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Dover Township Biographical Sketches

As published in "The History of Racine and Kenosha Counties" (Chicago: 1879), pages 668-675

MRS. JAMES BALLACK (formerly Jane Tait), farmer, Sec. 4; P. O. Rochester; was born in Antwerp, N. Y., October, 1830; came to Racine, with her parents, in 1845, and married, in Racine, April 1, 1852, James Ballack, a resident of Dover, and a farmer. Mr. B. died, Aug. 24, 1876; had been suffering with paralysis for a year before he died; is buried at Dover. She owns 463 acres of land in Dover, including the celebrated old Howe farm, 207 acres, all located in Sections 2 and 11. Had five children- George William, born Jan. 16, 1853; James T., Oct. 1, 1859; Gilbert, March 24, 1865; Ella, July 11, 1870; Nancy Jane, April 2, 1854; died May 24, 1854, aged 7 weeks. The three sons are working on the farm, and live with their mother.

JOHN BALLACK, farmer, Sec. 11; P. O. Union Grove was born in Banffshire, Scotland, June 8, 1830 was brought to Montreal, Canada, by his mother, in 1835, and met by his father, who had come out one year previously; lived in Montreal, and then in Dover. He was educated in Dover; is now a farmer, and owns 250 acres of land in Dover, including seventy-three acres of the celebrated Howe farm. He married, in Necedah, Juneau Co., Wis., Nov. 20, 1855, Mary Sarles, a native of York State; has three children- S. Emily, Charles A. and William G. He also owns 320 acres of land in Traill Co., D. T., and is there at the present time, supervising and working it; attends United Presbyterian Church.

WILLIAM BALLACK, father of John and James; born in Banffsbire, Scotland, in 1795; went to Montreal, Canada, in 1834, and lived there eighteen months, where he left, to go to Black Rock, near Buffalo, N. Y., and then to Freeport, Ill.; in 1840, he came to Dover. He married, in Banffshire, in 1821, Margaret Bremner, of the same place. They have three children- James and John, whose biographies are above, and Janette, who married Thomas Graham, a resident of Dover.

WILLIAM BANCROFT, farmer, Sec. 17; P. O. Rochester; born in Yorkshire, England, in 1821; came to Dover in July, 1844, with his parents; his father, James Bancroft, was born in Yorksbire, in 1802; married, in Yorkshire, Ann Walker; in 1845, he bought eighty acres in Sec. 17, and returned to England with his wife and one child, and both died while there. They had four children, two now residents of Dover- William and Sarah. Sarah married John Noble, Jr., and resides in Dover. William Bancroft married, in Dover, May 15, 1845, Caroline Earnshaw, daughter of John and Sarah Earnshaw, old residents of Dover. In 1846, he took up forty acres of Government land in Burlington, Wis.; sold it in 1854, and bought forty acres in Sec. 17, and built the residence he now occupies, with barns, etc., and otherwise improved it. They attend the Bible Christian Church, a branch of the Methodist Church.

ROBERT K. BEATY, farmer, Sec. 11 P. O. Union Grove; born in Dumfriesshire, Scotland, 1808; went to Toronto, Canada, in 1832, and, in 1837, to Joliet, Ill., where he remained till he came to Dover in 1840, and located here; he owns 180 acres of land in Secs. 11 and 14, and a comfortable residence and barns. He married, in Joliet, in 1840, Jennie Graham; they have eight children living -- William, Jane, Thomas, Robert K., Margaret, Helen S., Mary N., John B.; William married Ellen Pierce, Jan. 15, 1879, in Dover. He owns 320 acres, located in Yorkville, Dover, and Norway; he lives in the house known as the old Searle's Tavern.

