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  Peninsula Genealogical Society - Door Co. WI


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updated 6 Apr 2015




Thurs.- 26 Mar 2015:  "Mary GROTA on the 'History of the Scots-Irish in America' ".


Thurs. 22 Jan 2015:  HOLIDAY MEMORIES!  -



Thurs. 23 Oct 2014: "Writing Your Own Memoirs"..




Thurs. 27 Mar 2014:  FAMILY HEIRLOOMS by the PGS!



Thurs. 24 Oct 2013: "VOYAGEURS" -PGS Program by Bob HOHNEKE.


Thurs. 27 Jun 2013: PGS 2013 PICNIC at the Draft Haus in Sturgeon Bay! 


Thurs. 24 Jan 2013 - "Exploring the 1940 Census"-PGS Program by Mary GROTA, held at the Door County Library-Conference Room.


Thurs. 8 Nov 2012 - PGS 25th Anniversary Meeting - "An Ethnic Epicure" at the LDS Chapel.  A delicious celebration!  AND, PGS Election 2012!

Thurs. 25 Oct 2012-PGS Meeting at DCL:  Program:  Guest Speaker John SCHLISE spoke on the History of Forestville.  (Click on picture to go to page!)

Thurs. 27 Oct 2012 - PGS Meeting at DCL: Program: Ginny HAEN gave a PowerPoint on her Trip to Europe. (Click on picture to go to page!)



Thurs. 28 Jun 2012 - 2012 PGS Annual Picnic at the ELLENBECKER's Home: (Click on picture to go to page!)




Thurs. 23 Jun 2011 - 2011 PGS Annual Picnic at the FAUSER's Home: (click on picture to go to page of pictures!)



Thurs. 18 Nov 2010 - "Christmas Memories" - The PGS had fun recounting memories of Christmases in our pasts.

Above: Ginny HAEN shows her Families' Homemade Christmas Stockings that have been a family tradition over the generations!

Below: Mary and Lee GROTA showed some GROTA Family movies from the 1940's that were taken Christmases celebrations in the city of Sturgeon Bay Market Square with Santa-our PGS members had fun trying to recognize folks! What a treasure the GROTA old movies are!




Thurs. 24 Jun 2010 - 2010 PGS Picnic at the JOHNSON log cabin cottage on Lake Michigan was great fun!

Thurs. - 28 Jan 2010 -The PGS 2010 WORKSHOP: "TRACE YOUR PIONEER ANCESTORS" was very successful! Please go to the webpage with pictures and description by clicking here.

Thurs.-24 Sep 2009:  The PGS meet at the Door County Library to begin to glean names for the SURNAME INDEX of FAMILY HISTORIES which will be available here on the PGS Website in the future!

Below-Left:  Sue HAVEL, Myrle WELHAVEN, Mary GROTA - Middle: Sally TREICHEL, Jennifer LEVENDUSKY, John ELLENBECKER - Right: Ginny HAEN, Laura KAYACAN


Above: Bob HOHNEKE says, "Why do I get the BIG BOOK?" (hee-hee) :)

Below: Sue HAVEL shows her "new-found" AUNT that contacted her after seeing Sue's ROBILLARD Family on the PGS Website this summer!! AWESOME!

Thurs. 25 Jun 2009:  2009 PGS PICNIC at Cherry Blossom Park: (Click on the pictures to see them enlarged!)


A great time was had by all at the 2009 PGS Picnic at Cherry Blossom Park in Sturgeon Bay! 

Left:  "PGS Brain Trust":  John ELLENBECKER, Lee GROTA, Bob HOHNEKE & Ron FAUSER -

Right:  Standing: L to R: Ginny HAEN, Judy ELLENBECKER, John ELLENBECKER, Sally TREICHEL, Nancy FAUSER, Ron FAUSER, Sue HAVEL, Jennifer LEVENDUSKY, Steve JOHNSON, Bob HOHNEKE-Seated: L to R: Sue HOHNEKE, Lee GROTA, Mary GROTA.

Thurs. 26 Mar 2009:  Laura KAYACAN, new PGS member and Door Co. Adult Service Librarian in Sturgeon Bay, gave a wonderful program about her Family History.  She gave a PowerPoint Presentation which was a treasure trove of images and stories of her Bohemian-German and English ancestors including the first German Settler in Green Bay,Brown County, Austin STRAUBEL and many more.  It was a great program!


Thurs. 20 Nov 2008:  PGS Election and Meeting at the Door County Historical Museum-A great program by Ginny HAEN after which we were free to view all the wonderful exhibits! Click on the pictures below to see them larger!


Above:  Left: Ginny HAEN-Museum Program and Steve JOHNSON 


Right: PGS Pres. Sue HAVEL at the Switchboard!


Thurs. 26 Jun 2008:  PGS 2008 Picnic at Cherry Blossom Park in Sturgeon Bay!  It was a great picnic with beautiful weather.  We planned our summer project of doing the cemetery transcriptions for St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, Town of Sevastopol. 

Standing left to right:  Holly KOHLS, Sally TREICHEL, Warren KOHLS, John ELLENBECKER, Steve JOHNSON, Ron FAUSER, Bob HOHNEKE, Lee GROTA, Mary GROTA, Nancy FAUSER, Ginny HAEN, and Sue HAVEL.  Sitting-Front row: left to right:  Myrle WELHAVEN, Jack WELHAVEN, and Sue HOHNEKE.

Thurs. 24 Apr 2008:  Ron FAUSER's talk on his Family History Trip to Germany- a wonderful Power Point Presentation!:

Below:  Map of Ron FAUSER's Family locations in Germany.

Thurs. 27 Mar 2008:  PGS Workshop: "Where In The World Is My Family From?"

Click on the picture below to go to the WITW Page!

Thurs. 22 Mar 2007 - The PGS met again at the Door County Library/Laurie History Room where Librarian Nancy Emery gave us a tutorial on how to use the microfilm reader/printer in tandem with the printer/scanner and computer.  We were also able to work together to label the new boxes for the Door County Advocate microfilms in Drawer 2. We again had our refreshments at the local McD's!

Thurs. 22 Feb 2007 Our PGS February Meeting was held at the Door County Library here in Sturgeon Bay where we worked on sprucing up the Indexes and other Door County Genealogy Helps by putting what was dog-eared into new binders and sleeve protectors. 

It really felt good to help out the Laurie History Room and were glad to see all the Indexes etc. were being well used by library patrons! 

After all our hard work we had refreshments at our local Mickey-D's.

We worked like fiends to get done in the two hours alloted to us before the Library closed. 


Sally gets a quick search of the Door County Advocate.     "We missed you, Myrle, Glad you are back!"

Well-deserved refreshments for the hard-working PGS and some good company too!


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