Sixth Wisconsin Battery

Riley O. Allen Allen Private
Alonzo B. Avery Avery Private, Bugler
Byron Babcock Babcock Private
James H. Bailey Bailey Private
W. M. Bailey Bailey Private
Fred T. Baker Baker Private
Marion Bancroft Bancroft Private
E. M. Barbarin Barbarin Private
George W. Barney Barney Private Killed in action.
S. Beaver Beaver Corporal
Lorenzo Beckwith Beckwith Private
Edward R. Bell Bell Private
George W. Benedict Benedict Private
John L. Bennett Bennett Private
Victor A Bennett Bennett Private
Frank Benoit Benoit Private
Bradley Benson Benson Private Died of disease.
Christian Berger Berger Private
George A. Bickford Bickford Private
William S. Booth Booth Private Died of disease.
William H. H. Booth Booth Private
Robert L. Booth Booth Private
Henry P. Bowers Bowers Private
James Bratt Bratt Private
A. P. Briggs Briggs Private
B. F. Brown Brown Corporal
George D. Brown Brown Private Killed in action.
Edgar E. J. Burdick Burdick Private
Christian Burga Burga Private
O. J. Burnham Burnham Private, Bugler
W. A. Burnham Burnham Private
E. M. Burnham Burnham Private
Orman W. Bush Bush Private
Henry J. Bynes Bynes Private
Luman H. Calkins Calkins Private
Coulter Campbell Campbell Private Died of disease.
John Campbell Campbell Private
R. B. Carpenter Carpenter Private
D. L. Carpenter Carpenter Private
Silas S. Caspar Casper Private
William Cavens Cavens Private
John B. Chaffee Chaffee Private
Samuel F. Clark Clark Lieutenant
A. M. Clayman Clayman Private
Levi Clayman Clayman Private
A. P. Clayton Clayton Private
Avery Colborn Colborn Private
John Colborn Colborn Private
William Colburn Colburn Private
Ferdinand Daggett Daggett Private
George D. Dalrymple Dalrymple Private
Silas C. Davis Davis Private
Daniel J. Davis Davis Private
Addison W. Day Day Private
Herman Demmer Demmer Private
Augustus Dilley Dilley Private
Henry Dillon. Dillon Captain
Edgar P. Dixon Dixon Private
W. H. Dowden Dowden Private
James Doyle Doyle Private
H. P. Dunning Dunning Private
Henry W. Dunning Dunning Private
Rezin L Dye Dye Corporal
M. Dziewanowski Dziewanowski Sergeant
John C. Eagion Eagion Private
Albert D. Elston Elston Private
Isaiah Emerson Emerson Private
Levi J. Emerson Emerson Private
Evan W. Evans Evans Private
David Evans Evans Private
John W. Fancher Fancher Lieutenant
Charles H. Fernald Fernald Private
Stephen A. Ferris Ferris Private
George Fisher Fisher Private
Hugh Flannery Flannery Private
John A. Flemme Flemme Private
Jules Francois Francois Private
Francis Francois Francois Private
Henry C. Gardner Gardner Private
A. J. Gardner Gardner Private
Charles H. Gerhart Gerhart Private
George W. Giles Giles Private
Thomas Goodman Goodman Private
Daniel Goodwin Goodwin Sergeant
William A, Gordon Gordon Private
Sylvester J. Gould Gould Private Killed in action.
Peter Green, Green Private
Robert Grey Grey Private
Daniel W. Grey Grey Private
George W. Grey Grey Private
Henry T. Grinnell Grinnell Private
E. A. Grover Grover Private
William H Hamilton Hamilton Lieutenant-colonel
R. Hammond Hammond Private
William H. Harrington Harrington Private
John G. Haskins Haskins Private Died of disease.
Asa Hatch Hatch Private
Albert Hauxhurst Hauxhurst Private Died of disease.
Sidney Hawxhurst Hawxhurst Sergeant
Edgar F. Hayes Hayes Private
Watson T. Hays Hays Private
Daniel W. Hays Hays Private
J. G. S. Hayward Hayward Sergeant
John J. Hazard Hazard Private
E. J. Herdman Herdman Private
Andrew Herron Herron Private
John T. Higgins Higgins Corporal
Edgar K. Hill Hill Corporal
George T. Hill Hill Private
William H. Holmes Holmes Private
L. Bruce Honn Honn Sergeant Killed in action.
Thomas R. Hood Hood Lieutenant
Joseph M. Hood Hood Sergeant
Alexander J Hood Hood Sergeant
N. B. Hood Hood Corporal
Thomas J. Hungerford Hungerford Private
Edwin Hungerford Hungerford Private Died of disease.
