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Index to the "History of the St. Croix Valley"

by Augustus B. Easton
published 1909

Photocopied for the Pierce County WIGenWeb project by Heidi Nelson of Frederic, Wisconsin!

For an every name index to this book, pages 485-697 (the section of Pierce County), please click here.

The St. Croix Valley Genealogical Society has an index for both volumes of this work which
they sell for $9.00 per book.  It is 56 pages long (four columns per page) and contains
every name in the two volumes.  If you would be interested in purchasing, please visit
the St. Croix Valley Genealogical Society website by clicking on the link.


         Page #                                             Content                                          Persons Mentioned

Title Page
Page 485 Chapter XXXV-Early County History Various
Page 486 ditto ditto
Page 487 ditto ditto
Page 488 ditto ditto
Page 489 ditto ditto
Page 490 ditto ditto
Page 491 ditto ditto
Page 492 ditto ditto
Page 493 ditto ditto
Page 494 ditto ditto
Page 495 ditto ditto
Page 496 ditto ditto
Page 497 ditto ditto
Page 498 ditto ditto
Page 499 ditto ditto
Page 500 ditto ditto
Page 501 ditto ditto
Page 502 ditto ditto
Page 503 ditto ditto
Page 504 Chapter XXXVI-Clifton Township-Diamond Bluff-Ellsworth Village-Ellsworth Township ditto
Page 505 ditto Biography-William Allen Caldwell
                James S. Chesebro
Page 506 ditto Biography-John N. Chinnock
                Steven P. Clark
Page 507 ditto Biography-John S. Copley
                Ferdinand Eckstein
Page 508 ditto Biography-George A. Fillbach
                William L. Goodwin
Page 509 ditto Biography-Ephraim Harnsberger
                Timothy M. Manion
Page 510 ditto Biography-Frank A. Marshall
                Charles H. Moyer
Page 511 ditto Biography-George W. McMurphy
                Osborne Strahl
                Jacob Rissue
                Alfred Henning Younggren
Page 512 ditto Biography-Julius R. Zell
Page 513 ditto Biography-William Bourgholtzer
Page 514 ditto Biography-Edmund P. Burke
                Thomas W. Hope
Page 515 ditto Biography-Thomas W. Hope, cont.
Page 516 ditto Biography-George Wellington Hope
                Ruth Ann Hope
                David Young Wethern
Page 517 ditto Biography-Timothy McCue
                Michael McCue
Page 518 ditto Biography-Joseph Russell Niles
Page 519 ditto Biography-D.N. Wethern
Page 520 ditto Biography-D.N. Wethern, cont.
Picture of John T. Bowers
Page 521   Biography-John Thomas Bowers
Page 522   Biography-John T. Bowers, Cont.
                 Richard L. Canfield
Picture of A. Combacker    
Page 523   Biography-Richard Canfield, cont.
                A. Combacker
Page 524   Biography-A. Combacker, cont.
               George W. Cairns
Picture of George W. Cairns    
Page 525   Biography-George W. Cairns, cont.
Page 526   Biography-Cornelius Fenton
                Charles E. Glass
Page 527   Biography-Charles E. Glass, cont.
                Oluff O. Halls
Page 528   Biography-Oluff O. Halls, cont.
                Richard S. Hansen
                Charles M. Hansen
Picture of J.W. Hancock    
Page 529   Biography-Charles Hansen, cont.
                Joseph W. Hancock
Page 530   Biography-Joseph W. Hancock, cont.
Picture of Ole J. Hohle    
Page 531   Biography-Ole J. Hohle
                Dr. E. R. Holliday
Page 532   Biography-Dr. E .R. Holliday, cont.
                Anthony Huddleston
                Alexander J. Mumford
Picture of Jackson Mumford    
Page 533   Biography-Alexander Mumford, cont.
                John Noll
Page 534   Biography-John Noll, cont.
                James S. Roatch
Picture of Robert S. Rolson    
Page 535   Biography-James Roatch, cont.
                Perry D. Pierce
                Robert S. Rolson
Page 536   Biography-Robert Rolson, cont.
                Lafayette G. Spinney
Picture of Lafayette G. Spinney    
Picture of Selah Strickland    
Page 537   Biography-L. G. Spinney, cont.
                Selah, Strickland
Page 538   Biography-Selah Strickland, cont.
                George Thompson
                Hon. Hans B. Warner
Picture of George Thompson    
Picture of Hans B. Warner    
Page 539   Biography-H.B. Warner, cont.
                Henry G. Wood
