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Polk County Surnames

To submit surnames you are researching in Polk County, please e-mail me with the surname, your name and e-mail address and the township or other details. Please place POLK CO. SURNAMES in the subject line of your message. Surnames will usually be posted within a week.

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Surname Researcher Township or Other Details
Anderson Greg Lyons   
Anderson John R. Peterson Balsam Lake (See Query)
Anderson Norma Bladow Norma Bladow looking for information on GUSTAV ADOLPH ANDERSON married to HEDVIG KAROLINA SALL, lived on a farm near Clayton, Wisc. They are buried in the church cemetery of Immanuel Lutheran Church rural Clayton. See Query
Armstrong Greg Lyons   
Armstrong Jill Olney (See Query)
Babcock Talma Klaassen  
Benson/Bengtson Fred Josephson Clear Lake -Rose Turcotte and Charles Benson were my maternal grandparents.
Braden Maureen MacDonald (See Query)
Greg Lyons  
Champeau Steve Champeau (See Query)
Comer Judy Comer-Schultz Family of William Peter Comer looking for relatives of William Comer, who first bought land in Polk Co in 1859. The Peter Comer's, from whom we descend, lived in Juneau Co - we believe Peter and William to be brothers. 
Crowley Greg Lyons   
Dudczak Mary Scott Kurth Township of Blackbrook
Endicott John Chalmers Wolf Creek
Engel John Engel Clear Lake (see Query)
Evenson Roxanne White  
Fathke Donald Dean Fathke Osceola
Flanum Roxanne White  
Fox Greg Lyons   
Goodell Arnold Goodell  
Gray Sharon Gray Gray, CHARLES W. (Wyman) b. 30 Nov 1880 in Clear Lake Wisconsin. 
Gudmanson Greg Lyons   
Hall Mary Scott Kurth Township of Blackbrook
Havens Jill Olney (See Queries)
Herold Ann Jungbauer Osceola/Farmington 1853-present
Hoag Arnold Goodell  
Holmes George Holmes  
Johnson Ronald Olson  
Jones Meg Lambalot Clear Lake or Black Brook 1880's
Jorgensen Sharlene Evans (Olson)  Christ Jorgensen and Ruth Jorgensen (Peterson) they lived in Luck. Ruth's parents were named Laurits and Anna Marie. 
Josephson Roxanne White  
Kennedy Kenneth J. Matheson  
Kennedy Gloria Richardson  
Kittle Talma Klaassen  
Krenz Gary Williams  Jacob Krenz arrived at Farmington from Prussia and married Wilhelmina Schwanke of Stillwater, MN in 1868.
Larson JoLeen Randolph  
Linton Sharlene Evans (Olson)   
Lowe Chuck Rose  
McKee Jan Kerrick McKee Resided in area 1880 to 1895?
Melin George Holmes Balsam Lake (See Query)
Mitchell Eleanor Mitchell Frederic (See Query)
Moberg Debbie Boaz Looking for any information on John E. MOBERG and wife Severina J. MALBURG MOBERG. John born Apr. 1859 Sweden, Severina born Mar. 1859 Sweden. Married abt 1855 in U.S. Also need info on children: Ginnie born Sept. 1888, Robert born Dec. 1891, and two other children who possibly died before 1900. They lived in or near Clear Lake, Polk County, PA. John was a diary farmer(1900 census). Severina had siblings in Elk County, PA. 
Munson Tonja Lund  
Nelson John Engel Clear Lake (See Queries)
Olson Sharlene Evans (Olson)  Oscar Olson and Frances Olson (Linton) they lived in St. Croix Falls. Oscar's parents were named Andrew and Emma. Frances's parents were named James and
Clara E. 
Peterson Greg Lyons   
Peterson Sharlene Evans (Olson)   
Samuel(s) Kathy Redd Capt. Maurice M. Samuel (also called Samuels) resided Balsam Lake and St.Croix Falls 1840-1864(approx.). Married to Chippewa wife. Trader. First Regiment Infantry Company F under John Starkweather. 
Scott Mary Scott Kurth Township of Blackbrook
Scovill Chuck Rose  
Shaffner Jerry Shaffner  
Stoltz Greg Lyons   
Turcotte Fred Josephson Turtle Lake -Rose Turcotte and Charles Benson were my maternal grandparents.
Wennerstrom Tonja Lund  
Whitmer Chris Petersen  Clear Lake, WI - David Whitmer and descendents
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