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Burlington Township Biographical Sketches

As published in "The History of Racine and Kenosha Counties" (Chicago: 1879), pages 634-653

MATHIAS ALBRECHT, farmer, Sec. 17; P. O. Burlington; born in Wurtemburg, Germany, in 1834; came to Burlington Township, Wis., in 1847; immediately on his arrival here he commenced farming, which occupation he has been industriously following ever since; married, January, 1860, in Burlington, Miss Mary Fay, who was born in Wisconsin in 1842; they have one child, Abraham; Mr. Albrecht owns sixty acres of improved land; members of the Burlington Catholic Church.

FRANK ALTHOFF, farmer, Sec. 2; P. O. Burlington; born in Westphalia, Germany, July 3, 1846; he came to Wisconsin with his parents in 1854; they located in Wheatland, and engageed at farming; in 1856 they bought a farm, on which they worked till 1864, and then moved to Alliance Township, Walworth Co.; purchased a farm and lived there until 1872; his parents, Henry and Catharine Althoff, then moved to the village of Burlington, where they are at present residing; Frank married in May, 1869, Miss Anna Suer, who was born in February, 1854; they have three children-Henry, born in February, 1870; Mary, February, 1872; Joseph, February, 1874; in 1870 Frank left his parents and bought the farm of sixty-two acres of land on which he is now living, and has well improved it.

FRANCIS BANKES, farmer, Sec. 21: P. O. Burlington; born in Yorkshire, England, in 1840, and came with his parents, in 1852, to Racine County; located in Mount Pleasant, and lived there till 1868; he then left his father on the farm in Mount Pleasant, and came to Burlington and bought 192 acres of land in Section 21, with residence and barns and all improvements; he married in Mount Pleasant, in 1863, Sarah Smith, and has one child, Thomas W.; he raises hogs, cattle and small grain on his farm.

EDWARD BARRETT, farmer Sec. 24; P. O. Burlington; he was born in County Cork, Ireland, in November, 1821; he came to Wisconsin in October, 1849, and settled in Burlington Township, where he was employed by P. M. Perkins as a farm hand; he remained with Perkins til 1855: Mr. Barrett then bought the farm on which he is now living; he married, April, 1853, Miss Mary Berry, who was born in County Cork, Ireland, in 1833; they have had eight children, seven now living -- Julia, born July, 1856 ; Mary, April, 1858 ; Thomas, October, 1859; Ellen, April, 1862; Catherine, January, 1864 ; Edward, August, 1865; William, March, 1871; Mr. Barrett has been Pathmaster for a number of years; he owns 120 acres of fine land, well improved; members of the Wheatland Catholic Church.

PETER BAUMANN, farmer, Sec. 24; P. O. Burlington; born in Baden, Germany, in 1835; came to Burlington direct in 1854; his father bought 120 acres of land in Sections 24 and 25, and built the house and barns on it; his father died in Burlington in 1871 his mother died in Burlington in 1857; before his father died, Peter bought the 120 acres owned by his father, and also bought eighty acres more in Section 25, which he afterward sold, keeping only 120 acres; he married in Burlington, in 1866, Dina Greibel, and has five children -- William J., George P., Anthony, Bruno and Leo, all living at home with their parents.

JOHN BAXTER, farmer; P. O. Burlington; was born in Wales in 1808, and came to America in 1848; located near Utica, N. Y., and was employed as spinner in a flannel manufactory; came to Wisconsin in 1859, and located in Burlington; since his residence here he has been engaged in farming; was School Clerk for two years in his district; when he came to America he was a poor man, but since then, by economy and industry, he has gained a competence; has a fine farm of 122 acres, and a handsome residence in the village of Burlington; he married in 1828; his wife was a native of Wales; she died in 1839; they had four children, two now living; he married again, Sept. 8, 1842; his present wife was also born in Wales. Mr. and Mrs. Baxter are members of the Baptist Church.

ELLIOTT C. BENSON, livery stable, Burlington; born in Ohio, in 1827; came to Wisconsin in 1839; located at Kenosha, remaining one year, then going to Paris, he remained one year; then moved to Brighton with his father, and took up a tract of Government land; came to Burlington in 1854. Married, in July, 1848, Miss Elizabeth Baggs, a native of England: they have had three children -- Jane (wife of Wm. Aldrich of Spring Prairie); Carrie (wife of E. D. Perkins) ; and Emma. Members of the Presbyterian Church. Mr. Benson is a Republican.

FREDERICK BIERKNER, farmer, Sec. 20; P. O., Burlington - born in Zorbig, Saxony, in 1809; came to Burlington in 1845, July 15th, and bought seventy acres of land in Sections 19-20; he improved it and built a residence and barns; has never married; he has his farm worked by Fred Khakafsky, who lives in the house built by Mr. Bierkner, who boards with them; Mr. Bierkner started he [sic] first tin shop in Burlington, in a building erected by himself as a residence and store.

RUFUS BILLINGS, farmer; P. O., Burlington; born in Somers, Tolland Co., Conn., in 1803; when he was 21 years old he went to Utica, N. Y., and stayed there four years; then he went to Trenton Falls, Ooeida Co., N. Y., where he remained six years. He married, in Ludlow, Mass., Oct. 4, 1830, Sarah Fuller; they had two children -- Rufas M., born in Trenton Falls, Sept. 7, 1833; Levi J., in Trenton Falls, Nov. 28, 1835. On the 1st day of November, 1836, they landed at Milwaukee; went from there to Gardner's Prairie, in Walworth County, where he located and took up a half section of Government land; he built a large frame house, improved the land, and lived there till April, 1866, and then came to the town of Burlington and boaght the property he now lives on, two large lots with residence, barns, etc., in the center of the village of Burlington; in 1869 he sold his property in Gardner's Prairie. They had two other children born in Walworth County -- Sarah F., born. May 26, 1838, Amelia, Jan. 17, 1850. Sarah married Hiram T. Sharp, and now resides in Atlantic, Iowa; Amelia died May 11, 1853, and was buried in Walworth County; Rufus M. married Julia E. Bacon, and lives in Spring Prairie, Walworth County; Levi J. married Leora L. Washburn, and lives in Green Bay, Wis., practicing law; have one child; he enlisted, and was appointed Lieutenant in the 28th Regt. Wis. V. I., and was with his regiment at the battle of Corinth, and at Memphis, Helena, and other battles; he was taken sick and was disabled at Little Rock, Ark.; was honorably discharged and came home. They are all members of the Congregational Church, of which Mr. Billings has been Deacon several years.

FRANCIS W. BLAKE, Burlington; born in Keene, N. H., in 1823; came to Spring Prairie, Walworth County, in June, 1854: bought land there and remained four years; sold out land and residence and came to Burlington, in 1858; he first bought the house and lot now owned by Mrs. Miller, and in 1862 he bought about eight acres of land just south of the Western Union R. R. depot, laid out in town lots, about two blocks with large brick residence, partly finished, which he completed and now occupies with his family. He married, at Sexton's River, Vt., in 1852, and has three children -- Francis H., Frederick and Belle. His family are members of Congregational Church.

MRS. MARTHA BOTTOMLEY, widow, Sec. 24; P. O., Burlington; the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Jessop; born in Yorkshire, England, in 1812. She married, in Yorkshire, England, Dec. 14, 1830, Edwin Bottomley, who was also born in Yorkshire, in 1809; in 1842 they came to America; arrived at Burlington Aug. 4, 1842, and located on the farm they occupy now; he bought eighty acres of Government land in Section 24, first buying the claim to it from Mr. Flint for $40 then built a small shanty, in which they lived two years; in the winter of 1843, he completed a new residence and moved into it, a large brick and frame house, with barns, etc. Mr. Bottomley died in Burlington, in 1850, and is buried here; they had seven children, six daughters and one son - Hannah, Ruth, Arnimal, Salina, Cecelia, and Mary, all married and away, except Arnimal, now living with her mother in the house they built; the son, Thomas, married Amelia Frost, of Rochester, and they also live at the homestead with Mrs. Bottomley.

HENRY BORGERT, farmer and blacksmith, Sec. 11; P. O. Burlington; born in Prussia, in April, 1815 ; came to Wisconsin in November, 1845, and located on the farm where he is now living; he is a blacksmith, and has built a shop on his premises, where he carries on the business in connection with farming. Married, in Germany, in 1841, Miss Potter; she died in 1859 ; they had four children -- Henry, Mary, August, and Margaret. Mr. Borgert married again, in July, 1860, Miss Jane Hollen; she was born in Germany, in October, 1830; they have four children -- Herman, Anna, Joseph and Christina. Members, of the Burlington Catholic Church. Owns 80 acres of land.

CHRISTIAN BOUB, farmer, Sec. 3; P. O., Burlington; he came to Burlington Township, Wis., in 1847; has engaged at farming, excepting ten years that he was in the liquor business in Burlington. He married, in Racine, in June, 1853, Miss Caroline Schieling, who was born in Pennsylvania, in 1834; they have had eight children, four are living -- William, born April, 1855; Emma, July, 1857; Charles, April, 1865 ; John, October, 1870. Mr. Boub served one year as Supervisor; he was elected Member of School Board from 1870 to 1876; also was Pathmaster from 1867 to 1875 -- eight consecutive years. He owns the building occupied now by A. Helfrich; jeweler - he also owns two beautiful residences in Burlington, occupied by Mr. Helfrich, and Mr. Stroub; also owns a farm of 120 acres of fine land situated on the Kenosha road, within two miles of Burlington, with good improvements. Members of the Burlington Methodist Church.

AUGUST BRANDES farmer, Sec. 19; P. O. Burlington; born in Germany, January, 1836. Married, in Germany, in 1860, Miss' Henrietta Lindberg, who was born there in 1842; they have had nine children -- seven now living -- Caroline, born in 1864; Henrietta, in 1865; Louisa, in 1869; Augusta, in 1872; Emma, in 1874; Minnie, in 1876; Philip, in 1879. Mr. Brandes came to Wisconsin and first located in Bloomfield Township, where he worked at farming till 1874; then removed to Wheatland Township, where he rented a farm and lived thereon till 1875; then purchased the farm of fifty acres on which he is now living, farming successfully. Members of the Roman Catholic Church.

JOHN BUSCH, JR., farmer, Sec. 23; P. O. Wheatland , born in Westphalia, Germany, in December, 1847 ; he came to Wisconsin with his parents in 1856; his father, John B., Sr., was born in Westphalia, Germany, in December, 1809. He married in Germany, Miss Gertrude Sindinghoff; they had two children -- Gertrude and John - John succeeded his father on the farm in Burlington Township, where he is now living. He married in Burlington, May 17, 1870, Miss Mary Richter, a native of Burlington Township; they have five children living, -- Henry, born in March, 1871 ; Theodore, in October, 1873; Lilly, in October, 1874; William, in October, 1876; John, in February, 1879. Mr. Busch owns 130 acres of first-rate land. Members of the Wheatland Catholic Church.