Page 540 Ellsworth Township Biography-Henry G. Wood, cont.
Page 541   Biography-Rasmus Hansen
Page 542   Biography-Rasmus Hansen
                Martin Hansen
Page 543   Biography-Jacob Knorth
               Michael Langhbein
Page 544   Biography-Michael Langhbein, cont.
                James F. Mason
Page 545   Biography-James F. Mason, cont.
                Edward Murphy
Page 546   Biography-James Murphy
               Charles L. Peterson
Page 547   Biography-Charles Peterson, cont.
Page 548 Chapter XXXVII - El Paso Township &
Village - Gilman Township - Hartland
Township - Isabelle Township - Bay
City Village - Martell Township -
Maiden Rock Township -& Village -
Oak Grove Township - Prescott City 
Biography-Frank Hines
Page 549   Biography-Frank Hines, cont.
               John M. Johnson
Page 550   Biography-John M. Johnson, cont.
                Halvor L. Place
Page 551   Biography-Halvor L. Place, cont.
                Lewis H. Place
                Ole O. Steen
Page 552 Gilman Township Biography-Ole O. Steen, cont.
                August F. Bliesner
Page 553 Hartland Township Biography-August F. Bliesner, cont.
Page 554 Esdaile Township Biography-James F. Adams
Picture of James F. Adams    
Page 555   Biography-James F. Adams, cont.
                Albert Barkuloo
                Thomas S. Gilmore
Page 556   Biography-Thomas S. Gilmore, cont.
Page 557   Biography-Peter L. Place
                Charles F. Vance
Page 558   Biography-Charles F. Vance, cont.
                Jacob Weghorn
Page 559 Isabelle Township Biography-Jacob Weghorn, cont.
Page 560   Biography-Charles R. Tyler
                Clarence R. Tyler
Page 561   Biography-Clarence R. Tyler, cont.
                Richard H. Dodge
Page 562 Martell Township Biography-Richard H. Dodge, cont.
                John P. Asterud
Page 563   Biography-John P. Asterud, cont.
Page 564   Biography-Albert S. Barg
                Gilbert Forseth
Page 565   Biography-Gilbert Forseth, cont.
                Svenung Halvorson
Page 566   Biography-Svenung Halvorson, cont.
                Edward Husfloen
                Iver B. Iverson
Page 567   Biography-Iver B. Iverson, cont.
               Peter L. Jenson
               Dr. Allen N. Kerr
Page 568   Biography-Dr. Allen N. Kerr, cont.
                Oscar M. Lundgaard
Page 569   Biography-Oscar Lundgaard, cont.
                Hogen Osen
                Amund Peterson
Page 570   Biography-Amund Peterson, cont.
               Stener Thorson
Page 571   Biography-Stener Thorson, cont.
                Swend T. Winger
Page 572 Maiden Rock Township Biography-Swend T. Winger, cont.
Page 573   Biography-George T. Heslin
Page 574   Biography-George T. Heslin, cont.
                Wharton D. Little
                John P. Olson
Page 575   Biography-John P. Olson, cont.
                A.S. Otis
Page 576   Biography-A.S. Otis, cont.
               Sen. W.C. Owen
               F.M. White
Page 577 Oak Grove Township Biography-F.M. White, cont.
Page 578 Evangelical St. John's Church Biography-Frederick Endorf
Page 579   Biography-Frederick Endorf, cont.
                John Murphy
                Michael Rock
Page 580   Biography-Michael Rock, cont.
               Henry Weyh
Page 581 Prescott City Biography-Henry Weyh, cont.
               William August Weyh
Page 582 ditto various
Page 583 ditto various
Page 584 ditto Biography-Philander Prescott
                Jesse S. Field
Picture of Jesse S. Field    
Page 585   Biography-Jesse S. Field, cont.
               Oliver C. Hollister
Page 586   Biography-Oliver C. Hollister, cont.
                Joseph Spencer White
Page 587   Biography-Joseph White, cont.
Page 588 Chapter XXXVIII-River Falls City -
River Falls Township
Page 589 ditto ditto
Page 590 ditto ditto
Page 591 ditto ditto
Page 592 ditto ditto
Page 593 ditto ditto
Page 594 ditto Biography-A.D. Andrews M.D.     
Page 595   Biography-A.D. Andrews, cont.
               John Carruthers
               Arthur E. Chapman
Page 596   Biography-Arthur Chapman, cont.
               Elbridge H. Currier
Page 597   Biography-Elbridge Currier, cont.
                Stephen Claggett
Page 598   Biography-Stephen Claggett, cont.
                John T. Deans
Page 599   Biography-John T. Deans, cont.