J. C. BECHER, farmer; P. O. Dover; was born in the village of Schnickartshausen, Grand Duchy of Hesse Darmstadt, Dec. 22, 1810, where his father was head forester; attended the village school from his 6th to 14th year; then a gymnasium until his 19th year, when he enlisted as a volunteer in the Hessian army. In 1832, at his father's request, was appointed his assistant. In 1833 his father wtis placed on a retiring pension, and he succeeded in the office, which he held until 1843. Then the present Czar, Alexander of Russia (then Crown Prince), married Princess Maria, of Hesse Darmstadt. The Crown Prince had in his suite several Russian princes, and others of noble extraction, one of whom, Baron Theodore Ungernsternberg, needing a skilled forester, made Mr. Becher a good offer of a position, which he accepted, after obtaining permission from the Hessian Government. Remained in that position until the Baron was killed in a duel, and, being unmarried, his whole possessions on the Island of Dago, in the Baltic Sea, went to his mother and younger brothers, and Mr. Becher was thrown out of his office. He returned to Germany, with difficulty obtaining a passport, as he was suspected by the Government of having assisted the person who had killed his employer to escape. On the contrary, Mr. B. had attempted, unsuccessfully, to secure his arrest. Finally De Caster de Tersac, a French professor in the University of Reval, secured for him a passport from the Governor of Riga. Reaching Germany, he could not obtain his former position, and had such indefinite promises of another, that he sold his property there and embarked for Russia, via River Rhine and Rotterdam, to London. There friends persuaded him to come to the United States instead, and after a voyage of twenty-eight days, landed in New York. Went thence to Milwaukee, where, through distrust of all who advised him, he lost opportunities of buying cheap property. Concluded to buy land in the town of Brighton, of Mr. John Ide. Six acres of it were broken, and on it was an old log cabin, in which he and his family lived through the severe winter of 1848-49. Money gave out, and he sold mathematical instruments, six gold watches, and six guns, for half their value, to buy farming stock and implements. Remained there until 1855, then tried hotel-keeping in Racine, which was no business for him, and he returned the next year to the farm. In May, 1856, bought a house and lot in what is now Kansasville. Kept country store with Mr. John Walter, who had just arrived from Germany; failed and lost everything. The same year was a pioneer of Dover; bought land for $1,400, but it had been mortgaged and he lost it all. Mr. B. has been fourteen years Postmaster, ten years express agent, and twenty years station agent, at Dover. He married, on Saturday, June 30, 1832, Rebecea, Lenz, daughter of Adam Lenz, in the village Ekhardsborn, by Rev. Dr. Krom in the church at Schweskartshausen they had six children, two sons and four daughters- Philip, born March 3, 1833; Ottilie, Jan. 1, 1836; Lisette, Aug. 10, 1838; Amelia, Sept. 20, 1840; Mary, Sept. 30, 1842; Gustav, Nov. 15, 1845.

JOHN BELL, farmer, Sec. 28 P. O. Kansasville; born in County Armagh, Ireland, in 1814; came to New York in 1843; fall of same year to Dover; he now owns 235 acres of land in Secs. 2, and 29; he built the residence and barns on Sec. 28; is a widower, and works the farm on shares with Mr. Cheeseman, of Rochester; it is the third farm that Mr. Bell has broken and improved. He married, in Dover, Agnes McKee, who died in Aug., 1867; he again married Mary Cherry, who died in Aug., 1878; he had six children by first wife- Annie, William, Susan, Eliza, James, John.

JAMES BIRD, farmer, Sec. 24 P. O. Union Grove. born in Renfrewshire, Scotland, in 1812; in 1823 went to Montreal, Canada; in 1832 to New York City; thence to Newark, N. J., where he was apprenticed to the stonecutters' trade till 1835; during his apprenticeship he was with his employer working in Havana, Cuba, and the Bahama Islands, and returned to Newark. N. J., in 1837; went to Rochester, N. Y., and followed his trade till 1842, and in fall of that year came to Racine Co. and took up Governnent land, 200 acres in all- eighty acres in Sec. 24, Town 3, Range 20 in Dover, and 129 acres in Sec. 19, Town 3, Range 21, in Yorkville; has an elegant and large white brick residence, large barn and granary, all nearly new. In 1842 he returned to Canada, and came back to Dover in 1846. Married in Dover in 1847, Sophia Gral~-am; they have eight children- Margaret Jane, born Nov. 17, 1847; Mary, May 20, 1849; Emily, May 11, 1851; James, March 26, 1853; William Graham, Jan. 17, 1856; Olive Janet, April 9, 1858; Annie Sophia, Oct. 18, 1860; Henry D, May 7, 1863; all residing in Dover with their parents.

ROBERT BLACKBURN. farmer, Sec. 36; P. O. Union Grove; born in Bradford Yorkshire, England, 1823; went to Lockport, N. Y., in 1844, with his parents, and remained there till 1851; then went to Toronto, Canada; thence to Racine Co., in 1852; located in Dover in 1854, and owns 135 acres of land in Sec. 36, with residence and barns, which he bullt. He married in Paris, Kenosha Co., May 16, 1853. Mary Ann Murgatroyd, of Paris , and they have six children- Frank, Charles W., Henry H., George A., Frederick, John W.; he raises stock and hogs for Chicago and Milwaukee markets, also, corn and flax. He enlisted in 1864 in 1st Wis. Heavy Art., and was with his regiment till mustered out, July, 1865; then returned to Dover.

PATRICK BRIODY, farmer, Sec. 24; P. O. Union Grove; born in County Cavan, Ireland, 1804; went to New York City in 1833; remained until 1847, when he came to Racine Co., and took up 16O acres of Government land in Sec. 24, Town 3, Range 20, and located here. He married in New York City, in 1846, Hannah McNamara, and had seven children- Thomas, Martin, Patrick, Barney, Michael, Mary, and Hannah. Thomas and Martin both died, and are buried in Dover; the rest are all living.