JACOB BUSCHERT, farmer, Sec. 18; P. O. Burlington; born in Buffalo, N. Y., Feb. 6, 1833 ; came to Wisconsin in October, 1842, with his parents, who located in Burlington Township, and bought a farm - he is a son of the late Aloysius Buschert, who was born in Strasburg, Germany, in April 1796; married in Germany, in October, 1825, Miss Elizabeth Trapp, born in Germany in 1803; they had nine children-seven now living--- Gregory, Agnes, Julia, Jacob, Elizabeth, Mary and Charles; the, father died in November, 1870; his wife still survives him; Charlie is the sole heir to the farm where his father lived; he is now working it successfully, and caring for his mother and sister; he owns 200 acres of land, finely improved; Jacob is the owner of the farm adjoining which consists of 120 1/2 acres of fine land, well improved. He married in Burlington village, in June, 1865, Miss Anna Stark, who was born in Westphalia, Germany, the 16th of October, 1812 ; they have bad seven children- five are living -- Frank, August, Gregory, Charlie and Elizabeth. Mr. Jacob Buschert was elected, in 1872, Director of School Board, and still holds that office. Members of the Burlington Roman Catholic Church.

BENJAMIN J. BUSHMAN, saloon and restaurant, Burlington; born in, Germany in 1844 - his parents moved to Wheatland, Kenosha Co., when he was an infant, and located there; his father, B. Bushman, bought 230 acres of land in Sections 32 and 33, built a residence and barns, and otherwise improved the land; he died there in 1878, and his wife still lives on the farm with part of her family. The son, Benjamin J., married in Wheatland, April 19, 1872, Elizabeth Brenckman, of Burlington; they have two children -- William and Albert; he moved to Burlington in 1873, and opened business in a restaurant and saloon close to the R. R. depot; owns the house he lives in and tbree lots.

DAVID BUSHNELL. farmer, Sec. 33; P. O. Burlington; he was born on the shores of Oneida Lake, Madison Co., N. Y., June 17, 1814; lived there and assisted his father on the farm till 1836, and then came to Wisconsin; stopped a very short time at Pike Creek, then wandered across the country prospecting till he arrived at the lower forks of Fox River; he located within one mile of village of Burlington; engaged at farming built a wigwam, in which he lived for a few years; Mr. Bushnell is the earliest settler living in the neighborhood in the early times they had to undergo many hardships and privations; in 1837, the Settlers' Claim Society was organized; its object, to protect their claims from the claim-jumpers; in those days, a man settled and lived on a lot thirty days, had to cut so many rails, or plow so furrows, to entitle him to his claim; the industrious men often had trouble with claim-jumpers and loafers; on one occasion, in 1837, the society found it necessary to engage in a skirmish with the interlopers; it took place near where the village of Burlington is now situated; it is known as the battle of Burlington, fought by upwards of one dozen men; no one was seriously wounded; Norman Dyer was shot in a limb by William Curtis, who was firing in the dark, and aimed at Silas Peck, whose claim Curtis had tried to jump, but failing in his attempt, and aggravated by his failure, tried to kill Silas Peck. After the shooting, Curtis fled to parts unknown but was finally captured in Illinois, and tried in Springfield. His trial was postponed, he gave straw bail, escaped, and has never - been heard of since. Mr. Bushnell married in Burlington, Jan. 7, 1846, Miss Elizabeth Thompson; she was born in Madison Co., N. Y., March 26, 1828; had three children- only one now livin- William K. Bushnell, born July 26, 1848; he is assisting his father on the farm. William Bushnell married Oct 20, 1870, Miss Adelaide Toombs, a native of Burlington Township; they have one daughter- Ida; they are living with his flather, Mr. David Bushnell. He has never aspired to any political offices; he owns eighty-one acres within one mile of Burlington village; the farm is well improved, with spacious barns and a comfortable house.

ABNER CHAMBERLIN, Burlington; born in 1804, in Orange Co., Vt.; came to Wisconsin in 1857, locating at Spring Prairie, where he engaged in farming, for eleven years. In 1868, he removed to Burlington, where he engaged in mercantile business. In 1825, he married Miss Mary Haseltine, a native of New York. She died in Burlington, Nov. 19, 1877. They have had ten children, five boys and five girls, three now dead. Mr. Chamberlin has been Justice of the Peace two years; family are members of the Congregational Church.

WILLIAM E. CHIPMAN, farmer, Sec. 28; P. O. Burlington; was born near Brockville, Canada, in 1822 he went to Morristown, N. Y.; then to Onondaga Co., N. Y., with parents, when he was 12 years old; in 1846, he came to Burlington and rented a farm, and lived on it till 1849, when he bought seventy-three acres in Sec. 22, with residence and barns, and lived there till 1852; then sold it and went to California. In 1856, he returned to Kankakee Co., Ill.. and remained eight years in 1865, returned to Burlington and bought 146 acres of land in Sec. 28, with residence- the same farm he had rented in 1846. He married, in Onondaga Co., N. Y., September, 1846, Susan Kathan, of same place; they have no children.

THOMAS CLARKE, farmer, Sec. 2; P. O. Burlington. Thomas Clarke was born in County Longford, Ireland, May 12, 1828; he came to Albany, in 1850, where he was occupied in a stove foundry, taking charge of patterns, etc. He remained there till 1861 ; then came to Burlington and bought eighty acres of land in Sec. 21, with log cabins, barns, etc. , but only partly improved. He afterward bought thirty-eight acres more land in Sec. 22, and now owns 118 acres in all. He was never married; his sister is keeping house for him.

MRS. FRANCES CONKEY, widow; Burlington the daughter of Daniel and Polly Kinney; born in Windsor Co., Vt., October, 1807 ; her parents moved to Massena, N. Y. In 1852, she married, in Massena, Lucius Conkey, and came with him to Burlington that year. He was born in Sudbury, Vt., March 17, 1793; married, in Clinton Co., N. Y., Dec. 19, 1819, Phcebe Townsend, and had five children; his wife died, March 28, 1831. He married again, Oct. 16, 1832, in Massena, N. Y., Frances Kinney, and had three children; he died in Burlington, Feb. 28, 1866, aged 74 years.

HENRY C. CONKLIN, Burlington; born in New London, Conn., Dec. 19, 1823; his parents moved to Jefferson Co., N. Y.; his father, Henry Conklin, married Esther Bowk, of New London; they had two children- Elizabeth, who died in New York State, and Henry C. Henry Conklin, Sr., was killed, in New York, in 1834, by a runaway team; his wife died in 1854. Henry C. came to Wisconsin in 1856, and followed his business, railroad contracting, for twelve years, with headquarters at Racine, but his residence at Burlington, where he owned a house and lot, purchased in 1856, when he first came here, and which he still occupies. He built the house himself, being a mason by trade. He also worked on the historical Victoria Bridge, crossing the St. Lawrence River, at Montreal, Canada. He married, in Ogdensburg, N. Y., June 22, 1849, Elizabeth Hill. They had three children, now dead; his wife also died in Burlington, in April, 1868. He married again, in August, 1868, Mrs. Sarah Armour, widow of John B. Armour. She had two sons by her first husband- Gaorge A. and Purly P. They are members of the Congregational Church.

PATRICK CONNOR., farmer, Sec. 24; P. O, Wheatland. He was born in County Cork, Ireland, in March, 1821. He came to Wisconsin first in 1851. He worked a short time at farming, in Brighton Township; went to Illinois and worked in different parts of the State. In 1855, be returned to Wisconsin, bought a farm, and located in Burlington Township, where he has constantly lived for the last twenty-four years. He married, in Burlington, October, 1857, Mrs. Alice O'Neil, born in County Tipperary, Ireland, in 1825. They have had two children- Ellen, born June 26, 1859; died Aug. 14, 1867; Johnnie, born Sept. 18, 1862; died Aug. 12, 1867. Mr. Connor has led an industrious life. He owns forty acres of good land, fertile and productive. Members of the Wheatland Catholic Church.

JOEL HENRY COOPER, M. D., Burlington; born in Windsor Co., Vt., April 20,1821; was educated at the Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn., and came to Illinois in 1844, and remained one year; in May, 1845, he came to Spring Prairie (Walworth Co.), and remained there till 1853, when he came to Burlington and located here ; he practiced medicine and kept a drug store, and was also Postmaster here for thirteen years, being appointed to that position by President Lincoln in 1861, which position be resigned in 1874; he now owns the residence in which he lives, with the ground. He was also Representative from Spring Prairie, in 1853, to the Legislature, while practicing medicine there with Dr. Mills.

HADLEY M. CORSBIE, Pastor Congregational Church, Burlington; born in Thorntown, Ind., Dec. 6, 1848, of Quaker parents; remained there till 8 years old was then sent to Henry Co., Iowa, to be educated, and graduated from Whittier College in 1872; he taught in Normal and graded schools in Pike Co., Ill.; then went to the Chicago Theological Seminary, where be graduated April 30, 1879, and commenced a pastorate of the Congregatioual Cburch in the town of Burlington; delivered his first sermon, Sunday, May 4, 1879; at the end of his first year in the Seminary, he was sent by the Home Missionary Society up to the pineries above Green Bay, Wis., where he spent eighteen months successfully; then returned to the Seminary and remained two years longer. He married in Salem, Iowa, Sept. 17, 1873, Susie D. Hartley, of Salem, but a native of Indiana; his wife also graduated from Whittier College in 1872 they have three children- Maurice, born July 12, 1874 - Lawrence, born Oct. 7, 1876; Arthur H., born Dec. 30, 1877.

HENRY LEACH DEVEREUX, editor and publisher of the Burlington Standard; born in 1808, in Marblehead, Mass.; his early education was received in the pride of the State of Massachusetts- the public school, ending his education with a few terms in a private academy; left home at the age of 14 years and entered a printing office at Exeter, N. H.; remained two years; then enlaged in a printing office at Salem, Mass., remaining one year; in 1825, went to Boston, where he completed his trade and remained until 1852, when he went to Winnebago Co., Ill., and engaged in farming; remained five years; then removed to Beloit and purchased the Beloit Journal, remaining about five years; went to Delavan as partner in the Delavan Northron for one year; he then returned to farming for about three years; in 1864, went to Janesville, remaining eighteen months, when he went to Burlington and purchased the Standard from L. E. Smith. Married, Nov. 2, 1830, Miss Hanna N. Emmerson, a native of New Hampshire. Members of Episcopal Church.

