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1880 Census Records

Janesville Township

Rock County, Wisconsin





ALLEN (John) Family ----- 216b Allen, Williams
BUTLER (George) Family ----- 222b Butler
BUTLER (Patrick) Family ----- 259b Butler
COMSTOCK (John) Family & boarding house ----- 218a Brown, Canniff, Clark, Comstock, Donihue, Erwin, Ingales, Mack, O'Niel, Parker, Roach, Snell, Wright, Yale
CONRAD (Charles) Family ----- 222a Conrad, Greswold, Jones, Wood
CRAIG (John) Family ----- 160c Craig
DOW / HICKEY Hotel ----- 219c Battle, Bintliff, Dow, Hickey, Porter, Repley
HARVY (William) Family ----- 222b Harvy
JONES (Ellen) Family ----- 223d Jones
JONES (John) Family ----- 161b Jones
JONES (Mary) ----- 216b Jones
JONES (Sanford G.) Family ----- 254c Bla___, Jones, Rudolph
JONES (Sarah) Family ----- 214b Cummings, Jones
KENNEDY (Thomas) Family ----- 161a Kennedy
KNOWLES (William) Family ----- 232d Knowles
LEE (Albert) Family ----- 228d Lee
LEE (Alaxander) Family ----- 225c Lee
LEE (Charles) Family
----- 216b Lee
MITCHELL (John) Family ----- 255a Mitchell, Sennett, Smith
MORRIS (Matt) Family ----- 218a Morris
PECKHAM (J. A.) Family ----- 160c Peckham, Tamlym
PRATT (Thomas) Family ----- 167a Pratt
RUSSELL (Alva) Family ----- 219c Bruce, Kuntz, Lee, McKenna, Russell
SENNETT (Patrick) Family ----- 259a Sennett
STANARD (L. P.) Family ----- 163a Hamond, Jones, Stanard, Terwiliger
STEVENS (Paunty) Family ----- 259a Dunn, Fredd, Greatsinger, Hyde, Stevens
STONE (Hiram A.) Family ----- 213c Coyle, Stone, Tracy, Williams
STEWART (Robert) Family ----- 253a Cass, Stewart
SUTHERLAND (J. A.) Family ----- 259a [Croak], Croke, Sutherland
THAYER (John) Family
----- 158c Depler, Thayer
THAYER (Solmen) Family
----- 218d Sawen, Thayer
TRIPP (Andrew J.) Family
----- 257a Donahue, Miller, Tripp
WILLIAM (Seymore) Family ----- 215d William
WILLIAMS (Charles) Family
----- 162d Williams
WILLIAMS (James B.) Family ----- 161a Williams
WILLIAMS (Martha) Family ----- 160c Williams
WOOD (James) Family ----- 262c Wood
YEOMAN (Reuben) Family ----- 222a Yeoman

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