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1880 Census Records

Turtle Township

Rock County, Wisconsin





ALLYM (A. W.) Family ----- 402c Allym
ANDRIE (William) Family ----- 402c Andrie
BABBITT (Clinton) Family ----- 411a Babbitt, Dugan, Johnson, Taylor
BENEDICT (Sarah) Family ----- 407d Benedict
BENNEDICT (Wesley) Family ----- 409a Bennedict, Raymond, Smith
BOSTWICK (E. P.) Family ----- 402d Bostwick, Chapin, Hall, Sweet
BOSTWICK (M.) Family ----- 402d Bostwick, Ross
BROWN (Geo. V.) Family ----- 407c Brown, Egery
BUTLER (J. F.) Family ----- 405b Butler, Miner
BUTLER (William H.) Family ----- 405a Butler, [Maltpress], Mattpress
COLLEY (S. G.) Family ----- 411a Colley, Hall, Kellog
CROSBY (G. H.) Family ----- 410c Bellenger, Crosby
CROSBY (Thomas) Family ----- 410c Crosby, Dethber
DAMMERY (de Esta) Family ----- 410d Dammery, Hocomb
EDDY (Richard) Family ----- 401a Eddy
EGERY (Dwight B.) Family ----- 407c Egery, Isaacson
EGERY (Fred D.) Family ----- 407d Egery, Holcomb
GATES (Agustus) Family ----- 405b Cannon, Gates, Mack, Watsie
GATES (William) Family ----- 411b Gates, Ross
GILES (Erastus) Family ----- 407d Bellenger, Gault, Giles
HAHNS (Fred) Family ----- 411b Balie, Hahns
HALL (N. W.) Family ----- 410d Hall
HANNAHS (A. W.) Family ----- 410d Hannahs, Johnson
HART (G. D.) Family ----- 403b Hart
HART (S. W.) Family ----- 405b Hart, Hinzen, Melcher, Pohl
HARVEY (Russell) Family ----- 408c Harvey
HOPKINS (John) Family ----- 404d Benjam, Hopkins
ISAACSON (Isaac) Family ----- 407c Isaacson, Peterson
ISHAN (Parley) Family ----- 409b Ishan, Paulson
JACKSON (Charles) Family ----- 405b Jackson
JOHNSON (Gardner) Family ----- 409a Johnson
JONES (Allen) Family ----- 406d Jones
JONES (Jole) Family ----- 407c Jones
JONES (Noah) Family ----- 406c Harnden, Jones
KELLHER (Bridgete) Family ----- 408d Kellher
KENMIRER (Reuben) Family ----- 401b Dixon, Fleming, Kenmirer
LARAMER (F. W.) Family ----- 410c Johnson, Laramer, Smith
MAXWORTH (Wm.) Family ----- 407c Maxworth
MAXWORTHY (John) Family ----- 407c Maxworthy
McGLAUGHLIN (N.) Family ----- 405a Barcroft, Cantwell, McGlaughlin
McLEANAGER (H. H.) Family ----- 408c Hancy, McLeanager, Reimer
MILLER (Edmin) Family ----- 406c Ashman, Miller, Woolsey
MILNER (Beng.) ----- 402d Milner
MILNER (William) Family ----- 402c Henz, Langdon, Milner, Van Curen
MINER (Joel) Family ----- 408c Miner
MURRY (B. F.) Family ----- 409b Murry
MURRY (C. P.) Family ----- 409a Murry
MURRY (Clarance A.) Family ----- 409a Holcomb, Murry
MURRY (H. J.) Family ----- 409b Murry, Ross
POOLE (J. H.) Family ----- 402c Couzin, Johnson, Poole
PORTER (Albert) Family ----- 409a Porter
PORTER (G. W.) Family ----- 412c Porter, Ragart, Rodgers
PORTER (Philo) Family ----- 411b Porter, Strong
RAYMOND (James) Family ----- 402c Raymond, Wolfe
REIMER (Carl) Family ----- 408c Jackson, Reimer
ROSS (Chauncey) Family ----- 408c Ross
ROSS (James T.) Family ----- 411b Ross, Fearne
ROSS (S. O.) Family ----- 408c Ross, Van Ness
SHULTZ (Walter) Family ----- 404d Shultz
SLAYMAKER (E. H.) Family ----- 408d Hoena, Slaymaker
SMITH (Artemas) Family ----- 401a Smith, Zimthars
SMITH (C. C.) Family ----- 405a Smith
SMITH (Charles W.) Family ----- 410d Smith
SMITH (H. H.) Family ----- 408d Smith
SMITH (Jacob) Family ----- 404d Burhance, Smith
SMITH (James M.) Family ----- 409b Smith
SMITH (Malker) Family ----- 410d Smith
SWEET (Henry) Family ----- 404d Sweet
SWEET (S. R.) Family ----- 402c Hinkle, Sweet
TENURE (J. M.) Family ----- 406c Temeaure, Tenure
TREIER (J. J.) Family ----- 405a Treier
TRUESDALE (Vincen) Family ----- 403a Truesdale
TYILLEY (William C.) Family ----- 410d Goss, Tyilley
WALKER (Solomon) Family ----- 404c Henion, Maynard, Walker
WOLFE (Nicholas) Family ----- 402d Wolfe
WOOD (George M.) Family ----- 407c Wood
WOOD (Salmon) Family ----- 405b Wood

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