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1880 Census Records

Fulton Township

Rock County, Wisconsin





ASH (John) Family Edgerton 125c Ash, Lingsell
BILLINGS (George W.) Family ----- 132b
BURDICK (B. Franklin) Family Edgerton 124b Burdick, McCarthy, Nicholson, Stearns, Thayer
CALL (Riley) Family ----- 131d Call, Lee
CLARK (Wm. O.) Family
Fulton 140a Clark
CLARKE (William H.) Family
Edgerton 121c Clarke
HARVEY (Hiram) Family ----- 137c Harvey
HUSTON (Thomas) Family Edgerton 122a
Burnham, Fechtelkotter, Huston, Simpson
JONES (Wm. S.) Family ----- 142d Jones
KANOUSE (Ira W.) Family ----- 129d Kanouse, Taylor
KELLEY (David H.) Family ----- 138a Kelley, Wixom
KNIGHT (Albert R.) Family ----- 132a Knight
MILES (Isaac) Family ----- 137c Miles
MILES (Lucius) Family ----- 137c Ahlers, Miles
PELTON (Milford A.) Family Edgerton 122a Pelton, Sherman, Wood
POMEROY (Orin) Family ----- 129c Dorough, Emmons, Mapes, Pomeroy, Post
POST (Wilherson) Family ----- 129d Brayley, Post, Rooney
RICE (Americus P.) Family ----- 136a Harvey, Rice
SPLITTER (John) Family ----- 142d Splitter
VAN ANTWARP (Geo.) Family ----- 143c Austin, Pierce, Van Antwarp
WIXOM (Benjimin) Family ----- 138a Fuller, Rate, Wixom
WIXOM (Elijah) Family ----- 136b Noey, Wixom
WOOD (Daniel) Family ----- 139c Arnold, Wood

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