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Waterford Township Biographical Sketches

As published in "The History of Racine and Kenosha Counties" (Chicago: 1879), pages 675-681

LUTHER J. ALBEE, farmer; P. O. Waterford; born in Chesterfield, N. H., Oct. 23,1819; son of Peter and Louisa Albee; came to Racine Co. the fall of 1846; located at Rochester. With Abial Whitman opened a "general store" -dry goods, groceries, etc. He married Miss H. Whitman, daughter of Abial and Hannah, Sept. 8, 1864, They have had five children, flour livin, - Eva L., born July 5, 1847, died April 20, 1849; Alice W., born Jan. 7, 1850; Addie V., born June 17, 1853; Hattie A., born Nov. 16, 1858 - George D., born Jan. 13, 1861. Mr. Albee was elected several terms to Supervisor. His family attend the Baptist Church. He is Liberal in politics.

ARETAS BAYLEY, farmer; P. O. Caldwell Prairie; born in Derby, Orleans Co., Vt., Nov. 23, 1811; son of James and Hannah Bayley. Aretas came to Wisconsin in the spring, of 1842, and settled on Section 8; broke ground the following spring. He married, May 16, 1836, Miss Mary Leavens, daughter of Charles and Polly; she was born in Vermont. They had two children- Sarah P., born Aug. 3, 1837, Herbert O., born Aug. 14, 1840. Mr. Bayley went to Vermont for his family in July, and returned in August. His farm is probably one of the best in the county- living springs, plenty of wood and timber. Mrs. Bayley, wife of Aretas, died Sept. 30, 1877 is buried at Caldwell Prairie Cemetery. He was elected Supervisor in 1850; has served several terms; has served on the School Board. Commenced his Western life in 1848; the family went on a visit to Vermont, and, for the first time realized their preference for that adopted home in the West, returned perfectly satisfied. Mr. Bayley's father and mother came out in 1850, and lived with them several years, and died within a few months of each other. Mr. Bayley at the age of 82 years, and his wife at 77 years. They were buried at Sheboygan Falls. Mr. Bayley's farm consists of 317 acres on Sections 2, 4, 8 and 9, Town 4, Range 19. He raises Spanish Merino sheep, Poland-China hogs, Grade Durham cattle, horses, cross breed Morgan, Hambletonian and Scotch Traveler.

EZRA BEARDSLEY, farmer; P. O. Waterford; born in Caledonia, Racine Co., Wis., April 1, 1839; son of Elam and Naomi Beardsley. His father, Elam, came to Racine in 1834, from Cass Co,, Mich.; returned for his wife and son Martin; located at "Caledonia;" thence to Waterford. His son Ezra, married Miss Elizabeth Fox, daughter of James and Mary Fox, of Waterford, Dec. 27, 1866; They have four children- Delbert, born Oct. 18, 1867; Gertrude, born July 8, 1872; Hattie, born March 19, 1874; Baby, born Dec. 5, 1878. Ezra's farm is 160 acres. He raises cattle, sheep, horses and hogs, all fine stock. The place is located on Section 19, is well watered and wooded. He has sixty acres under cultivation, all well fenced. The family attend the Methodist Church. He is Liberal in politics. Mr. Elam Beardsley was one of the first white settlers in this County, and suffered many deprivations and hardships; at times, the family could not get provisions sufficient to subsist on.

MARTIN BEARDSLEY, farmer; P. O. Waterford; born in Cass Co., Mich., Dec. 18, 1831; son of Elam and Naomi Beardsley, who came to Racine County in 1835, and located in Caledonia; made a claim on 160 acres. Mr. Elam Beardsley came to Racine in 1834, made his claim and returned to Michigan for his wife and son, Martin. Traded his farm for one in Waterford, on Section 21, now called the Old Homestead. Martin bought fifteen acres on the same section, and has since added eighty-five acres to it and owns a farm of 100 acres. He married Miss Elizabeth Mygatt, daughter of Philip R. and Sarah Mygatt, Feb. 15, 1855; they have one child- Flora J., born Dec. 3, 1855; married Wm. A. Cooper, of Waterford, July 29, 1877. Mr. Beardsley went to California in 1850- crossed the plains; returned in 1852; being a mechanic he started a blacksmith shop, and also the carpenter and joiner business; has built some very fine buildings in this section of the country. He enlisted Aug. 25, 1864, in Co. A, 43d Regt. Wis. V. I., under Capt. E. D. Lowery; was sent to Nashville, Tenn., thence to Johnsonville, finally stationed at Deckerd, doing picket duty; he was in many light engagements but no regular battle; was discharged July, 1865.