JOHN BRYCE, farmer; P. O. Union Grove; was born near Glasgow, Scotland, January, 1822; came to Wisconsin in 1847, and settled on 160 acres in town of Dover, and now, through industry, has as fine a farm as is in Dover. He married Mary Hunter in April, 1861; she died in September, 1862. He again married, Elizabeth Ormiston, in Chicago, in May, 1866. By first wife had one child- John, born in 1862, and is now at home with his father. By second wife had two children- Elizabeth, born May, 1867; Gracie, born January, 1871. Mrs. Grace Ormiston, mother of the present Mrs. Bryce, was born near Glasgow, Scotland, November, 1809; is the widow of Samuel Ormiston her maiden name was Grace Colewell; she was married in 1827; they came to Wisconsin about 1839; settled on eighty acres, and afterward bought 200 acres. He was a hard-working and frugal man, and gained means; moved to Union Grove about 1867. Died Aug. 1, 1876, leaving his widow in comfortable circumstances.

A. M. COLLAR, farmer, Sec. 26; P. O. Union Grove; born in Berkshire Co., Mass., in 1826, and went with his parents to Madison Co. in 1830; his father, Jared Collar, came to Racine Co. in 1837; located in Yorkville, and took up 160 acres Government land in Yorkville and forty acres in Sec. 27, Dover; he sold the land in Yorkville, moved his family to Dover, and took up forty acres more Government land in Sec. 27, Dover, where he lived till his death. He was married in Connecticut, and brought his family with him to Dover; had eight children- O. H., Erastus S., Jared A., Daniel M., Aurin M., Merton P., Rhoda L. and Harriet L. He died in June, 1877, aged 86 years, and is buried in Dover; his wife also died in Dover, October, 1852, aged 62 years. Aurin M . owns eighty acres in Sec. 26, with residence and barns; He married in Dover, December, 1849, Elvira Taber, daughter of Gilbert Taber and had one son Oscar W. Collar, born March 12, 1854, and died March 22, 1874, aged 20 years and 10 days. They live in Sec. 26, in. Dover.

FRANCIS COX, Sr., farmer, Sec. 15 ; P. O. Kansasville; was born in County Fermanagh, Ireland, in 1809, and went thence to New Jersey. He married, in New York, in 1836, Rose Nolan, of Fermanagh County, Ireland; they had six children- James, Ellen, John, Margaret, Ann Jane and Francis. He came to Milwaukee in May, 1842, and took up eighty acres Government land in Section 15, Dover; lived in Milwaukee till September; brought his family and located in Dover, and took up eighty acres more Government land in Section 15; in 1854, he purchased 120 acres, in 1855, eighty acres improved lands in same section, making 360 acres in all. His eldest son, James, married, in Dover, Feb. 13, 1862, Bridget Lavin, daughter of Martin Lavin, a resident of Dover, and has eight children; Ellen married Philip McManus; Margaret married Charles McManus; Ann Jane is single, and lives in Racine; John married, in Waterford, in November, 1864, Catherine McManus, and has three children; Francis married, Nov. 15, 1869, in Dover, Julia McManus, and has six children; they all reside in Dover, and are members of St. Mary's Church, except Ann Jane.

JOHN W. B. CRANE, farmer, Sec. 25; P. O. Union Grove; was born in Somersetshire, England, November, 1830; came to Dover in the spring of 1852 and located here; he owns 265 acres land in Section 25, with a large, comfortable residence, and large barns. He married, March 9, 1857, in Dover, Peggy Dale, who was born in Cornwall, Enojand, in 1823 they have five children- Paley W. D., born Nov. 29, 1857; Ella M. B., April 11, 1859; Laura N. D., July 16, 1861; Albert E. D., Sept. 21, 1863; Cyrus E., July 12, 1865; all single, and living home. Edward Dale, father of Mrs. Crane, was born in Cornwall, England, in 1792, and came to Dover in 1842. He married, in Cornwall, April, 1815, Peggy Harry, of the same place, and had eight children- Edward, Alice, Thomas, Peggy, Elizabeth, Nicholas H., Joseph and Henry, all born in Cornwall. They all attend the Methodist Church.

JOHN CRAWFORD, farmer, Sec. 30; P. O. Rochester; was born in County Antrim, Ireland, Oct. 1, 1809; be came to New Jersey in 1835, and worked in Jersey City for eight years came to Dover, in April, 1843, and took up forty acres in Section 30; he built a comfortable residence which be now occupies; the house they lived in when the first came here (a small log cabin), was entirely destroyed by fire, Jan. 28, 1844; he lost everything, the family barely escaping with their lives; he then built another log cabin, which he occupied until he built this last residence, and only lately has torn down the old cabin. He married, in New Jersey, June 16, 1836, Charlotte Saunders, and has ten children- Martha, Harvey, Isabella, Nathan, Rachel S., William J.. Henry, Robert H., Leona, Margaret C. and Mary E. His wife was also a native of County Antrim, Ireland. Isabella married T. M. Barrett, and. resides in Kansas; Rachel S. married Miles Trowbridge, and resides in Minnesota; William J. married Jane McKercher, May 14, 1869, and resides in Iowa; Leona married Jos. McKelvey, and resides in Kansas, Robert married Maggie, L. Young, in Burlington, Dec. 25, 1878, and resides in Dover; the others are living with their parents in Dover. Nathan enlisted in Co. C, 1st Wis. Regt. V. I., and was killed at the battle of Chicamauga; Henry enlisted in the 39th Wis. Home Guards, and died Aug. 17, 1864, in Memphis, Tenn., of typhoid fever; William enlisted in the 39th Wis. for ninety days, and afterward joined the 17th Wis. Regt. V. I.