Milton Hungerford Hungerford Private
Albert Hurd Hurd Private
Charles Hutchinzon Hutchinzon Sergeant
Jonathan O. Ide Ide Private
John B. Jackson Jackson Private
Thomas C. Jackson Jackson Private
Wilder B. Jacobs Jacobs Private
N. B. Jacquis Jacquis Private
Hiram P. James James Corporal
John Jenawein Jenawein Lieutenant
Benjamin I. Johnson Johnson Private Died of disease.
Enoch Johnson Johnson Private Died of disease.
George B. Jones Jones Private
J. L. Jones Jones Private
Griffith Jones Jones Private
Thomas R. Jones Jones Private
L. N. Keeler Keeler Lieutenant
Henry S. Keene Keene Sergent, QM
John Keller Keller Private
Jacob Kencig Kencig Private Died of disease.
Andrew J. King King Private
Fred King King Private
Franklin King King Private Killed in action.
August H. Knapp Knaap Corporal
Jay G. Lambertson Lambertson Private
Samuel F Landon Landon Private
Michael Larsen Larsen Private
Lyman Leach Leach Private
Joseph Lester Lester Private
Robert H Lloyd Lloyd Private
Fred Malish Malish Sergeant QM
J. Marden Marden Private Died of disease.
A. W. Maxwell Maxwell Private
Charles K. Maxwell Maxwell Private
John C McCann Mccann Private
Patrick McMahan McMahan Private
Lewis H. Miller miller Private
Henry W. Miller Miller Private Died of disease.
Armstrong Moore Moore Private
Hiram M. Morey Morey Private
Andrew J. Morse Morse Private Died of disease.
P. B. Moss Moss Private Died of disease.
Michael W. Murphy Murphy Private Died of disease.
Charles F. Neefe Neefe Corporal
Julius F. Neefe Neefe Private
Nelson Newbury Newbury Private
Daniel T. Noyes Noyes Lieutenant Killed in action.
Edward J. Orr Orr Private
D. A. Paddleford Paddleford Private
Alva B. Page Page Private Killed in action.
Jerome E. Parker Parker Private
Frank W. Parrish Parrish Private
E. J. D. Perry Perry Private Died of disease.
W. Phetterplace Phetterplace Private
J. O. Phetterplace Phetterplace Private
H. R. Phillips Phillips Private
Charles H. Pickard Pickard Private
William N. Piper Piper Private
John H. Price Price Private
John W. Proctor Proctor Private
R. M. Proctor Proctor Private
Rollin Randolph Randolph Private
Alexander Ray Ray Private
Levi Reed Reed Private
Byron W. Reynolds Reynolds Private
Ernest Reynolds Reynolds Private
Alfred Rich Rich Private
C. E. Richardson Richardson Private
Edwin Ricker Ricker Private
John W. Robson Robson Private
Henry Robson Robson Private
J. B. Rogers Rogers Private Died of disease.
Alonzo Rose Rose Private
Moses Rose Rose Private Died of disease.
William Runyon Runyon Private
Benjamin F. Runyon Runyon Private
Alpheus Sanderson Sanderson Private
S. A. Sanderson Sanderson Private
Fred C. Schmidt Schmidt Private
Luzi Schneller Schneller Private
P.J. Seiders Seiders Private
John H. Seiders Seiders Private
Hiram W. Sheldon Sheldon Private
Asa Sheldon Sheldon Private
Henry Sigrist Sigrist Private
George W. Simonds Simonds Private
James G. Simpson Simpson Lieutenant
Aaron Southard Southard Private
William B. Southard Southard Private
George W. Spencer Spencer Private Killed in action.
Alexander Stevans Stevans Private
D. S. Stewart Stewart Private
William A. Stewart Stewart Private
John S. Stewart Stewart Private
Ozin Stoel Stoel Private
Cris. Stolz Stolz Private
Fred Swartz Swartz Private
Sylvester E. Sweet Sweet Lieutenant
Alta S. Sweet Sweet Lieutenant
N. L. Sweet Sweet Private
John M. Sweet Sweet Private
Byron W. Telfair Telfair Private
Menzo Tenant Tenant Private Died of wounds.
Gilbert L. Thomas Thomas Private Killed in action.
Griffith Thomas Thomas Private
Charles E. Trowbridge Trowbridge Private
Augustus Trunkhill Trunkhill Private
Benjamin Tutin Tutin Private
I. VanBrocklin VanBrocklin Private
Levi Verneps Verneps Private
David Wallace Wallace Private
Hiram Wallace Wallace Private
P J Walport Walport Private
Martin Weaver Weaver Private Died of disease.
Abram Weaver Weaver Private
George Weller Weller Private
A. F. Wentworth Wentworth Private
William West West Private
Solomon F. Wheeler Wheeler Private Died of disease.
H. F. Wheeler Wheeler Private
E. S. Williams Williams Private
John Wolf Wolf Private Killed in action.
C. B. Worthington Worthington Corporal
William W. Wyman Wyman Private
Robert E. Zanks Zanks Private Died of disease.

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