TRUE W. DURGIN, farmer; P. O. Burlington: born in Caledonia Co., Vt., Dec. 31,1816; lived there till he was 21 years old - then went to New Hampshire; remained four years; in September, 1840, he came to Burlington and took up 160 acres of land in Secs. 8 and 9, south of the village of Burlington, which he afterwards sold, and bought land in Sec. 30; he now owns 137 acres of land in Sec. 30, including one large lot in the village, on which stood, partly finished when be bougbt it, a stone house, which he completed as a handsome residence in 1855, and moved into it from his old residence on Sec. 8; he married, in Rochester, Wis., Olive Stetson, of same place, Jan. 28, 1845 - had three children- Edmund T., Mary E. and Florence O., all living; his wife died April 2S, 1857; is buried at Honey Creek; he married again, in Rochester, Ann Eliza Soule, widow of George Newman, Feb. 10, 1858, and had two children- Frank M. and Ella M. Mr. Durain is a deacon of the Congregational Church and has been for nine years.

CASPAR EISENBART, farmer, See. 20; P. O. Burlington; born in Lietany, France, in June, 1832; came with his parents, in 1835, to Buffalo, N. Y., where they lived till 1842 came to Wisconsin; located and boupht a farm, and Caspar has industriously been farming ever since; he married first, in Burlingon, Feb. 8, 1856, Miss Mary Aimend, who was born in New York City - have two children- Anna and Elizabeth; their mother died July 22, 1865; he married the second wife in Burlington, in May, 1866, Miss Lena Starkes; they had seven children - five are living- Julia, Steina, Josephine, Mary and Philip; in the season Mr. E. operates a threshing, machine he is the owner of 132 acres of land, well improved.

GIDEON E. S. FELLOWS, farmer, Sec. 31 P. O. Burlington; born in Otsego Co., N, Y., Sept. 7, 1808; went to Geneva, Walworth Co., in 1855, and remained there ten years; he married in Feb., 1835, Rachel Cook, of Onondaga Co., N. Y., and had six children- Susanna, Betsey, Clarissa, Elnathan, Amos and Arthur G.; his wife died in Geneva, Aug. 18, 1862 ; he married again, in Aug., 1863, Laura Benson, widow of Milton Martin, a resident of Spring Prairie; when he first went to Geneva, in 1855, he bought 140 acres of land, and improved it and built a residence in 1863, he moved to Spring Prairie, and, in 1866, sold the property in Geneva; his second wife owned seventy-eight acres of land in Spring Prairie, and, in 1868, he bought forty acres more in the same place; in 1869, he moved to Burlington village, where he lived three years; in March, 1872, he bought 87 3/4 acres in Sec. 31, Burlington, with residence on it, and now occupies it - his son Elnathan enlisted in the 22d Wis., and died of fever in Murfreesboro, Tenn., Aug. 19, 1863; Amos enlisted in the same regiment, and was wounded at the battle of Resaca Woods, near Atlanta, Ga., and died, June 18, 1864, at Kingston, Ga., where he was sent when wounded.

HERMAN FISCHER, farmer, Secs. 13 and 14; P. O. Burlington born in Westphalia, Germany, in 1840; came to Wisconsin with his parents in 1847 ; they located in Burlington, bought a farm, and engaged at farming; his fatber, William F., was born in September, 1812 ; he married, in Germany, Miss Magdalena Brown, born July 14, 1809; they had one son- Herman; his father died in July, 1875 his mother died in 1849 ; Herman, the sole heir to the property, succeeded his father on the farm; married in Burlington, in October, 1869, Miss Louisa Will; she was born in Germany, Aug. 24, 1846: have four children- Lena, born April, 1871; Mary, June, 1872; Herman, May, 1875; Theresa, May, 1878. Mr. Fischer has led an industrious life; he owns 175 acres of land in Burlington Township, and ten acres in Wheatland- 185 acres of land altogether, finely improved; he and his family are members of the Burlington Catholic Church.

CHARLES G. FOLTZ, merchant, Burlington; born in Herkimer Co., N. Y., Sept. 9, 1837; was nine years old when his parents moved to Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, where they remained three years, and, in 1854, moved to Burlington - Mr. F. first clerked for Orson Sheldon, in 1854; remained with him three years, and, in 1857, commenced business with his father, under the firm B. Foltz & Son, dry-goods merchants - they carry a general line of dry goods, carpets, clothing, etc., and are located in the center of business - he married, in Nov., 1861, in New Hampshire, Mary A. Chandler, and have three children -Charles O., Alice B., and Ernest H. Mr. Foltz is Clerk of the Congregational Church, and his family are members.

BENJAMIN FOX, farmer, Sec. 32; P. O. Burlington; born in Yorkshire, England; he came to the State ot New York in 1849 lived there until the fall of 1851, then came to Burlington; immediately sought and obtained employment as a miller in the Burlington Flour Mills, where he was employed for over twenty years. He married in Burlington, in Oct., 1855, Miss Mary Ann Wheeler, a sister of William Wheeler; she is a native of Somersetshire, England; they have had five children- all dead. He was Pathmaster for eight years; filled that position with satisfaction to the community. Mr. Fox is the owner of sixty acres of land, finely improved, situated within one mile of Burlington, on the bank of Fox River, and on the W. U. R. R. members of the Burlington Baptist Church.

MRS. MARY GILL, widow, Burlington; the daughter of Nicholas and Mary Mich; she was born in Prussia in 1837; came with her parents to this State in 1832; her father located at Paris, Kenosha Co., bought eighty acres of land, built a residence and improved the land; he died in Paris, March, 1867; her mother still lives on the farm; they had five children- Elizabeth, Peter, Eva, Mary and John. Mary married, in June, 1859, in Brighton, Jacob Gill, who was born in Prussia Aug., 1835, and came to this country the same year as his wife's parents; he owned the residence Mrs. Gill now occupies, and was in the saloon business; he died in Burlington, March 1, 1875; they had six children- Jacob, Peter, John, Katie, Eva and William.

ANTHONY GRASS, farmer, See. 17; P. O. Burlington; he was born Jan. 6, 1812; came to Wisconsin June 28, 1844 he first located, in Spring Prairie, Walworth Co., and worked at farming lived there a few years, then bought a farm; lived there till 1869, then came to Burlington Township, bought a farm and settled here. Married, in Detroit, Mich., Dec. 25, 1840, Miss Catharine Noblitt; she was born in Germany in Feb. 1812; have had ten children- Nicholas, born Nov. 23, 1841 , Apollina, July 8, 1845; Catharine, Feb. 4, 1847 ; John H., March 1, 1850; Elizabeth, April 12, 1852; died in 1875; Joseph, born Dec. 12, 1854; Franees, Dec. 14, 1856; Ann Margaret, Jan. 23, 1858; Edward, March 20, 1861 ; Johnnie J., Jan. 19, 1862. Mr. Grass owns 126 1/2 acres of productive land, well improved, with substantial barns and a comfortable house.

MRS. F. N. GKIEBEL, widow, farmer, Sec. 28; Burlington; born in Baden, Germany, Nov. 1, 1825. She married, in Baden, March 30, 1845, Frank N. Griebel, and came to Burlington in May, 1853; he bought ninety acres of land in Secs. 25 and 36, with residence; they lived there till 1867, and then sold it and bought ninety-two acres in Sec. 28, with residence, barns, etc. They had ten children- Maggie, Barbara, Mary, Peter, Josephine, Theresa, Leonard, Henry, Julia and Frank- all living. Mr. Griebel died Sept. 20, 1874, and is buried in Burlington. Mrs. Griebel still lives on the farm with some of her children.

CHAUNCEY HALL, cashier First National Bank, Burlington; born in New York in 1826. came to Wisconsin in 1844, locating at Milwaukee; in 1845, he removed to Racine, and remain twelve years, engaged in mercantile business; in the spring of 1857 he went to Ohio, where he identified himself with the banking business, which he continued till the fall of 1860, then removed to Chicago, and remained two years in the commission business; December, 1872, be located at Burlington and organized the First National Bank, one of the most successful and best-conducted banks in the State. In 1851 he, married Miss Mary J. Loomis, a native of New York; they have one child, a son- Eugene- who is assistant cashier in the bank.

EUGENE HALL, assistant cashier First National Bank, Burlington; born, in 1852, in Racine received his early education at Racine College. In the fall of 1874 he was engaged in the Manufacturer's Bank of Racine, where he remained for three years - in 1877 he removed to Burlington and took the position as assistant cashier in the bank, which he now holds. Married, in 1878, Miss Florence Cooper, a daughter of Dr. J. C. Cooper.

ADAM J. HANNAS, proprietor Jones House, Burlington; born in 1843, in New York State, and came to Wisconsin in 1862, locating at Milwaukee for one year, and from there to Geneva for sixteen months; in 1871 he came to Burlington and opened the Exchange Hotel, continuing for five years; in 1876 he leased the Jones House, which is considered one of the best-conducted hotels in State; married, September, 1868, Miss Frances A. Clark, a native of Canada; they have had three children, two living- Bella and Arthur J.

SEBASTIAN HEILIGENTHAL, farmer, Sec. 14 ; P. O. Burlington ; he was born in Germany, Jan. 31, 1819; he came to Wisconsin in 1847, and located in Sheboygan County, and commenced farming; lived there till 1853; he then moved to Walworth County and engaged at farming, and remained till 1866; then he came to Racine County and located in Burlington Township, where he bought a farm, and is working it with success; married, in 1852, Miss Julia Hahn; she was born in Germany 1838; they have four children- John, born July, 1853; Henry, February, 1855; Joseph, June, 1861 George, July, 1863; Mr. Heiligenthal has been industrious, and accumulated a valuable property: he owns 140 acres of fine land, well improved. Members of the Burlington Catholic Church.

LORENZ HESS, Assessor, Burlington; born in Baden, Germany, Dec. 10, 1816; he came to New York in 1842, and in 1845 went to Worcester County, Mass., and remained there till 1852; in 1850 came to Wisconsin and bought a farm in Wheatland, Kenosha County, and returned and brought his family there in 1852; remained in Wheatland till 1866, then moved to Burlington; he married, in Albany, N. Y., in 1845, Margaret Glaser, a native of Bavaria; they have four children -- Elizabeth, married Phillip Kessler, living in Burlington; John S., married Julia Kraus, and living in Wheatland; George S., married Maria Holley, aud lives in Burlington, these three his wife's by her first husband; Ann B., his own daughter, married John Rasch, and lives in Burlington; Mr. Hess is the agent for four insurance companies, and also Assessor, which office he has held five terms at different times; he has also been Chairman of the Board of Supervisors for three terms; was also Assistant Supervisor of Wheatland for three years.