JOHN E. BENNETT, farmer; P. O. Waterford; born in Waterford, Racine Co., Wis., Nov. 22, 1853; son of Patrick and Mary Bennett, who came to Racine County and located on Section 36; they sold out there and moved to the village of Waterford, and Patrick Bennett went to work at his trade, carpenter and joiner. In 1861, he enlisted in Co. E, 19th Regt. Wis. V. I. Mr. Bennett raised a full company and was appointed Captain, under Col. Horace T. Saunders, of Racine; the regiment went into service in Virginia and was in many engagements; his company was cut to pieces at the battle of Fair Oaks; the company went into that battle with 180 men, lost 136, and eight out of nine officers were killed. Mr. P. Bennett was killed Oct. 27, 1864. Married Miss Mary Kelley, daughter of Thomas Kelley of Waterford; they had five children- John E., born Nov. 22, 1853; Mary A., April 17, 1856; James, August 30, 1858; William T., Oct. 3, 1860; George A., Oct. 19, 1864. Mrs. Bennett died Jan. 17, 1875. John E. carries on the farm. The boys are all unmarried. Their farm has eighty acres, seventy-two under cultivation. They are members of the Catholic Church.

CHRISTIAN BERGER, watchmaker; Town Clerk, Waterford; born in kingdom of Wurtemberg, Germany, Feb. 1, 1843; son of Julius and Eliza Berger, who came to America June 5, 1854. They settled at Green Bay, Wis. Christian's mother died January, 1855; his father, Julius, died October, 1874. They had seven children; five came to America with them; two died coming west from New York, and were buried at Kenosha. William C. enlisted in November for our late war; was taken prisoner by the rebels at Okolona, Ark.; died from the effects of a wound received at that battle. Christian enlisted at Green Bay in the 9th Wis. V. I., Co. H, under Capt. Gumal Hesse; was in two battles and many engagements; was taken prisoner at the battle of Newtonia, Mo.; was discharged Dec. 3, 1864; came to Racine Co. Oct. 15, 1869; located at Waterford; was elected Town Clerk, 1871; served four years; re-elected 1878; elected Justice of the Peace in 1878; is an Odd Fellow, and a member of the Lutheran Church.

E. T. BUTTLES, farmer; P. O. Waterford; born in Madison, Madison Co., N. Y., June 24, 1832; son of Harvey M. and Abigail. E. T. Buttles came to Racine Co. with his parents at the age of 10 years; married Miss Nancy E. Beardsley, daughter of Elam and Naomi Beardsley, January, 1856. She is said to be the first white female child born in the county. They have six children- Clarence L., George L., Ethel N., Ben E., Arthur H. and Elam. Mr. Buttles was elected to the Board of Supervisors; has been an Odd Fellow for many years, and a member of the Temple of Honor; liberal in his views, religious and political.

MRS. S. E. CHAPMAN (widow); P. O. Waterford; born in Pinckney, Lewis Co., N. Y., June 18, 1807; daughter of Levi and Lou Barnes, who came to Racine in the fall of 1836, and settled on Sec. 35, which homestead now stands in the centre of a beautiful village; the spot was formerly called, by the Indians, "Cadney Castle," named after an Indian Chief- the old Indian Council ground. Mrs. Chapman is the only surviving member of the Barnes family. Mr. S. E. Chapman, attorney at law, married Miss Harriet Barnes at Batavia, N. Y., September, 1832. They had eight children, seven are living - Helen L., Irving H., Ellen V., Chauncy S., Hattie A., Imogene R., Charles A., Mary E. Mr. S. E. Chapman was born at Saratoga Lake, N. Y. He was a member of the Territorial Legislature and of the first State Legislature, also a member in 1861; was admitted to practice in all the courts. He was a Masonic member. He started his sons, Irving and Chauncy, in the milling business; one at Oketo, Kan., the other at Hanover, Washington Co., Kan. They are prospering finely. Ellen and Imogene constitute the firm of I. R. Chapman & Co., in the millinery business, at Waterford. They own the building. Mr. Chapman died Sept. 25, 1872.