               Sumner D. Dodge
Page 600   Biography-Sumner Dodge, cont.
Page 601   Biography-Sumner Dodge, cont.
                Beldon R. Eaton
Page 602   Biography-Beldon Eaton, cont.
                Gilbert Ewart
Page 603   Biography-Gilbert Ewart, cont.
                George Fortune
Page 604   Biography-George Fortune, cont.
                Dr. Glenn D. Gallup
                Charles H. George
Page 605   Biography-Charles George, cont.
                A.E. Gendron, M.D.
Page 606   Biography-A.E. Gendron, cont.
               Cyrus C. Glass
Page 607   Biography-Walter Glass
                Jay H. Grimm
Page 608   Biography-Jay H. Grimm, cont.
               Thomas M.E. Hamilton
Page 609   Biography-Thomas Hamilton, cont.
                Christopher Glerup Naskau
Page 610   Biography-Christopher Heyerdahl, cont.
                Nels Heyerdahl
                Rasmus N. Jenson
Page 611   Biography-Rasmus Jenson, cont.
                L.D. Morgan
Page 612   Biography-L.D. Morgan, cont.
                Abner Morse
Page 613   Biography-Abner Morse, cont.
                Calvin Randall Morse
Page 614   Biography-Calvin Morse, cont.
                William M. Newcomb
Page 615   Biography-William Newcomb, cont.
                George W. Nichols
                Charles D. Parker
Page 616   Biography-Charles Parker, cont.
Page 617   Biography-Charles Parker, cont.
Page 618   Biography-Luke H. Pomeroy
Page 619   Biography-Luke Pomeroy, cont.
                Powell Family
                Oliver S. Powell
Page 620   Biography-Oliver Powell, cont.
Page 621   Biography-Oliver Powell, cont.
                Nathaniel N. Powell
Page 622   Biography-Nathaniel Powell, cont.
                William D. Purves
Picture of W.D. Purves    
Page 623   Biography-William D. Purves, cont.
               M.A. Shepard
               Joseph A. Short
Page 624   Biography-Joseph Short, cont.
                George T. Smith
                Joseph Stephens
Page 625   Biography-Joseph Stephens, cont.
Page 626   Biography-Joseph Stephens, cont.
               Thomas W. Tait
Page 627   Biography-Thomas Tait, cont.
                N.A. Thelander
Page 628   Biography-N.A. Thelander, cont.
               Allen H. Weld
Page 629   Biography-Allen H. Weld, cont.
Page 630   Biography-Allen H. Weld, cont.
               Allen P. Weld
Picture of A.P. Weld    
Page 631   Biography-Allen P. Weld, cont.
               Martin Welker
Page 632   Biography-Martin Welker, cont.
               F.M. White
Page 633   Biography-F.M. White, cont.
               Hans N. Wiger
Page 634   Biography-Hans N. Wiger, cont.
                Chris N. Wiger
Page 635   Biography-Chris N. Wiger, cont.
                I.A. Williams
                John W. Winn
Page 636 River Falls Township Biography-John W. Winn, cont.
Page 637   Biography-J.P. Adams
               Frank G. Baird
Page 638   Biography-Frank G. Baird, cont.
               George M. Bredahl
Page 639   Biography-George M. Bredahl, cont.
                Thomas C. Browell
Page 640   Biography-Thomas Browell, cont.
                Valentine A. Bunce
                Mrs. Rachel Cass
Page 641 Volume II Biography-John Clifford
               Charled Dopkins
Page 642   Biography-Charles Dopkins, cont.
                John W. Ellis
                Truman T. Glass
                Philip A. Glass
                Lyman & Ezra Healy
Page 643   Biography-L & E. Healy, cont.
Page 644   Biography-L. & E. Healy, cont.
               James B. Hunt
Page 645   Biography-James B. Hunt, cont.
               Thomas Cornelius Lauder
Page 646   Biography-T. Lauder, cont.
                William Lovell
                Manuel B. Robey
Page 647   Biography-Manuel Robey, cont.
               Sherman R. Staples
               Howard S. Staples
               Robert R. Staples
               Ransom S. Wilcox
Page 648   Biography-Ransom Wilcox, cont.
               Samuel Wesley Williams
Page 649   Biography-Samuel Williams, cont.
Page 650   Biography-Samuel Williams, cont.
Page 651 Chapter XXXIX - Rock Elm Township-
Salem Township-Spring Lake
Township-Spring Valley Village-
Trenton Township-Hager City-
Trimbelle Township-Union Township-
Plum City Village
Biography-William Orville Fedderly
Page 652   Biography-William Fedderly, cont.
