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7 May 2010


22 Sep 2010: Please contact the Door County Library in Sturgeon Bay for any requests for Obits-the PGS suggests that requests should be made for no more than three OBITUARIES at a time, and donations to the Door County Library would be appreciated.


PGS Cemetery Group:

2010: Town of Nasewaupee-Elton J. SCHULTIES Cemetery, Town of Nasewaupee-Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery, Town of Nasewaupee-Salem Lutheran Cemetery, Town of Nasewaupee-Hainesville Cemetery, Town of Sturgeon Bay-Shiloh Moravian Cemetery to be finished from 2009, more to be added.

Summer 2009:  Transcription and Digital Photos of Town of Sturgeon Bay-Shiloh Moravian Cemetery, Town of Nasewaupee-Schumacher/Nasewaupee Town Cemetery.  Photo Survey: Town of Sevastopol-Bayside Cemetery (on-going), Town of Jacksonport-St. Michaels Catholic Cemetery, Town of Egg Harbor-Egg Harbor Town Cemetery.

Summer 2008:  Transcription and Digital Photos of Town of Sevastopol-St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery completed.  Getting all links and updated information on-line in progress-Oct 2008.

DOOR COUNTY DEATHS INDEX-Pre-1907:   updated 3 Apr 2007-with deaths up to the 1897s.

Alphabetical and Sequential  - PDF files on this website.

Door County: Town Histories & Maps-indexed:

Available on this website as a PDF file: Door County Place Names Project.  This project is now processed into Door County Civil Town Pages-Summer 2008 with additions to the original project being added.  Sturgeon Bay City will be available on the PGS Website soon.






DOOR COUNTY PLACE NAMES PROJECT: Our newest (2005) and first project produced in PDF file format on CDs: (readable with Adobe Reader which is downloadable for free on-line).  Early places in the Towns of Door County Wisconsin are pinpointed in color on modern Town Maps also including a Sturgeon Bay City map for easy locating today.  Concise Histories of each Town gleaned from early sources  with an index of all the persons, places and things listed there.  Also included are reference tables for the 1943 Renaming of Sturgeon Bay City's Streets!

- Door County Place Names Project- on CDs - PDF File (readable with Adobe Reader): $15.00 plus $2.00 shipping






PGS Projects in print and their availability for purchase (very limited quantities available) &

 and what files are available here on our website for you to use:

*Download Adobe Acrobat Viewer for free to view pdf files.

Door County: Census Index -1910 (complete):

  Alphabetical and As Enumerated. (only the Alphabetical Index is on this website as a PDF file).

- "1910 Door County Census Index=2 parts: Alphabetical and as Enumerated" - $20.00 plus shipping charges of $2.00

    Even though we have the 1910 Door County Census Alphabetical Index included on this site as a PDF file, the bound copies we have in print (2 left) have also the 1910 Door County Census Enumerated (just as it appears on the real census pages so you can see neighbors, also others living with your families and whole neighborhoods can be seen!   We will not reprint this Index again.

1910 Door County WI Census Index - KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS

Door County:  Marriage Index - to 1907 (complete): on our PGS Website-Oct 2008!

Marriage Index      Marriages In Sequence


1. You could find the actual certificates which were used to make our Index on the Family History Library (FHL) microfilms 1275987 and 1275988 at your local Family History Library to view and photocopy the actual documents which were microfilmed and which were used for this index for a VERY reasonable cost. 

2. You can still order our Door Co. Marriage Index Volume that would include your marriage as it was enumerated from the original microfilms.  If you have multiple marriage this might be your best option. They are the same Index and In Sequence Marriages found on our PGS Website. Quantities of these volumes are very limited. 

- Door Co. Marriage Index Vol. 1: 1857-1880  - $15.00 plus shipping charge of $2.00

- Door Co. Marriage Index Vol. 2: 1880-1885 - $15.00 plus shipping charge of $2.00

- Door Co. Marriage Index Vol. 3: 1885-1889 - $15.00 plus shipping charge of $2.00

- Door Co. Marriage Index Vol. 4: 1890-1895 - $15.00 plus shipping charge of $2.00

- Door Co. Marriage Index Vol. 5: 1895-1900 - $15.00 plus shipping charge of $2.00

- Door Co. Marriage Index Vol. 6: 1900-1903 - Sold Out

- Door Co. Marriage Index Vol. 7: 1903-1907 - $15.00 plus shipping charge of $2.00

PGS Queries- SURNAME INDEX - created from Queries the PGS has received since this website was created in 2006 and where the researchers have given permission for us to use their Surnames being researched, their names, and e-mail addresses in hopes that others researching the same SURNAMES will contact them.  We hope many long-lost cousins will be reunited with this index!

To include your SURNAMES on this PGS Queries Surname index, please send an e-mail to

Kewaunee County:  Military - Civil War Vet Index (complete):

 Hard Copy Sold Out -  Kewaunee County Civil War Veterans Alphabetical Index available on this PGS Website as a PDF File -(viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader). 

Just to the South of Door County and making up part of the Peninsula here is Kewaunee County.  Many people there are related to Door County families.  This is an alphabetical index of Surnames of the Veterans of the Civil War from Kewaunee County Wisconsin.  The index includes Full names, their Units, Rank & Company, the date they began their service, the date they completed service or were deceased, and miscellaneous information regarding transfers, wounds, deaths, desertions, and discharges when applicable.  We hope this Kewaunee Co. Civil War Veterans Index will be of help to you! 


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