CARSTEN CLAUSEN, Fox River Hotel; born in Germany Sept. 21, 1832; son of Claus and M. Clausen. His father is still living in Germany at the age of 81 years. Carsten came to Racine Co. in 1862; commenced hotel business in 1867; married Miss Mary Undresen, of Germany, they had six children; five are living- Ferdinand (died 1872), Caroline, Christian, August, Annie and Leisie. Mr. Clausen enlisted as private in Co. K, 41st Regt. Mo. Vol., Capt. Bramser; was stationed at St. Louis doing provost duty; discharged 1865.

J. R. FISHER, farmer; P. O. Waterford; born in York, Livingston Co., N. Y., April 12, 1835; son of Rev. John and Catherine Fisher; Mrs. Fisher came to Wisconsin Oct. 4, 1848: the father died in York July 22, 1845; he left eight children, five now living; she settled on Sec. 17, in town of Waterford, and died Jan. 14, 1876; was buried at Vernon, Waukesha Co., in the burial ground of the Reformed Presbyterian Church; James R. and his sister Catharine still retain the old homestead; both unmarried. The farm consists of 200 acres; eighty acres are under cultivation; he raises a fine quality of domestic stock-cattle, horses, sheep and hogs, and all kinds of grain. John K., a brother, is an old frontiersman, and has traveled through the Far West; was in Montana in 1863; was a member'of the "Vigilantes," who were obliged to resort to extreme measures to rid that country of a band of the worst border ruffians ever known to a new country. He assisted in hanging twenty-four men; the first hung was George Ives, of Ives' Grove, Racine Co., Wis.; the chief of the band was Robert Plumber, of Waukesha, Wis. John K. married Miss Florence Johncoy, of Waterford, July 10, 1874; they have two children - Robert S. and Walter F.; independent in religion and politics.

DANIEL FOAT, farmer, plasterer and bricklayer; P. O. Waterford; born in England Oct. 16, 1832; son of Richard and Sarah Foat, who came to America in 1836, with their parents; Daniel and Tamsen Foat located at Schenectady, N. Y.; worked a farm for the Rev. Andrew Yates on shares for twelve years; in 1848, came to Racine Co. Richard, the father of Daniel, Jr., was born in England in 1811; married at the age of 18 years; had nine children, five boys - settled in Rochester. Daniel is the oldest son of Richard and Tamsen - he married Miss Sally Ann Barnes, daughter of Hiram and Fidelia, of Waterford, Aug. 19, 1856; they have two children- Irving C., born May 24, 1868; Burritt G., March 10, 1867. Mr. Foat is a Master Mason, member of the Temple of Honor and Methodist Church, and liberal in politics.

