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The George Fox Family

Kindly written and submitted by Mike Fox

The George Fox family settled in Pierce County sometime around 1885.  George Fox's parents were Michael and Appolonia Fuchs.  They came from Bavaria in 1852, settling in Jefferson County, WI, in the Sullivan area.  George Fox was born in Sullivan WI on 21 November 1852.  He met his wife, Katherin Dvorak in Sullivan and they were married in Watertown on 23 November 1880.  Then around 1885, because most of Katherine's family had moved to Pierce County, George and Katherine bought a small farm in River Falls Township.  They lived and worked here until 1920 when they rented the farm to Joe Gregor on shares and moved to Rice Lake, WI.  George came back in 1921 to help with the threshing.  He fell on the separator and bruised his lungs causing "galloping consumption", of which he was thought to have died, but his death certificate listed the cause of death as Tuberculosis, 14 July 1922.

George and Katherine Fox had 5 children.  They were:  Mary, b. January 1881, d. November 1955; John, b. July 1883, d. March 1930; George, Jr., b. January 1886, d. June 1969; Katherine, b. May 1891, d. about 1947 and Laura, b. July 1894, d. April 1965.

John Michael Fox was my great-grandfather.  He married Stella Kaezor at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Big River, WI on November 24, 1908.  They bought a farm in the Donegal section of River Falls Township and lived there for about 8 years.  In 1916 they bought a farming Ellsworth Township just outside the village of Beldenville on the Trimbelle Township line.  The house is still there today, but the barn is long gone.  Many of my fox relatives spent summers at Stella's.  John Fox passed away at home on March 14, 1930 after a short illness, possibly pneumonia, caused by a fall down a set of stairs.

John and Stella had 6 children.  They were:  Rose (Peterson/Penny), b. Jun 1910; Edith (Stotka), b. July 1911, d.?; Leonard (Bud), b. February 1913, d. January 1973 (my grandfather); Clara, b. October 1914, d. April 1915; Lucille (Tootie), b. November 1924, d. about 1965; Katherine (Buck), b. Feb, 192?.

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