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1858 Janesville Business Directory

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Welcome to the 1858 Janesville Business Directory page of the Rock County Genealogy Society. Here you can view a listing of company names, business types and partners' or proprietors' names exactly as shown in the 1858 Rock Co., WI Plat Map (published by A. B. Miller and Orrin Guernsey, Janesville, 1858). Originals of this nearly 150 year old plat map are found in varying states of decay; the specific source for this index is the nearly pristine wall size plat found at the Beloit Historical Society.

Like Yellow Pages of today, 19th Century publishers of directories relied on the subscription fees from participants wishing to be listed. For this reason, this 1858 Directory, while included in its entirety below, is an incomplete roster of all 1858 Janesville businesses. If you don't find your ancestor's business listed, he or she probably elected not to pay the subscription fee in order to be included.

Several enhancements have been added to the format, including:

  1. Alphabetizing of all surnames found in the 1858 Directory
  2. Dissassemby and individual listings of business names with multiple partners (example: Wood & Moon Livery Stable will be found listed under both Wood and Moon in the index). All trailing names are cross-referenced with the original business name entry (example: Moon ... see Wood & Moon Livery Stable).
  3. Where possible, illegible directory surnames have been clarified using the names and occupations listed in the 1860 US Federal Census whose enumeration occured less than two years later. When minor differences in spelling were found, the first entry is the 1858 Directory's version with the bracketted 1860 Census spelling shown immediately afterward (example: Morsh [sic, Morsch]),
  4. Remaining illegible names are shown alongside their most probable spelling variations, and each variation is listed uniquely within the index (example: Condon [London?] and then listed again as London [Condon?].
  5. The first index column entitled, No. corresponds to numbered groupings of businesses found in the original directory. At the time of this posting, the meaning of these groupings is unclear; but they have been preserved in the event their logic later becomes known. There are 14 bracketted groupings of businesses in the original directory; however, only the first twelve are numbered. The absense of numerical labels for the last two (13 & 14) may be a publisher's oversight; for clarity's sake, the index below provides labels [13] and [14] where they are missing from the original directory.

You can view a high resolution digital image of the portion of the 1858 Plat Map containing this directory at Janesville Directory Image. After opening this page, you can take a closer look by clicking in the lower right corner on the image and looking for the "zoom" icon.


