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Evansville, Union Township, Rock County, Wisconsin

The Bank of Evansville opened in 1870.

1898 Officers
  • L. T. PULLEN, President
  • A. C. GRAY, Vice President
  • George L. PULLEN, Cashier
  • R. D. HARTLEY, Assistant Cashier
  • B. F. EMERY
1902 Officers & Stockholders
  • L. T. PULLEN, President
  • George L. PULLEN, Cashier
  • Directors: L. T. PULLEN, A. C. GRAY, George L. PULLEN
  • Stockholders: Mary PULLEN ANTES, L. T. PULLEN, A. C. GRAY, George L. PULLEN, C. W. ROWLEY

The Grange Bank of Evansville was a private bank.

1902 Officers
  • J. P. PORTER, Cashier
  • Partners: T. C. RICHARDSON, J. P. PORTER, V. C. HOLMES

The Union Bank & Trust Company was a bank in Evansville in 1954.

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