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1880 Census Records

Clinton Township

Rock County, Wisconsin





BARRETT (Diadama) Family ----- 98a Barrett
BENEDICT (Mary) Family ----- 101c Benedict
BENSON (Rouletter M.) Family ----- 107d Benson, Jones
CARY (George) Family ----- 109c Cary
CARY (George L.) Family ----- 109c Cary
CASE (Hiram) Family ----- 99d Case
CASE (James O.) Family ----- 106b Brant, Case
CASE (Julia L.) Family ----- 106a Case, Hunter
CONRY (Bernard) Family ----- 22c Conry
ELTHROP (Solomon) Family ----- 22c Elthrop, Howe
FULKERSON (Benjiman) Family ----- 117c Fulkerson
GATES (Oscar C.) Family ----- 98b Culver, Gates
GIBSON (Oliver B.) Family ----- 22c Gibson
GILBERTS (Racheal) Family ----- 114b Gilberts, Larson
HAHN (August) Family ----- 109c Burnest, Gleese, Hahn
HAMLIN (Charlott G.) Family ----- 22c Chambers, Hamlin
HARDIN (Orlin) Family ----- 106a Hardin
JOICE (Milton C.) Family ----- 96a Joice, Woldenheimer
JONES (Charles L.) Family ----- 110a Jones
JONES (H. Permelie) Family ----- 117c Clarkson, Jones
JONES (James A.) Family ----- 109d Jones
JONES (Jay) Family ----- 101d Jones
JONES (John) Family ----- 107d Jones
JONES (Samuel) Family ----- 108b Jones
JONES (Samuel S.) Family ----- 108b Edwards, Jones, Weaver
LAMPHERE (James) Family ----- 104a Gilbert, Lamphere
LEE (Charles) Family ----- 97c Lee, Wheeler
LESTER (Charles) Family ----- 22c Lester
MABIE (Elias) Family ----- 22c Mabie
McCARTY (Timothy) Family ----- 22c McCarty
REIGART (Emanuel C.) Family E.D. 180 ----- Reigart
REIGART (Henry M.) Family E.D. 180 ----- Griffith, Reigart
REIMER (Martin) Family ----- 116a Reimer
SALISBURY (Charles A.) Family E.D. 180 ----- Salisbury
SALISBURY (Lorenzo D.) Family E.D. 180 ----- Salisbury
SEEGER (George) Family ----- 22c Seeger
SWIFT (Pard) Family ----- 102a Atwood, Swift
TALLMAN (Daniel) Family ----- 96a Bowers, Bowman, Davis, Tallman
WEAVER (Mortimer G.) Family ----- 22c Finster, Weaver
WILTON (Franz E.) Family ----- 22c Nutt, Wilton
WINCHESTER (Maria A.) Family ----- 96b Winchester
WINKLEY (Darius D.) Family ----- 96a Hahn, Shrent, Winkley
WOOD (Charles H.) Family ----- 106b Wood
WOOD (Clark W.) Family ----- 101d Wood
WOOD (Hiram W.) Family ----- 108a Turneaure, Wood
WOOSTER (Henry S.) Family & boarders ----- 103d Assel, Carey, Mathews, Roberts, Stoller, Wooster

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