GEBARD HIDIDING, farmer, Sec. 34; P. O. Burlington; born in Westphalia, Prussia, 1813; came to Burlington in 1847, bought a land claim from Herman Newuth for seventy-three acres and brought his family here; he married in Prussia, and has twelve children living- Mary, Caroline, William, Christine, Charles, Lizzie, Annie, Louis, August, Francis, Theodore, Louisa ; he owns 140 acres in Sections 26, 27 and 34; he built the residence he lives in, with barns, etc., and has improved the farm; he raises stock and grain.

HERMAN HILDERBRAND, farmer, Sec. 14; P. O. Burlington; he was born in Germany, February, 1809; came to Wisconsin in 1854, and located in Burlington Township, where he has been farming since; he married in Burlington in 1859, Miss Christina Komping, who was born in inany in 1829 they have five children- Elizabeth, born in 1860; Mary, 1863; Anna, 1865; Phena 1867; Christina, 1869; owns 120 acres, most of it under cultivation; members of the Catholic Church in Burlington.

CHARLES HILLMANN, farmer, Sec. 23; P. O. Burlington; born in Westphalia, Germany, Dec. 25, 1835; came to Wisconsin in 1854, with his parents; they located in Brighton Township engaged at farming on the same place where his father, Otto Hillman, is still living; Charles lived with his father and assisted him in working the farm till 1863, at which time he rented a farm and commenced life for himself - in 1866 he removed to Burlington Township and bought the farm on Section 23, on which he is now living; be has had a very industrious life; he married, in June, 1861; Miss Mary Fohs, who was born in Germany in 1844 they have eight children- Bertha, born in December 1862; Otto, September, 1864; Emma, September, 1866; Caroline, September, 1868; Louis, October, 1871; Mary, January, 1873; Charles, August, 1875; Ernst, September, 1878. Mr. Hillmann was Pathmaster in 1877. He owns 101 acres of good land, finely improved. Members of the Burlington Lutheran Church.

JOHN HOCKINGS, the father of William; a blacksmith by trade; was one, of the pioneers of the "teetotal " movement in Great Britain; his gifts as a wit, a singer and story-teller, together with all the characteristics of a genuine, jolly fellow, led him to indulge in the "flowing bowl" to an extent, that could have but one result; he was still young, however, when the lamented Joseph Sturges started a society in Birmingham, whose members pledged themselves to "teetotally abstain" from all intoxicants. John Hockings became one of the first members of this Society (probably in the year 1834), and soon developed into a powerful speaker, becoming the most celebrated temperance lecturer in all England; immense crowds rushed to hear him, and he was no less popular than his only successor, John B. Gough; he spoke in the great town-hall, Manchester, England, thirty-six consecutive nights, as late as the year 1843; how long the meetings would have continued, no one knows, but they were brought to a close by the giving-way of a crowded gallery, a panic, the killing of several, and the serious injury of many others. His command over the feelings of his audiences was perfectly wonderful, and the number of people who signed the pledge under his influence was equaled only by the success of the celebrated Father Mathew. As early as 1841, the writer of this sketch heard him express the wish that he could rest from his labors, and go to live on a farm in America; his imagination was fired with the accounts he had heard of the Great West; he believed in the republican form of government as the only form that mankind should permit he came directly to Wisconsin in 1844, buying a farm near that of James Tinker, one of his old coadjutors; he lectured but little after coming to Wisconsin, and many of his neighbors were unaware, until after his death, of his early celebrity as "THE BIRMINGHAM BLACKSMITH," by which sobriquet he was more generally known throughout the British Isles than by, his own Christian and family name.

WILLIAM HOCKINGS, farmer, Sec. 27; P. O. Burlington; born in Birmingham, England, in 1841 came to Racine Co. with his parents in 1844; his father, John Hockings, bought 112 acres of land in Secs. 22 and 27, Burlington, and built residence and barns, and improved it - his father died, Dec. 29, 1865; after his death, the farm was divided; his daughter Sarah, now Mrs. T. H. Marsland, taking fifty acres, in Sec. 22, and William taking the sixty-two acres in Sec. 27. His first wife died in England, and in 1840 he married again in Birmingham, Eliza Clark, and brought her to Burlington with him, where she died, in 1855 - he had two children by first wife- Jobn W. and Sarah; and four children by his second wife- William, Mary Ann, Eliza and Phoebe. William married in Burlington, in 1863, Helena L. Mulholland- and has three children-- Nellie M., Clarenee W. and Alfred J., all living at home with parents; William built the residence he now occupies, in Sec. 27, in 1875, with the barns, etc.; he enlisted, Jan. 4, 1863,- in 3d Cavalary and went with his regiment to Kansas and Missouri, and was in several skirmishes; he was among the last of the army discharged at the close of the war.

NATHAN IDE, farmer, Sec. 21; P. O. Burlington; born in Rensselaer Co., N. Y., 1820, he came Rochester, Racine Co., Wis., in 1837, and remained there till 1845, and then moved to Spring Prairie, Walworth Co.; in 1867 he came to Burlington and bought ninety acres land, in Sec. 21, with large brick residence partly finished, which he completed and also built barns, and now occupies it. He married in Burlington, in his present residence, in 1868, Augusta Brock, a native of Germany, they have six children Alice, Edward, Charles, Louisa, Frank and Caroline; his family all attend the Methodist Church, in Burlington.

JOSEPH JACOBS, farmer, Sec. 13; P. O. Burlington; born in Germany March 14, 1846; he came to Wisconsin in 1854 with his parents; they located in Burlington Township, and engaged at farming, which his father followed until his death; he was born in Germany in 1818, married in Germany in 1841, Justin Karman, she was born in Germany; they had eight children, four are living - Frank, born, 1841, Elizabeth, 1843, Joseph, 1846, Wena, 1855; their mother died in May, 1861 their father died Oct. 13, 1874; Joseph succeeded his father on the farm. He married in Burlington, in 1868, Mrs. Julia Kottknbosek, she was born in Germany in 1846 they have four children- Mena, born April, 1870; William, 1871; Charley, 1874; Edward, 1877. Mr. Jacobs owns 116 acres of fine land; handsomely improved. Member of the Burlington Catholic Church.

CHARLES JOHNSON JONES, born in New Hampshire, 1811, eeme to Wisconsin in 1843, locating at Wheatland, where he farmed for two years; in 1845 came to Burlington, and was engaged in teaching school for eighteen months; then went into the hotel business, which he continued, eleven years; in 1874, Mr. Jones removed the frame building formerly occupied as a hotel, and erected elegant brick hotel and business block. He married in 1835, Miss Hanna P. Cross, a native of New Hampshire, she died in Burlington in 1848; they had one child, a girl; married again in 1852, Miss Nancy B. Taylor, a native of Vermont; she died in Burlington, in 1871 - they had one child, a boy, Family, members Congregational Church.

JOSEPH KEIKEBUSCH, farmer, Secs. 5, 18 and 19; P. O.; Burlington; born in Germany, in June, 1840; he served three years in the Prussian artillery. was honorably discharged; emigrated to Burlington Township, Wis. in 1866; engaged at working a farm till 1868. Married in Burlington village, Oct. 1868, Mrs. Margaret Fischman, who was born in Germany, in 1839, the widow of Henry Fischman; had by him two children, both living- Henry and Frank; by her second husband, has had five children, three are living Elizabeth, born July, 1869, Mary, March, 1874, Margaret, March, 1876. Mr. Keikebusch owns 200 acres of fine land, situated on Secs. 18 and 19, well improved. Members of the Burlington Catholic Church.

JOHN KEMPTNER, farmer, Sec. 3; P. O. Burlington; born in Germany, May 15,1825. Married, in Germany, in October, 1847, Miss Theresa Ubleis, born August, 1822; they have four children -- Jobn, born October, 1852; Frank, October, 1857; Michael, September, 1860; Theresa, Jul 1863. Mr. Kemptner is by trade a carpenter and housebuilder; he, with his wife and one child, came to Burlington in September, 1854; worked at his trade until 1867 ; in 1865, he purchased 134 acres which he is now living and farming; bought an additional 36 acres of land; now owns 170 acres of good land, situated in Sec. 3, well improved. Members of the Burlington Catholic Church.

ALBERT KETTELHUT, barber, Burlington; born in 1853, in Germany; came to Wisconsin in 1868, locating at Burlington, where he commenced work on a farm; continued for three years in 1873; commenced learning the barber business with H. F. Smith, where he remained for three years; in 1876, formed a partnership with Mr. Smith, the firm being dissolved in 1879, Mt. Kettelhut carrying on the business alone. Married, June 22, 1876, Miss Emma Stauss, a native of Massachusetts; they have one daughter. Members of the German Lutheran Church.

ANTHONY KIPP, farmer, Sec. 22; P.O. Burlington; born in Westphalia, Prussia, in 1828, came to New York City in 1846; there he was engaged in a starch factory, and remained until 1857; he then came to Burlington, and bought 175 acres of land in Secs. 22 and 23; he built the residence he occupies on Sec. 22, with barns, and made all improvements. Married, in New York, May 5, 1857, Mary Lambrecht, and has eight children living- Mary, Louisa, Emma, Margaret, Theresa, Anthony, Louis and Rosie, all living at home with parents.

FRANCIS G. KLINE, merchant and manufacturer, Burlington; born in St. John, near Strasburg, Germany, in 1833; he came to Pottsville, Penn., in 1841, and remained there, working at his trade of blacksmith till 1856, when he came to Racine city, and went to work for Skinner - in 1858, he co menced work for J. I. Case, and, when Mr. Case took in his first partner, he placed Mr. Kline in charge of the blacksmith department as foreman, where he remained till 1868; came to Burlington, and entered into partnership with Hubert Wagner, in the machine-shop; they dissolved in 1870 Mr. Kline selling out his interest, and formed another partnership with Mr. Frank McCumber, as manufacturers and dealers in agricultural machinery; they afterward took in another partner, Mr. Charles Leber, and continued business together till February, 1878, when Mr. Kline bought out Frank McCumber's interest, and now owns two-thirds interest in the business, and Mr. Leber the balance; they manufacture and carry a large stock of standard and popular plows, wagons, cultivators, buggies, etc., etc. He married, in Burlington in 1862, Mary Ann Prasch; has had twelve children, three now dead- Barbara C., Mary J., Adelaide F., Francis X., Philip J., Ellenora B., Lucia C., Otto G. and Clara are living at home with parents. Mr. K. resides with his mother-in-law, in a brick residence opposite the Catholic Church. He was elected Supervisor in 1875, and again in 1879, and was also Secretary of the Catholic School Board for four years. His father and mother came to Racine in 1856, where they remained till 1866, when they moved to Burlington; he is a shoemaker by trade, and owns the residence (a stone building) adjoining that where his son Francis lives; they had five children, all living- Francis G., John J., Elizabeth, Mary Ann, and Peter B.

G. KLINGELE, gun and lock smith, Burlington; was born in Germany in 1818; came to, Wisconsin in 1846, and located in Burlington. Married in 1849 ; his wife was born in Germany; they have six children living, and have lost two. Mr. and Mrs. K. are members of the Catholic Church.