PETER CUNNINGHAM, farmer, Sec. 32; P. O. Kansasville; born in County Longford, Ireland, in 1820, and, in 1843, came to Racine County and located in Dover. He married, in Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug. 2, 1843, Maria Cunningham, and had five children- Catherine, Peter, Jr., Daniel, Andrew and John F. Danic-1 and Andrew both died in Burlington, Racine Co., and are buried there.

WILLIAM G. DIBBLE, farmer, Sec. 3; P. O. Yorkville; born in Somersetshire, England, in 1822; came to Dover in May, 1850, and located here; he owns 100 acres in Section 3, and has a residence and barns on it. He married, in Burkbam, England, March 7, 1848, Maria Whitting, a native of Somersetshire; have six children- Mary, William, Oliver, George, Henry and Edwin. William married Betsy Miller, and lives in Dover; Oliver married Kate Cunningham, and lives in Iowa.

THOMAS GRAHAM, farmer, Sec. 11; P. O. Union Grove; born in Dumfriesshire, Scotland, in 1818; went to Toronto, Canada, in 1832, with his parents, and learned the carpenter trade while there; in 1837, left them and went to Joliet, Ill., and, in 1840, came to Racine Co. and worked at his trade till 1854; then located at Dover, and began farming. He owns 300 acres of land in Sections 11, 12, 13, 14; has a very comfortable residence and large barn on Sec. 11; He married, in Dover, Dec. 16, 1847, Janette. Ballack a resident there, and have five children- William B., born 1849; Henry I., 1851 ; Etta, 1858; Elmer, 1860; James E., 1867; all living, and attend the Presbyterian Church.

JOHN HANCOCK, farmer, Sec. 25; P. O. Union Grove; born in Cornwall, England, Sept. 23, 1829; came to Dover in June, 1842; he took up 200 acres Government land in Sections 25 and 26; located here, and built a residence and barns. His father, John Hancock, Sr., came to Dover in 1842, and brought his family; died in 1843, and is buried here. John, Jr., married, in Racine City, September, 1855, Mary M. Mosher, a resident of Racine, but a native of York State. They have four children- George H., Ida, Edith E. and David J. He enlisted in the 17th Wis. Irish Regt., in Union Grove, in 1864, and was with his regiment all through the South, till mustered out at the close of the war.

ROBERT HANKINSON, horse farrier, Sec. 17; P. O. Rochester; born at Lancashire, England, July, 1804 came to Dover in July, 1852, and took up forty acres of Government land, and afterward purchased 240 acres more, in Sections 16 and 17. He built a small residence, when he first came here, on the forty-acre lot, and in November of the same year his house was destroyed by fire, and he lost everything. He sold the land, and built the residence on Sec. 17, that he now occupies. He is a farrier and veterinary surgeon, and has been engaged in that business since he came here. He married, in Lancashire, Maria Sadum, of the same place, and had two children. His wife died in Dover in May, 1846. He married again, Feb. 11, 1852, in Dover, Hannah Blackburn, and has six children living - James, Annie, Tbomas, Mattie, Robert and Hannah. They all attend St. Mary's Church.

GEORGE HARDIE,, farmer, Sec. 5; P. O. Rochester; was born in Kinrossshire, Scotland, June 9, 1821; came to New York in 1841; worked on the Illinois Canal, at Lockport, Ill., winter of 1841-42; worked on the dam at Milwaukee, in 1844; came to Dover with his brother David. He owns 430 acres land in Sections 4, 5, 8, 9, and has been farming since he came here. He married, in Dover, Jan 5, 1846, Mary Ormiston, daughter of Samuel Ormiston, and has six children living- Grace, Mary Ann, George, William, John, Maggie.

RIENZIE J. HULET, merchant, Kansasville; born in Kenosha, Kenosba Co., June 18, 1850; lived in Paris and Brighton, and moved to Yorkville, in 1865, with his parents; his father, Gardner Hulet, owned 134 acres in Sec. 31, Yorkville, and was an auctioneer. He died very suddenly, Dec. 9; 1875, within one mile of Union Grove, while doing business. His mother is still living on the same farm. Rienzi Hulet owns 111 acres land in Sec. 36, Dover, but lives in the village of Kansasville, where he does a general mercantile business in farmers' supplies. He married, in Dover, Oct. 20, 1875, Jane Burns, of Dover, and has one son-- Elmer G.

