1880 Census Records

Rock Township

Rock County, Wisconsin

Village of Afton is complete!





ALLISON (John C.) Family Afton 382c Allison, Flynn
ANTISDEL (Simon) Family Afton 383b Antisdel
BANFIELD (James) Family Afton 382c Banfield
BURKE (Michael) Family Afton 383b Burke, Sennett
CANTWELL (James) Family Afton 383a Cantwell
COLE (Michael) Family Afton 383a Cole
CRANNEY (Hugh) Family Afton 383b Ablet, Cranney
DENEL (Ruben) Family Afton 382d Denel
EDDY (W. H. H.) Family ----- 377b Eddy
GUERNSEY (Henry H.) Family ----- 380c Cutler, Guernsey, Hoisington
HETTMAN (Jacob) Family & boarders Afton 382d Brunhoefer, Drieske, Hasus, Hettman, Luxum, Smith
INMAN (Richard) Family ----- 377b Behuke, Inman, Silverthorne
KILMER (J. L.) Family ----- 377a Kilmer, Waters
KIMBALL (Abraham) Family Afton 383a Kimball
KNIEBUSH (Charlie) Family Afton 382c Kniebush
KNIGHT (Samuel) Family ----- 379b Knight, Rider
LARSON (Andrew) Family Afton 383a Larson
LAWS (Ferdinand) Family Afton 382d Laws
LYNCH (Daniel) Family Afton 383a Lynch
LYNCH (Timothy) Family Afton 382c Lynch
MOULTON (Emily) Family Afton 382c Moulton
POWERS (Maria M.) Family & boarders Afton 382d Best, Conway, Herrick, Lamur, Oleson, Powers, Terwilliger
RODOW (August) Family Afton 382d Dith, Rodow
ROSCOE (Hart) Family & boarders Afton 383a Brennan, Degan, Dwyer, Lepper, Roscoe
SENNETT (Lawrence) Family ----- 387a Frank, Ralia, Sennett
SIMONS (George) Family Afton 383a Coyne, Hawke, Oakey, Simons
TAYLOR (Tunis R.) Family Afton 382c Barkus, Dunham, Fitzemons, Ford, Harvey, Taylor
TRIPP (Henry) Family ----- 378d Tripp
TRIPP (William) Family ----- 386c Tripp, Whalen
UEHLING (Casper E.) Family Afton 383a Uehling
UEHLING (Martin) Family Afton 383a Uehling
VAN ANTWERP (Lafitte) Family Afton 382c Bouhard, Van Antwerp
WAITE (Arthur) Family Afton 382d Garnet, Waite
WAITE (Rufus S.) Family Afton 382d Waite
WATERMAN (Allen) Family Afton 382c Hammel, Waterman
WATERS (Astania) Family ----- 379a Waters
WELSCH (Thomas) Family Afton 383b Welsch

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