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    Peninsula Genealogical Society - Door Co., WI


PGS Program by Bob HOHNEKE

PGS MEETING- 24 Oct 2013

updated 1 Nov 2013

Thursday evening, 24 Oct 2013, the PGS Program: "VOYAGEURS" was presented by Bob HOHNEKE at the LDS Chapel in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.


Bob's program was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.  He has been avidly studying the history of the voyageurs for thirty-plus years or more!  Besides loving canoeing himself, he loves researching about the historical aspect of canoes used by the very early North American Native Americans, including the French Fur Trade and missionaries that helped "discover" the waterways and establish early settlements in Canada and the Upper Great Lakes Area.  He talked about what the lives were like for the Voyageurs-including songs sung by them; how they portaged their canoes, furs and goods, and even the food eaten by them (with sample PEMMICAN for anyone who wanted to taste the early canoeists fare of lard, dried meat and berries).  Door County and area's early visitations by the French and Native Americans was most interesting and eye opening for those in attendance. (ie.: why Portage Park has its name!).  - pictures by Ginny HAEN.


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ABOVE: LEFT: Bob HOHNEKE and canoe display with John ELLENBECKER seated.  RIGHT: Bob HOHNEKE and Duluth pack.

BELOW: LEFT: Bob showing a beavertail canoe paddle.  RIGHT: Demonstrating using a tump line which the Voyageurs used to tote up to 180 lbs. of goods when portaging. 




BELOW:  Bob HOHNEKE with his display table.







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