MARTIN LAVIN, farmer, Sec. 23; P. O. Kansasville; born in Ireland in 1807, and went, to Buffalol N. Y., 1842, and from there came to Dover, in 1842, and took up eighty acres Government land in Sections 22, 23, 27 afterward purchased 420 acres more, and now owns 500 acres in above sections. He married in Ireland in 1830, Nancy Cunningham, of Ireland; have three children-- Bernard, John and Bridget. Bridget married John Cox, of Dover, and resides there. John married Ellen McCarthy, and resides in New York City. Bernard married Mary Cunningham, of Dover, and he owns eighty acres in Sec. 27, but resides with his father on Sec. 23.

JAMES MCDONALD, farmer, Sec. 19; P. O. Rochester; born in County Antrim, Ireland, June 24, 1791. He came to New Jersey in 1840; same year to Dover, and took up 320 acres of Government land in Sections 19, 20. He built the house and barns he occupies, and also the house his son William occupies, which he gave to him, with 160 acres in Sec. 19. He gave 120 acres to his other son, James, and retains forty acres, with residence, for himself and wife. He married, in County Antrim, Ireland, Belle Grimm, who died in Ireland; married again, in Ireland, Mary Grimm, September, 1836. He is now nearly 88 years of age.

JAMES MCGUIRE, farmer, Sec. 9; P. O. Kansasville; son of John McGuire, who was born in Tipperary, Ireland, in 1802, and came to Boston, Mass., with his family, in 1849. He married, in Tipperary, Margaret McCormick, Feb. 8, 1836, and had five children-- Cornelius, John, Elizabeth, James, Mary. He came to Racine, with his family, in 1852; lived there five years; came to Dover in 1857, where he died, Jan. 10, 1862. James owns 160 acres in Sec. 9, with residence and barn; his mother lives with him.

HUGH MCMANUS, farmer, Sec. 24; P. O. Kansasville; born in County Caven, Ireland, in 1802; came to Oswego, N. Y., about 1830, then went to Montreal, Canada, and married there, Nov, 4, 1832, Ann Welch, a native of Kilkenny, Ireland. In 1843, he came to Dover with his family, and located; they have six children living- Cbarles, Philip, Hugh, Catharine, Julia and John. He owns 200 acres of land in Secs. 13, 14 and 23, and owns his house on Sec. 14. Philip owns 120 acres of land in Sec. 14, with a residence and barns, and married in Dover Jan. 16, 1862, Ellen Cox, and has nine children-- Annie, Ellen, Julia, Rose, Mary, Maggie, Hugh, Matthias, and Thomas J.

CHARLES MEAD farmer, Sec. 5; P. O. Rochester born in Westchester Co., N. Y., in 1816; lived there with his parents until he was 21; worked at farming until 1840, then came to Yorkville, and engaged with Judge Bertram until 1841, when he came to Dover and took up eighty acres of Government land in Secs. 5 and 8, afterward bought forty acres more in Sec. 8, making a total of 120 acres, which he now owns; he built a brick residence and barns on Sec. 5, where he resides; he raises a large number of shade trees, small grain, and cattle. He was never married.

WILLIAM MOREY, farmer, Sec. 27; P. O. Kansasville; was born in Cayuga Co., N. Y., in 1836; he came to Yorkville with his parents in 1847, and remained there with them until 1861; he then came to Dover and located. He owns 100 acres in Sec. 27, with residence and barns. He married, in Yorkville, in 1861, Minerva Taber, daughter of Gilbert Taber, of Dover, and they have four children -- Nancy Elmira, born April 4, 1863; Gilbert and Gideon (twins), March 16, 1867; Stella May, May 27, 1869; all living at home and attend Methodist Church.

JOHN MUTTER, farmer, Sec. 13; P. O. Union Grove; born in Dalkeith, near Edinburgh, Scotland, 1832; came to Quebec, Canada, in 1835, and remained till 1852 then went to Clinton Co., N. Y.; thence to West Brookfield, Mass.; returned to Canada, and worked five years in the old Government Mill at Yamashiesh Parish, wbere he learned his trade of miller; in 1856, he went to Milwaukee and ran the Kilburn Mill three years, and, in 1859, came to Racine Co., and was foreman of the Racine City Mills for nine years; in 1868, he came to Dover and located here. He owns 200 acres of land in Dover and eighty acres in Paris, Kenosha Co.; he has two large barns for stock and hay, which cost $2,500; one is 36x66 feet, the other 20x6O feet; the house he now lives in was on the farm when he bought it, and stood alone in the timber; but he intends building a handsorne brick residence, to cost about $1,500, this summer. He married, in Racine, July, 1860, Mary Tait, a resident of Racine they have six children; Mary, born March 11, 1861 ; William, Nov. 3, 1863; John Gilbert, Jan. 19, 1865; James W., Aug. 1, 1868 Robert, Dec. 20, 1873; Jane Isabella, April 18, 187S. They attend the United Presbyterian Church. William Mutter, father of John Mutter, came to Dover in 1868, and on the 30th of June, 1870, died very suddenly; he was apparently in good health that morning, and was out on the farm cutting weeds; had just hung up the scythe, and had the rake in his hand to rake them up, and sat down on the ground between two stones, as if to rest, and died in that position, where he was found immediately after by his daughter-in-law, Mrs. John Mutter. His wife, nee Mary Denholm, of Heddington, Scotland, was residing in Dover at the time of her husband's death, and is now living in Union Grove.

