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1880 Census Records

Bradford Township

Rock County, Wisconsin





BOSS (Wm.) Family ----- 74b Boss
BROCKWAY (Reed) Family ----- 76b Brockway
BUTLER (Nelson) Family ----- 73d Butler
DUTHIE (John) Family ----- 77c Duthie
DYKEMAN (David) Family ----- 82a Chilson, Dykeman, Fredenall
HARVEY (Lizie) Family ----- 83c [Duthie], Harvey, Shufelt
HELLER (Elias) Family ----- 73d Heller, Jones
INMAN (Edward) Family ----- 80a Inman
INMAN (Eligah/Elijah) Family ----- 81c Barney, Inman, Martin
INMAN (Israel) Family ----- 79c Inman
INMAN (Levi) Family ----- 76b Inman
INMAN (Milan) Family ----- 80a Inman
JONES (Aurthur) Family ----- 73c Jones
JONES (David) ----- 73c Jones
JONES (David) Family ----- 73c Jones
JONES (Frank) Family ----- 81d Ferson, Jones
JONES (Henry) Family ----- 73d Jones
JONES (John) Family ----- 72a Barthomer, Jones, Miller
KNIGHT (R. C. ) Family ----- 80b Knight
PLAYTER (Jeannette) Family ----- 76b North, Playter
SHUFELT (Olney) Family ----- 82a Shufelt

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