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General Information: The RCGS is dedicated to helping everyone interested in Rock Co. family history gain knowledge and skills to advance their research. As a volunteer organization, RCGS cannot perform extensive research for you, but this page provides links to sites which provide resources, strategies, tools and helpful advice. This page is organized into tools and resources to provide a "game plan" for personal research success.

Rock County Research Tools and Resources:

۩ RCGS MEMBERSHIP - How a $20 Society Membership can Help Your Research
۩ RCGS WEB SITE - Search the Entire RCGS Web Site for Your Ancestors
۩ GENEALOGY SOFTWARE 1 - Free Download: Family Tree Maker Starter Software
۩ GENEALOGY SOFTWARE 2 - Free Download: LDS's Personal Ancestral File (PAF)
۩ ROCK CO. ARCHIVES - Order a Search of the RCGS/RCHS Library & Archives
۩ ROCK CO. ATLAS 1873 - Surname search Plats, Homes & Building for Lithographs
۩ ROCK CO. BIOGRAPHIES 1 - 2,100 Rock Co. Bio's from the US Biography Project
۩ ROCK CO. BIOGRAPHIES 2 - 6 Rock County Biographies from Gen Exchange
۩ ROCK CO. BIOGRAPHIES 3 - 100 Rock Co. Biographies with NY Migratory Origins
۩ ROCK CO. BIOGRAPHIES 4 - 700 Rock Bio's from 1879 Portrait & Biographical Record
۩ ROCK CO. BIOGRAPHIES 5 - 20 Early Settlers' Bio's - Evert's 1873 Rock Co. Atlas
۩ ROCK CO. DELAYED BIRTHS - Search WSGS's Index to pre-1907 Delayed Births
۩ ROCK CO. BIRTH RECORDS (1850-1907) - Get Copies of WI Birth Records - $15
۩ ROCK CO. BOOK INDEX - 1901 Rock, Green, Grant, Iowa, La Fayette Co. Bio's
۩ ROCK CO. BOOK LOOK-UP - Ask Volunteers to Look-up Ancestors in Historic Rock Co. Books
۩ ROCK CO. BOOKS ONLINE - Rock Co. Historical and Biographical Books online
۩ ROCK CO. BOOK LOOK-UPS - View a List of Historical Rock Co. Book "Look-ups"
۩ ROCK CO. BOOKSTORE - Origins: Janesville's Only Genealogy Store; Well stocked!
۩ ROCK CO. COMMUNITIES - View Links for a list of Rock Co. Communities
۩ ROCK CO. CEMETERIES - Find-a-Grave's List of Cemeteries (some Transcripts)
۩ ROCK CO. CEMETERY LOCATOR - Driving & Topographic Maps of Rock Co., Cemeteries
۩ ROCK CO. CENSUS (Various) - Partial transcripts for US Census Years 1850 - 1930
۩ ROCK CO. CENSUS (1880) - Complete 1880 US Census: Free and Fully Indexed
۩ ROCK CO. COURTHOUSE HOLDINGS - Schedule of Earliest Rock Vital Records
۩ ROCK CO. COURTHOUSE RECORDS - Order Copies of Rock County Vital Records
۩ ROCK CO. CIVIL WAR RECORDS - Get Copies of WI Civil War Unit Records - $21
۩ ROCK CO. CYNDI'S LIST - View the Famous Cyndi's List Links Page for Rock Co.
۩ ROCK CO. DEATH RECORDS (1850-1907) - Get Copies of WI Death Records - $15
۩ ROCK CO. FAMILY HISTORY CENTER - View LDS Church's FHC Lending Library
۩ ROCK CO. FAMILY HISTORY LIBRARY - View LDS Church Library Rock Holdings
۩ ROCK CO. FARMS (1855) - View List of Largest Farms with Names, Twp. & Acreage
۩ ROCK CO. GENEALOGY - Linkpendium: A Rock Co. Mega-Search Engine
۩ ROCK CO. GEN FORUM - Search's 500+ Rock Co. Forum Messages