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PIERCE, Sr., farmer, Sec. 1; P. O. Yorkville; born in Rhode Island, at Little Compton, July 2, 1801; went with his parents to Bristol, Ontario Co., N. Y., and remained there till 1842. He married there, Dec. 10, 1824, Rowena Hills, a resident there, but a native of Rutland, Vt. In 1842, he came to Racine Co., and located in Dover; they have five children- Asa W., Alvin A., Calvin L. Benjamin F. and Rowena. When he first came here, he took up eighty-four acres of Government land in Sec. 1, and purchased ninety-three acres since then in other sections. Alvin A. owns 120 acres in Dover, Secs. 1 and 2, but resides in Waterford and works this farm here. Benjamin F. married, Nov. 3, 1856, in Sugar Creek, Walworth Co., Wis., Mary Cameron, of same place, and has five children, all living in Dover.

THOMAS POWER, farmer, Sec. 23; P. O. Kansasville; born in Utica, Oneida Co., N. Y., Sept. 21, 1836; came to Racine Co. May 26, 1843, with, his parents. His father bought 178 acres of land in Secs. 14, 22, 24, and occupied it till be died, May 18, 1857. Thomas married, in Waterford, May 20, 1858, Mary Ann McManus, daughter of Hugh McManus, a resident of Dover; has no children.

AARON PUTNAM, farmer, Sec. 36; P. O. Union Grove; born in Columbia Co., N Y., in 1806, went to Delaware Co., N. Y., with his parents, and lived there till 1820; his parents then went to Otsego Co., N. Y., where he remained with them till 1828; he came to Dover in April, 1840, and took up 180 acres of Government land in Sec. 36, Town 3, Range 20; afterward purchased forty acres more in Sec. 25; he built a residence and barns for his family on Sec. 36, and resides there. He married, in Otsego Co., N. Y., Dec. 20, 1832, Maria Youmans, of same place; they have five children living- Helen M., Sarah Jane, Marilla A., Mary J., Herbert E. Nathan Putnam, his father, was a soldier in the war of 1812, and was at Sackett's Harbor.

HERBERT E. PUTNAM, enlisted in 2d Wis., and was with his regiment Tennessee; he was struck by a piece of shell and disabled in an engagement; came home to Dover on furlough, and was mustered out at close of the war in 1865. He married, in Dover, in 1869, Ida Foster, of Yorkville, and now resides in Milwaukee.

PIERCE QUIRK, farmer, Sec. 17; P. O. Kansasville; born in Tipperary, Ireland, in 1808; came to New York in July, 1849; to Milwaukee same year; thence to Dover; he owns 450 acres of land in Secs. 20, 21, 22. He married in Tipperary in 1828, Mary Cleary, of same parish and county, and has seven children- Bridget, Alice, Johanna, William, Michael, John, James. They attend St. Mary's Church.

WILLIAM SAUNDERS, farmer, Sec. 31; P. O. Dover; was born in County Antrim, Ireland, in 1821; came to New York in 1847, and to Dover in 1848; he bought eighty acres of land in Sec. 31, and built the house his family now live in, with barns, etc. He married in Yorkville Nov. 5, 1849, Margaret Hunter, of Antrim, Ireland, and had nine children- Isabella, Leana, Martha, William H., Susan, John, Nathan, Maggie, and Jane. His father, Henry Saunders, married in Ireland, in 1808, Martha Harvey, and came to Dover in 1848, with his wife and one son- William. She died in 1862; he died in 1864.

BROOK SHEARD, farmer, Sec. 30; P. O. Dover; born in Yorkshire, England, March 1, 1835; he came to Burlington, Wis., with his parents in 1843, where he remained with his father till 1861, when he came to Dover and bought 120 acres in Sec. 30 from John P. Saunders, with house he lives in; then built new barns, and otherwise improved it. He married in Dover Dec. 25, 1856, Anna Gooder; of Dover, and has six children living- Louisa, Mary, Sydney, Ralph, Henry and George. He was drafted in 1864 and attached to 22d Wis.; did nothing but provost duty, and was discharoed at Madison, Wis., May 8, 1865.