MRS. AMELIA KOCH, widow, Sec. 31; P. O. Burlington; born in Einstein, Bavaria, Feb. 22, 1835; daughter of Francis and Elizabeth Mayer; she came with her parents, in 1847, to Bloomfield, Wis. her father bought eighty acres of land in Bloomfield, with residence and all improvements; her mother died June 6, 1865, and her father died Feb. 27, 1875. On Feb. 1, 1859, she was married, in Burlington, to Anton Koch, and located here; her husband owned 130 acres in Sec. 31, with residence and barns; he married before, Margaret Feinstein, who died in Burlington in September, 1858; they had no children; Mrs. Koch had nine children, six of whom are dead; her husband, Anton Koch, was born in Fulda, near Bavaria, Sept. 8, 1811, and died in Burlington in 1873. On Dec. 3, 1865, while Mr. and Mrs. Koch were at church, a hired man named Peter Frohm, while attempting to rob the house, murdered two of Mrs. Koch's children, and another child of her sister's, three children in all, but did not succeed in finding the money that was fortunately hidden away. Her three children still living are named Eva J., Maria E., Annie E.

BERNARD KRESKEN, farmer, Sec. 19; P. O. Burlington; born in Prussia, Feb. 8, 1821 ; came to Burlington township in Dec., 1844; worked as farm laborer till 1849; then bought the farm where he now lives; married, in Burlington village, in Oct., 1849, Miss Gertrude Beltman, who was born in 1828; they have had seven children, six now living- William, born in Sept., 1850; Gertrude, Feb., 1855; Elizabeth, May, 1858; Francesca, May, 1860; Frank, Jan., 1863; John, Jan., 1867; Mr. Kresken served from 1870 to 1873 as Overseer of the Highways; he owns 166 acres of good land- 150 acres - in Racine Co., and sixteen acres across the line in Walworth Co.; his farm is finely improved; member of the Burlington Roman Catholic Church.

ANTHONY KUNST, farmer, Sec. 2; P. O. Burlington; he was born in Germany in July, 1818; came to Wisconsin, July 4, 1853 - he went to Spring Prairie, Walworth Co., where he worked until 1857, then moved to Burlington Township; bought, the farm where he now lives. Married, in Germany, in November, 1842, Miss Theresa Hahnemann; they had seven children- Henry, born August, 1853; Louis, 1855; Mary, 1857; Hermann, 1859; Pboeney, 1861 ; Regina, 1863; their mother died in 1870; Mr. Kunst married again, in 1871, May Herting, a native of Holland; they have one child- May, born in 1873. He owns forty acres of good land, well improved.

JOHN LENSING, farmer, Sec. 3; P. O. Burlington; born in Westphalia, Germany, Nov., 1821; married, in Germany, in April, 1846, Mrs. Johanna Stahl, who was born in Germany in 1821; they came to Wisconsin in Aug., 1846, bought a farm, and located in the same place where he is now living and working; they had two children, one living-- Mary, born in 1858. Mr. Lensing has led an industrious, active life; by practicing strict economy, he bas amassed a fine property; he now owns eighty acres of land in Sec. 3, on the Burlington and Kenosha road - members of the, Burlington Roman Catholic Church.

JOHN C. VON ROSENBURG LIPINSKY, farmer; P. O. Burlington.

CAPT. FRANCIS McCUMBER, farmer, Sec. 4, P. O. Burlington; he was born in Aug., 1805, in London, England; left London in 1820, as cabin-boy, vessel; came to America by way of Quebec, Canada; he spent most of his life sailing, either on the ocean or lakes - was captain of a ship for a number of years; he first visited Wisconsin in 1843; was captain of a vessel which brought to Wisconsin a cargo of Indian supplies; he came to live in Wisconsin in 1844; he bought a farm within one mile of Burlington village - engaged at farming, which he has been following ever since; from 1844 to 1861, in summer time, he sailed the lakes, and in the winter resided on his farm; he gave up sailing in 1861; he married, at Sackett's Harbor, Jefferson Co., N. Y., in Aug., 1878, Miss Frances Drake; she was born in 1810, and died in Aug., 1878 [sic]; they have four children living Sarah, widow of Daniel Navin; Frank, a wagon-maker, doing business in Nebraska; Julia married Arthur Amos, a dentist living in Racine; Charles is managing his father's farm; the Captain was elected Supervisor of Burlington township in 1847, and served till 1849; he owns 150 acres of fine land, most of it under cultivation; the farm is well-improved.

GEORGE MATTHEWS, farmer, Sec. 13; P. O. Burlington; he was born in Jersey City in June, 1840; came to Wisconsin with his parents in 1843; they located where George now lives; his father, Daniel Matthews, was born in Westchester Co., N. Y., May, 1806; he married, in New York City, Miss Mary Bouton, a native of Westchester Co., N. Y.; they had twelve children, only eight now living -- George, John, Caroline, Oliver, Charles, August, William and Mary - their mother died June 20, 1858; their father married again, in Salem Township, Miss Ellen Camutt, a native of England - they had five children, four still living -Nellie, Sarah, Clara, Delnia; their father died in July, 1866; the family own 240 acres of land, finely improved, good, large barns, comfortable house and pleasant home; George Matthews has the management of the farm.

GEORGE MEADOWS, Burlington born in Lancashire, England, in 1804 came to New York State in 1841 remained till 1849 then came to Burlington and bought 120 acres of land in Sec. 33, with residence, all improvements; he lived there till 1853, then sold the land to the Western Union Railroad and went to Walworth Co., where he bought the Minor farm, 296 acres, he paid over $6,600; lived there till 1870; then sold the farm to his youngest son, George; came to Burlington, and bought the house and lot they now occupy; he married, in Lancashire, England, Feb. 27, 1825, Elizabeth Greenwood, and had eleven children, four of whom are dead; those living are Sarah, Ellen, Ann, William, Elizabeth, John and George; are all married and have families; John enlisted in the 9th Wis. Battery, in 1861, and remained with his regiment till the close of the war.

JOHN H. MELCHERS, saloon-keeper, Burlington; was born in Recklinghausen, Westphalia, Prussia, in 1821; Aug. 10, 1854, came to Burlington, and located; he bought one lot, in 1857, and put up a residence close by the depot of the, W. U. R. R.; opened a saloon, and shipped produce grain to Chicago and Milwaukee markets, and is engaged in the same business yet; he also deals in lime, salt and cement, and does a good business; in 1860, he built a large warehouse close to the railroad station for the storage of his grain, and has gradually increased his property till he now owns over twenty-two lots, the whole four corners around the Western Union railroad depot, including the Warner estate, which he purchased lately, and occupies the residence situated on it, and now owns the most valuable property in Burlington. He married, Nov. 24, 1857, in Wheatland, Gertie Bultmoeller, a resident there, and ha~ and has seven children- Anna, Clara, John W., Laura M., Joseph W., Emma M., Agnes E.

JOHN MIGELIS, farmer, Sec 12; P. O. Burlington; born in Westphalia, Germany, in May, 1818; came to Wisconsin in June, 1858, and bought a farm of forty acres and located on it; has devoted himself to his work, and his industrious efforts have been crowned with reasonably fair success; a few years ago he purchased an additional forty acres of land, situated in Brighton Township. He married in Germany, October, 1849, Mary Siemon, who was born in Germany, April, 1818; they have had six children, three living- Anthony, born March, 1851 ; Theresa, October, 1857; Joseph, April, 1860. The younger son is assisting his father on the farm. He is now the owner of eighty acres of land, finely improved. Members of the Burlington Catholic Church.

WILLIAM V. MOORE, farmer, Sec. 28 P. O. Burlington; born in Orange Co., N. Y., Jan. 15, 1818; in 1842, he came to Racine County and located in the town of Raymond, where he took up 160 acres Government land; he built a residence and barns on it and otherwise improved it, and lived there until January, 1865, when he moved to the city of Racine. He was elected County Treasurer, in 1865, in Racine, which office he held till March, 1869; at that time he came to Burlinoton and bought 200 acres land in Sections 21-28; he built residence and barns, and improved it. He married, in Raymond Township, December, 1844, Mary Miller, of Yorkville, and they had one child, William M. Mr. Moore, while in Raymond, was appointed Justice of the Peace, in 1849, and elected three times, up to 1863; he was also appointed the first Town Clerk of Raymond after the town was organized; he also held the positions of Supervisor and Assessor several terms. Mr. Moore is now retired from public life, and resides on his farm in Section 28, Burlington; his residence is on the bank of Brown's Lake, a beautiful sheet of water and a noted watering-place.

JACOB MUTH, saloon-keeper. Burlington; born at Hesse Darmstadt, Prussia, in 1825; he came to New York, in 1846; arrived in Milwaukee, May 1, 1846, and worked in P. H. Best & Bros. brewery for two years; he then went to Sheboygan and built a brewery there, which he operated himself one year, and, in 1849, took in two partners, Joe and Aug. Binz; in 1852, he sold out his interest to them, and came to Burlington; July 30, 1852, he built a frame brewery here, and operated it till 1872, then tore down part of the old brewery, and, with some new additions, altered it into a malt-house, and used it for that purpose till 1876 ; he then sold the property to the People's State Bank, and started a meat market, but, not liking the business, he sold that to his nephew and opened the saloon he now owns. He married, in Milwaukee, in 1847, Margaret Zimmerman, of Richfield, Wis.; they have five children living-J acob, Mary, Dora, Emma, and Lilly.

PETER NILLIS, farmer, Sec. 6; P. O. Brighton; born in Germany, Jan. 29, 1S09 lived in German till 1836, then went to Paris, France came to Wisconsin Nov. 6, 1846; located in Burlington Township; engaged at farming since, except when in the Mexican war; he enlisted in Chicago, in 5th Regular Infantry, Co. B; in 1847, was sent into Mexico; was in all of the battles of his regiment; served one year and eight months; mustered out in Chicago, in 1849, and returned to his home. He married in Germany, Miss Anna Siebenborn,; she was born in Germany, in 1823; have eight children- Andrew, born August, 1850 John, 1852; Mary, 1854; Peter, 1856; Paul, 1858; Michael, 1860; Catherine, 1862; Anna, 1863; all living. Mr. Nellis owns 120 acres of fine land, well improved. Members of the Roman Catholic Church.

