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Portage County Contributors
to "A Few Good Men of Wisconsin, 1878"

Town of Amherst

Allington, Horace E.
Amherst Jct., Merchant, born Mass., came Wis. 1855

Barton, D. A.
Sec. 21, Amherst Vil., Saloon, born New York, came Wis. 1858

Calkins, Jackson
Sec. 17, Amherst Jct., Farmer, born Mass., came Wis. 1829.

Cate, G. W.,
Sec. 16, Member Congress and Lawyer, born Vermont, came Wis. 1844, office Stevens Point.

Fleming, Wm. V .
Sec. 27, Farmer, born Trenton, New Jersy, came Wis. 1844, Amherst P.O.

Smith, A. J.
Sec. 17, Amherst Jct., Saloon Keeper, born New York, came Wis. 1865.

Wells, C. S.
Sect. 17, Amherst Jct., Telegraph Operator, born New York, came Wis. 1861.

Town of Linwood

Mechan, P. and J.
Sec. 23, Lumbermen, born Canada, came Wis. 1854, Stevens Point P.O.

Town of Plover

Alban, S. C.
Plover, Teacher, born Ohio, came Wis. 1861, Buena Vista P.O.

Harbaugh, E. A. C.
Farmer, born Portage Co., Wis., Plover P.O.

Sherman, S. A.
Sec. 16, Farmer and Lumberman, born Mass., came Wis. 1848, Plover P.O.

Stevens Point City

Babcock, O. W.
Engineer, born Livingston Co., New York, came Wis. 1874.

Copps, E. M.
Lumber Dealer, born Franklin Co., New York, came Wis. 1856.

Dodge, A. F.
Shingle Mill, born St. Clair Co., Michigan, came Wis. 1864.

Eaton, A.
Attorney at Law, born N. Y., came Wis. 1856.

Heil, Constatine
Tannery and Harness Store, born Germany, came Wis. 1858.

Lee, H. W.
Attorney at Law, born St. Lawrence Co., New York, came Wis. 1851.

Owens, E. C.
Shingle Mill, born Wales, came Wis. 1850.

Packard, W. H.
Attorney at Law, born N.Y., came Wis. 1839.

Park, Gilbert L.
Circuit Judge, 7th Circuit, Cayuga Co., New York, came Wis. 1855.

Raymond, J. O.
Attorney at Law, born Chenango, NY, cmae Wis. 1855.

Williams and Russell
Sec. 2, Farmers and Lumberman, born Maine, came Wis. 1860, Junction P.O.

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