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1880 Census Records

Union Township

Rock County, Wisconsin





BALLARD (Agyorlas) Family Evansville 425d Ballard
BALLARD (G. A.) Family ----- 416d Ballard
BALLARD (George B.) Family ----- 417a Ballard
BALLARD (James M.) Family Evansville 433c Ballard
BALLARD (Nathan) Family ----- 418d Ballard, Evans
BALLARD (W. H.) Family ----- 417b Ballard
CADWALADER (S.) Family ----- 415c Cadwalader
GARFIELD (William W.) Family Evansville 434b Cadwalader, Garfield
GRIFFIN (Ransom) Family Evansville 429c Griffin, Lee
HOXIE (Sarah A.) Family Evansville 434a Hoxie
JONES (A. L.) Family ----- 416d Jones
JONES (Elizabeth) Family Evansville 424b Jones
JONES (Ira) Family ----- 418d Clark, Jones
JONES (John) ----- 420d Jones
JONES (Justin B.) Family Evansville 432b Eades, Jones, Robberts
JONES (Kate) Family Evansville 434a Jones
JONES (Lauren) Family ----- 420d Jones
KNIGHT (Harret) Family Evansville 433c Books, Knight
KNIGHT (Mary) ----- 422c Knight
LEE (Truman T.) Family Evansville 429c Lee
PALMER (Lucien F.) Family Evansville 426a Jones, Palmer
PORTER (Aliva) Family Evansville 427d
PULLEN (Charles F. P.) Family Evansville 425c Bernham, Pullen, Rayan, Talles
STILES (G. S.) Family ----- 418d Jones, Stiles
WOOD (William) Family ----- 418d Wood
WOODBURY (Riland F.) Family Evansville 428b McGillus, Woodbury

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