FRANKLIN H. NIMS, planing-mill; Burlington. Reuel Nims, father of Franklin Nims, came to Burlington, from Erie Co., Penn., in 1836; finished a log cabin that was partly built, and opened a hotel, and, Jan. 10, 1837, brought his family to Burlington. He afterward built a frame addition, enlarged his hotel, and kept it for about five years; he then sold it, and moved down into the village and opened a hotel near the Fox River bridge, in a frame building, put up by himself, and kept that open for about three years. He married and had four children, two now living- Luther and Mary. His wife died, and he married again, in New York State, Lucinda S. Strong, of New York State, by whom he had two children- Lucinda, born in New York, in 1825; Franklin H., in Erie Co., Penn., in 1829. His second wife also died, and he went back to Ohio, to live with his daughter Mary, who resided there. Lucinda, the only daughter by his second wife, married Wm. G. Everett, who died in Burlington, and she now resides with her brother, Franklin H. Franklin married, Burlington, Oct. 6, 1855, Mary Meadows, and they have three children living- Eugene L., Ida L., Georgiana R. His wife died July 8, 1876, and is buried in Burlington. He married again, March 28, 1878, in Burlington, Mrs. Julia Thompson, of Racine.

JOSEPH A. NOBLE, farmer, Sec. 21; P. O. Burlington; born in Yorkshire, England, in 1846; came, with parents, to Dover, in 1846, where he resided with them until 1872; he then went to Rochester and stayed there four years, and, in 1876, came to Burlington and located on the Barnes estate farm, 217 acres in Sec. 21, which he rents, with residence, barn and all improvements. He married, in Rochester, in 1868, Mary Hannah Dobson. They have three children- Otis Eugene; Ellsworth; and Elmira - all living home with their parents.

CLARK K. NORTON, farmer; P. O. Burlington; born in Rutland Co., Vt., Jan. 12, 1818; moved to Erie Co., N. Y., when 11 years old, with his parents; his father located there, and, in 1836, he went to Chicago, remained one year, and returned to Buffalo, N. Y., where he went to school in the winter of 1838-39; on April 11, 1839, came to Burlington, located and bought fifty acres of land from Samuel Lane. He built the residence he lived in, with barns, fences, etc.; he also owned three building lots in the village of Burlington, which he afterward sold. He married, in Burlington, Jan. 22, 1850, Mary E. Everett, and has two children- Fred P. and Lizzie M. They all attend the Baptist Church.

FRANKLIN B. NORTON, station agent, W. U. R. R.; Burlington; born in Ware, Mass., March 5, 1833; his parents at that time moved to Amherst, Mass. He was educated there, and graduated from Amherst College in 1856; came West and went into mercantile business, and was engaged in selling law books one year, and then taught in different schools through Missouri and Tennessee, for four years; then entered the Theological Seminary at Andover, Mass.; studied two years, and one year in the Chicago Theological Seminary, and graduated from there in 1864. He was then installed as Pastor of the Congregational Church in Kenosha, Wis; remained till 1866, then went to Janesville, Wis., and officiated as Pastor, in the Congregational Church; in 1869, went to Oshkosh, where he was installed as Pastor of the Congregational Church, and officiated one year, when his health failed, from a brain disease, and he was compelled to discontinue preaching, and was unable to follow any regular occupation. He then came to Burlington and located, his health still being very poor, and he occupied his time in writing editorials for different papers and periodicals, and collecting statistics of American industry; was at this time appointed agent for a large mining company, of Lake Superior, and also the agent of a prominent iron and steel manufacturing company. In 1873, during the money panic, which affected the Western States materially, his employers became embarrassed financially, and he had no occupation. He went into business on his own account, buying black walnut lumber for Eastern manufacturers, traveling principally through Illinois, Indiana and Missouri, and continued in that business till 1875. In the summer of that year, he was taken with swamp fever, in Southern Missouri, and was dangerously ill. Returned to Burlington, in June, 1875, but was unable to follow any business till October 1876, at which time he engaged with the W. U. R. R. Co., and in May, 1878, was appointed to the position of station agent at Burlington Station, a very important shipping point for sheep, wool and grain. He married, in Burlington, in July, 1865, Harriet A. Dyer, daughter of Dr. E. G. Dyer, one of the first settlers in this county. They have six children- Alice, Frank, Charles, Helen, Emily and Mabel; members of the Congregational Church.

FREDERICK S. PERKINS. farmer P. O. Burlington; born in Trenton, Oneida Co., N. Y., Dec. 6, 1832; he left there with his parents in 1835; went to Joliet, Ill.; remained there till March, 1837, and came thence to Burlington; Origin Perkins, his father, came to Burlington in August, 1836, being one of the oldest settlers; the first house built in this town was a log-cabin, and was used for a tavern; he built the first private residence in the town in 1836, which was also a log-cabin, and was located on the north side of White River, near where the woolen-mill now stands; he brought his family from Joliet, Ill., in the spring of 1837, by wagon team, and this was the first team of horses that came from Illinois to this town; they crossed the Fox River when very high, and thick with floating ice, in a canoe, or Indian "dug-out." He married in Stonington, Conn., in 1829, Maria Stanton, of that place; have had two children- Mary and Frederick S.; Mary died in Burlington, in 1845, and is buried here; his wife died in Trenton, N. Y., Jan. 13, 1833, and is buried there; he married again in Trenton N. Y., Julia Deyer, and brought her with him to Joliet Ill.; they had one child, who died in Joliet. He bought 260 acres of Government land at the land sale in 1837; then went to California, where he died March 12, 1853; his second wife died in August, 1858, in Burlington, and is buried here. Frederick S. now being the only surviving heir, he is in possession of all the land formerly owned by his father, with barns, etc., and a substantial, stone residence. He married in Minneapolis, Minn., May 30, 1864, Emily Wainwright, formerly of Middlebury, Vt. - they have four children - Frederick W., Robert S., Henry E. and Edward, all living home with their father; his wife died in Burlington, May 18, 1877, and is buried here. Mr. Perkins is a professional portrait painter, and the walls of his residence are adorned with some beautiful specimens of his art; he is also an archeologist, and the collection of antiquities, now the property of the Historical Society of the State of Wisconsin, in the Capitol at Madison, are known as the celebrated Perkins collection.

PLINY M. PERKINS, farmer; P. O. Burlington; born in Oneida Co., N. Y., Jan. 24, 1812; he went to Joliet, Ill., in 1834, at the age of 22, accomplishing the entire journey from Utica, N. Y., on horseback; he remained in Joliet three years, and in November, 1838, came to Burlington, and bought one half-section claim of Government land from Moses Smith, surrounding the village of Burlington; when he first came to Burlington he built a saw-mill and a frame residence in which he lived two years; and in 1840, be built the first large frame residence in this town as a private dwelling; it is two stories high, located on the old Burlington and Geneva road, before the village was laid out. He married in Burlington, in 1846, Ellen A. Conkey, a resident of York State; they have six children living- James, Emily, Edward, Mary, Frank and Lucius. Edward married Carrie Benson, and resides in Burlington; Mary married Fred E. Wells, and resides in Burlington; he built the first grist-mill in the town, which he afterward enlarged - and in 1864, and again in 1874, it was destroyed by fire, and was rebuilt in 1875. Mr. P. Perkins shipped the first flour from Wisconsin ever sent to New York.

ALEXANDER PLATE, farmer, Sec. 22; P. O. Burlington; he was born in Germany, in November, 1820; in 1831, he went to New York City, where he lived till 1848, when he came to Wisconsin, and located in Burlington Township, where he engaged farming, which he has energetically followed ever since. He married in New York City, in 1846, Miss Mary Cotz; they have four children -- Adolph, born Nov. 13, 1848; Wilhelm, May 27, 1850; Charlie, Nov. 5, 1853; Henry, Aug. 13, 1856; their mother died Nov. 26, 1S67. Wilhelm married, Nov. 28, 1872, Miss Josephine Sevey, a native of Wheatland Township; they had one child, born Nov. 10, 1873; died March 1, 1879.

JOHN PRASCH, farmer, Sec. 31; P. O., Burlington; born in Bairan, Unterfranken und Aschaffenburg, Germany, in 1822; came to Walworth Co. in 1844, and bought 120 acres of land in Walworth Co. of the Government; he built a log-cabin first, afterward a frame house, and remained there till 1869. He married, while living there, in 1848, in Burlington St. Mary's Catholic Church, Barbara Meyer; they have eleven children- all living Adam, Francis, John, Joseph, Philip, Mary, Anthony, Charles, William, Lizzie and Barbara. In 1869, he sold his property in Walworth Co., and moved to Burlington, and bought 273 acres in Sections 31 and 32, with large stone residence, and all the improvements, where he now resides with his family.

MARTIN G. PRASCH, druggist, Burlington; born in Burlington, Racine Co., Wis., Nov. 11, 1854, where he received his early education; in 1870, he commenced clerking in the drug business for Dr. Cooper; remained with him seven years - in 1877, he started business for himself; he opened a large drugstore on Chestnut street, his present location. Sept. 11, 1877, married Miss Lizzie Kass, a native of Dunleith, Ill.; they have one child- Herbert. Mr. Prasch has just been elected to the position of Town Treasurer; he has been organist of St. Mary's Catholic Church for the past five years. Members of the Catholic Church; he is a Democrat.

JAMES PRICE. farmer, Secs. 1 and 12 P. O. Burlington; born in Wales March 11, 1809; he married in Wales, in 1840, Miss Sarah Lewis, born in Wales in 1810; they had three children, one living- Jane, born in Wales in 1843; they came to Wisconsin in 1844, located in Burlington township, bought the farm on which he is still living and working; he built his own barn and house where he lives; his farm consists of ninety acres of fine land, situated on Secs. 1 and 12; his daughter Jane married Henry Ellerbrook, born in Germany; he is a farmer in Burlington township; they have two children -- Sarah, who married Peter Cunningham; Henry is living at home, assisting his father on the farm

EDWARD REINGER, farmer, Sec. 17 P. O. Burlington; born Sept. 5, 1829, in Baden, Germany; came to Burlington Township, and bought a farm of eighty acres on Sec. 18, where he lived til 1870, then sold out and removed to the old Weinbrun farm, which he purchased; married in Burlington, in June, 1860, Miss Elizabeth Weinbrun who was born in Germany in 1834; they had three children, all living- John, Joseph and Mary; their mother died in 1865; Mr. Reinger married the second time, in 1871, Mrs Amelia Weinbrun, the widow of Michael Weinbrun, by whom she had three children, all now living - John, Joseph and Mary; [sic] they have had three children; all are living-- Christopher, Edward and Frank; Mr. Reinger owns ninety-five acres of well-improved land; members of the Burlington Roman Catholic Church.

THEODORE RICHTER, farmer, Sec. 24; P. O. Wheatland; he was born in Germany, July 25,1816; came to Wisconsin, Sept., 1846; first worked in Burlington Township married, in Burlington, Nov., 1849, Miss Catherine Kabbits; she was born in Germany, July, 1825; they have had ten children, eight now living- Mary, born in Aug., 1850; Henry, Oct., 1851; Wilhelm, Feb., 1853; John, Dec., 1854; Amelia, April, 1856; Alpheus, Dec., 1858; Theodore, Feb.. 1860; Anna, Dec., 1861. Mr. Richter has led an industrious life, and has accumulated a valuable property; he owns 160 acres of fine, fertile land, handsomely improved; members of the Brighton Catholic Church.

