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1880 Census Records

Plymouth Township

Rock County, Wisconsin





BUTLER (John) Family ----- 358a Butler
HONEYSETT (Samuel) Family ----- 355d Evens, Honeysett
HONEYSETT (Stephen) Family ----- 355d Honeysett
INMAN (Harrison C.) Family ----- 352a Cady, Hardy, Inman
INMAN (John & Daniel) ----- 352a Inman
INMAN (John B.) Family ----- 353d Inman
INMAN (Jonas) Family ----- 352a Inman, Rupnow
JONES (John) Family Hanover 369d Jones
KNIGHT (Thomas) Family ----- 357c Knight
OVESTRUD (Erik O.) Family ----- 352b Helgeson, Ovestrud
SENNETT (George) Family ----- 356b Sennett
TEWS (Frederick) Family ----- 353d Bohm, Tews

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