T. W. GAULT, farmer; P. O. Waterford; born in Castleton, Rutland Co., Vt., April 6, 1817; son of Thomas and Jane. T. W. came to Racine Co. Oct. 19, 1837; settled on Caldwell's Prairie; went to splitting rails by the hundred; during the winter, he got out 8,000; he thinks he could get as many out of a tree at that time as any live man, Abraham Lincoln not excepted. He located two claims on Sections 3 and 7, Town 4, Range 19; sent for his father and mother and four children; settled them on Sec. 3. His father died at the age of 61 years; one year after, his mother followed, in 1846, at 65 years of age. Thomas W. speculated, in 1839, in land some, and at one time paid 33 1/2 per cent for money, so positive was he it would pay him, which it did, even at that high rate of interest. By his hard labor and shrewdness, he has accumulated what he now enjoys. In 1851, he purchased on Sections 16 and 17, where he has settled for the balance of his life. He married, on March 4, 1845, Miss Mary Peacock, daughter of Benjamin and Clara Peacock; they have four children- William A., born Jan. 9, 1846; Francis H., Aug. 13, 1849; Julian V.,Jan. 27, 1851 Belle R., April 10, 1853. Mrs. Gault met with an unfortunate accident, which resulted in her death after suffering five days, Sept. 8, 1861. She buried at the Prairie Cemetery. Mr. Gault married again Miss Ruth Ann Sykes, daughter of Solomon and Betsey Sykes, Oct. 2, 1862; they have one child- Hattie M., born May 11, 1867. Mr. Gault has been elected to many town offices: elected Assessor in 1852, and re-elected in 1879; was Vice President, ofthe State Wool Growers' Association, and Postmaster at Caldwell Prairie. Democrat.

DAVID B. HEALY, farmer; P. O. Rochester; born in Mansfield, Windham Co., Conn.; Nov. 19, 1836; son of Jedediah and Abigail Healy, who came to Wisconsin in 1839 with six children - four sons and two daughters; they came by boat via the lakes; tried to land at Racine, but, the lake being, too rough to attempt to reach the beach, were obliged to go to Milwaukee; they located at Gardner's Prairie, Walworth Co.; his first purchase of land was on Secs. 7 and 8. The old gentleman, Jedediah Healy, died Oct. 5, 1874; his wife followed on Nov. 5, of the same year. Their son George lives on the old homestead. David B. married, Jan. 12, 1860, Miss Frances A., daugbter of John and Amelia Blackburn born in Yorkshire, Eng.; they have had six children; four living- Rosella J., born Nov. 26, 1860; Geo. W., Dec. 30, 1861; Percy D., Oct. 5, 1865; Ellis F., Feb. 4, 1869; Alma F., Feb. 16, 1870; Morris B., Nov. 9, 1873. Mr. Healy is a member of the Odd Fellows. Owns 200 acres of fine land, and raises some very fine merino sheep, Chester white hogs and fine draft horses; has taken premiums at the county fairs.

W. F. HENNINGFELD, harness-maker, Waterford; born in Waterford April 10, 1852; son of Frank and Elizabeth Henningfeld, who came to Racine Co. July 4, 1845. This son, W. F., served his time with M. F. Raymond, in Waterford, at harness-making, and bought him out Sept 27, 1878; conducts the business on his own account. He married Miss Margaret, daughter of Theodore and Gertrude Greter, of Milwaukee; they have two children- Jobn, born May 5, 1876 Rosie, Aug 26, 1878. Members of Catholic Church.

BENJAMIN HIMEBAUCH, farmer; P., O. Waterford; born in Liberty, Columbia Co., Penn., Feb. 27, 1819; son of Philip and Eve Himebauch; came to Racine Co. in fall of 1843; located in East Troy, Walworth Co., on Sec. 25; in 1848, moved to where they now live, in Waterford; his farm consists of 140 acres; raises cattle, sheep, horses and hogs, very fine common stock. He married Miss Mary Ann, daughter of William and Lydia Lesher, Dec. 2, 1841; they had twelve children- Benjamin F., Mary, E., Wm. H., Alfretta, Eunice E., Sewall, Philip, Marcellus, Loring E., Clarence A., Francis G. and Anna M. The family attend the Baptist Church. Liberal in politics.

ORLANDO W. HOLT., farmer; P. O. Caldwell Prairie; born in Reading, Windsor Co., Vt., May 2, 1823; son of Oliver and Harriet Holt; Orlando came to Wisconsin; landed at Milwaukee; went to Racine Co.; worked out by the month on farms; when he had time, would search for Government land; places he would have taken, he thought too far from market, and he would not purchase; in a very few years he saw his mistake; towns, villages and fine farms have sprung up rapidly in that vicinity. He married Miss Eliza Jones, daughter of John and Esta Jones, Jan. 22, 1866; she died July 31, 1871; is buried at Caldwell Prairie Cemetery; for his second wife he married Miss Louisa, daughter of R. S. and Margaret Jackson; they had three children, two living- Robert L., born July 4, 1873; Orlando W., Jr., Sept. 18, 1874; Addison, July 5, 1876, died May, 1879. Member of Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Owns 265 acres on Sees. 23 and 24, 40 acres of which lies across the river. Is liberal in religion and politics.

