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Ferry between Menominee MI and Door Co.- sunk 3 Oct 1903

& Freeman E. THORP who perished on her

updated 26 Apr 2011

"While adding the Photo Survey sent to the PGS on 25 Apr 2011 by Nikkie HOWARD of the Town of Gibraltar-Pioneer/Thorp Cemetery stones, the stone for Freeman E. THORP had the following information that was difficult to read: "Perished by the sinking of the steamer Erie L. HACKLEY Oct 3, 1903".  The name for the ship was listed differently in the 1977 index (Erie L. HACKLET) and as I told my husband, Bob, what the stone said he remembered an article he had just read in "Door County Magazine"-Spring 2011 edition about the Steamer Erie L. HACKLEY's demise (see ).  Another PGS Serendipity!"-Sue HOHNEKE, PGS Webmaster (26 Apr 2011).

Our thanks to "Door County Magazine" and author Pattie PODGERS for writing the great article: "Peninsula Connection-Opposite Sides of Green Bay Have Shared Prosperity and Tragedy" that have helped fill in the blanks regarding the death of Pioneer/Thorp Cemetery's Freeman E. THORP. The following picture's source was the Door County Maritime Museum.  Below you will find the history of the sinking of the Eric L. HACKLEY.



Above:  LEFT: Stone for Freeman E. THORP, contributed by Nikkie HOWARD (25 Apr 2011) - RIGHT: picture of the Steamer Erie L. HACKLEY, Door County Maritime Museum-"Door  County Magazine" Spring 2011 issue.

"The Erie L. HACKLEY was one of several ship lines that performed regular 'runs' between the various Door County ports and Menominee.  Owned and operated by Four Fish Creek men, the HACKLEY provided a transportation service for the transport of passengers and freight.

On the evening of October 3, 1903, the HACKLEY was returning from Menominee when a squall blew just as the ship rounded Green Island, five miles from the shoreline.  Within minutes the storm entrapped the vessel and she plummeted 115 feet to the bottom of the bay.  Of the 19 crew and passengers, 11 perished that night, all of them Fish Creek residents.  The tragedy was shared by communities on both shores."

-by Patty PODGERS-"Peninsula Connections, Opposite Sides of Green Bay Have Shared Prosperity and Tragedy"-"Door County Magazine"-Spring 2011 issue.


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