No.Last NameFirst NameDescriptionCity
5AdamsH., Dr.Physician & SurgeonJanesville
7AddyWm.Merchant TailorJanesville
9Allen & LawrenceGroceryJanesville
3Amar & JonesPhysicians & SurgeonsJanesville
9AndrewsMrs.Parisian Fashion HouseJanesville
7ArnoldL., Dr.Surgeon, DentistJanesville
[14]Atwoodsee Lawrence & AtwoodJanesville
12BabbittD. H.Real Estate AgentJanesville
11Babcock & FoordCrockery storeJanesville
3BachelderN. W. & D. C.Marble WorksJanesville
1Badger State BankBankJanesville
[13]BallouIra P.Real Estate DealerJanesville
8BariereF.City ClerkJanesville
10Barrowssee Ogilve & BarrowsJanesville
4BatesA. C.Atty at LawJanesville
6BatesJ.Farmers' Hotel ProrietorJanesville
10BealeJ. R.Hats, Caps & Fur storeJanesville
12BeltonS. J., & Co.GroceryJanesville
1Bennet & BostwickDry GoodsJanesville
1BennettD. C., Dr.Physician & SurgeonJanesville
1Bennett, Sloan & PattonAtt'ys at LawJanesville
2BladeA.Dry Goods storeJanesville
11BootmanE. D.Music storeJanesville
1Bostwicksee Bennet & BostwickJanesville
5BrandR. & Co.Furniture & CabinetwareJanesville
[13]Brettsee Wheeler & BrettJanesville
1BrockinghamT. H.Boots & ShoesJanesville
11BrownD. C.Post Office, P.M. [Post Master]Janesville
5Brownsee Pratt & BrownJanesville
[13]BuddJ. H.Att'y at LawJanesville
8BunsterA. W.Liquor StoreJanesville
[13]BurgessJ. M.Sage [Saga?] of AndalusiaJanesville
10Carle & DunnGroceryJanesville
1Case [Cass?]J. M.Att'y at LawJanesville
1Cass [Case?]J. M.Att'y at LawJanesville
7Central bankJanesville
1ChapmanD. F. & J. K.Dry GoodsJanesville
1CheneyC. C.Gen. Ins. AgentJanesville
[13]ChittendenG. W., Dr.Physician & SurgeonJanesville
[13]ClarkLutherMaster BuilderJanesville
1Collinssee Tallman & CollinsJanesville
9Conger & HawesAtty's at LawJanesville
1Cowlessee Ely & CowlesJanesville
1Cumming [Cummins?] & StinsonAtt'ys at LawJanesville
1Cummins [Cumming?] & StinsonAtt'ys at LawJanesville
12CurtisC. R.Drug StoreJanesville
1Democratic Standard OfficeJanesville
4DixonJ. E.BarberJanesville
[14]DodgeJ. T.Civil Engineer, M.& M. R. R.Janesville
[14]DoolittleS. H.PainterJanesville
6DotyE. P.Sash, Door & Blind FactoryJanesville
6DotyZ. S.Justice of the PeaceJanesville
[13]DotyDoty's Half Dollar PaperJanesville
10Dunnsee Carle & DunJanesville
8EchlinJ. C.Clothing storeJanesville
1Eldredge, Pease & RugerAtt'ys at LawJanesville
1Ely & CowlesAtt'ys at LawJanesville
4EycleshimerJ. L. D.City MarshalJanesville
1FarwellE. J.Atty at LawJanesville
9FentonE. J.Livery StableJanesville
[14]FieldL.Justice of PeaceJanesville
5FisherA. A.Painter & GlazierJanesville
11Foordsee Babcock & FoordJanesville
[14]GibbsC. R.Deputy RegisterJanesville
12Gibbs & GrahamReal Estate DealersJanesville
8GrayG.Home & Sign PainterJanesville
8Graysee Niel & GrayJanesville
[13]Grove & WestmacottShoemakers, Offices in County BuildingsJanesville
12GuernseyOrrinMap & Directory Pub.Janesville
[13]Hanchettsee Young & HanchettJanesville
2Harsh, Sonneborn & Bro.Young American Clothing storeJanesville
11HaseltomJ. M.Hyatt House Pro.Janesville
9Hawessee Conger & HawesJanesville
2Hemming & ThomasBoots & ShoesJanesville
[14]HodgeR.Carriage MakerJanesville
5HoganG.Wines & Liquor storeJanesville
1HoytJohn P.& Co., BankersJanesville
1HudsonS. A.Pol. Jus. & Att'y at LawJanesville
1HutsonS.American Hotel Pro.Janesville
[13]IdellS.Fruit DealerJanesville
3Janesville City BankJanesville
4Janesville Gas Light Co.Janesville
7Janesville Gazette OfficeJanesville
7Jenkinssee Stone & JenkinsJanesville
1JenksIra C.Atty at LawJanesville
4JohnsonM. R.DentistJanesville
3Jonessee Amar & JonesJanesville
[13]JordanO. S. [C. S.?]Att'y at LawJanesville
3Joseph'sR.City BankJanesville
2JouannaultV.Books & Yankee Not'sJanesville
1JustinIra C.City TreasurerJanesville
[13]KelloggC. B.Fruit DealerJanesville
7KimballF. A.Hardware storeJanesville
2Lakesee Williston & LakeJanesville
[14]Lawrence & AtwoodHardware storeJanesville