               Albert Holcomb
               David Rice
Page 653   Biography-David Rice, cont.
               Ira J. Smith
Page 654 Salem Township Biography-John W. Springstead
Page 655 Salem Township, cont.
Spring Lake Township
Biography-William P. Beardsley
Page 656   Biography-William Beardsley, cont.
               E.R. Blaisdell
               Sylvester M. Cooke
Page 657   Biography-Sylvester M. Cooke, cont.
                Orin W. Groot
Page 658   Biography-Orin W. Groot, cont.
               William N. Howard
Page 659   Biography-William N. Howard, cont.
                Ole Peterson
               Harvey M. Preston, Sr.
Page 660   Biography-Harvey Preston, cont.
Page 661 Spring Valley Biography-Harvey Preston, cont.
               Gilbert Waller
Page 662   Biography-Elijah Blaisdell
Page 663   Biography-Elijah Blaisdell, cont.
               Henry B. Bliesner
               Edward L. Burghardt
Page 664   Biography-Edward Burghardt, cont.
               Thomas M. Casey
Page 665   Biography-Thomas Casey, cont.
                Sylvester J. Fox
Page 666   Biography-Sylvester Fox, cont.
               John A. Martin
               Harvey B. Morrow
Page 667   Biography-Harvey Morrow, cont.
               Harry J. Park
Page 668   Biography-Harry Park, cont.
                Jacob H. Smith
Page 669   Biography-Jacob Smith, cont.
               David L. White
Page 670 Trenton Township
Hager City
Biography-David White, cont.
                Henry L. Curry
Page 671   Biography-Henry Curry, cont.
               Charles Frederick Eneroth
Page 672 Trimbelle Township Biography-Charles Eneroth, cont.
Page 673 ditto various
Page 674 ditto Biography-George Anderson
Page 675   Biography-George Anderson, cont.
                Andrew Beardsley
Page 676   Biography-Andrew Beardsley, cont.
               John T. Beddell
Page 677   Biography-John T. Beddell, cont.
                James Cope
Page 678   Biography-James Cope, cont.
               John W. Cornelison
Picture of J.W. Cornelison    
Picture of Aaron Cornelison    
Page 679   Biography-John Cornelison, cont.
Page 680   Biography-John Cornelison, cont.
               Michael F. Harris
Page 681   Biography-Michael Harris, cont.
               F.W. Haverlandt
Page 682   Biography-F.W. Haverlandt, cont.
               Lars Larson
Picture of Lars Larson    
Page 683   Biography-Lars Larson, cont.
               Jonathan M. Locke, Sr.
Page 684   Biography-John Locke, cont.
               Frank McLaughlin
Page 685   Biography-Frank McLaughlin, cont.
               Joseph W. Maier
Page 686   Biography-Joseph Maier, cont.
               Michael Nugent
               Charles F. Ottman
Page 687   Biography-Charles Ottman, cont.
                Ephraim Severance
Page 688   Biography-Ephraim Severance, cont.
                Fred A. Severance
Page 689   Biography-Fred Severance, cont.
                Lewis Sperry
               Jesse L. Tabor
Page 690   Biography-Jesse Tabor, cont.
               Clark M. Williams
Page 691 Union Township
Plum City
Biography-Clark Williams, cont.
                Joseph Edwin Britton
Page 692   Biography-Joseph Britton, cont.
                Inglebright Bundlie
Page 693   Biography-Inglebright Bundlie, cont.
               Jacob Hellmueller
               Albert Ingli
Page 694   Biography-Albert Ingli, cont.
               Lewis H. Leach
Page 695   Biography-Lester Marsh
               Arthur W. Ogilvie
Page 696   Biography-Arthur Ogilvie, cont.
               August Schwedes
Page 697   Biography-August Schwedes, cont.

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Note:  This book has approximately 200+  pages (not including photos) related to Pierce County, it's history and early settlers.  Because of it's size I am unable to type it word for word.  Due to this fact, I have scanned the images and compressed them for easier loading and viewing.  They are clearly legible, but a bit fuzzy, this is NOT your eyes!  The main index here will contain an index of all the biographies contained in the book to aid you in easily finding references to the people outlined.  When it says various, there are references to many people per page as to their role in the history of Pierce County.

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