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Beloit, Rock County, Wisconsin

Beloit National Bank closed its doors in 1873 following the panic of 1873.

1872 Officers & Employees
  • Horatio N. DAVIS, President
  • Frank DAVIS, Cashier
1873 Officers & Employees
  • Horatio N. DAVIS, President
  • Frank DAVIS, Cashier
  • Frank WASHBURN, Bookkeeper
  • E. S. GREENE, Discount Clerk

Beloit Savings Bank - 1881-1902-?

Beloit State Bank was another financial institution in business in Beloit. A postcard of it can be seen here.

1902 Officers & Stockholders
  • John PALEY, President
  • George D. CAMPBELL, Cashier
  • Directors: John PALEY, George D. CAMPBELL, Clara H. PALEY, Robert H. CAMPBELL, Oscar F. McKENNEY
  • Stockholders: John PALEY, George D. CAMPBELL, Robert H. CAMPBELL, Oscar F. McKENNEY, Albertha KINKADE, Agatha KINKADE, Samuel R. HALL, Lemuel M. BENT, Oscar W. BURR, Clara H. PALEY, Henrietta PALEY

First National Bank was originally a private bank called Hyde & Brittan. In 1874, it became the First National Bank which it ran as for twelve years (until 1886) before returning to its old name, becoming the L. C. Hyde & Brittan bank.

1874 Officers
  • L. C. HYDE, President
  • A. P. WATERMAN, Vice-President
  • W. M. BRITTAN, Cashier

Hyde & Brittan, a private institution, became the First National Bank in 1874.

L. C. Hyde & Brittan was a private bank that opened in 1886. It had been the First National Bank, a public bank, from 1874-1886. Before 1890, it again returned to being a public bank, located at 401 School Street. [see 1926 advertisement* from the Beloit Historical Society*]

1902 Officers & Stockholders
  • W. M. BRITTAN, President
  • E. S. GREENE, Cashier
  • Directors: W. M. BRITTAN, Clara H. BRITTAN, Grace E. BRITTAN, R. K. ROCKWELL, E. S. GREENE
  • Stockholders: W. M. BRITTAN, E. S. GREENE, R. K. ROCKWELL, Clara H. BRITTAN, Grace E. BRITTAN, Alice B. ROCKWELL

Second National Bank was in operation in by 1886 and at least until 1902 at 352 Bridge Street.

1886 Officers

[ad from Beloit Historical Society* (under Various, Beloit Free Press)]

  • Chas. H. PARKER, President
  • John B. GORDON, Vice-President
  • F. H. STARKWEATHER, Cashier
  • L. H. PARKER, Asst. Cashier
  • Directors: Chas. H. PARKER, John B. GORDON, R. J. BURDGE, L. F. McLEAN, F. H. STARKWEATHER, L. H. PARKER
1902 Officers
  • Wm. B. STRONG, President
  • B. F. ELDRED, Cashier

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