C. H. JUDD, farmer; P. O. Waterford; born in the town of Waterford July 24, 1850; son of Alfred and Elizabeth Judd; came from Ithaca, N. Y., in 1845; C. H. Judd bought the James Cooper place on Sec. 29, Oct. 8, 1872. Married Dec. 18, 1872, Miss Alva S. Hodge, daughter of S. S. Hodge; they have two children- Lewis, born Feb. 26, 1874; Bertha, May 30, 1876. Mr. Judd is a member of the Temple of Honor; the family attend the Methodist Church.

CHARLES MOE, of the firm of Palmer &, Moe, general merchandise, Waterford; born in Madison Co., N. Y., Sept. 19, 1819; son of Abram and Nancy Moe; Mr. C. Moe was one of seven sons; came to Wisconsin in April, 1848, and located in Waterford in September of same year; worked at his trade as cooper till 1850 up to 1862, was engaged in milling. Married Miss Emily Curtis, of Oswego, N. Y., in 1847; they had twelve children- nine boys; six are living. Formed the present copartnership in 1868. Is a Freemason. Family attend the Methodist Church. Democrat.

NICHOLAS MOLLZEN. Chausen & Mollzen, Fox River Hotel, Waterford; born in Germany Feb. 21, 1838; son of Peter and Ann Sophia Mollzen; Nicholas came to Racine in June, 1865; is a farmer; worked three years at Racine; settled in Waterford in 1868; bought Fox River Hotel; has since bought twenty acres of land on Sec. 36. Married Miss Annie, daughter of Claus and Annie Andresen, of Germany, Oct. 28, 1865; have one child- Annie M., born June, 1866. They are members of the Lutheran Church.

HIRAM D. MORSE, farmer; P. O. Waterford; born in Hamburg, Erie Co., N. Y., Jan. 29, 1815; son of William and Lydia Morse; came to Racine Co. 1836, in the spring; settled in Caledonia; made a claim on 160 acres, eight miles from Racine City. Married Miss M. A., daughter of Ezra and Mary Beardsley; they have had seven children, six are living -- Herman, born March 16, 1844; Rosella, Oct. 11, 1846; Edwin, Oct. 18, 1848; Walter, Feb. 28, 1851; Alice, Jan. 20, 1854, died July 15, 1854; Emma, born Oct. 25, 1855; Idilla, Aug. 6, 1861. Mr. Morse was elected Superintendent of Schools about 1839, at Caledonia; Road Commissioner in Rochester in 1846, and Assessor of Waterford one year; has been Supervisor many years; was elected to the State Legislature and served in 1857 and 1858. Is a Knight Templar. The family attend the Baptist Church.

JOHN E. MULANY, farmer; P. O. Waterford; born in Waterford, Racine Co., Aug. 15, 1847; son of John and Ruth Ann, of Ithaca, N. Y., who came to Racine at an early day and settled on Sec. 7; the farm consisted of 240 acres, eighty in Troy and 160 in Waterford; they had five boys unmarried; their mother is 51 years old; their father died Dec. 14, 1865; buried at East Troy. John E. is the oldest of the family; he carries on the farm, and raises sheep, hogs, cattle and horses. Merino sheep, Durham grade of cattle and the Magee hogs, and all kinds of grain. He is a member of the Wool Grower's Association at Caldwell's Prairie. Three of the brothers are interested in two farms, the Eben Milroy homestead and stock. Family attend Catholic Church.

JAMES H. QUINN, blacksmith; Waterford; born in town of Norway, Wis., March 28, 1855; son of James and Catherine Quinn. They came to Racine Co. about 1848. James H. served his time at his trade at Rochester, Wis. Engaged in business for himself in 1878, at his present location. He is a member of the Catholic Church.