HERMAN ROBERS, farmer, Secs. 1 and 18; P. O. Burlington; born in Westphalia, Germany, Feb., 1821 ; came to Burlington Township in 1850, and worked for various farmers until 1853, when he purchased a farm of 160 acres, on which he now lives; in Burlington village, in the same year, he married Miss Mary Efing. who was born in Westphalia, Germany, in Jan., 1828; had seven children, five now living- Henry, born in Oct., 1855 ; John, Jan., 1858; Gerhardt, June, 1863 ; Eliza, July, 1867; Louis, April, 1871; he owns a farm of 170 acres; is now building a large barn, which will cost, when completed, between $400 and $500; he built the stone house in which he is living; members of the Burlington Catholic Church.

JAMES S. ROGERS, Jr., stock farmer; P. O. Burlington born in Burlington, March 10, 1849, where, from an early day, he worked on his father's farm. In 1872, he married Annie Christie, a native of Canada; they have three children- Henry C., Jessie and Glorianna. Mr. Rogers has been Clerk of the Board in the Twelfth District, also Marsbal of the, Racine Agricultural Society in 1878. Members of the Episcopal Church. He is a Democrat.

CHAUNCEY J. ROOKER, farmer, Sec. 30; P. O. Burlington; born in Herkimer Co., N. Y., in 1822; came with parents and family to Burlington in 1838. He owns 190 acres of land in Secs. 19, 29 and 30; built the residence he occupies in Sec. 30, with barns, etc., and has greatly improved the farm. He married in Burlington, Nov., 1852, and has six children- Addie L., Annie S., Dema D., Eliza X., Emma, James C. His family attend Plymouth Church.

WILLIAM L. ROOKER, farmer, Sec. 29; P. O. Burlington. His father, Capt. Joseph Rooker, was born in Whitehall, Washington Co, N. Y., in 1792; came to Wisconsin in winter of 1837-38 to attend the land sale of Government land, then returned to Whitehall, and in Aug., 1838, brought his family out. He bought 650 acres in Secs. 19, 29 and 30 and also one quarter-section in Spring Prairie, Walworth Co.; he finished a frame residence that was partly built on the land, and occupied it as a residence - he also built barns and fences, and otherwise improved it. He had the reputation of being a generous, kind-hearted man, both in Burlington and Dover Townships. He married, in Herkimer Co., N. Y., in 1810, Sabrina Turner; they had eight chi!dren, born in Herkimer Co.- William L., James V., Daniel N., Chauncey J., Sophronia, Sabrina, Olive and Demaris; his wife died in Burlington in 1858; he again married, in 1860, in Racine, Mrs. Minerva Taig, who now resides with her daughter, Mrs. J. Howland, in Burlington. He died in Burlington, Oct. 3, 1864. William L. married, in Burlington, April 3, 1834, Margaret J. Winne; they had four children-- Frances E., Lloyd D., Sarah S., William D. Mr. William Rooker sold his father's farm, and now owns ninety acres in Sec. 29, Burlington.

GEORGE E. ROSENHAUER, farmer, Sec. 20 P. O. Burlington; born in Bavaria, Jan. 17, 1831; came to Worcester Co., Mass., in 1845; was there employed in Hamilton's Southbridge Woolen Mills for nearly ten years; leaving there, he worked for a short time in Worcester, Mass.; afterward in Mamaroneck, N. Y.; came to Burlington Township in 1855, and bought a farm consisting of 120 acres; in 1867 he purchased, in addition, sixty-two acres of land in Burlington; in 1873 he bought forty more acres of land situated in Wheatland. Married, in Webster, Mass., Jan., 1854, Miss Mena Holly, who was born in Wurtemburg, Germany, March, 1827; they have six children- Emma, born in March, 1855; Christopher, April, 1856; Willie, Feb., 1860; Tilda, Dec., 1863; Lydia, Feb., 1868; Gottlieb, July, 1870. Mr. Rosenhauer was Overseer of Highways from 1858 to 1878. His son succeeded him in that position. He owns 222 acres of land, well improved. Devoted members of the Lutheran Church.

LEWIS ROYCE, lawyer, Burlington; born in Williamstown, Orange Co., Vt., April 9, 1804; he came with his parents to Northfield, Vt., in winter of 1806, and when he was 9 years of age, his father, Nathan Royce, died, in Northfield; he was then sent to Samuel Adams, a farmer in Northfield to learn farming, who, having bought land in Williamstown, within one mile of where he was raised, took him back there, where he remained till he was 16 years old; while he was there, he went to school two winters, 1813 and 1814, and had to work the farm in the summer; all the education he ever received was during this period, and he relates how he used to rise early in the morning and study his lessons till the family were up, and he had to begin his day's work; when he was 17 years old, he was appointed a teacher in a district school in Northfield, where he taught four months with good success, then, went back to farming; he afterward taught two winters the same school, working the farm every summer season; when not quite 19 years old, be went to St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., and stayed there two years; in 1826 he commenced the study of law in the office of Upham & Cass, in Montpelier, Vt., and studied for three years, with the exception of the seasons for school. which he taught every season; in 1829, he was admitted to the bar as an attorney, in Montpelier, and at once began practicing in Washington, Orange Co. and Brandon, Rutland Co., Vt., till fall of 1836, then came to Genesee Co., York State, and stayed there till 1837, and, in August of that year, reached Burlington, and built a log cabin near where the W. U. R. R. depot now stands; he took up 160 acres Government land, fenced more than half of it, and broke over one hundred acres; he was then taken sick, sold out this land, and moved into the village; he bought more land, and built the large stone residence now occupied by the Sisters of Mercy, adjoining St. Mary's Catholic Church; sold that in 1846, and built the residence he now occupies. He married, in 1837, in Buffalo, N. Y., Mary Judd, of Vermont; had two children- Glacius and Iona. He was elected in 1851, District Attorney for Racine Co., which he held for five years; was also elected Justice of the Peace in 1843, the first ever elected by a vote of the people, and was also the first Supervisor ever elected in that way. He has now been upward of fifty years practicing law, and is as hale and hearty yet as the average man, with a clear memory and good eyesight. His son, Glacius, enlisted in Chicago, in the McClellan Dragoons, and was killed at the battle of Williamsbur Va.

HENRY RIMKEL, farmer, Sec. 21; P. O. Burlington; he was born in Germany, Sept. 6, 1836; came to Wisconsin in 1860, located in Burlington, and has since engaged at farming. He married in April, 1865, Mrs. Anna Steinford, born in Germany; she had four children- Anthony, Susan, Anna and Matilda; they have one child- Christina. Mr. R. was elected member of the School Board in the spring of 1879, and is now filling that office. He owns 170 acres of fine land, spacious barns, grainaries and good, comfortable house.

JULIUS SCHEIBE, farmer, Sec. 20; P. O. Burlington; born in Prussia Oct. 28, 1842; came to Burlington Township in 1860; worked at farming till the 10th of September, 1861, then enlisted in Co. E, 9th W. V. I.: be was in all of the battles his regiment participated in; mustered out the 17th of December, 1864, in Milwaukee, Wis.; he then returned to Burlington Township, where he bought forty acres, where he is now living and farming successfully; purchased in addition fifteen acres of land. Married in Burlington, September, 1865, Miss Dora Pagel, who was born October, 1849, in Burlington; they have six children- Frederick, born June, 1866; Emma, April, 1868; Amelia, June, 1871; Julius, May, 1873; Susanna, April, 1875; Wilhelm, April, 1877. Mr. Scheiba runs a tbreshing-machine in the season; he now owns fifty-five acres of good land, finely improved. Members of the Wheatland Methodist Church.

HENRY SCHROEDER, farmer, Sec. 15; P. O. Burlington; was born in Germany in July, 1849; came to Wisconsin in 1871, and engaged at farming; he now has the management of Mr. Siehoff's farm, comprising 180 acres of land. He married in April, 1874, in Burlington, Miss Caroline Strohm; she was born in Germany in 1846; they have three children- Matilda, born December, 1875; Lucas, April, 1877; Ernst, July, 1878. Mr. Schroeder was elected member of the School Board in 1878 ; served one term.

CHARLES F. SCHULTZ, farmer, Sec. 4; P. O. Burlington; born in Prussia in 1836; came to Burlington Township, Wis., in 1861; he bought the farm which he now occupies and farms. Married in Burlington, in 1867, Miss Netta Keiser, who was born in Germany; they have five children - Paul, Ernst, Louisa, Otto and Albert. He owns sixty-seven acres, well improved. Members of the Burlington Lutheran Church.

GEORGE SHEARD, farmer, Sec. 25; P. O. Burlington; born in Mirfield, Yorkshire, England, June 4, 1813; he married at Halifaxa Old Church, England, in 1836, Martha Gill, and had two children born in England, Brook and Percival, whom they brought with them; they came to Burlington in 1844, located and took up 120 acres of Government land in Section 25; he built the residence he occupies with barns, and has a very comfortable home and good farm; they had six other children born in Burlington, two of whom are dead- Frederick, Louisa, Abraham, Thomas, Mary and William; Frederick and Mary are both dead; the rest are all living, but away from home, except William.

HIRAM A. SHELDON, hardware merchant; P. O. Burlington; born in Utica, Mich., May 13, 1835; he came to Burlington with his father, Orson Sheldon, and was employed in his store until 1857; April 21, 1859, he opened a hardware store in the frame building now occupied by Theodore Reil, a dry goods merchant; in 1861 he moved into a store formerly occupied by his father, where he still remains; he is one of the oldest established hardware merchants in Racine County, and carries a general stock of hardware, tinware, stoves, paints, oils, etc; he married in Burlington, Feb. 28, 1865, Paulina A. Bristol; they had two children- Robert H. and Mabel L., Robert died in Burlington, Jan. 2, 1877; they attend the Congregational Church. He enlisted in a company raised in Burlington, who elected their own officers; Mr. Sheldon was elected to the position of First Lieutenant, and held that position when the company was assigned to the 1st Wis. Infantry as Co. C, and was attached to the Army of the Cumberland.

ANTHONY SIEHOFF farmer, Secs. 23 and 24; P. O. Burlington; born in Germany, January, 1825 came to Wisconsin in 1844; first located in Burlington Township, where he was employed as a farm hand; in 1851, he bought the farm where he is now living; he married, July 15, 1851, Miss Catharine Lansing, born in Westphalia, Germany; they had one child, who died in infancy; Mr. Sieboff's wife died in 1861; he married again in Burlington, in 1862, Miss Elizabeth Tienberge; she was born in Germany in 1846; they have two children living- Gertrude, born in January, 1865; Bernard, October, 1868. Mr. Siehoff has led an active, industrious life; he owns 120 acres of good land, handsomely improved. Members of tbe Burlington Catholic Church.