ANTON N. SMITH, farmer, Sec. 29 P. O. Dover; was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1843; emigrated to Chicago, Ill., in 1871, and came to Yorkville and lived in Union Grove five years, where he married on Oct. 10, 1878, Mrs. W. J. Davidson, daughter of Samuel Wilson, an old resident of Dover; she was married to W. J. Davidson in Dover; May 28, 1868, and they had two children, both living- Samuel D. and Letitia J. Mr. Davidson died in Dover, Dec. 10, 1874. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are members of the United Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Smith owns 100 acres in Secs. 29 and 32, formerly owned by W. J. Davidson, her husband.

EDWARD SMITH, farmer, Sec. 33; P. O. Rochester; born in Yorkshire, England, in 1826 came to Andover, Mass., in 1847, and to Dover in 1850; he owns 165 acres land in Sec. 3, and has a beautiful residence and large barns, built by him. He married in Andover in October, 1847, Charlotte Lindley, of Yorkshire, England, and has two sons- Joseph and Edward; his wife died in Yorkville in 1853, and is buried there. He married again, July, 1874, in Union Grove, Wis., Miss Jane L. Skewes, daughter of Henry and Grace Skewes, old settlers in Yorkville. He does a large business in fine shorthorn breeding cattle, and also ships pork to Racine and other markets; has some fine draft-horses, and raises small grain also on his farm.

JABEZ SPRIGGS, farmer, Sec. 17; P. O. Kansasville,, son of John Spriggs, of Northamptonshire, England, who married in England, Mary Nurser; they had seven children - Josiah, Joseph, Joshua, Jeshua, Sarah, Jabez and John. Mrs. Spriggs died in England in 1842. He married again in England in 1846 Sarah Bull, and bad one child- Naomi. He died in Dover in 1861; his wife died there in 1865; Joshua and Jabez are the only children now living in Dover. Jabez was born in Northamptonshire in 1838, and came with his parents to Burlington, Racine Co., Wis., in 1848. Married in Yorkville in February, 1866, Isabella Cary, of Dover, and has two children - Archibald E. and Harvey J. He owns 145 acres of land in Sections 16, 17, 20, with residence and barns on Section 17. They attend the Bible Christian Church. Joshua was born in same place as Jabez, in 1834, and came with his parents in 1848. He married April 6, 1864, in Dover, Jane Dolan, and has three children.

GILBERT TABER, farmer, Sec. 27; P. O. Kansasville; was born in Albany Co., N.Y., 1805, and went to Oneida Co., N.Y., in 1831; thence to Onondaga Co., N. Y., and, in 1847, came to Dover and located; he owns ninety-three acres in Section 27, with residence and barns. He married in Albany Co., N. Y., in 1825, Hannah Frayer, of same place; they have nine children- William, Elvira, Bennett, Julia, Minerva, Lorenzo, Ann, Donley and Helena; six are living in Dover, and three reside in Iowa. They attend the Methodist Church.

CHARLES H. THOMPSON, farmer, Sec. 25; P. O. Union Grove; born in Cayuga Co., N. Y., in 1837; came to Dover with his parents, in 1847, and located here: he owns 185 acres land in Section 25, with residence and barns. Married in Yorkville Jan. 1, 1861, Elizabeth St. George, of Yorkville; they have three children- Minnie, born 1865; Jessie, 1871; Nellie, 1873. His father, Joseph Thompson, was born in Franklin Co., Mass., September, 1796; went to Allegheny Co., N. Y., in 1817, thence to Cayuga County, where he married, in February, 1824, Hannah White, of the same place; they have seven children living- Cordelia, Minerva, Margaret, Laura Jane, Harriet, Ann V. and Charles, whose biography is above - he came, to Dover in 1846, with his family, and located here on Section 25. They attend the Methodist Church.

HENRY W. TROWBRIDGE, farmer, Sec. 29; P.O. Dover; born in Oswego, N. Y., Nov. 12 1819 - came to Dover in November, 1836, with his parents and one brother, Stewart; he owns 200 acres land in Sections 28, 29, 32; be built the house he now lives in, with barns, etc., and has a very comfortable home, and is at present engaged in building a large, substantial barn. He married in Dover November, 1869, Mrs. Henrietta Peltzer, widow of Eugene Peltzer, and a resident of Dover; they had one child, Charlotte, born in 1861, who died in Dover in 1870. Mr. Trowbridge was Supervisor of this town in 1854, and held the office several years. They are members of the United Presbyterian Church. His father, Capt. John Todd Trowbridge, was born in New Haven, Conn., in 1780, and came to Dover in November, 1836; he died in Racine, Wis., May 3, 1858, aged 78 years; was a captain in the navy in the war of 1812, and is widely known in the history of that war for his noble performances and daring.

