park, at the head of what was formerly Garland Street, is named in his honor.  N. C. GARLAND died in June 1945, Louise GARLAND in December 1946."- John GARLAND, 1980's


NOTE WRITTEN BY N. C. GARLAND, Mayor of the City of Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin.


"Family History"


     "Thomas GARLAND lived at Trekyck, near Camelford, about the year 1820.  His first wife was Mary AVERY, who died about 1830.  About two or three years afterward he married his servant girl.  About this time he began to deposit money in a bank in Exeter.  He had one daughter by his second wife.  Think her name was Mary.  At this time he owned four farms, from which he received rent and laid aside, besides the one on which he lived (Trekyck).  After his second marriage he lived on this farm for some time, but during the last few years of his life he spent his summers at a village called Bascastle, where he renated a residence, but died at Trekyck.  The names of the children by the first wife were John, Richard, Mary, William, Fannie and Thomas.


     A man by the name of PIERCE was Thomas GARLAND's attorney at this time, who transacted all his legal affairs.  John, the eldest son, was married about 1820 in BREACON; he had four children--John and Mary Ann (twins) were born in 1825 in Shinnewton, near Chepston, Monmouthshire; Thomas and Tamzin.  Mary Ann lived with Mrs. KELLOW in Camelford, who knew all about the affairs of Thomas GARLAND.  Mrs. KELLOW was the daughter named Fannie, Mr. KING must know her).  Thomas GARLAND from the time his first wife died deposited the rent of these four farms in the bank until he died about 1850.  He sold a farm near Dellabale about 1839 for 8,000 pounds, which entailed to John the second, and deposited this money in the bank.  He cut off the entail because John went to sea against his will.  After John and Mary Ann came to America in 1853 they received a letter from Mr. BATES of Camelford (butcher) near the bridge, saying that Thomas GARLAND's relic had hung herself through remorse for having burned the bank books and will and caused the departure of the grandchildren to America to seek a living.  What has become of Trekyck? This was the homestead.  Richard BURLT was head clerk for Mr. PIERCE when John sold Halloot and when Thomas GARLAND died.  - Camelford, Cornwall, England. "


OBITUARIES from the Door County Advocate for

John and Elizabeth (CROWELL) GARLAND

-contributed by John WEITERMANN (25 Oct 2010):


OBIT-Door Co. Advocate-17 Mar 1888:

"Died" GARLAND -In this city, 11 March 1888, of inflammation of the bladder, John GARLAND, aged sixty-two years, nine months and fourteen days.

Mr. GARLAND came to Door County in 1853, and settled on the shore of Sturgeon Bay about one mile south of where Capt. R. LAURIE now resides. He remained on this place until about 1864, when the family was removed to the city. Mr. Garland then holding the position of county clerk, an office held by him for three successive terms. He erected the residence now owned and occupied by Charles SCHOFIELD in 1868, and about that time was the possessor of all the real estate lying in that part of the city and which was afterward purchased by John LEATHEM. In July 1876, Mr. GARLAND went to Chicago, where he remained until the 23rd? Of last January, Mrs. GARLAND and a portion of the family having remained here during the interval. A widow and five children survive him. The latter are Mrs. F. C. WRIGHT, Mrs. Henry M. RUGGLES, Mrs. Frank WEIDEMAN (WEIDERMANN) and Nath. C. And Archie.

The deceased was born in Wales in 1825, and at the age of fourteen went to sea, which he followed until 1853, visiting nearly all the lands reached by the merchant marine of Great Britain. Being very observant and blessed with a retentive memory he was capable of minutely describing nearly all the events which had come under his notice during the fourteen years that he spent on board ship. She was also well read in the history of both his native and adopted country, and his knowledge of the men who conducted the affairs of the two nations was truly wonderful.

The funeral took place from the M. E. Church last Wednesday afternoon, the services being conducted by Rev. Geo. W. PRESCOTT, who delivered an eloquent and impressive sermon over the remains of the deceased.



OBITUARY-Door Co. Advocate-1917:

Mrs. John GARLAND died at Iron Mountain, Mich. At the home her son Archibald, Saturday morning-November 10, 1917. In the passing of Mrs. GARLAND, Sturgeon Bay loses one of its oldest and best known people, it being a little over 64 years since she came to this then howling wilderness and helped to make it what it is today.

Mrs. GARLAND, whose maiden name was Elizabeth CROWEL, was born in St. John, New BRUNSWICK, Feb. 7, 1833, being 84 years, 9 months and 3 days old at the time of her death. When a child about seven she was brought to Bristol, England, where she spent her girlhood days. On November 21, 1851, she married John GARLAND, a sea captain sailing out of Bristol, and two years later the young couple came to America, arriving in Sturgeon Bay November 3, 1853. Since that time she has been a constant resident of this place, excepting a period of about ten years when the family lived in Chicago and the past half dozen years or so, when she has been visiting here and elsewhere with her children. She was preceded to the grave by her husband in 1888.

While here a couple of years ago Mrs. GARLAND was taken with pneumonia and it was thought that she could not recover, but she got well and while never strong as formerly, she was quite active again. She had another bad spell last summer and seemed to recover from that but her old age and lack of vitality told and a severe cold finally caused her death, being sick but about ten days.

Deceased was the mother of thirteen children, but three of whom survive. These are Mayor N. C. GARLAND of this city, Mrs. Anna WRIGHT, Miles City, Mont. And Archie of Iron Mountain, Mich. She also was grandmother to twelve and greatgrandmother to (four?).

The remains were brought here Monday morning and taken to the home of her son, Nat C., the funeral being held from the home Tuesday morning, the remains being interred in the family lot at Bayside, Rev. E. SYMONS of the M. E. Church, officiating. Those here from outside were Mr. And Mrs. Archie GARLAND and two children, Mr. And Mrs. Nat WRIGHT of Miles City, Mont., Mr. And Mrs. Henry Hovarth? And Mrs. Nate SCOFIELD of Green Bay, and Rose WRIGHT of Manitowoc.


                 -Received by the PGS via e-mail from John WEITERMANN (25 Aug 2010).




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