HERMAN SIEHOFF farmer, Sec. 2; P. O. Burlington; born in Westphalia, Germany, April, 1827; came to Wisconsin in 1846 ; located in Wheatland Township, and worked at farming; in 1852 be removed to Burlington Township and entered into partnership with his brother Anthony, they farming it together on Section 23: in 1861 they separated, Herman having bought a farm in Section 15, and commenced for himself; in 1865 he removed to Section 2 and bought thirt six acres of land, where he is now living, within one mile of Burlington; he still owns the 120 acres in Section 15- added to his farm, owns altogether 156 acres in two farms, well improved; married in Burlington, in 1865, Miss Mary Bofenkamp, who was born in Germany in 1845; they have six children - Henry, born October, 1866; Anthony, September, 1868; Gerhardt, January, 1871; Bernard, February, 1874; Elizabeth, August, 1876; Mary, April, 1879. Members of the Burlington Roman Catholic Church.

EDWIN R. SMITH, Principal Burlington High School; born in 1844 in Burlington, where he received his early education; November, 1860, commenced teaching in the district school, continuing for two years; in 1862 he enlisted in the 1st W. A., and joined the battery at Washington; was engaged at the sieges of Washington and Fort Stephens; mustered out, July, 1865, and then returned to Burlington and taught school in Waterford for two years; in 1868 he taught the Graded High School at East Troy, remaining four years; in 1872 took charge of his present school; married, in 1871, Miss May Dickerman; they have had two children- one boy and one girl. Family are members of the Congregational Church.

HENRY SOBBE, farmer, Sec. 24; P. O. Wheatland; he was born in Westphalia, Germany, July, 1846; he came to Wisconsin in March, 1866; he first located in Wheatland, and rented a farm, which he successfully worked up to 1872 he then removed to Burlington and bought a farm, on which he is now living. He married, in Burlington, May 4, 1868, Miss Gertrude Schumacher; she was born in Burlington Township; they have four children-- Regina, born in 1873; Josephine, 1874; Joseph, 1876; John, 1878. Mr. Sobbe has led an industrious life, and has been very successful; he owns eighty acres of land, finely improved. Members of the Wheatland Catholic Church.

HENRY SPIEKER, farmer, section 15; P. O. Burlington; he was born in Germany, March 13, 1819; came to Wisconsin, in September, 1849; located in Burlington Township; worked at farming till 1852; he then bought a farm and located where he is now living. He married, in Burlington, in 1853, Miss Anna Luker she was born in Russia, in 1825; they had eight children, all living- Henry born March 28, 1854; John, October, 1856; Francis, October, 1859; Mary, January, 1863 Elizabeth, December, 1865; Anna, August, 1867; Wilhelm, February, 1869; Bernard, July, 1871. Their mother died, March 22, 1873. Mr. Spieker married again in February, 1875, Mary Luker; they have no children; Mr. Spieker was Pathmaster for five years. He owns 234 acres of fine land in Burlington Township, and twenty acres in Brighton. Members of the Burlington Catholic Church.

CHRISTIAN STROHM, farmer, Sec. 1; P. O. Burlington; born in Germany, in May, 1836, located in Burlington Township; he has the management of the farm of the late John O'Neil. He married, in October, 1862, in Germany, Miss Mary Hoffman, a native of Germany; they have eight children- John, Sophia, Eliza, Charlie, William, Henry, Frederick and Rudolph. Mr. Strohm has rented 120 acres of land from O'Neil, he working the farm. He owns a house and lot, worth $1,000, situated in Burlington village.

THEODORE TERHORST, farmer, Secs. 23 and 24; P. O. Burlington; born in, Germany September, 1844; he came to Wisconsin with his parents in 1850; they located in Kenosha village, where they lived till 1853, then came to Burlington Township, located, and bought the farm which Theodore is now living on. His father, George Terhorst, was born in July, 1804. He married, Germany, in 1843, Miss Gertrude Weyyers, born in Germany, in 1806; they have had two children - Wilhelm, born October, 1845; Theodore, September, 1844. Their father died in July, 1867; His wife survives him. Theodore married, in Burlington, in 1874, Miss Mary Holzheimer, born in Bloomfield Township, Racine Co., in 1851; they have three children-- Gertrude, born April, 1875 ; Barbara, March, 1877; Otilda, March, 1878. Theodore, his brother Wilhelm and their mother, own 140 acres of good land, finely improved.

SAMUEL TOOMBS, farmer, Sec. 19; P. O. Burlington; he was born in Buckinghamshire, England, Feb. 13, 1813; he came to Wisconsin in 1839, located in Burlington, and engaged in by industry and strict economy, he has accumulated a handsome property. He married, in Racine April, 1849, Miss Artemisa Rose; she was born in Orange Co. N. Y. They have three children living - Addie (married Wm. Bushnell), Jerome and Albert. Mr. Toombs owns 100 acres of fertile land, finely improved, good barns- a pleasant home.

HERMAN UHEN, farmer, Sec. 12; P. O. Burlington; born in Westphalia, Germany, in August 1826; he came to McHenry Co., Ill., in 1854, where he engaged at farming; in 1857 he removed Wisconsin; located in Burlington; bought a farm, on which he is now living and working. He first married in Waukegan, Ill., in 1854, Miss Elizabeth Rareman, who was born in Westphalia, Germany, in 1830; had three children, two living- Elizabeth and Mary. His wife died in Jan., 1859. He married again in Burlington, in June, 1859, Miss Mary Navind, who was born in Westphalia, Germany, in 1824. They have five children - Bernard, Henry, John, Joseph, and Theresa. Some of his sons are assisting their father on the farm. He is the owner of 207 acres of fertile land, well improved. Members of the Burlington Catholic Church.

HUBERT WAGNER, foundry; Burlington; born in France Nov. 3,1824; he came to Pottsville, Pa., in 1844; remained there till 1856 - then came to Burlington and went into business in a machine shop, in partnership with A. Zwiebel; continued with him in business till 1863; then dissolved partnership, and Mr. Wagner started another shop in his own name, and also a foundry in connection with it; took F. G. Cline into partnership with him in the foundry in 1871; he bought out Mr. Cline's interest in the foundry, and now has both foundry and machine shop in his own name. He married in Pottsville, Penn., in 1846, Salome Zwiebel, of France; have eight children- Charles, Hubbard, Elizabeth, John, William, Mary, Theresa, and Emma. Charles, Hubbard, and Elizabeth are married, and live in Burlington; the rest are single, and living at home with parents. They are all members of St. Marys Catholic Church.

ELMOND S. WARING, proprietor of the Exchange Hotel, Burlington; born May 13, 1843; came to Wisconsin in 1868, locating at Beloit, and filling the position as clerk at the Salsbury House for one year, and the Goodwin House for eighteen months. In 1870, went to Iowa, remaining till 1874, when he went to Darlington, Wis., remaining six months; then returned to Beloit, and from there to Burlington, and opened the Exchange House, 1878. Married, Sept. 8, 1869, Miss Mary Payne, a native of New York State. They have one child- a girl.

HENRY WIESMAN, farmer, Sec. 11; P. O. Burlington, born in Germany, in February, 1819. He came to Wisconsin in 1845; located in Wheatland Township, where he engaged at farming; remained there a number of years; then moved to Burlington Township. Married, Feb. 20, 1865. Miss Catharine Boet, a native of Germany. They have three children - Henry, Bernard, and Mary. owns eighty acres of fine land. Are members of the Catholic Church.

FREDERICK WILLHOFT, furniture dealer, Burlington; born in Holstein, Germany, in 1823. He came to Burlington and located in 1852; worked here one year, at his trade of cabinetmaker; then went to Racine and worked there one year; in October, 1854, returned to Burlington and started in the furniture business and undertaking for himself; continued until 1861, when he enlisted the 9th Wis, Co. E.; was attached to the Western Department, and with his regiment in Kansas, Missouri and the Indian Territory, and was in the engagements at Teutonia, Mo., Arkadelphia and Prairie Grove; mustered out, Dec. 7, 1864; returned to Burlington, and went into the same business again. He married, in Burlington, in February 1856, Theresa Reinhardt, of Burlington, and has one child- Louisa, born June 24, 1857. In 1854, he bought a town lot, in block 27, and built a store and residence, in which he carries a large and varied stock of parlor and bedroom furniture, extension tables, a full line of upholstered goods of Eastern manufacture, besides picture frames, etc., a large portion of which he manufactures himself; also does undertaking.

CHRISTOPHER WINCKLER, farmer, Sec. S; P. O. Burlington; born in July, 1813, in Baden, Germany. Married, in September, 1836, in Germany, Miss Theresa Arnold, who was born in Baden, in 1812. They have had thirteen children, eleven now living- Theresa, Barbara, Louis, Frederick, Bertha, Adam, Eliza, Josephine, Catherine, Christopher, Bertha. Mr. Winckler, with his wife, came to Burlington Township in 1841; located and bought forty acres of land from an early settler, and he also took eighty acres on the pre-emption act, making 120 acres altogether; has made additional purchases of land; now owns 260 acres of good land, well improved. Has been industrious and successful.

REV. FATHER WISBAUER, Catholic Priest, Burlington; was born in Austria, in 1810, where he was educated for the ministry and ordained as Priest, at Linz, in 1834. He came to Burlington in 1847, and took charge of the Catholic Church here, before the present church was erected. The first service held in the new church was on Dec. 8, 1859, at which he officiated with the Rt. Rev. Bishop Martin Henni, of Milwaukee; has had charge of the church for thirty-two years, the only church, in this country, he ever officiated in.

FRANK X. WOLF, farmer, Sec. 6; P. O. Burlington; born in Baden, Germany, in 1848; is a son of Jacob Wolf, who was born in 1801, in Baden, Germany. Married there, in August, 1828, Miss Margaret Hauk, who was born in Germany; had five children; four are living - Sebastian, Foldene, Thekla and Frank. They came together to Burlington Township, Wis., in 1852. His father bought the farm on which they are now living. Sebastian, Foldene and Thekla are situated in different parts of the United States, and are prospering finely. Frank has always stayed with his father, and assisted him in working the farm. The father is now aged and feeble, therefore the property has all fallen into the hands of Frank, who is sole proprietor of the farm, consisting of 118 acres of fine land, improved. Frank married, in May, 1865, Miss Theresa Herberge, who was born in Germany, in 1849. They have had three children; only one is living- Frank, born August, 1867. Members of the Burlington Roman Catholic Church.

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