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Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters

Members from Rock County, Wisconsin

The names below were taken from various issues of Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters. One can find these works in their entirety online at the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections.




BEACH, W. H. Beloit Annual Member - 1877-1881
BOWEN, Stephen (Rev.) Clinton Annual Member - 1877-1881
CHAMBERLIN, T. C. (Prof.) Prof. of Natural History, Beloit College, Beloit; Director, Geological Survey of Wisconsin Annual Member - 1873-1881
Vice President of the Dept. of Natural Sciences - 1876-1877
CHAPIN, A. L. (Rev. Dr.) Beloit College, Beloit Annual Member - 1870-1881
Vice President Ex-Officio - 1873-1874
Vice President - 1873-1874
Vice President of the Dept. of Letters - 1870-1877
President - 1876-1877
EATON, James H. (Prof.) Beloit College, Beloit Annual Member - 1870-1877
Secretary of the Dept. of Natural Sciences - 1873-1877
EMERSON, Joseph Beloit College, Beloit Counselor of the Dept. of Letters - 1873-1874
Annual Member - 1873-1881
HENDRICKSON, Peter (Prof.) Beloit Annual Member - 1876-1881
JONES, Jenk. Ll. (Rev.) Janesville Annual Member - 1876-1877
LITTLE, T. H. (Prof.) Wis. Ins. for the Blind, Janesville Annual Member - 1870-1874
Deceased Member - 1877-1881
PEET, S. D. (Rev.) Clinton Annual Member - 1876-1877
SALISBURY, R. D. Beloit Annual Member - 1882-?
SEARING, Edward (Prof.) Milton Annual Member - 1874-?
SMITH, E. G. (Prof.) Beloit College, Beloit Annual Member - 1882-?
SPRAGUE, A. R. Evansville Annual Member - 1878-1881
SWEZEY, G. D. (Prof.) Beloit Annual Member - 1876-1877
WHITFORD, W. C. President, Milton College, Milton Annual Member - 1870-1874

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