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The Scrichfield Family

submitted by Debbie Barrett

In the 1870s a brother, Johnson Scrichfield and his sister, Arminda Wilson moved their families from Crawford Co., IL to Spring Lake Township, Pierce Co., WI.  They were the children of David Scrutchfield and Malinda Vest who were married in Washington Co., IN in 1828.  David and Malinda moved their large family to Crawford Co., IL in 1850.  Their children were:  Johnson, b. March 1828, Isaac b. ca. 1830; Minerva b. ca. 1833; Arminda b. September 1836; Solomon b ca. 1837; Henry b. ca. 1841; Andrew b. ca. 1843; Martin b. ca. 1847 and David b. ca. 1850.

David died 8 Oct. 1856 in Crawford Co. where his estate was probated.  Malinda was already deceased by this time, when I don't know.  Both were born ca. 1807, he in PA and she in IN according to the 1850 census.

Johnson married Elizabeth Sanders, d/o Nathan on 9 Jan 1851.  Isaac married Rhoda Waldrop on 19 Sep. 1850.  Minerva married 1) Rheunny Yates on 5 Mar 1857, they were apparently divorced later that year and then married 2) Wm. E. Wilkinson on 15 Mar 1860.  Arminda married 1) Rheunny Yates (after her sister divorced him) and he died prior to 14 July 1860 when his estate was probated.  She then married 2) Frederick/Shedric Wilson sometime prior to 1863 when they began having children.

Henry and Solomon both served with the 32nd IL Infantry, Co. K in the Civil War and after that I have not been able to locate them.  After Minerva married Wilkinson, they left the county and have not been found yet.  David, after his parent's death went to live with the family of Isaac Ogden and is not found after 1860, Andrew is in his father's probate record of 1856, but nothing after and Martin does not appear after the 1850 census, as he would only have been 6 when his father died and should have been listed with the minor children in the estate record I can only assume he died prior to 1856.

Johnson had the following children: Albert, John, Robert, Jane, William

Isaac had the following children: Elizabeth b. ca. 1856, Minda b. ca. 1860

Isaac's wife and children are missing by the 1870 Crawford Co., IL census.  Only he remains.

Arminda had the following children:

By Rheunny Yates she had:  Mary Ellen Yates b. Nov. 14, 1858 d. 26 Oct 1902

By Shedric Wilson she had: George L., William Johnson, Willie J., Robert

Arminda and Johnson were in Pierce County prior to 9 December 1876 when Mary Ellen Yates married Sylvenus Freeman Britton in Spring Lake.

Johnson and his family remained in Pierce County (he received the deed to his property in 1878 having first complied with the conditions of the Homestead Act) while Arminda and Shedric moved on to Drywood Township, Bourbon Co. KS sometime between 1880 and 1897.  Both Arminda and Shedric died there between 1900 and 1910. I have been unable to locate graves, obituaries or death certificates for either.  The cemetery they are probably buried in has seen rough treatment over the years and many of the tombstones are missing.

Johnson d.  1904 and Elizabeth, his wife died in 1898.  Both, along with several of their children are buried in the Oak Ridge (Reeds) Cemetery in Spring Lake Township.

This name has many variations including:  Scrutchfield, Scruchfield, Scritchfield, Crutchfield, Critchfield, Scritchfeald, Cruchfield, Crichfield, Crihfield, Scotchfield and Scuthfield, just to list the ones I have found to date.

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