IRA A. RICE. farmer and attorney at law; Waterford; born in Oswego Co., N. Y., Sept. 17, 1812; the son of Abel and Lois. He came to Racine Co. May, 1836, and located at Waterford, formerly Rochester, on the southeast quarter of Sec. 27, Town 4, Range 19. Broke first ground in the summer of 1836. That year Mr. Rice built a log hut and lived a bachelor's life. He raised a few potatoes, rutabagas, a little wheat and corn. Married Miss Orilla Caldwell, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah C. Their license was the second one granted, and certificate recorded in Racine Co. They have had two children -- John T., born May 24, 1839; married Helen A. Boughton April, 1866; Sarah L., Feb. 15, 1842; married Levi Hulbert Feb. 20, 1862. John T. was the first white male child now living, born in the township, and the first baby born in Rochester. Family attend Methodist Church. Mr. Ira A. Rice was admitted to practice in the courts of Wisconsin in 1870.

REV. FREDERICK SCHNEIDER, Pastor of St. Peter's German Lutheran Church; born in the city of Friedburg, Germany, May 16, 1850; son of Carl and Catherine. His father, Carl, was an architect; Frederick was educated at the Concordia College, at St. Louis, Mo.; he graduated in 1870; was ordained a priest in July of the same year; was located first at Concord, Jefferson Co., Wis., in 1870; at Waterford in April, 1876. Married Miss Louisa, daughter of Gotleib and Wilhelmine Christian, Nov. 22, 1870.

JOHN F. SCHWARTZ, Waterford; born in Germany Aug. 15,1816; son of David and Hannah Schwartz; he came to America in 1837, and located at Boston, Mass.; came to Wisconsin in 1841; bought eighty acres on Sec. 35, at East Troy; Mr. Schwartz built the first brewery at that place in 1847; it was burned about 1850; he then turned his attention to farming; also worked at building log huts, cooperage, splitting rails, etc. Married, at 30 years of age, Miss Barbara Cabperil, of Lancaster Co., Penn.; his wife died Nov. 26, 1875; was buried at Honey Creek Cemetery; his second marriage was to Miss Sarah E. Dewar, March 18, 1879, daughter of John and Elizabeth, of Vernon, Waukesha Co., Wis.

WILLIAM SHENKENBURY, harness-maker, Waterford; born in Germany Aug. 21, 1854; son of Jacob and Elizabeth S., who came to America in August, 1856 located at Racine; commenced a bread-bakery; went to Waterford, Wis., in 1859; opened a general store, saloon and hotel; they had seven children, five are living; William served his apprenticeship at Waterford; commenced business for himself in 1874. He married Miss Elizabeth Diest, daughter of George and Sophia Diest, of Troy; they have one child -- Sophia E.. born Sept. 23, 1876. They attend the Lutheran Church; Democrat.

WILLIAM A. STRATTON, farmer; P. O. Caldwell Prairie; born in Bennington, Vt., July 10, 1810; son of Sheldon and Hannah Stratton. William A. married Miss Susan F. Hunt, daughter of John P. and Alice Hunt. Wm. A. and wife and one child (Henry Clay, born April 20, 1843) came to Racine Co. Oct. 26, 1849; Mr. S. came out the 1st of May, and purchased eighty acres on Sec. 3, Town 4, Range 19 east. now Waterford; he has now 225 acres, 35 on Sec. 2; raises grain and stock. He was elected Supervior in 1860. Is a Master Mason and an Odd Fellow; family attends the Methodist Church; politics, Republican.

MRS. ROSINA, UTTER, widow of Josiah H. Utter; P. O. Caldwell Prairie; born in town of Guilford, N. Y., Aug. 27, 1820; daughter of Austin and Irene Foot. Mr. Utter was born in Bainbridge, N. Y., Jan. 15, 1815; Mr. Utter died July 22, 1871; they came to Racine Co. in the fall of 1845, and settled on Sec. 6. Were married Feb. 28, 1843, at Guilford, N. Y.; had three children - Imogene, born March 5, 1845, married Albert Patterson; Delbert, born Oct. 21, 1852, married Jennie Peecock; Fremont, born March 21, 1861. Mrs. Utter's mother, Irene Dyer, lives near her, at the age of 84 years, and is a remarkably smart old lady; has resided there twenty-six years. The family attends the Baptist Church.

