Portage County 1915 Atlas
Name Index
Township Land Owners

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Name Township Location Section
Quam, Oscar New Hope, NW quarter section 16
Quimby, Chas. Lanark NW quarter section 9
Quimby, L. F. Pine Grove, SE quarter section 35
Quimby, L. L. Pine Grove, SE quarter section 36
Quimby, M. Pine Grove, SE quarter section 36
Quinn, Henry Amherst, NE quarter section 13
Quinn, Henry Amherst, SE quarter section 24
Quinnel, E. Carson R6 SE quarter section 34
Quisla, Mrs. O. P. Alban, NE quarter, section 10, 15
Quisla, O. Alban, NE quarter, section 3

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