9Lawrencesee Allen & LawrenceJanesville
[14]LeeHughCivil Engineer, C. St.P.& F. R. R.Janesville
11Leesee Webb & LeeJanesville
9London [Louden?]F. W.ShoemakerJanesville
9Louden [London?]F. W.ShoemakerJanesville
[14]LynchThos.Meat MarketJanesville
3MayJ. M.Real Estate DealerJanesville
2McKay & Bro.Dry Goods storeJanesville
11MerwinA. W.Hats, Caps & FursJanesville
12MillerA. B.Civil Eng. & SurveyorJanesville
10MillerA. G.Att'y at LawJanesville
11MillerE.U. S. MarshallJanesville
3MillerK.Ogden House ProprietorJanesville
8MillsJ.Architecht and BuilderJanesville
2MitchellW. L.Att'y at LawJanesville
10Moonsee Wood & MoonJanesville
[14]Morsh [sic, Morsch]JohnHotelJanesville
8Mosely & Bro.Book storeJanesville
10MosesL. & Co.Cabinet wareJanesville
3MurrayW. J. W.Boots & ShoesJanesville
6MyersP.Soap & CandlesJanesville
1NewhoffA.Clothing storeJanesville
[14]NicholsJohnDept. Clerk of CourtsJanesville
8Niel & GrayAtty's at LawJanesville
1Noggle, Williams & PattersonAtt'ys at LawJanesville
6NorrisA.Excelsior Hotel Pro.Janesville
7Nortonsee Sleeper & NortonJanesville
10Ogilve & BarrowsDrug storeJanesville
3PalmerAndrewDrug storeJanesville
1Palmersee Treat & PalmerJanesville
7Parker & PrichardAtty's at LawJanesville
1Pattersonsee Noggle, Williams & PattersonJanesville
1PeaseC. G., Dr.Phy & SurgeonJanesville
1PeaseJ. F., & Co. Musics toreJanesville
1Peasesee Eldredge, Pease & RugerJanesville
2PendletonB. F., Dr.Surgeon DentistJanesville
8Potter & WinansAtty's at LawJanesville
1PowersJ. E.Picture GalleryJanesville
5Pratt & BrownArchitects & BuildersJanesville
[14]PrichardA. P.Co.Judge & Att'y, Abstracts & Land Titles furnishedJanesville
7Prichardsee Parker & PrichardJanesville
11Producers BankJanesville
[14]ResseguieA. C.Clerk of CourtJanesville
1RichardsonH.Hardware storeJanesville
1RichardsonR. J.Hardware storeJanesville
3RikerJ. M.Harness MakerJanesville
1RobinsonW.Arch't & Buik. Supt.Janesville
[13]RossRobertLumber DealerJanesville
1RugerE.[Edward], [C. A.?], Eng. & SurveyorJanesville
1Rugersee Eldredge, Pease & RugerJanesville
10ScarcliffG. & H.Meat MarketJanesville
8ScribnerJ. F.Excelsior Mill Pro.Janesville
1SearsJ. P., Jr.Boot & Shoe storeJanesville
1SheltonH. S.Dry Goods storeJanesville
7Sleeper & NortonAtty's at LawJanesville
11SmithA. HyattMayorJanesville
[14]SmithE. C.County TreasurerJanesville
1SmithM. C.Dry Goods storeJanesville
9SmithP. F. & Co.Carriage Rep.Janesville
2Sonnebornsee Harsh, Sonneborn & Bro.Janesville
1SpauldingS. C.Silverware & JewelryJanesville
1Stinsonsee Cumming [Cummins?] & StinsonJanesville
7Stone & JenkinsFarmers Mill, Pro.Janesville
1SutherlandJ.Book StoreJanesville
7TallmanW. M.Atty at LawJanesville
1Tallman & CollinsDrug storeJanesville
4TaylorHiramAtty at Law & Justice of PeaceJanesville
[14]ThomasJ. L. V.Clerk, Board of SupervisorsJanesville
2Thomassee Hemming & ThomasJanesville
7Thompsonsee Tice & ThompsonJanesville
7Tice & ThompsonPicture GalleryJanesville
12TreatD. S.GroceryJanesville
1Treat & PalmerPhysicians & SurgeonsJanesville
8VermilyeJ. H.Gen. Ins. AgentJanesville
11Webb & LeeWatches & JewelryJanesville
[13]Westmacott [sic, Westmicott]see Grove & WestmacottJanesville
[14]WheelerS. A.Coal & Water L...[illegible]Janesville
[13]Wheeler & BrettGroceryJanesville
1WheelockW. G.Wines & LiquorsJanesville
[14]WhiteD. M.Dept. of SheriffJanesville
1WhitonH. K.Atty at LawJanesville
[13]WhittakerF.Real Estate AgentJanesville
12WickhamA. D.Att'y at LawJanesville
1Williamssee Noggle, Williams & PattersonJanesville
2Williston & LakeGroceryJanesville
8Winanssee Potter & WinansJanesville
8WoodJ. A."Big Mill" ProprietorJanesville
8WoodN. H.R.E. Dealer, Abstracts of TitleJanesville
10Wood & MoonLivery StableJanesville
[13]WoodleIsaacAtt'y at LawJanesville
1WoodruffHenryAtty at LawJanesville
1WooliscroftT. B.Bakery & SaloonJanesville
12WrightJ. T.Leather storeJanesville
[13]Young & HanchettLumber DealerJanesville