BANI UTTER, farmer P. O. Waterford; born in Middleburg, Schoharie Co., N. Y., Jan. 20, 1820; son of Dan and Lucy Utter; Mr. Dan Utter died in New York State his widow was left with two boys Bani and Spencer; she came to Racine Co. in 1860, and located on "Caldwell's Prairie," Section 5; moved to Section 7, 40 acres. Bani was married three times - had three children by his first wife - Charles G., born Jan. 3, 1846; Lucy E., born Oct. 19, 1847; Elijah D., born May 20, 1849. Charles G. died at Washington, D. C., in 1865. About the close of the war, he was with the troops on the raid to capture Jeff Davis, and, from over-exertion, was taken sick, went to the hospital and died. Lucy E. married William Herrick, Elijah D. married Ellen Vosburgh. Family attend Methodist Church. Politics, Republican.

JACOB VAN AERNAM, farmer; P. O. Waterford; born in Huron Co., Ohio, Feb. 20, 1836 son of Nathaniel and Eunice V., who came to Racine Co., and settled in Waterford, on Sections 7, 8, 17 and 18; had a farm of 400 acres; the mother died Jan. 4, 1869; the father died Jan. 20, 1873; his sons - Jacob and Alfred B.- succeeded the old gentleman. Jacob has set off forty acres of the farm to his brother, to add to his farm adjoining. Jacob raises choice domestic stock, cattle, sheep and hogs, also, all kinds of grain. He married, Jan. 20, 1863, Miss Mary Fisher, daughter of Rev. John and Catherine Fisher; they have one child- Amanda, born Feb. 4, 1868. Family attend Reformed Presbyterian Church. Politics, Republican.

FREDERICK C. WALLMANN, cabinet manufacturer, retail dealer and undertaker, Waterford born in Mecklinburg, Germany, Sept. 8, 1832; came to America Aug 10, 1854; came to Racine Co. and learned his trade; served three years; worked in Burlington and Rochester; commenced business for himself at Waterford in the fall of 1857. Married Miss Dorothy, daughter of Levi and Fredrica Keohnke, of Germany, April 5, 1857; they have four children - Augusta F., George F., Dora E. and Carl G. Mr. Wallmann owns fifty-three acres of land one mile east of the village, worth $2,000. He commenced to manufacture by hand; put in horse-power; for the past twelve years has run with steam-power; has done a wholesale business with Racine City merchants.

L. C. WARD, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Caldwell Prairie; born in Gaines, Orleans Co., N. Y., Feb. 18, 1839; only son of N. C. and Betsey L. C. Ward; came to Racine Co., Wis., in the fall of 1861; was agent and school teacher about sixteen years; now living on the old homestead known as the Resague farm, Sec. 5, fifty-three acres; also eighty acres on Sec. 10. Mr. Ward is raising horses of fine blooded stock. Ward's Swigert was sired by Richards' Swigert, dam Kit; the dam Kit, the dam of Ellen C., known as the Field's mare, with a record of 2:31, and can trot in the twenty's; Richards' Swigert was sired by Alexander's Norman, dam Blandina, by Mambrino Chief; he is a brother to Blackwood; record, 2:31, at 3 years of age; a brother to Lulu; record, 2:15. and May Queen, 2:20. The following are names and time of a few of old Swigert's colts: Dixie, 2:30; Governor Hays, 2:31 Fayette, 2:36; Whitewater Bill, 2:35; Resolute, 2:30. Nate William's colt, with training, showed at the State Fair at Janesville, a half mile in 1:16. He also owns the Royal George - a general purpose horse. Mr. Ward married Miss Ellen G., daughter of Lorenzo Wood, Jan. 6, 1863; they have four children - Leon C., Elmer G., J. R. and Addie F. Mr. Ward is a member of the Temple of Honor; Sons and Daughters of Temperance; Congregational Church, and Liberal in politics.