۩ ROCK CO. HISTORICAL BUILDINGS - View the City of Beloit's
۩ ROCK CO. HISTORIC DISTRICTS - Read about Ten Rock County Historic Districts.
۩ ROCK CO. HISTORY - Read Histories of Rock Co. Townships, Cities and Villages.
۩ ROCK CO. IMAGES - View Google Images of Rock Co. Maps, People & Postcards
۩ ROCK CO. INDEXES – Rock Co. Vital Record, Cemetery & Newspaper Indexes for sale
۩ ROCK CO. LIBRARIES - View a Listing of Rock Co. Repositories & Their Holdings
۩ ROCK CO. LINKS - Click on 60 best Links to Rock Co. Genealogy Web Sites
۩ ROCK CO. LITHOGRAPHS - View 1858 Lithographs of Homes and Buildings of Rock Co.
۩ ROCK CO. LITHOGRAPHS - View 1873 Lithographs of Homes and Buildings of Rock Co.
۩ ROCK CO. LOCAL HISTORY - American Local History Network's Rock Co. Twp. Histories
۩ ROCK CO. MAILING LIST - Subscribe to a daily email summary Rock Co. Messages
۩ ROCK CO. MAP (1922) - View Township Plats and Search Index to Names, Twp., Sect. & Acreage
۩ ROCK CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS (1836-1907) - Obtain WI Marriage Records - $15
۩ ROCK CO. MESSAGE BOARD 1 - See 7,000 Queries for Rock Co. Message Board
۩ ROCK CO. MESSAGE BOARD 2 - View Rock Co. Queries Posted by GenCircles Users
۩ ROCK CO. MIGRATION - Surname Submissions for Immigration to/from Rock Co.
۩ ROCK CO. MUSEUMS - Learn about Rock Co.'s Milton House and Angel Museums.
۩ ROCK CO. NATURALIZATION - Read about WHS's Collected Citizenship Papers
۩ ROCK CO. NEWSPAPER ARTICLES - View 500+ Rock Co. Newspaper Clippings
۩ ROCK CO. OBITUARIES - Search 100,000 Obit's & Bio's in the WHS's Name Index
۩ ROCK CO. PIONEERS INDEX - Search 500+'s Name in RCGS's Pioneer Index
۩ ROCK CO. PIONEERS FROM NY - Biographies of Early Rock Co. Settlers from NY
۩ ROCK CO. PLAT MAP (1858) - View Twp. Plats, Owners' Names & Acreage of the Co.'s 1st map
۩ ROCK CO. POORHOUSE & ASYLUM DEATHS (1908-1923) - Names & Reasons
۩ ROCK CO. POSTCARDS 1 - View Images of Historical Postcards of Local Area Sites
۩ ROCK CO. POSTCARDS 2 - View Images of Historical Postcards from RCGS
۩ ROCK CO. PROBATE INFO. - See Rock Co. Court House's Probate Court Web Page
۩ ROCK CO. PROBATE RECORDS - Learn how to access Rock Co. Probate Records (1839-1930s)
۩ ROCK CO. PROFILE - View a Comprehensive Rock Co. Profile (Many Links)
۩ ROCK CO. RAILROADS - View a description of Rock Railroad Locations & Status
۩ ROCK CO. RESEARCH VISIT - A Step-by-Step Guide to Plan a Rock research visit
۩ ROCK CO. SURNAME INDEX - Find "Cousins" at RCGS Members' Surname Index
۩ ROCK CO. TOWNSHIP GUIDES - View Guides to 20 Rock Co. Townships.
۩ ROCK CO. US GENWEB - View Vital Records, Biographies, Cemetery Records
۩ ROCK CO. VETERANS' BURIALS - Search by surname for deceased Rock Co. Veterens.
۩ ROCK CO. WEB SITE - View information for Rock or any WI county at
۩ ROCK CO. WW II CASUALTIES - View an Index of Names, Serial #, Rank and Injury
۩ AFTON PROFILE - View a Comprehensive Profile of the Afton (Many Links)
۩ BELOIT BUSINESS DIRECTORY (1858) - Search Surnames in 1858 Beloit Business Directory
