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1880 Census Records

Center Township

Rock County, Wisconsin





ANDREWS (David) Family ----- 89c Apple, Andrews, Knight, Woodman
BROWN (James) Family ----- 93d Beale, Brown
CAMPBELL (William) Family ----- 93c Campbell, Cory, Ecklls, Remer
CORYELL (Silas) Family ----- 93d Emgloff, Coryell, Hatton
CROW (John) Family ----- 87c Crow, Rettig, Wolcott
FISHER (Seth) Family ----- 91c Erp, Fisher, Folsum, Nott, Wolcott
HARDEN (Charles) Family ----- 84a Harden
HONEYSETT (John) Family ----- 92a Honeysett
HONEYSETT (Mark) Family ----- 93c Ayers, Honeysett, Miller, Williams
LEE (Uri) Family ----- 93d Huggins, Judson, Lee, Millard

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