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1880 Census Records

Newark Township

Rock County, Wisconsin





BELEY (Charles) Family ----- 342d Beley
BELEY (George) ----- 340c Beley
BELEY (Peter) Family ----- 343a Beley, Bertin
CADMAN (Edward G.) Family ----- 335a Cadman, Jones, Nickolson
COX (Rowland) Family ----- 342c Cox
CRISMAN (Joseph F.) Family ----- 336d Crisman, Harvey
DOBSON (James) Family ----- 340c Dobson, Royce
FARNSWORTH (James) Family ----- 341b Andrews, Farnsworth
INMAN (Liman) Family ----- 346d Inman, Vogal
REIMER (Crist) Family ----- 338d
TEAGUE (David) Family ----- 341a Teague
TEAGUE (Isaac) Family ----- 340c Teague

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