۩ BELOIT PROFILE - View a Comprehensive Profile of the City of Beloit (Many Links)
۩ BELOIT LIBRARY - View a List of Beloit Library's Genealogical Holdings
۩ BELOIT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - View the Beloit Historical Society's home Page
۩ CAINVILLE PROFILE - View a Comprehensive Profile of Cainville (Many Links)
۩ CLINTON PROFILE - View a Comprehensive Profile of Clinton (Many Links)
۩ COOKVILLE PROFILE - View a Comprehensive Profile of Cookville (Many Links)
۩ EDGERTON PROFILE - View a Comprehensive Profile of Edgerton (Many Links)
۩ EVANSVILLE PROFILE - View a Comprehensive Profile of Evansville (Many Links)
۩ FOOTVILLE PROFILE - View a Comprehensive Profile of Footville (Many Links)
۩ HANOVER PROFILE - View a Comprehensive Profile of Hanover (Many Links)
۩ JANESVILLE BUSINESS DIRECTORY (1858) - Search Surnames in 1858 Janesville Business Directory
۩ JANESVILLE CITY DIRECTORY - Search the 1931 Directory Residents/Businesses
۩ JANESVILLE GAZETTE DEATHS (1845-1889) - View RCGS Surname Death Index
۩ JANESVILLE GAZETTE MARRIAGES (1845-1862) - View Surname Marriage Index
۩ JANESVILLE GAZETTE MARRIAGES (1863-1876) - View Surname Marriage Index
۩ JANESVILLE GAZETTE MARRIAGES (1877-1885) - View Surname Marriages Index
۩ JANESVILLE HEDBERG LIBRARY - Search Catalog & Genealogy Resources
۩ JANESVILLE PHOTO HISTORY - View the UW's Digital History Project for Janesville
۩ JANESVILLE PROFILE - View the Comprehensive Janesville Profile (Many Links)
۩ JANESVILLE PROPERTY SEARCH - See Current City Tax Rolls including Photos
۩ INDIAN FORD PROFILE - View a Comprehensive Profile of Indian Ford (Many Links)
۩ LEYDEN PROFILE - View a Comprehensive Profile for Leyden (Many Links)
۩ MILTON HOUSE MUSEM - View the Milton House's Genealogy Resource Page
۩ MILTON PROFILE - View a Comprehensive City Profile for Milton (Many Links)
۩ ORFORDVILLE PROFILE - View a Comprehensive Profile of Orfordville (Many Links)
۩ SHOPIERE PROFILE - View a Comprehensive Profile for Shopiere (Many Links)
۩ WI CIVIL WAR RECORDS - Search WHS's Rosters, Regimental Listings & Muster Dates
۩ WI FAMILY HISTORIES - Search UW Libraries’ to Find Published Family Histories
۩ WI GAZETTEER - Search the Entire 1853 Gazetteer's Online Text
۩ WI HISTORICAL IMAGES - Search WHS's Archives for Rock Co., WI Images
۩ WI STATE CENSUS - Search 1836 Milwaukee Co. (Rock Co.'s Parent) Census
۩ SURNAME INDEX - Linkpendium: A Surname Mega-Search Engine
۩ RESEARCHER SURNAME LIST - Find Contact Info for Others Researching your Surnames and Locations
۩ ANCESTRY.COM - Search the Ancestry Databases for Whole Trees & Branches
۩ ELLIS ISLAND IMMIGRATION - Search NY's Ellis Island records 1892 - 1954
۩ FEDERAL LAND RECORDS - Search & Print US Federal Land Records 1820 - 1908
۩ SOCIAL SECURITY DEATH RECORDS - Search the SSDI for Ancestors' Deaths
۩ CIVIL WAR RECORDS - US Park Service Roster Union & Confederate Sailors & Soldiers
۩ GEN-CIRCLES ONLINE INDEX - "SmartMatch" Tens of Thousands of Families
۩ USED BOOKS ONLINE - 55 Million Titles - Search by Title, Author or Key Word

