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1920 Census Records

Janesville (city)

Rock County, Wisconsin





BUTLER (Harry) Family
E.D. 120
5th Ward
5b Butler
BUTLER (John) Family
E.D. 116
518 S. Academy
17a Butler
DONAHUE (John) Family
E.D. 108
1521 Ashland Ave.
12b Donahue, Flaherty
DOOLIN (John J.) Family
E.D. 119
5th Ward
203 Center Ave.
6b Doolin, Hovland
DOOLIN (Patrick) Family
E.D. 119
5th Ward
211 Center Ave.
6b Doolin
HOVLAND (Charles) Family E.D. 108 12b Hovland
HOVLAND (Julius C.) Family
E.D. 115
4th Ward
19a Hovland
PRESS (William I.) Family E.D. 107 1a Press
VOLBRECHT (Albert) Family
E.D. 113
McKay Block
7b Anderson, Hovland, Volbrecht
WOLCOTT (Clara) Family
E.D. 119
5th Ward
5b Hovland, Wolcott
YEOMAN (M. G.) Family
E.D. 109
527 Caroline St.
8 Hovland, Smith, Yeoman

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