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1880 Census Records

Porter Township

Rock County, Wisconsin

Village of Cooksville is complete!





HANSON (Hans) Family Cooksville 371c Hanson
HANSON (Henry) Family Cooksville 371c Hanson
HANSON (Ole) Family Cooksville 371c Hanson
HARTWICK (Pritle) Family ----- 365c Hartwick, Lee, Page
HOFFMAN (Juns) Family Cooksville 370a Hoffman
HOXIE (Benjamin) Family Cooksville 370b Hoxie, [Kemp], Kenp, Robertson
HUFFMAN (Geo.) Family Cooksville 371c Huffman
JONES (Danul) Family ----- 375d Holden, Jones
JONES (E. W.) Family ----- 371d Jones
JONES (Thomas) Family ----- 375d Jones, Wilson
JOSETT (Hans) Family Cooksville 371c Josett
MORGAN (Thom.) Family Cooksville 370a Morgan
NEWMAN (Gideon) Family ----- 370b Jones, Newman
PORTER (Isaac) Family Cooksville 370b Laison, Porter, Sulliven
PORTER (Joseph) Family ----- 339d Crowley, Fylin, Hans, Hoffman, Kennedy, McCarthy, Olavus, Oloff, Oloson, Porter, Torrison
PORTER (Wm.) Family Cooksville 370a Metune, Peterson, Porter, Ulesett, Wheeler
VAN VLECK (John T.) Family Cooksville 370b Van Vleck
WHITE (John K.) Family ----- 364a Harden, White
WOODBURY (Chas.) Family ----- 370a Woodbury
WOOD (Henry) Family ----- 365c Gillis, Wood

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