1880 US CENSUS - Search the 1880 US, 1881 Canadian & British Census
ANCESTRAL FILE - Be Skeptical of research, but find Surname Researchers
PEDIGREE RESOURCE FILE - Search for Surname & buy $5 CDs of results
LINKS TO NON-LDS WEB SITES - Review Other great Genealogy Web Sites
FAMILY HISTORY LIBRARY - Search Family Histories for Local Viewing
WI RESEARCH ADVICE - Online Advice & Training for WI Family Historians

۩ GOOGLE TRAINING - a Step-by-Step Search Engine Training Program
۩ INTERNET TRAINING - a Step-by-Step Research Strategy for Online Genealogists
۩ GENETIC GENEALOGY - Concepts & Examples in DNA Tests for Family Historians
۩ PLANNING A CEMETERY VISIT - Instructions for Mounting a Cemetery Excursion
۩ GENEALOGY FREEBIES ONLINE - Download or Search over 100 Free Resources
۩ HIRE A PROFESSIONAL - Hire an Experienced Rock County Family Researcher

  The Rock Co. Genealogical Society Library & Rock Co. Historical Society Archives:

Admission Fees: Admission is free to Society Members, but there is a $10 per day admission fee if you are not a member of the Rock County Genealogical Society or Rock County Historical Society which share space and records at the Wilson King Stone House located on the grounds of the historic Lincoln-Tallman House. The Stone House Archives are available for supervised and assisted research by Society volunteers.

Archive Hours: Archives are open Wednesday & Thursday, 9 am - 3 pm and Friday, 12 noon - 3 pm. Please call ahead at (608)752-5891 because volunteers are not always available to staff the archives. No food, beverage or smoking is allowed. The Stone House Archives are closed holidays.

Archive Research Services & Fees: Fees vary depending on membership status, complexity of request and time required to fulfill the request:

Archive Contents: The Archives consist of 3,000 Tallman family papers from 1830-1880, 12,000 bound volumes, 40 vertical file drawers of manuscripts and clippings, 500 volumes of school records, business records, and yearbooks, over 20 cubic feet of maps, an extensive photograph collection, abstracts (currently inaccessible), 14,000 probate records, Rock County civil court records (transferred to UW-Whitewater Area Research Center), extensive Rock County cemetery records, indexes to Rock County birth, marriage, and death records (actual records housed at the Rock County Courthouse), an assortment of diaries, and other family records, over 500 Scrapbooks and the library and archival collections of the Rock County Genealogical Society. The holdings are non-circulating.

Research Requests: The RCGS attempts to honor requests for limited look-ups to answer specific research questions. Priority is Given to Society Members' Requests. There are limited researchers available to perform this research service, so we ask that you narrow any request to a specific person and provide detailed information on the individual and the record you seek. For more information and/or to request a genealogy look-up, contact:

Attn. Library Manager
Rock County
Genealogical Society

PO Box 0936

Janesville, WI 53547-0936

 Please Include as much of the following information as possible with your request:

Full Name of Individual(s) whose Record is sought
Individual's Date & Location
of Birth, Marriage & Death, if known
Spouse's Name
with Date & Location of Birth and Death, if known
Full Name of Father and Mother
of Individual, if known
The Type of Record(s) Sought
(Probate, Photo's, Biography, etc.)
Date of Record Sought
- Known or Approximate

Include your name, address, email address and phone number with your research request. The archive staff are usually several months in arrears answering genealogy research requests; Priority is first given to Society members' requests. Please consider joining the Society to speed your answer and receive discounts on research fees and copy costs and to support local research.

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P.O. Box 936, Janesville, WI 53547-0936

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