L. W. WARD, Caldwell Prairie; born in Luzerne Co., Penn., April 25, 1818; son of Orlando and Phebe, of Vermont; they had ten children - six boys and four girls. L. W. came to Racine Co. June 27, 1840; remained with his uncle, Daniel Wood, at Caldwell Prairie, a year or so; got possession of Government land. Mr. Ward was influenced by his own judgment to purchase these lands, being satisfied, at no distant day, he would be remunerated by their products and inhanced value. His beautiful residence stands under the brow of the hill, sheltered from the bleak, northwest winds, and a more lovely spot cannot be seen in the whole township. Mr. Ward married Miss Harriet C., daughter of Joseph and Sarah Caldwell, April 6, 1842; her father was one of the first settlers of Kenosha, and the first claimant of what is called Caldwell's Prairie; they have had five children, three living - Helen E., born Sept. 2, 1843, and died Oct. 15, 1843; Elisha L., born Jan. 15, 1845, and died Nov. 15, 1847; Ellen G., born Nov. 5, 1846; Francis C., Sept. 13, 1851 (married Ezella White, of Waterford); Emma R., Dec. 5, 1854 (married Fred Simonds). Mr. Ward was elected Township Assessor about 1870; member of Odd Fellows and a Mason; family attend the Baptist Church.

HARVEY WEAGE, retired farmer; P. O. Waterford; born in Warren, Litchfield Co., Conn., May 19, 1804; came to Racine Co., Wis., in August, 1837; bought a claim on Secs. 26 and 35; has lived there ever since. He married Miss Alvira Baldwin, of Genesee Co., N. Y., June 29, 1845; they had nine children - several died with diphtheria - Minerva J., born Sept. 23, 1846, and married J. H. Groat Oct. 3, 1867; Milton H., born Jan. 28, 1848, and died Aug. 9, 1849; Albert H. and Merritt R., born Dec. 15, 1849 - twins; Phebe R., born Oct. 15, 1851, and died Sept. 4, 1864; Alvira A., born Aug. 12, 1853, and died Sept. 15, 1864; Augusta E., born Dec. 20, 1855, and married E. B. Moe Dec. 28, 1876; Ella G., born April 27, 1859; Seeley B., born July 31, 1861, and died Sept. 21, 1864. The family attend the Methodist Church; he is Liberal in politics.

WALTER WHITLEY, butcher and dealer in cattle, Waterford; born in Yorkshire, Eng., July 25, 1836; son of John and Maria Whitley; was left an orphan at the age of 9 years; lived with an aunt until he was 14 years old; at that age he commenced the butchering business with John Chapham, in Yorkshire; he came to America in 1856, located at Kenosha, and worked with an uncle on a farm; lived in Connecticut quite awhile; returned, and went to the town of Dover; all this time he had saved no money, which very much displeased his uncle. He had met in Dover Miss Martha Leach, whom he married Feb. 25, 1861; daughter of John and Sarah Leach; he had no money nor had she, but they have been industrious and saved a small fortune; they have had four children, three now living - Miriam, born Nov. 30, 1861, and died Feb. 10, 1863; William, born Jan, 30, 1865; Miriam, Aug. 7, 1870; Olive, Nov. 28, 1875. Mr. Whitley was elected Town Treasurer in 1874, and held the office five years. The family attend the Methodist Church; Republican.

CHESTER M. WHITMAN, editor and Postmaster, Waterford; born in Rochester Dec. 10, 1852; son of L. O. and C. M. Whitman, who came to Racine Co. in 1839. Five children, one son and four daughters. Chester M. was educated in the district school west of Rochester; in 1874, started a paper, the Waterford Post, and has conducted it successfully since; it has about nine hundred circulation, increasing; he was appointed Postmaster Feb. 3, 1879. Married Miss Belle H. Griffin Aug. 25, 1875, the daughter of Adam and E. M., of Clinton, Rock Co., Wis. He is a member of the Temple of Honor, liberal in his religious views, and a Republican.

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