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1858 Beloit Business Directory

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Welcome to the 1858 Beloit Business Directory page of the Rock County Genealogy Society. Here you can view a listing of company names, business types and partners' or proprietors' names exactly as shown in the 1858 Rock Co., WI Plat Map (published by A. B. Miller and Orrin Guernsey, Janesville, 1858). Originals of this nearly 150 year old plat map are found in varying states of decay; the specific source for this index is the nearly pristine wall size plat found at the Beloit Historical Society.

Like Yellow Pages of today, 19th Century publishers of directories relied on the subscription fees from participants wishing to be listed. For this reason, this 1858 Directory, while included in its entirety below, is an incomplete roster of all 1858 Beloit businesses. If you don't find your ancestor's business listed, he or she probably elected not to pay the subscription fee in order to be included.

Several enhancements have been added to the format, including:

  1. Alphabetizing of all surnames found in the 1858 Directory
  2. Dissassemby and individual listings of business names with multiple partners (example: Wright & Newcomb Book Store will be found listed under both Wright and Newcomb in the index). All trailing names are cross-referenced with the original business name entry (example: Newcomb... see Wright & Newcomb Book Store).
  3. Where possible, illegible directory surnames have been clarified using the names and occupations listed in the 1860 US Federal Census whose enumeration occured less than two years later. When minor differences in spelling were found, the first entry is the 1858 Directory's version with the bracketted 1860 Census spelling shown immediately afterward (example: Morsh [sic, Morsch]),
  4. Remaining illegible names are shown alongside their most probable spelling variations, and each variation is listed uniquely within the index (example: Condon [London?] and then listed again as London [Condon?].

You can view a high resolution digital image of the portion of the 1858 Plat Map containing this directory at Beloit Directory Image. After opening this page, you can take a closer look by clicking in the lower right corner on the image and looking for the "zoom" icon.


Last NameFirst NameDescriptionCity
AdamsW. P.Dry Goods & GroceriesBeloit
AllisonW. H.Boot & Shoe StoreBeloit
BabbettC.Dealer in Dry GoodsBeloit
Backsee Bruckman & BackBeloit
BaldwinA.Dry Goods & GroceryBeloit
Ballardsee Whipple & BallardBeloit
Bank of BeloitBankBeloit
BannisterJno.Justice of the PeaceBeloit
Beloit Gas Co.OfficeBeloit
Beloit Herald Office[Newspaper]Beloit
Beloit Journal Office[Newspaper]Beloit
BennetN. H.Dealer in MusicBeloit
Bicknell & KnightPhy. & SurgeonsBeloit
Bittelsee Goodrich & BittelBeloit
BrandonD. F.Picture galleryBeloit
Bruckman & BackDry GoodsBeloit
BruelB. & L.Clothing StoreBeloit
Bundy & FieldDruggistsBeloit
Burlingamesee Clark & BurlingameBeloit
Bushnell House BankBankBeloit
CalvertW. H.GubsmithBeloit
CarpenterA. B., & Co.Dry GoodsBeloit
CarpenterA. B., & Co.BankersBeloit
CarpenterM. H.Att'y at LawBeloit
Cary & GordonDruggistsBeloit
CastleD. W. C.Att'y at LawBeloit
CheneyH.Att'y at LawBeloit
Clarksee Wadsworth & ClarkBeloit
Clark & BurlingameFour & FeedBeloit
Cogswell & Co.Dry GoodsBeloit
Collin & SonDruggistsBeloit
CraigJ. A., Dr.DentistBeloit
Dresser & DruryLivery StableBeloit
Drurysee Dresser & DruryBeloit
Eatonsee Thurston & EatonBeloit
Eatonsee Merriam & EatonBeloit
Eggleston & Co.Architect & Builders, State St., on Bushnell HouseBeloit
Engine HouseEver Ready No. 2[Fire Station]Beloit
Fairbanks & Co.Meat MarketBeloit
Fairchild & Co.Meat MarketBeloit
Fieldsee Bundy & FieldBeloit
Fisher & WinchesterHardware StoreBeloit
FitchF. S.Dry Goods, Boots & ShoesBeloit
GageS. P.Carriage ManufacturingBeloit
GardnerG. A.Att'y at LawBeloit
Golding & PrattWines & LiquorsBeloit
Goodhue & Co.Dealers in Real EstateBeloit
Goodrich & BittelFamily GroceriesBeloit
Gordonsee Cary & GordonBeloit
Green & KnowltonBilliard RoomBeloit
HacketJohnOffice ofBeloit
HinmanSamuelReal Estate AgentBeloit
HobartEdward F.City EngineerBeloit
HodgeS. S.GroceryBeloit
HolmanC. A.Congress HallBeloit
HolmanC. A.Fruit StoreBeloit
HornbeckJacobMansion House byBeloit
HoskinsonJ. & SonBoot & Shoe Deal'sBeloit
HowardNelsonFruit & Dining HallBeloit
HumphreyS. O. [S. D.?]City TreasurerBeloit
JacksonC. H.Book StoreBeloit
JamesS. L.Carriage ManufacturingBeloit
JonesM.Daguerreian ArtistBeloit
JoslynJ. H.PhotographistBeloit
KelseyN. M.Merchant TailorBeloit
Keyes, White & Co.Dry GoodsBeloit
KingE. P.Justice of the PeaceBeloit
Knightsee Bicknell & KnightBeloit
Knowltonsee Green & KnowltonBeloit
MaloneH. B.City Drug StoreBeloit
Marvin & SonBlacksmithsBeloit
Merriam & EatonBoot & Shoe StoreBeloit
Military HallBeloit
MillsR. H.Att'y at LawBeloit
MooreR. H., & SonsDry Goods StoreBeloit
MurrayE. D.Dry Goods StoreBeloit
Newcombsee Wright & NewcombBeloit
NorthropM. A.Att'y at LawBeloit
OldsC.Coal, Salt & Water LimeBeloit
ParkerN. D.Att'y at LawBeloit
Peck & WheelerLumber DealersBeloit
PetersA. W.Picture GalleryBeloit
Post OfficePost OfficeBeloit
PowellN.,  & Co.Clothing StoreBeloit
Prattsee Golding & PrattBeloit
Rock River BankBankBeloit
Rockwellsee Todd & RockwellBeloit
Rogerssee Webster & RogersBeloit
Rustsee Smith & RustBeloit
SalisburyF.Coffee HouseBeloit
SelleckBenj.Hats, Caps & FursBeloit
ShermanW. H.Watches & JewelryBeloit
SherwoodM. W.Surgeon & DentistBeloit
Sherwood, Townsend & Co.Wines & LiquorsBeloit
Smith & RustGrocersBeloit
SpauldingW. C.Att'y at LawBeloit
Stocking G. H., & CoHarness MakerBeloit
StrongH. P.Physician & SurgeonBeloit
Tattersall & PurdyReal Estate Ag'tsBeloit
Thurston & EatonFruit & Refresh'tBeloit
Todd & RockwellAtt'ys at LawBeloit
Townsendsee Sherwood, Townsend & Co.Beloit
Wadsworth & ClarkBankersBeloit
WarrenH.City BakeryBeloit
WatermanA. P.Hardware StoreBeloit
Webster & RogersMusic & JewelryBeloit
Wheelersee Peck & WheelerBeloit
Whipple & BallardFurniture Ware RoomsBeloit
Whitesee Keyes, White & Co.Beloit
WilburC. A., Dr.HomeopathicBeloit
Winchestersee Fisher & WinchesterBeloit
WrightS.Dept. Sheriff Rock Co.Beloit
Wright & NewcombBook StoreBeloit