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1880 Census Records

Janesville (city)

Rock County, Wisconsin





Institute for the Blind 4th Ward 251a [numerous]
ANDERSON (C. H.) Family 2nd Ward 202a Anderson, Harrigan, Suarez, Williams
BAKER (John) Family 1st Ward 186a Baker, Morris
BARRON (Andrew) Family 1st Ward 169c Barron, Croak
BIRDSELL (Henry) Family 4th Ward 241b Birdsell
BOYCE (Henry) Family 1st Ward 188a Arthur, Boyce, Loomis
BRAY (John) Family 4th Ward 239a Bray
BURNHAM (S. C.) Family 2nd Ward 197d Burnham
BURNHAM (S. C.) Family 2nd Ward 205c Burnham
CAMPBELL (John) boarding house ----- 219c [numerous]
CANNON (Charles) Family 2nd Ward 194d Cannon
CANNON (William) Family 1st Ward 186b Cannon, Sweeney
CANTWELL (Patrick) Family 2nd Ward 200a Cantwell
CLARK (William) Family
2nd Ward 208a Clark
COBB (Samuel C.) Family 4th Ward 236c Ash, Cobb, Katings
COTY (Joseph) Family 2nd Ward 203c Coty, Harvey
CROAK (John) Family
1st Ward 188b Croak
CROAK (Thomas) Family
1st Ward 180b Croak
CROAK (William) Family
1st Ward 179d Croak
DONOVAN (Jeremia) Family 4th Ward 248c Donovan
DONOVAN (Jerry) Family 2nd Ward 200b Donovan
DOWN (Richard) Family 2nd Ward 209c Allen, Down, Penny
FARNSWORTH (Isaac) Family 4th Ward 243a Farnsworth
FLOYD (John) Family 1st Ward 178b Floyd, Spahling, Thayer
HOVLAND (Sorin) Family 4th Ward 36 Hovland
HUNTWESS (J. H.) Family 2nd Ward 206a Cannan, Hughes, Huntwess, Just, Willis
HYDE (Mary) Family 1st Ward 177d Hyde
INMAN (Edward) Family 2nd Ward 207d Inman
JONES (Frederick) Family 1st Ward 183c Jones
JONES (Henry) Family 1st Ward 172a Jones
JONES (J. Ll.) Family 2nd Ward 196c Burke, Jones
JOY (Caroline) Boarding House
1st Ward 181c Burght, Joy, Lee, Powers
KINSLEY (John) Family 1st Ward 183d Beamer, Hogan, Jones, Kinsley
LEE (Howard) Family 1st Ward 177d Lee
LEE (Lucius H.) Family 2nd Ward 209d Lee
LEE (Richard K.) Family 2nd Ward 205d Lee
LOVEJOY (Allen) boarding house ----- 212a [numerous]
McCASNEY (George) Family 4th Ward 233a McCasney, Robins, [Robbins], Wood
MORRIS (Fanny) Family 4th Ward 227a Morris
MORRIS (Richard) Family 4th Ward 238d Davis, Morris
NORRIS (Arvin) Hotel ----- 354d Huggins, Knight, Long, Lorens, Norris
PENNY (Charles) Family 2nd Ward 202a Penny
PRITCHARD (Lorenzo) Family 4th Ward 242d Knowls, Pritchard
RUSS (Rachel) Family 2nd Ward 203d Craig, Davis, Houser, Jones, Kellogg, Putman, Russ
SCHUELL (Zackariah) Family 2nd Ward 208a Jones, Schuell
SPENCE (Bartholomew) Hotel 1st Ward 171c Baker, Brady, Calen, Callahan, Cole, Connell, Creighton, Davies, Gish, Harrison, James, Jones, Spence, Young
SPENCER (John C.) Family 2nd Ward 198a Brown, Jones, Spencer
SWAN (Napoleon) Family 1st Ward 190a Jones, Swan
TALLMAN (Edgar) Family 1st Ward 175c Gamm, O'Connor, Overton, Tallman
TILLAPAUGH (Edwin) Family 1st Ward 190c Jenny, Jones Tillapaugh
TRIPP (Wisner) Family 4th Ward 231b Tripp
TRUE (Estella) Family 1st Ward 190b Chapman, Cook, Dalton, Jones, True
WATTS (George) Family 4th Ward 236c [Flaherty], Flayerty, Watts
WEBB (James) Family 4th Ward 243a Lee, Sampson, Webb
WILLIAMS (Charles) Family
1st Ward 174b Dalton, Noggle, Williams
WILLIAMS (F. L.) Family 2nd Ward 207c Williams
WILLIAMS (Maria) Family 1st Ward 170a Robbins, Williams
WILLIAMS (Randall) Family 4th Ward 235a Williams
WILLIAMS (Robert) Family 2nd Ward 205c Travase, Williams
WINGATE (John H.) Family 4th Ward 230d Cass, Wingate
WOOD (David) Family 1st Ward 183c Wood
WOOD (Royal) Family 2nd Ward 210a Wood
WOODRUFF (Henry) Family 1st Ward 170b Feeley, Jones, Woodruff
YEOMANS (Philip) Family 2nd Ward 198a Yeomans

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