REV. FATHER ROBERT S. TUCKER, St. Mary's Church; P.O. Kansasville; was born in St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 11, 1840; was educated for the church in Perry and St. Louis Counties, Mo.; ordained a priest in St. Louis Sept. 6, 1863; then went to St. Joe, Mo., and assisted in St. Joseph's Church, the Rev. J. J. Hennessey (now Bishop), presiding at Dubuque, Iowa; he officiated there fourteen months, returned to St. Louis, and officiated there in St. Lawrence and other churches, until 1870, when he went to Ripon, Wis., and took charge of St. Patrick's Church, where he remained until 1872, when he came to Dover and took charge of St. Mary's Church, which he has had in charge seven years.

IMRI TURNER, farmer, Sec. 6; P. O. Rochester; born in Warwickshire, England, in 1823; he was employed there as turnkey in the county jail at Coventry, England, for four years previous to coming to this country. His father and mother were married in England, and had two children born there- Lois and Imri- and brought them to this country with them; they located at Honey Creek at first; came to Dover the same year, 1849, and bought eighty acres of land in Section 6, Dover, on which was a small frame shanty; soon after built a large frame residence, with barns, etc., and made great improvements. His father, William Turner, was a local Methodist preacher, and has preached through Waterford, Rochester, Dover, and in a large portion of this section; is widely and favorably known as a very talented and popular man; he died in Dover in the house which he built, Aug. 22, 1874, deeply lamented by the citizens of the county. His wife died in the same house, Oct. 26, 1868, also deeply lamented, being a woman of noble character and beloved by all. Their daughter Lois married Joseph R. Burkitt, and resides in Chicago. Imri married in Dover March 22, 1859, Lucy Thompson; they have one child- Adelia, born April, 21 1860. Mr. Turner, in addition to his own farm of eighty acres, is working the farm of Dr. J. Stadler, 160 acres, in same section.

MRS. KATE WEBSTER, Sec. 17; P. O. Rochester; was born in Hertfordshire, England, in 1815, and is the daughter of Timothy Rogers of that place. She was married in London, England, Jan. 14, 1834, to William Anderson, and had five children- Thomas R, Caroline, Mary, Isabella and William B; three still living. Mr. Anderson died in Middlesex, England, in 1849 ; she came to Dover, in 1856, with her three children, and lived with her brother Timothy. She was married again, February, 1860, in Walworth Co., to Lemuel Webster, a resident there; they had no children. He died in May, 1864, in Sugar Creek, Walworth Co. Mrs. Webster has remained a widow since that time, and is now residing with James Hankinson, and keeping house for him; she owns eighty acres of land in Sec. 18, adjoining that of James Hankinson.

EBENEZER WHITE farmer, Sec. 26; P. O. Union Grove was born in Hadley, Mass., in 1805; went to New York State in June, 1845, came thence to Dover and took up eighty acres of Government land in Sec. 26; he built the residence be now occupies, with barns, etc., and has a very comfortable home. Married, in Turin, Lewis Co., N. Y., in 1829, Mary Ann Coon, a resident there; they have six children- Delia, Henry, Charles, William, Adeline and Hattie. Henry and Charles are in Dakota, engaged in farming; William is in Iowa, engaged in mercantile business; his three sons, Henry, Charles and William, were in the army during the late war; Henry enlisted in the 2d Wis. V. C., the first regiment that left Wisconsin; William in the 2d Wis. V. I., for ninety days, and, when his time was out, re-enlisted for three years service; Charles enlisted in the 22d Wis. V. I., and all were with their regiments till close of the war. Adeline died in Dover; Hattie is living in Dover with her parents; they are members of the Congregational Church.

MRS. ELIZABETH WILFORD, Sec. 35; P. O. Kansasville; born in Cornwall, England, in November, 18OO; her maiden name was Elizabeth Bartil. She first married, in 1822, John Hancock, a native of England they had eight children- John, William, Thomas, Richard, Samuel, Mary and Ann, and one, unnamed, died in infancy. Mrs. Wilford and her husband came to Wisconsin in 1842; they first located in Dover Township, Racine Co., and he engaged at farming on the place where Mrs. Wilford now resides. Mr. Hancock died in 1845; she married again Amos Wilford in 1846; they had no children. Her son Richard enlisted in the army; mustered out in 1865, when he returned to his home and died; Mary Ann and William died - Thomas enlisted in the army in 1861, and was mustered out in 1865; is married; John enlisted in 1861; was mustered out in 1865. Mrs. Wilford owns 152 acres of good, productive land, commodious barns and comfortable home. She is a member of the Bible Christian Church.

SAMUEL WILSON, farmer, Sec. 29; P. O. Dover; was born in County Antrim, Ireland, 1821; came to Dover in 1848, and bought 120 acres of land in Section 29, and built the residence and barns he now occupies. There was an old log cabin containing, one room, 16x20, the second one built in the county, on the ground which he occupied when he first came here, until he built the residence he now occupies; he afterward used the cabin as a stable for a long time, and lately had it torn down to make room for a new barn. He married, in County Antrim, in 1846, Eliza Allen, of the same place, and has five children living- Eliza A., James A., Jennie A., Robert B. and Stewart T. They attend the U. P. Church.

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